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TVD - which way to go??

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    I discovered the series by accident while surfing channels...we are a season behind the US...I was, however, so hooked (I have to admit post seeing Damno & Elena's chemistry) that I went online and not only caught up on the entire 3 seasons but also all of season 4 episodes in just 3days (yeh I'm crazy like that Now, like everybody, I too gotta wait till its Thursday for the new episode..infact I get to see it on Friday since I stay on the other side of the world! Well it was worth the wait till sometime back...

    It is very apparent that the chemistry between the characters of Damon & Elena is definitely a shit load more than Stefan & Elena...n its not just based on frenship n love..with all the buildup over the last 3 seasons, I was really looking forward to Damon-Elena taking their relationship a step further...I think it has been a beautiful journey to watch - them becoming frens despite Damon being the d**k he is, then developing feelings for each other and resisting those feeling bcoz each feels guilty about Stefan. I'm glad Elena finally made up her mind n broke things off with Stefan coz even if they've tried to show that she still loves Stefan, it just didn't come across anymore..when u see their scenes together, there is no romance left in them - feels more like a one sided love from Stefan's end. She was really beginning to get on my nerves - stringing those 2 along like she I like the vampire Elena better - shez less whiny...her damsel in distress act was a bit overdone!

    Now that Damon-Elena have a chance, they have jus messed up the equation by introducing the sire bond...I'm okay with that too as long as they show it as a challenge for their love story. These 2 need introspection & need to understand how deeply they love each other. Infact, I want Elena to fight for Damon's love, to prove that it isn't the sire bond but her true love for him - that'll be a change from everyone chasing after her all the time. Damon obviously isn't gonna be happy with her still sired to him. Hez always wanted ot be loved only for himself & always got his heart broken. He loves Elena too much to be okay with her being in a relationship with him only bcoz of the sire bond - he'll never be satisfied till she says she loves him after the bond is'll be nice to show them working things out eventually (whenever that is - we're okay to wait...we have already waited for 3 seasons) and Elena telling Damon that she 'loves' him (she hasn't done that yet - we're still stuck at "I think I'm falling in love with him"- jesus!). I hope Damon let's Elena go & despite that she can't forget about him or how she feels about him, proving she does indeed love him..(basically I just want them to end up together - sorry just feel they make a better couple

    It'll also be nice if they maintain some consistency in the characters n how they're supposed to can't have Elena suddenly shown doing everything Damon says when despite the sire bond she has more or less done whatever she wants in the first 6 episodes of season4 (no one even thot tht she listens to everything Damon says when they saw the first few episodes n suddenly in one episode7 we have an overload of Elena doing whatever Damon said just to prove the sire bond theory - wtf!)!

    N whatz with Caroline suddenly going trigger happy on Damon...understandably she hates Damon & likes Stefan but all of Season2&3 she was okay with Damon (hez even saved her more than a couple of times) so whatz with the sudden open hatred & taunts...that isn't her character n they're just spoiling it...from the best loved female vampire shez gonna go to the bottom of the list at this rate!

    N Tyler - I understand he wants Klaus gone and is jealous of the Caroline-Klaus relationship but common sense shld tell him if Klaus dies he dies n so do all the wtf is he thinking when he says taking down Klaus?! doesn't make sense to me. He shld know no one will support him - one coz they'll all die & two coz thrz the cure!

    Think they should also let Stefan get out of the Elena zone n get his act together - he needs a life outside of Elena...maybe find another love interest (don't think that'll happen though)...but dragging the love triangle will work only so far...the audience is gonna get impatient after a while becoz everyone will want Elena to make up her mind once n for all...n I hope she does rather than swinging lika yo-yo between the brothers...

    I'd love to see Klaus & Caroline develop a relationship. It's beginning to look like a Damon-Elena scene... bad boy meets good girl already in love with good guy...bad boy cant be bad with her around and changes...good girl attracted to bad boy and eventually they become frens then....blah blah blah..u know the drill but seriously they have amazing chemistry...more than Tyler-Caroline.

    I would also like to see Damon get Alaric back n if not that then a new drinking buddy - maybe Meredith. He is the loneliest character in the story and you just feel sorry for him that he doesn't have anyone to share things with...the one fren he had, is gone! I just loved the Damon-Alarick chemistry...I'm not sentimental but I cried when I saw the scene at the end of 'Memorial' where Damon sits & talks to Alaric's grave. No one in the show has that kinda bonding & I'd love to see it agn.

    Maybe they cld show the greater evil & Klaus ganging up with the rest to defeat cool to see the dynamics then- all cast + the originals! wow! Probably Prof. Shane turns out to be the dreaded Silas..the witch who wants to end the world..or something like that! Mybe bring Esther back to battle it out with Silas. Also a possibility that considering Esther used a spell which already existed, to create the Originals, they're not truly originals. There might be more powerful vampires before them?? just thinking....

    They cld also maybe do a Matt-Rebekah relationship. Maybe Bonnie n Jeremy could get back together. Maybe even someone for Elijah! They should now just stop with people hooking up with any more existing people - eventually we're gonna lose track of who dated/slept with whom...people are just all over the place! Everyone has had atleast 2 relationships in 3seasons - even the guest stars!

    Elena: Matt - Stefan - Damon

    Stefan: Katherine - Rebekah - Elena

    Damon: Katherine - Mary - Sage - Charlotte - Bree - Isobel - Caroline - Andy - Rose - Elena (man! he is a man-slut

    Caroline: Damon - Matt - Tyler - Klaus (maybe)

    Bonnie: Jeremy - (Harper) - Jamie

    Jeremy: Vicky - Anna - Bonnie - April (maybe)

    Tyler: Vicky - Caroline - Hayley (maybe)

    Matt: Elena - Caroline - Rebekah or April (maybe)

    Alaric: Isobel - Jenna - Meredith

    Rebekah: Alexander - Stefan - Damon - Matt (maybe)

    Klaus: Katherine - Caroline

    Vicky: Tyler - Jeremy

    Isobel: John - Alaric - Damon

    Katherine: Klaus - Stefan - Damon - Mason

    Sage: Finn - Damon

    Jenna: Logan - Alaric

    Can't think of anymore but I'm sure I missed some! so you get the drift!

    And last but not the least - the relationship which I think drives the story more than the love triangle - the Salvatore bonding. It is shown beautifully...I love the bromance more than the romance now a days...hope that aspect is kept alive. I hope they show Stefan to be more understanding than he is shown rite now - let him step away n give Damon-Elena a chance. Though I like the fact that he is wrking towards getting the cure for Elena - more from a perspective of getting the human Stefan loving Elena back - shows he is selfish too! It nice to see that side coz goodie two shoes Stefan was such a bore! He came across as too good to be true...maybe thatz y so many people cldn't relate to him...people in real life are more like a Damon - I mean flawed! no one can be that perfect...(of course the fact that Ian is so gorgeous definitely helps N We wldn't mind if both brothers are kept good for once too...they don't really have to alternate betwn good n bad! Also please do not change Damon's character drastically just becoz he is in love now...that wld be such a waste..I honestly think he & Klaus have the most complex, unpredictable & interesting characters...hopefully they stay true to the characters & the story...can't wait for the next episode...!

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