The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 9

History Repeating

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Bonnie has trouble staying awake in class. She sees Emily walk past the classroom door and follows her into the hallway. Emily is waiting for her and leads her outside, where Bonnie suddenly finds herself in the woods. Emily walks ahead in the distance and says, "Please help me." Bonnie asks who she is, but she already knows. "We're family," Emily tells her. Bonnie asks where they are. Emily stands inside the remnants of an old stone building and says this is where it all began and where it has to end. Bonnie gets spooked and tries to run, but everywhere she turns, Emily is waiting. With a gasp, Bonnie wakes up in class and the students start to stare. She sees Emily sitting next to her and screams. When Bonnie awakens for real, she is on the ground in front of an old tomb.

Elena and Caroline talk on their way to school. Elena decides to stay out of Caroline and Bonnie's fight about the crystal. When Caroline asks her about Stefan, Elena says he is avoiding her, but it's complicated. They part ways and Caroline runs into Matt, who says, "Hey," and keeps walking. This leaves Caroline feeling awkward.

In history class, Elena notices quickly that Stefan isn't there. Bonnie comes in looking upset and Elena asks if she is okay. Bonnie just shrugs. Their new teacher enters the room. Just moving from Boston, Alaric Saltzman, who is very attractive,

Meanwhile, Damon wakes Stefan up with a cup of animal blood as a peace offering, but Stefan doesn't want it. What Damon did to Lexi was unforgivable, though Damon reminds him that it was to get the townspeople off of their backs. He offers to "adopt a Stefan diet," but Stefan is not seeing the humor in any of this. He wants to know the real reason for Damon's return, but just like every other time he has asked, Damon still won't say.

At lunch, Bonnie tells Elena all about her dreams and confesses that she believes she is being haunted by Emily. Elena asks what Grams says about it, but Bonnie doesn't want to tell her about it. She will want Bonnie to embrace it, but she just wants it to stop.

Meanwhile, Alaric has asked Jeremy to come see him, where he informs him that Mr. Tanner kept a special file on all of the trouble makers. He tells Jeremy that most of the file was on him, but Alaric tosses the file in the trash. He gives him a clean slate, but mentions that they do need to discuss Jeremy's grades. Although Jeremy has already begun trying to improve his grade, Alaric says he will need to complete an extra credit assignment – a paper on some real, local history. Before he leaves, Jeremy notices Alaric's very large ring…

Next time Matt passes Caroline, he gives her another, "Hey," but this time she stops him, accusing him of "lame guy moves" like sneaking out her window before she woke up in the morning after he slept in her bed. He tells her that he heard her mom and left before either of them got in trouble. He also says he has been saying "Hey" to her everyday since first grade. He tells her that reading too much into things is a lame girl move and walks away.

After school, Elena sees Stefan outside and tells him she has been worried. He says he didn't kill Damon, who has her to thank for his mercy, but says he came to tell her he won't be coming to school or seeing her anymore. She is mad, which he says is good, because it will be easier if she hates him.

As Bonnie heads for her car, Damon stops her, warning her he'll give her one more chance to give him back the crystal. She threatens to scream if he doesn't leave her alone, but he tells her he doesn't want to hurt her. He knows she is being haunted by Emily and that she is scared. He also says that he knows more about that crystal than she does, but she still won't give it to him. He tells her he will get it if he has to take it from Emily herself. "You tell her," Damon says, "a deal's a deal."

Elena rides home with Bonnie who tells her about Damon, saying he won't leave her alone. Elena warns her that he is dangerous and she doesn't want Bonnie to be alone, so she invites her to spend the night. Bonnie pulls over, gets out and takes off her baneful necklace. She throws it as far as she can, wishing she had done that sooner.

At the Mystic Grill, Jenna notices Alaric eating alone and grading papers. She is intrigued by him and Jeremy offers to introduce her, but she declines.

Elena has called Stefan, who arrives at her house though Bonnie isn't at all happy to see him. Outside, Elena tells him that Damon won't leave Bonnie alone because of the crystal. Stefan is familiar with it and says it belonged to Emily, who was Katherine's handmaiden and a witch. He confesses he has known Bonnie was a witch since Elena arranged for the three of them to have dinner a while back. He says Emily gave the necklace to Katherine. He leaves to find out why Damon wants it.

Back at the Grill, Jeremy tells Jenna about his extra credit assignment and how Alaric wants him to get his hands dirty. Jenna tells him to go through his father's things. He was really into the Gilbert lineage and says that the family came over on the Mayflower. Alaric comes to their table and introduces himself. Jenna thanks him for giving Jeremy a chance and Jeremy gets the vibe that Jenna and Alaric are into each other.

Stefan finds Damon at the bar and tells him he is interested in being brothers again. When he asks why Damon is drinking, it is because he is on edge. Meanwhile, Caroline joins the sleepover at Elena's house. She gives Bonnie a half-assed apology, but Bonnie tells her that she threw the crystal away. Caroline is upset, but Elena reminds her that she would have just given the necklace to Damon anyway. "Screw Damon!" Caroline says. She tries to change the subject and asks if they are going to do their nails. She goes into Bonnie's bag for her kit and finds the necklace. She calls Bonnie a liar, but Elena confirms that she saw Bonnie throw the crystal. Bonnie blames Emily and Caroline gets mad that Bonnie and Elena always leave her out of the loop. Bonnie tries to tell her that she is a witch, but Caroline thinks she is just messing around. Bonnie, in turn, gets mad because Caroline never listens.

Jenna approaches Alaric saying Jeremy ditched her and went home. They start a conversation, where Jenna reveals she left town for college when Logan broke her heart, but returned, and here she is… He tells her that he married young and his wife died, but her body was never found. Her disappearance is a cold case in North Carolina. He moved here for a change of scenery and the town's rich history. Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan play darts. Damon can see through Stefan's attempt at bonding and wants to know what he is up to. Stefan says he has been asking Damon that same question for months.

Caroline goes to Bonnie and sincerely apologizes, not having realized how important this is to her. She confesses that she doesn't believe in this kind of thing, but she is on board if it means something to Bonnie. She hands Bonnie back the necklace and, in true Caroline fashion, suggests they have fun and perform a séance… against Bonnie's better judgment.

In Elena's room, they sit in a circle around lit candles and Bonnie calls forth Emily, saying she is ready to hear her message. The girls get freaked out when the flames rise. Caroline asks for another sign and the window flies open. Bonnie screams and rips off the necklace, saying she's done with all of this. As soon as she throws the crystal to the floor, the flames go out. When Elena flips on the light, Bonnie notices that the crystal is gone.

Stefan and Damon end up on the school ball field throwing a football around. "What do you want, Stefan?" Damon asks. Stefan gets serious and tells Damon that Katherine's love for them was never real and it took him many years to deal with it, but Damon doesn't want to have this conversation and walks away. Stefan asks him what he wants with Katherine's crystal, and Damon wants to know how he knew it was hers. Stefan confesses that he was the last person to see her, but they had other things on their minds. Damon threatens Stefan's life, but Stefan has heard it all before. Finally, Damon reveals his 'diabolical master plan' – he's bringing Katherine back!

The girls are looking for the crystal and Elena sees someone walk past the door. Bonnie sees the necklace on the floor in the bathroom and when she goes in, the doors shut. Bonnie screams and screams in terror for her friends to help her, but the doors won't open. The lights start to flicker and Bonnie is suddenly silent. They can finally open the door and Bonnie is just standing there. She tells them everything is fine, but Caroline is pissed, thinking Bonnie was pranking them. Elena senses something is strange about Bonnie. Just out of Elena's view, Bonnie's reflection in the mirror is that of Emily.

Stefan asks Damon why he would want to bring Katherine back. Damon says that when Mystic Falls was killing vampires one by one, he went to Emily and begged her to save Katherine. She knew they would be coming for her next (her being a witch and all), so Damon promised to save her children, which he did, thus protecting her lineage. Using the crystal, a spell and drawing power from the passing comet, Emily was able to seal Katherine in a mystical tomb under the church. He has waited a very long time for the comet to pass again, which needed to happen before the tomb could be re-opened. Now, he just needs the crystal.

Bonnie continues acting strange. Elena calls her name, but she just keeps walking… towards the front door. "Emily," Elena calls and Bonnie turns around, saying "I won't let him have it. It must be destroyed." She walks out the door and it slams behind her. It won't open for Elena and Caroline until Jeremy opens it from the outside. Caroline has had enough and leaves. Elena immediately calls Stefan. She tells him what just happened and he asks if she knows where Bonnie would be going. The old Fell church is where Emily took Bonnie in her dreams. Damon, who is standing nearby, overhears the call and is there waiting for Emily when she reaches the spot in the woods. She apologizes to Damon, still in Bonnie's body, but says she cannot do this. He comes at her to attack, but her powers are strong and she throws him at a tree, where he impales himself on a limb.

Jeremy is home, going through boxes of his dad's old things when Jenna gets home… with Alaric. He stands outside the door as she tells him she is not inviting him in tonight (because of Jeremy). Inside, Jeremy finds an old journal written by Jonathan Gilbert dating back to 1864.

Stefan gets to the woods and pulls Damon off the tree branch. Thanks to the animal blood diet, Damon is in much more pain. Emily tells Stefan that it is too dangerous to let "them" out, and Stefan asks Damon what he didn't tell him. In order to save Katherine, she had to save everyone in the church – 27 vampires. Emily says that she won't let them out, but Damon begs that he only wants Katherine. Stefan is furious at Damon, knowing that he wants the vampires released to exact revenge on the town. Stefan tells him that these people are innocent, but Damon claims that the town already knows too much and will come after them again, just like before. Emily does a spell, enclosing herself in a pentagram of fire and destroys the crystal as Elena runs to them. Stefan grabs Elena as Damon lunges for Emily/Bonnie. He bites her neck and almost kills her, but Stefan feeds her some of his blood, which quickly heals her.

Caroline is alone in her room when Matt climbs through her window. She says she has had a really long day, but he tells her that he enjoyed lying next to her all night. He confesses that he knows how it feels to be alone like her.

Back in the woods, Damon is heartbroken. He confesses to Stefan that Katherine never compelled him; his love was real. He tells him that he will leave town now. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Elena how scared she was. She doesn't understand why Damon's face looked like that, why he attacked her or where all of that blood came from. She is scared when Stefan approaches, but he tells her he won't hurt her. Elena tells Bonnie that she will explain everything, then gets her into the car. Stefan tells Elena to keep an eye on Bonnie because dying with his blood in her system would result in her turning into a vampire. She tells him that she is going to tell Bonnie the truth. Happily, she reminds him that he saved Bonnie's life. She realizes now that she can handle being with him. He, on the other hand, cannot. He says has to leave because too many people have died. She begs him not to, but he leaves anyway, believing it to be the only way to keep her safe.

Caroline and Matt sit around on her bed, happily munching on chips, cookies and soda. While at home, Jenna picks up an old photo of herself and Logan. Finally moving on, she rips the photo in half. Damon is still sitting alone in the woods, while Stefan breaks down in his room over all that has happened. Elena tells Bonnie everything, also telling her how Stefan broke up with her. The two cry together.

Meanwhile downstairs, someone is at the door. Jenna opens it to reveal Logan, who – unbeknownst to her – is dead. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" Logan asks…