The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • Seriously... TVD is life.


    Seriously... The Vampire Diaries is life.

    Okay, maybe not. That'd be incredibly sad. Like, sitting in a corner, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth sad. But, nevertheless, "Homecoming" was pretty much the episode of the series. Topping in shock-value and storytelling all others, even "Founder's Day," "Masquerade," "The End of the Affair," and "The Reckoning." I consider myself to be a hardcore TVD fan so I knew that, if this was going to be the midseason finale (January 5th cannot get here fast enough...), KW and JP were going to make sure it went out with a bang. And bang it went.

    ***Spoilers beyond this point. And by spoilers, I mean spoiler-heavy.***

    What I Loved:

    1. The Kat is back! Oh, my gosh... I have been in some serious Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova withdrawal. I've been waiting patiently (actually, that's a lie... not patiently at all) to find out what became of my favorite character, Miss Pierce, ever since Mikael (R.I.P.) mauled her at the end of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Before this episode, I read an interview with JP, who confirmed she wasn't dead, and then Damon said she wasn't dead early in the episode, so I knew she was all right. HOWEVER, I was totally not expecting to see her. And I'm so glad we did! And in that way... I legitimately did not think that was Katherine at all. I was sure it was Elena. And then she just popped up with the wolfsbane grenade, set "Kaboom" (which was hilarious) and tossed 'em at Klaus's hybrid loveslaves. It was glorious.

    I also loved Katherine's scene at the end with Stefan. This was just great, guys. She's continuing to admit that she did, in fact, love Stefan and Damon (after she said this to Elena in "As I Lay Dying") and turns her humanity on sometimes. Which was really, really touching! This is why I love Katherine. Even though she's the ornery, naughty, little vixen that we love, she's also one of the characters that's most in-tune with their emotions. Even though she hides it. And when it was revealed that she and Stefan let Klaus live and kill Mikael to save Damon's life... this was just another great little twist.

    Long live Katherine Pierce. Moving on...

    2. Stefan's free of Klaus's compulsion. Even though I liked this story, I was ready for Stefan to break free and be his own man again. And now it's going to be really, really interesting to see where he goes from here... Where will he be? How will he act? Can he ever go back to being the old, brooding, martyr Stefan we knew for the first two seasons? Probably not. Which I'm totally cool with. I'm all for character development.

    Another thing I like about this story is that Stefan has finally figured out who he is. This whole thing with Klaus kind of acted as Stef figuring out his identity... if who he is differs from who Elena and Co., expect him to be. And it does. I think he's okay with that now and is going to be done struggling with it (like he did toward the end of the first season). Can't wait to see this storyline progress.

    3. Klaus and Mikael's showdown. This was for sure nifty. I loved the dynamic between these two at the doorway to the Lockwood manor. It was kind of crazy... I can't even really describe it, it was just tense. And awesome. I had a feeling Mikael would end up dying because Klaus is a series regular for at least 17 episodes this season, so there's no way Nik was gonna get staked, but still... Good scene. And I also liked that, when Mikael got staked, we saw that the stake catches on fire. That was cool, separating a white oak stake from the normal wooden stakes.

    4. The Tyler siring story. Now, I'll admit... When "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ended, I kind of hated this story. I was really, really bummed about it you guys. I thought it was gonna suck. But I really liked it in this episode! I kind of like how you can tell Tyler doesn't want to be Klaus' little slave boy, but he can't help it. And how heartbreaking was it when, before Caroline broke up with him (ugh... I miss Forwood already), he basically said that he was cool with Klaus controlling him because he was used to being controlled by something. So sad! Aw, Tyler... You'll get out of this mess. Or die. It's one of the two. This is TVD, after all. I mean, c'mon.

    5. The opening scene. That was really cool... and funny. I've always liked it when the TVD peeps make the first scene different than all the others (like in "Masquerade" and "Memory Lane." This definitely worked.

    6. The ending. I loved the phone call between Stefan and Klaus and Klaus's realization that Stefan stole all of the caskets. This was great. Didn't see it coming. Go Stef.

    Well, I think I've covered pretty much everything... Now, let's move on to the two things I don't like (even though realize that they were completely necessary)...

    1. Elena daggering Rebekah! Oh, my gosh... That scene where Rebekah was talking about homecoming to Elena in front of the mirror was so heartbreaking. It was kind of beautiful. And then when Elena gave her the necklace... I got a little emotional, you guys. Not too much. But enough. lol. I was really loving the scene and couldn't wait to see Rebekah and Matt (I'd ship that couple any day) go to homecoming together... and then, just kidding, Elena daggered her. The look on Rebekah's face was just gut-wrenching. I can't be the only one who feels this way. However, like I said, it was totally necessary. They didn't really have time in the episode to show Rebekah enjoying homecoming and it would have just made the night more complicated than it already was. And was it ever!

    2. Forwood breaking up. We knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. All good TV couples break up every now and then... So I guess I wasn't really surprised. At all. Oh, well. They'll get back together sooner or later. Hopefully.

    Well, you guys, that's it! TTY in January!

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