The Vampire Diaries

Season 5 Episode 6

Handle With Care

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2013 on The CW

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  • Orphan Black

    I'll be glad when the current storyline is over, I like Silas he's pretty funny, but there's too many doppelgangers now and now we have yet another I'm beginning to think that I'm watching Orphan Black. Katherine stole the show again with her tooth and her hair, her and Elena are the only doppelgangers they should keep.
  • TVD is finally BACK

    FINALLY!!!, the 1st good ep of TVD since the premiere. This ep worked becoz

    1)we CARED about the main goal "Bring Bonnie back"so we felt the tension and desperation.

    2) lots of storylines "college storyline is back in gear"

    3)awesome Villains Quetsiya(tessa) was super intense and sadistic.

    4) awesome twists"Amara and Augustine vampire"

    5)Awesome moments involving Katherine all the way, and the death of boring Silas.

    I am actually excited about the next ep and feel like I don't know where this is going. Only sucky moments were STUPID Elena ruining the Plan, and useless Gypsies
  • Broken Promises

    I loved this episode but I was kinda disappointed that Elena, Damon & Jeremy didn't get what they were promised but lets be honest did they really think it would be that easy?

    Silas and Damon's interactions were incredibly funny!

    Tessa is quite vindictive & witty, and I am loving her more & more!

    Katherine teaming up with Caroline was pretty great the this Augustine Society sounds pretty diabolical I can't wait to find out more about them! Speaking of Katherine what is going on with her?! I hope we find out more about both of these developments soon!

    I felt really bad for Jeremy and Damon in this episode they both were trying so hard to keep their promise but ultimately it failed.

    Silas's discovery about the anchor was a awesome revelation and one that completely blindsided me!

    I am super excited 4 next week bring it on!