The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 19

Heart of Darkness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2012 on The CW

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  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    No idea what FROTHY is talking about to be honest, a great deal of things were revealed and happened in this episode. For starters, ESTHER is back and worse than ever before. So she's inside Rebekah, now? UGHH I hope that doesn't seal her fate then! Didn't see that one coming, although I was definitely suspicious of something when Esther took her hands and starting trembling just before she fell to her death..

    Now onto what was in my opinion the heart of the episode: Damon and Elena. I couldn't possibly agree more with the whole plethora of fans out there who've grown weary of the constant teasing and wondering if boring Stefan is here to stay and will he work it out with Elena. I'm right there with you guys.. Even I, in my disgust for Elena, began to think Damon would be better off with, say, Rebekah for example. But tonight's episode really painted a true picture of desperate love. The scene in the motel didn't even strike me as cheesy or anything, it was just awesome!

    This is what TVD is all about!!!
  • Almost Everyone Let Out Their Dark Side and I Loved It !!

    Wow this episode was wonderful!

    Everyone was at the top of their game.

    Caroline and Matt teaming up to distract Rebekah was great.

    I loved having Tyler back so amazing!

    However I have a VERY bad feeling that the Forewood reunion is gonna be cut short soon!

    It was great seeing Elena trying to figure out her feelings for Damon in Denver but once again Elena couldn't make up her mind! UGH! She is really starting to irritate me!

    Jeremy aka the Ghost Whisperer is back and he contacted Rose on the Other Side, it was nice seeing her again it was really cool that she was happy.

    Esther possessing Rebekah was a fantastic twist, and one that I didn't see coming, way to go VTD writers!

    It was really cool that we finally got to see the Evil Alaric persona in full this episode, it was also way cool that Stefan finally accepted his Ripper Side, and now that he has, Klaus no longer has any control over him. Way to go Stefan!

    I just have one question where is Bonnie? I hope she comes back soon!

    I am super excited for next week to see what happens!

  • And It's Not Round One to Damon

    Another episode with lots to keep entertained. Damon was so easily caught off guard again, hello Kol has a bat look out, even Elena didn't warn him, in her secret desire to nurse him once again as in the season 2 finale. Then he's caught off guard for a second time. Then Elena trying to deny her feelings and yet she watches Damon, secretly yearning, wait, it wasn't so secret, she wanted him to lie next to her as he's done so many times in the past, except back then, the feelings were one sided and here she was just so in lust.

    Didn't think much of Stefan sending Elena off with Damon, how predictable throwing Elena practically at him. Yes Damon and Stefan are different and change and affect Elena in differing ways, but is Damon necessarily good for her. Seems she can't think straight when he's around and maybe that's a good thing for her but not for others around her, loving Damon is risky.

    Caroline waited a long time to tell Tyler about the bloodline and Klaus being killed once they discover who turned them, then leaving Klaus's sketch around and not being able to tell him why. That was as bad as Elena not knowing who she wants. Jeremy was disgusted with her when he caught them making out. he hasn't found out about his compulsion yet either.

    When Ester touched Rebekah's hands, knew she was up to something, considering no one recalled Klaus taking over Alaric.
  • Remember what Katherine said

    Has anybody else noticed that Katherine is still at large but AWOL? At some point Elena's going to have to remember what Katherine said before the latter took off for parts unknown: "It's alright to love both of them. I did." Kudos to Nina Dobrev for that steamy thirsty look as she devours bare-chested Damon with her eyes when she thinks he's not looking. I love it when TVD writers deliver us a feast like that.
  • Best episode yet

    This episode was definitely my fav episode yet! God that Delena kiss totally caught me off guard my mouth fell open for 1 second then I started jumping up and down screaming "YES! YES! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh I was dreaming of that to happen but then I thought it'd be too good to be true, but my wish was satisfied! Can't wait to see who she chooses btw! Looking forward to what happens next!
  • Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness was a perfect and very entertaining episode of the Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was great to see Jeremy return to the fold and help contact Rose. So much happened in this episode which was rich with action, intrigue, drama, romance, lust, surprise, and many more emotions and scenarios. Matt was awesome in distracting Rebecca who seemed to develop feelings for him. Caroline and Tyler had some great scenes together as did Elena and Damon. The ending was unexpected and very awesome! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!!
  • Frothys reply

    Let me make something perfectly clear TONIGHTS EPISODE WAS A 10 Ok? You happy now? What we are crackin over is they are spreading the episodes tooooo far apart so that you can hardly remember what was happening...NOT just Vamp Diaries But THIS ENTIRE SEASON OF TV SHOWS THAT ARE AMERICAN.In the past they never spaced the episodes so far apart as they do now. You arent bothered because the US has TEVO well News flash The rest of the free world is just now getting it or is waiting for it. I am of the latter people so I cant sit down in August..say.. and watch them all back to back. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT?mmshuddup
  • Well, I don't know about you guys, but I, for one, thought this episode was perfect.

    Well, I don't know about you guys, but I, for one, thought this episode was perfect. It's a sign that the remaining three episodes of season three of TVD are going to be incredible and go out with the bang we've been promised over and over again by the writers and the cast. "Heart of Darkness" had it all: great returns (Hey Tyler/Jer/Rose/Kol!), great romance (I think Elena needs a cold shower), and great shocks (Esther, 'ya fooled me). So, let's dive in, shall we?


    What I Loved:

    1. The Damon/Elena scenes. Now, until this moment, I hadn't really cared who Elena got with. I wasn't really Team Stelena or Team Delena, I was Team Vampire Diaries. Whatever was thrown my way, I trusted it fully. And, don't get me wrong, I still am... All of my TVD trust is in JP and KW and CD and I trust them entirely. However, now, after this episode, I realize what the Delena shippers have seen all along because their scenes were AMAZING. These two have so much chemistry, it's kind of remarkable. And, when you add a Florence + the Machine song to that Delena kiss, you just kind of get a perfect moment of television, no? That said, I'm glad Elena didn't just jump the 'Delena' ship. The triangle is a journey and she still has feelings for both brothers. It wouldn't have made any sense if she had just quickly made up her mind over the course of one episode. She needed to test the waters. Can't wait to see who she chooses in the finale!

    2. Every scene Rebekah was in. I try not to play favorites, but Rebekah is my favorite Original. It closes Rebekah, Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and Finn for me. I don't know why, but Rebekah is just a perfect character, in my opinion. Well, no, I guess I do know why. She's a vulnerable badass vampire who wants nothing more to be a normal, human girl, and I just find that beautiful. And tragic. I hope they don't kill her off this season because I'd love to see her in season four (with Matt). But anyway... I was shocked by the ending. Totally shocked. I figured Esther had done something when she "died" because, if she hadn't, her appearance would have been random and, basically, pointless. But, no. She possessed her daughter, who is now teaming up with AlarHyde to, essentially, wipe out all vampires. Can't wait to see where this story goes as we reach the end of the season!

    3. Alaric and Stefan. There was some really great stuff here. I love how they are metaphorically going through the same journey, as shown through their conversations in the Salvatore cellar. I also loved seeing Stefan fighting the evil inside of him, but eventually realizing he needed to release it to help the MFG reach their goal. BTW, how great was Stefan's "FU" speech to Klaus at the end? Pretty great, that's how great it was.

    4. Rose! I loved her speech to Jeremy in the car. It moved me, I'm not gonna lie. I was glad to see her back. While she was never, necessarily, my favorite character, I always enjoyed her while she was on in season two and it was nice to see her face again. Can't wait to see Jenna again in the finale, that's for sure.

    5. Forwood. Yeah, they're pretty much perfect... even though, I admit, I do like the idea of Klaroline, though I realize (and think) it should never happen for the sake of keeping Caroline true to character. Sad ending though. They can't catch a break, can they?

    6. Seeing Jeremy and Kol. While Kol remains basically unexplored in terms of characterization, he still brings fun to every scene he's in, which I'm not complaining about. Plus, we learned he knows how to wield a baseball bat. Yikes.

    What I Didn't Like:

    I actually don't have anything to complain about this episode. It was perfect. A 10.