The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 16, 2013 on The CW

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  • It all goes downhill from here

    This is by far my most favorite episode in TVD history, a close one with "into the wild". This episode left me crying. Thrice. Once out of joy. I've seen this episode 4 times and can't get enough. Unfortunately, as a former TVD die hard fan, this is hard for me to say, but I've lost interest in TVD after watching mid fifth season. After Katherine and The Originals left the show the how turned crap. They are just dragging the show along and i hate what it has become. I still love the episodes that left me on my tiptoes for the next one, like this one. Watch this show and enjoy loving it because you'll be crying when you see what its become in season 6.
  • What an episode..

    Klaus's sweet words towards Karoline,Bonnie saying goobye to Jeremy(Which left me in tears),Damon's sacrifice towards Elena,Stefan doing the same,Rebekkah showing humanity towards Matt and the end.. I thought it was amazing knowing that Silas is alive and will take the form of Stefan,curious what they're going to do with his role toward season 5 and what's gonna happen to Stefan,and Bonnie! Great end which left me almost at the edge of my seat but don't think it is the best season finale of all

    +the fact that they should've maybe took that for episode 22 to end.
  • Brilliant finale!

    Brilliant finale! Bonnies dead, Jeremy is not, The dead came back and then disappeared again, Silas is alive and and looks just like Stephan, while Stephan's trapped for the forseeable future in a safe at the bottom of a lake (Angel anyone?) Rebecca loves Matt, Klaus loves Caroline and Elena loves Damon, who nearly died before Klaus came back to save the day! No one wanted the cure after all, so Elena gave it to Katherine - Who most certainly didn't want it either!
  • Love this show

    I love this show so much the actors I like are Ian somerhalder and Nina dobrev
  • not much of a fan

    am not much of fan am not really much of a fan at all but i do like that one guy Jeremy he's a really nice

    and he's good looking guy i don't mean that to sound gay..
  • Hopefully Season 5 Will Get The Show Back On Track

    Although the finale made me not wanna wait until October(which is when the season premiere will be),this was the worst season of the show especially when they brought Jeremy back to life but not Alaric & didn't start getting good until Katherine came God the writers kept her on because without her,the show is with the Originals gone,the show would just be about Elena being in love with Stefan & Damon(only Damon more at this time),Tyler & Caroline's trouble in paradise relationship(Klaus may have left,but this Jesse guy will be hitting on Caroline while Tyler is coming back to town),Jeremy talking to ghost Bonnie(for now),and Matt hopefully they have a good storyline this season and don't have any last minute changes or have Silas turn soft by having him fall for one of the girls because that's what ruined seasons 3 & 4 due to Klaus falling for Caroline and no longer acting like the villan which caused some fans to forget why they're trying to kill him in the first place.
  • Graduation Finale

    First let me say I do love TVD and it's because the actors are so likable as their characters. For the show that it is (a tv show) it is exceptionally good.

    What Julie Plec (producer/writer) has done to the show literally makes me want to puke.

    I loved this episode because Elena got her much needed closure with Alaric and Jeremy. Damon got his closure with Alaric. Stefan got closure with Lexi. The Klaus/Caroline quote was epic. I hope the writing becomes better for season 5 and not as rushed a season 4. I love Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder but they are getting long in the tooth for TVD to go on much further.

  • Ohmygod

    Nooooooo not Stefan! Damn you Silas!

  • oh my goodness, can it be fall now please!?

    I love Damon for not being willing to take the cure. I love vampire DAmon!

    I never thought she'd chose Damon, i'm happy for him but I don't want him to turn sappy next season.

    episode needed more Damon and Alaric fun.

    WHAT the FFFFF!!!!! He's Damons brother, how can he also be an ancient doppelganger!!!!
  • Do I really need to put a title? i hate putting titles... I can never think of anything!

    Am I the only one who thinks that the episode sumararys on TVD have wayyy to many spoilers at them/ i meen seriously, warn a bitch. (LOVED THIS EPISODE SO MUCH OMG OMG OMG)
  • Graduation

    Graduation was a perfect and truly surprising season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because the story lines and character development were phenomenal. Bonnie embraces her fate and suffers for her friends sakes. Matt and Rebekah make plans, Damon and Elena discuss feelings and Stephen seems to get the worst outcome of all. Katherine made some moves and gets an intriguing new lease on life while Jeremy, Alaric and the others return to where they came from. I was excited and captivated. Klaus made a timely appearance and I loved what he did for Caroline. The ending was really unexpected and I can't wait for the next season!!!!!!!!!

  • What was Silas talking about?

    At the end, when Silas dumped Stefan into the water... was did he mean by he was his shadow? so confused.
  • A total 10!

    I'm in tremendous emotion right now, just finished watching the episode, it was incredible!

    happiness, sadness, drama, everything!

    - That Klaus / Caroline epic moment :')

    - That Stefan / Elena / Lexie / Damon mixed moments

    - That Damon & Elena moment

    - That Katherine & Elena moment

    - That Jeremy & Bonnie moment

    that everything! this episode had it all :D
  • legal

  • shockingly dissapointing

    In general. This was a very uneven/messy episode. Many things happened without many reasons. What exactly are the rules of the TVD world, the writers literally write stuff to fit whatever they want to happened. It's so frustrating.

    Kat takes the cure, which was kinda anticlimactic. All those dead people come back but they didn't do anything. The tension of the episode was all of the place. Happy moments,cut with sad moments then tension moments and cut to happy moments. overale very sloppy. No one cares about bonnie as usual. RIP Bonnie.

    the Silas thing is weird. So why wasn't he freed when Ketsiya died? Based on those rules. Bonnie has all that power even as a dead witch?. Matt and Bekah thing was not subtle at all. I'm so disappointed
  • replay

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    I hope there isn't going to be another triangle... -_- Stefan and Elena, yeah thats ok. But I'm sick of triangles! If Klaus gets with Caroline then I want him to kill Tyler if he comes back... or the other way around if Tyler comes back...
  • Excellent

    No second of this episode was boring. And with so much story packed into 40 minutes, they even had feelings oozing out of me. Which was hard by the way. Perfect.
  • Best Episode Ever?

    I don't write reviews for episodes, but this episode was phenomenal. It had action, romance, suspense, humour, and tears. I'm not thrilled that Klaus is leaving for "The Originals", but his appearance in this episode was great. I'm very pleased that the stupid love triangle is, for the present, resolved. And the twist at the end, of Silas's true appearance, made me go "DUUUUUUDE!" Makes me wonder what Qetsiyah looks like (Bonnie doppleganger, maybe?). All in all, very satisfying, save for the implication that Tyler will be coming back. Urgh, I hate that guy.
  • Graduation, Ghosts, and One Character's Horrifying Fate Make For A Incredible Season Finale!

    Whoa this season finale was even more entertaining and satisfying than last years!

    Seeing Alaric, Jeremy and Lexi get to spend time with Elena and Stefan was really awesome, I have so missed their characters! Bonnie's 'last act' was great and it totally came out of left field for me.

    Watching Katherine and Elena finally throw down was awesome and watching what happened to Katherine was a great twist! Having Elena finally make her choice between Damon and Stefan was very amazing to watch as well. Caroline's euphoria at gradating and seeing nearly all of the core characters together and happy before everything all went to hell was very nice to watch.

    Rebekah and Matt's connection was really awesome to see develop and I cannot wait to see how it further deepens come the 5th Season. Klaus's present to Caroline was utterly perfect I cannot wait to see how it all works out for her! Stefan's fate was utterly horrifying to watch and I really hope that the Mystic Falls gang can help him!

    I am super excited for next fall to see how all of the 'cliffhangers' if or will they be resolved.

    The Fifth Season cannot come fast enough!