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How many seasons should The Vampire Diaries get?

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    gamrgrl007 wrote:

    stanmorne wrote:
    gamrgrl007 wrote:
    mvcphil wrote:
    I guess this season's is all about delena.
    As a retired Delena shipper, I honestly have to ask - HOW SO?
    why have you given up 'retired Delena'? I'm almost getting there as well because they're reeally stretching it out..

    In S1, there was a conflict for Elena about which brother she'd choose - sweetheart but on-the-edge Stefan or reformed bad boy Damon. Both had good and bad qualities, both loved her in different ways, she had different yet strong feelings for both of them, and she wasn't a paragon of virginal virtue. To the point that when Damon mistakenly kissed Kat in the finale, all of us Delena shippers cheered loudly that *finally* we were getting somewhere.

    Then, in S2E1, she tells flat out to Damon, that she'd NEVER "cheat" on Stefan, or think beyond loving him. That moment, it was game over for Damon, because the plot shifted from Elena being a normal, flawed human being who was attracted to two people, to becoming a thesis in righteousness and star-crossed love.

    Till the current episode - S3E6, the depth to which they have dragged down Stefan/Elena, into an abyss of obsession, you cannot EVER have her fall in love with Damon without completely turning 1.5 seasons on its head. Now, Damon is just a tool for Elena to solve Stefan-related problems that she is physically incapable of, and she does that by exploiting his weakness for her by saying batty things like, "aww, do it for ME!" Theirs has become an unequal goddess-devotee relnship, instead of the prohibited love-lust attraction they started with.

    So, if you take the current situation, S3E6, at the lust level, no matter how much they try to get the fire going again by having Damon grope her out of context, SHE'S not remotely interested, so it's a big fail. They try to make her seem confused, but she really isn't, because the stakes on the other side - Stelena4eva, has been raised to fever pitch. At the love level, her making goo-goo eyes at Damon feeding Rebekah marshmallows is totally out of character right now, because she doesn't HAVE to feel JEALOUS (that too of a plan SHE hatched!), when he is more than available for her!

    And the reason she's not "with" Stefan right now? He's compelled by Klaus who's scheduled to die in a few eppies, so it's a temporary separation at best, though she's anyway emotionally married to him even now as he goes around ripping up women across the country. So head to head, can you REALLY compare Damon copping a feel in the gym, to that electric moment when Stefan saved her as she fell off the bleachers?

    They did a super job with Caroline moving on from Matt to his best friend Tyler, building the story up as she evolved as a person, physically into a vampire and mentally into greater maturity. She outgrew Matt, and shares a different bond with Tyler, and they made it believable, they made Caroline a tragic sweetheart who still cares deeply for Matt, but is not apologetic about how she feels. They didn't make the story about her 'moral character', because it isn't ABOUT that.

    They missed the bus with Delena to make it happen 'naturally', in the early part of S2. Now, it's trying to flog a dead horse, it's repetitive and tiresome, and often, downright boring.

    Sorry this post is out of context with this topic, but since the question was asked here, the answer is also here

    Oooppss don't mind my reply lol you already answer it here... sorry I read this too late hehehe
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    mvcphil wrote:
    ionee24 wrote:
    mvcphil wrote:
    p>I guess this season's is all about delena. However you CAN"T AVOID seeing the stelena thing because even in TVD books (if you read it) in the end of the book series, elena's love is really stefan. What the use of adapting the show to a book series if they are not going to follow what is in the book.

    The problem is that this isn't a horror story, but a romance flick masquerading as a horror story.

    If the biggest question on this show is "Who's taking Elena to prom?" then this couldn't be more lame, but if the biggest "conflict" is how to get Elena to cheat on her boyfriend then the character couldn't be more lame, regardless who that boyfriend is.

    At this point, they wrecked it whether it's Damon or Stefan and, the worst part, is that they are wrecking the salvageable part of other characters - Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie, Jeremy, Anna, Alaric, etc. - too.

    I agree with you at the salvaging the other characters. But since you already said this is a romance flick show then the story will evolve with whose gonna be the real couple in the end stelena or delena? lol whether we like it or not. This is gonna be happening.

    I'm not saying that it isn't. I mean, its happening already

    What I'm saying is that neither "delena nor stelena" is doing it for me and, the only part that kept me hooked (the other charactes's storylines), is being wrecked as we speak too.

    So no more than 4 seasons.

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    I think the amount of seasons "The vampire Diaries" should get is 6.
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