The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 19

Heart of Darkness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2012 on The CW

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  • Almost Everyone Let Out Their Dark Side and I Loved It !!

    Wow this episode was wonderful!

    Everyone was at the top of their game.

    Caroline and Matt teaming up to distract Rebekah was great.

    I loved having Tyler back so amazing!

    However I have a VERY bad feeling that the Forewood reunion is gonna be cut short soon!

    It was great seeing Elena trying to figure out her feelings for Damon in Denver but once again Elena couldn't make up her mind! UGH! She is really starting to irritate me!

    Jeremy aka the Ghost Whisperer is back and he contacted Rose on the Other Side, it was nice seeing her again it was really cool that she was happy.

    Esther possessing Rebekah was a fantastic twist, and one that I didn't see coming, way to go VTD writers!

    It was really cool that we finally got to see the Evil Alaric persona in full this episode, it was also way cool that Stefan finally accepted his Ripper Side, and now that he has, Klaus no longer has any control over him. Way to go Stefan!

    I just have one question where is Bonnie? I hope she comes back soon!

    I am super excited for next week to see what happens!