The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 4

Family Ties

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on The CW

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  • Wow, bessst episode yet!!!

    I am a fan of the book series, but I definitely believe that this show is MUCH better (which rarely happpens).

    This episode was freaking amazing. No doubt the best one yet.

    I'm curious how much longer Stefan can go on without telling Elena his secret (I'm a vampire!) without ruining their relationship... which is much more normal and realistic than Edward and Bella's, f.y.i. (I love how Damon made fun of Twilight with Caroline... that was the best).

    I loved the end of the episode where Stefan and Zach locked Damon in the secret room with the vervain. I wonder how long he'll stay in there without getting out... hmm... and so the fantastic plot haz thickened.
  • Season 1, Episode 4

    Stefan is falling in love with Elena and Elena is curious about Stefan's past because he is not sharing a lot with her, so Stefan tells her about the Salvatore family.

    So, in "The Vampire Diaries", we have a "Twilight" reference and as I am not a fan of the Twilight series, the reference was quite funny. Ian Somerhalder is a great actor, I really liked him as Boone on Lost and he is just as good on this show! Elena sees Caroline's bites in which Damon has bite her and she tries to cover it up, but Elena confronts Damon about the bites and Damon gets mad at Caroline because he thinks she told Elena.

    Good 8.6/10
  • Yeah.. but

    .. I know I may get some heat because of this but I have to agree (again) with the review written before mine.
    Once again (I've agreed with another review while writing a review on the latest The Mentalist episode) I've gotta agree with the some negative stuff said by someone.

    Stephen Salvatore is in love with Elena but he refuses to tell her his secret, which leaves her defenseless against Damon and his games. Although they make fun of Twilight, in that scene where he asks the blonde girl why Bella is so appealing to the vamp and some other stuff about being totally innacurate about vampires (which they happen to be.. vampire walking in the sun?? well, in VD the brothers do too.. and I haven't seen any complaints about cold skin..) anyways, but Edward doesn't take long to reveal his secret to Bella. And everything after that happens while she's full aware of the supernatural world and its creatures.

    Another thing.. I mean, come on!! Stephen has been trying to deal with Damon with no luck since he won't risk feeding on humans but now that he's got the guy where he wants... he just... traps him? Really?
    I know that without Damon around, there is no story, no conflict but then it's just best to avoid situations like this. When the good guy go all merciful and ends up backstabbed somehow. You either don't let the good guy get the upper hand than letting him win but refusing to free the world from a dangerous animal..
    That's a bit too Clark Kent for me.. "I won't kill, even tho I know he's hurting and killing a lot of people. That's just how I roll"... Anyways, poor plot choices aside, the show is good and has a lot of promise. After Moonlight got axed, I wanted a vamp show to fill its slot.

  • The annual Founders Day celebration and the natives are getting restless. It seems under all of the main stories something else about the truth is brewing.

    So we have the major information released at the end of the episode and Damon snaps and goes after Caroline.

    We learn that Stefan and Zach have a weapon to use against Damon. The only question in the end was how it was going to be delivered. Pretty brilliant job of spiking the cocktail.

    All the innuendo and talk almost works with Elena as she is beginning to doubt Stefan. Damon has managed to do a good job of seeding doubt. The major problem is the fact he is leaving a trail of bodies and you have to figure eventually someone is going to figure out what is going on. In Damon's case he just doesn't care and really would like to sour Stefan's welcome in town. Obviously that is what happened over 150 years before.

    By the way I really missed seeing Stefan playing football, but I guess finding the coach attacked would sort of put a damper on the season. I love the people in Mystic Falls, Tyler's father the Mayor seemed more concerned about whether they were going to play football than what happened to the coach.

    Each of the episodes has improved from the first one steadily. Here's hoping that that trend continues. Thanks for reading...
  • Too much for a single episode...

    ... but it was worth it! First of all, I loved the Twilight reference, it was funny. I understand Elena's concern about Stefan not sharing much with her, but she made a mistake trying to push him. Rule number one: Never pressure a man about talking about himself. He'lll speak to you when he's ready. However, good for her for apologizing to him.

    The thing with the candles was creepy and I can't wait to know what's the deal with that.

    And what about the watch? I wonder what was that all about, all these people knowing some kind of secret.
    Poor Vicki, but she made the wrong decision and I felt bad for her for being treated so badly.
  • Better than last episode

    I really did not liked last episode and was already thinking of dropping this show, but this episode convinced me there is still so much what is exciting, interesting and catching, and the ending specially, made me watch more of it.

    I most say the way the dynamic between those brothers works is great on screen. It just adds so much dynamic, the conflict, the way Elina cannot make up her mind. One moment she is thinking Damon is ok, then that he is bad brother.. the switching around is quite fun to watch. And I also liked the mystery talking. I mean.. Elina ordering Stephan to give out something.. and having Kathrine's shadow all over them.
  • Vampires.

    Elena and Stefan go to the town's annual Founder's Party. Vicki wants Tyler to take her to the party. Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatores. Stefan tries to cut Damon out of his life. I have been really enjoying this show, it's awesome and I love it. I love the whole first scene where Damon plants a dream in Stefan, awesome the after scene where the brothers stab each other. I love the scene where Damon says Edward Cullen is whipped and saying the book is all wrong, awesome scene. I love the whole Jeremy storyline the way he likes Vikki. I love Damon so much, everything about him makes me love him. I love the Bonnie and Elena scene talking about the vampire brothers, storyline. I love all the Damon and Stefan scenes they are both so interesting characters and so different and not to forget that they are amazingly hot. I love the scene with Vicki and Tyler, it's interesting. I love the scene where Elena sees Carolines bites. Awesome ending.
  • Selfish love isn't love at all.

    Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives people the ability to make informed choices. Knowledge can save your life.

    It then doesn't make sense that Stefan wouldn't tell Elena (someone he seems to be falling in love with) his secret. At the very least he should have told her last episode, to stop her from inviting the monster Damon into her house.

    Telling her, sure, he risks exposure, he risks her rejection, he risks having to flee town. But telling her is the greater love, it is a selfless love. -You know the clichéd, but nonetheless true, "if you truly love someone, you must be prepared to let them go," and all that.

    How are we supposed to believe in this great love story unfolding before us, when one of the 'lovers' is so obviously showing only selfish love? Why doesn't Stefan consider just leaving, if he loves this woman so much, thereby leading his evil brother away from her?

    Stefan is very very aware that whilst Damon may not want to hurt him directly, Damon knows full well that he can hurt him through Elena. Obviously then Stefan doesn't love Elena enough to truly protect her by giving her to ability, the knowledge, to allow her to protect herself.

    It makes greater sense that Stefan would tell Elena the truth about himself, and of the existence of this lethal and dangerous evil, Damon represents, so that she would be aware and prepared, and either take steps to protect herself (and her family and friends), or distance herself from Stefan, if she so chose.

    Telling her, is the greater love, and until he does so, it is very hard to believe in the reality of any love that Stefan may show towards Elena.
  • * An episode that proves VD is a strong qualitie show...!

    Wow, this episode was just just amazing with it's last 5 minutes. I was about to think the show was going kind of slow just when Stefan locked Damon...wooaaa that was so unexpected and exciting. Loved it!! Damon will eventually get out. When he does..boy, he is going to be one bad-ass vampire...more than ever!

    Though I didn't exactly understand the last minute of the show...they know that vampires exist? and how does elena's mothers' watch connect to this? who are those people?

    This episode proved that VD is a strong, qualitie show ...can't wait to get more. . . .
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