The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 7

Ghost World

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on The CW

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  • One of the best episodes of the show and defiantly the best of the season.

    This episode was justbeyondwords.

    It was just heartbreakingly beautiful. Everything about it.

    And the love Lexi has for Stefan was shown so much in this episode. You really could never get a better friends than her.

    There is so much emotion in this episode


    Can't wait for next weeks episode.

    review written: november 12th 2011
  • Easily the strongest episode of season 3 yet.

    Entertaining, suspenseful and extremely emotional.

    Reunions for everybody. Lexie tries saving Stefan while Mason tries helping Damon. Anna looks for her mother and Grams tells Bonnie how proud she is.

    Beautiful episode. The dialogue between Grams and Bonnie was simply tearworthy. What was even more tearworthy was the moment when Anna finally found her mother.

    I had high hopes for this episode and the writers and actors delivered.



    This episode was great!!! I really enjoyed it. I love all the character favorites coming back for an episode. In my opinion, it was almost like tying up lose ends and unfinished buisiness that never got to be resolved when they left.

    The character i most liked being back for an episode was Lexi. She was only in a very short amount of time, but she made an impression on the show for me. She would have been a great asset to the show. l really loved all the parts that she was in. Torturing stefan was great. haha. It actually made me laugh for awhile. Hopefully Lexi broke through a bit. Atleast we know that the real Stefan is still in there.

    It was really great seeing Mason again too. I admit, i hated him when he was on the show last season, but for some reason him appearing for one episode was interesting for me. Especially when all the scenes were with Damon. I can't wait to find out more on these writings that are in the cave.

    Bonnie is so funny when her grams is around. I might be the only one who thinks this, but she seems like a totally different Bonnie when her grandma is around. Too bad she died. Maybe having one last moment with her with let Bonnie be at ease with the fact.

    It really cracks me up that an episode that i loved so much and thought was amazing storyline wise, had no Rebeckah or Klaus. haha. Apparently it shows me that having just the original cast is more satisfying to me. Great episode. Cant wait for the next.

  • Holy returning characters, Batman!


    This episode was absolutely jammers. It had A-plots, B-plots, C, D and E plots. All relating to ghosts, sure, so thematically it stayed true to the episode title, but with Damon doing his best Lara Croft impression, Jeremy lipping locks with his all-too friendly ghost, Tomb Vamps, Lexi(!), Mason, Bonnie, Elena at her hypocritical best, Grams, a distinct lack of Katherine, and that kitchen sink we all love so much, I didn't know where to look.

    It's a testament to the success of the show, and its writers, that they managed to bring back so many characters. I mean, I was absolutely over the moon to see Lexi again. I was even more chuffed when she smashed Stefan's head against a car window, classic Lexi. They even managed to bring back Pearl! And it felt so right that she only appear in the last scene, it was a very strong moment for Anna. I'll miss Anna loads. Just like back in season 1, she made Jeremy temporarily awesome again.

    A major gripe I had with the first two seasons was that the writers didn't know a good thing when they had it: they killed off so many awesome characters for pure shock-value. It's always nice to have a bankable reoccurring character you can use to stir things up every now and then a few episodes a season. But not this show. Still, at the very least, they did manage to bring back some of the show's finest vampires here.

    One thing that really pissed me off - and just shows how much Anna rounds out Jeremy - is how hypocritical Elena was when she started throwing a hissy fit over Jeremy making out with Anna. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I wanted to throw something at the screen, her double-standards are ridiculous. Jeremy aint allowed to make out with a fairly harmless ghost, yet Elena continues to pine over her dead lover, hoping that he'll snap out of his mass-murdering phase any day now and all will be firgiven.

    Outside off all of this ghost stuff, this episode contained a lot of awesome. We had Caroline doing what she does best: kicking major undead ass. (Spin-off, please?) We get a very cool, random scene involving Damon impaled by many wooden stakes, which visually, was hella cool. I also got a kick out of Mason casually smashing a shot glass into Damon's forehead and no one in the bar batting an eyelash.

    But, because it was such an over-crowded episode, I felt that I didn't get enough time with Lexi (plots I wanted to watch) and didn't care for most of the scenes involving Bonnie/Caroline. There was literally too much happening here.

    And, as cliff-hangers go, it was pretty weak. Alaric stumbles upon some cavemen drawings, has no idea what they are, and we're left none the wiser. That's just great.

  • Ghost World


    Ghost World was a superb episode of The Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching this episode because many ghosts from the past showed up in Mystic Falls. The story was interesting, full of action, drama and intrigue. I enjoyed watching the characters interact with the ghosts, but I wonder what Jeremy was thinking, I'd go with Bonnie all the way and he just threw it away. It was great to see Lexie again as she showed Elena how to break through to Stefan when he goes off the rails. I really want to know what it is that Mason discovered in the cave with Damon and what it means. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie goes soul searching


    The key to any ghost story is that it must strike an emotional cord on the audience, in such way, we only need to see the character to know exactly what unfinished business it came back from the grave to solve. Unfortunately, this show does NOT understand the concept, for most ghosts are paired up with characters they have no unfinished business with, like Mason Lockwood with Damon instead of Tyler (his nephew) and Katherine (his girlfriend) or Lexi, stuck with Elena for more than half an hour, instead of her best friend Stefan.

    No, ghost stories must strike a cord in the audience, to bring out the emotional response Caroline brings out in Bonnie as she realizes this vampire would go the extra mille for her that Damon has never gone for Alaric, their friendship more important to her than makers, boyfriends or the next crisis that hits this town, their bond as tight as the one from actual sisters. For it is important to recognize that ghosts also walk amongs us, Jeremy himself walks like a ghost without Anna - they never broke up, she never gave up on him, they never even got to say goodbye - much like Anna herself walks like a ghost without her mother (the only reason she came back to Mystic Falls to begin with).

    However, the most important part of any ghost story is to let go, to find meaning in it, to lose oneself in it, which is what Jeremy does, as Anna finds her mother, and Bonnie, as she ends things with him, for it's not a boyfriend was she has been missing, it's not the best friend she has always had in Caroline, but the mentor she lost when she was barely starting to embrace her own powers: her grams, the very soul she was searching for.