The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 1

Growing Pains

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2012 on The CW

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  • What a season premiere!!!!

    What I like about season premiere and especially for #TVD is that it sets all the questions for the rest of the season:

    - how elena will adapt to vampire life. first I wasn't sure she'll complete the transition...

    - how the founders families and the town will react to vampires after the big final burst... It brings the vampire hunt to an all new level this season!

    - what will happen to Bonnie now that she has kind of destroyed her granny spirit? what are the aftermaths? I have some hope for Bonnie and Jeremy by the way!

    - how Rebekah will react to Klaus rejection? will she join the gang even if I think now the war against Klaus is over...

    - what will Klaus do next.... we can't predict anything with this tricky character.

    - what will happen between Elena and the Salvatore brothers. I think that Elena and Stefan relationship will be stronger and different (maybe more like tyler and caroline) but between elena and damon I don't know and I have no clue.

    After this great introduction to this new season, I have a lot of questions and that is what makes a promising new season.

    The good in this episode:

    - Elena in general

    - Bonnie's storyline was great too because it continued what happened last season with her being more into dark magic.

    - Caroline finding that Klaus took over Tyler body was funny...

    - the vampire hunt in the town

    The not so good / what I didn't like

    - the pastor character came a bit out of the blue at least for what I remember.

    - Klaus re-integrating his own body too soon. I would have loved to have more Caroline and Tyler/klaus because it could have confused her or something...

    - the final scene but I expect that will have huge consequences on the rest of the season... so I'll wait and see!