The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 19

Heart of Darkness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Alaric is looked up in the cellar Stefan and Damon once were. Elena brings him books and stuff to keep him amused. They still can't find the last stake. Alaric's alter-ego hid it well. Jeremy isn't safe in Denver anymore so she and Damon are going to get him. Stefan is going to watch over Alaric while they're gone. Elena is hoping that the trip will help her figure out her feelings for Damon.

Caroline is furious to discover that Rebekah has taken over the decade dance and made it about the 20s rather than the 70s. Matt chases her outside and they revel in the fact that they tricked Rebekah. Caroline is buying time so she can go see Tyler.

Stefan joins Alaric in the cellar for a drink. He doesn't sugarcoat the fact that he may have to use "other methods" to find the last stake. He confides in Alaric about Elena, insinuating that his feelings for her matter nothing as long as she loves someone else.

Elena and Damon find Jeremy and reveal they need him to contact Roseto find out who made herso they can trace the bloodline. They learn that Kol has been posing as Jeremy's friend, he attacks Damon but Damon gets the upper hand and stabs him. They go to a motel. Damon is nostalgic about Rose. She shows up.

Caroline and Tyler reunite.

Matt drives Rebekah home. She suspects he's up to something, why else would he be so nice to her after everything her family has done to him? They share a moment. Rebekah finds Esther in her house and asks for a good reason why she shouldn't kill her. Esther reveals she's dying.

Back in the motel, Rose is happy on the other side. She misses Damon and she's rooting for him and Elena. She was sired by someone named Mary Porter. She offers to find where she is.

Alaric can't understand why his alter-ego is so hostile but Stefan believes it makes sense. His wife left him to become a vampire and his girlfriend was killed by one. Klaus shows up. Hekills Alaric to bring out his alter-ego.

Damon calls Stefan, who is put out when he learns they're staying in a motel.

Because the Bennett bloodline was cut, Esther's body is weakening. She assures her she watched over her for 1000 years, which shouldn't have been. Esther collapses.

Tyler is certain he's unsired from Klaus, having turned 100 times into an werewolf. Caroline warns him about Klaus's bloodline.

Elena wakes up during the night to find Damon drinking and keeping watch. They share a look but Elena quickly pretends to go back to sleep. Damon lies down beside her. He admits he doesn't show the good in him because he doesn't want to live up to anyone's expectations. They hold hands. Elena leaves but Damon follows her. She gives in and kisses him. Jeremy interrupts them with news Rose has found Mary in Kansas.

Alaric tries to provoke his alter-ego by getting Stefan to try to kill him.

Damon, Elena and Jeremy arrive at the house in Kansas. Jeremy's annoyed when they don't want him to go in with them, accusing them of wanting to kiss again. They find Mary staked, by Kol who is waiting for them.

As Alaric bleeds, Stefan fights his urges to drink from him. Alaric encourages him. It works, Stefan brings out the alter-ego, who taunts him.

Kol beats up Damon to make them even.

Stefan demands to know where the stake is. He convinces Alaric's alter-ego that he will kill him so he reveals the stake is in the cave where no vampires can go. Klaus and Rebekah overhear.

Damon and Elena share another moment. She admits she doesn't know if she has feelings for him. He realises what the point of the trip was, he gets angry. She accuses him of sabotaging things, he lashes out every time there's a bump in the road. He tells her she'll have to figure things out herself, without his help.

Rebekah takes Alaric to the cave to retrieve the stake, leaving Klaus with Stefan. Klaus is annoyed when Stefan declares that he's accepted the ripper inside of him leaving him with no control over him anymore.

Rose encourages Jeremy to believe in Elena and Damon. She says Stefan is good for her, but Damon is either the best or the worst thing for her. She disappears.

Tyler is staying on the couch in Caroline's house, trying to not to think what will happen if Damon kills Klaus. Caroline promises she won't lose him again. Tyler finds the drawing Klaus drew of her, he wants to know what's been going on between her and Klaus while he was away. Caroline insists there was nothing. He decides to stay elsewhere.

Alaric's alter-ego retrieves the stake but isn't reluctant to give it back to her. He offers to keep her alive as long as he can kill one original. Rebekah steps into the cave, revealing she wants all the originals dead. She is Esther, not Rebekah.