The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • Previously on the Vampire Dia--stabstabSTABstabstab and stab.


    A character couldn't bat an eyelid, put on an ancient necklace or argue with her boyfriend without being gutted. What has to be my my personal favourite: bursting into flames upon being stabbed by the very son you watched take a stake to the gut merely seconds after stabbing not-really-Elena.

    There was no real plot here. Not really. It was all reliant on the writers withholding crucial information from the viewers, like Damon's plan. But who cares when things are this awesome? Have I mentioned the stabathon? And to think it all started with Elena getting one up on a Rebekkah. I had a feeling the hour would turn for the awesome, because Elena rocked in this episode. I also sort of twigged onto the Katherine double-bluff but it was still a cracking reveal (''Boom!''). Katherine for president!

    I really did want Klaus to die, though. I'm kind of sick of his terminator-esq resilience at this stage. Plus he has gotten significantly more emo these days, and there are only so many brooding vampires I can take. But why didn't Damon get the heart the first time around?! Didn't he show Elena a few episodes back where exactly to strike? I guess he's not that great at working under pressure. Also, Katherine's plan made no sense. If they let Damon kill Klaus, the hybrids would have killed Damon instead (look how easy it was for Damon to kill that one hybrid extra! Big deal). But if they allow Klaus to live, he won't want to kill the guy that was probably the closest anyone has been to killing him - ever! - other than Elijah? It make-a no sense-a. Klaus is stronger than all of his hybrids and could kill the entire cast, for frick sake. So keeping him around felt very contrived.

    But, again, I ask: who cares when things are this awesome?

    It's fun, fast-paced and packed with twist after twist. The ending was kinda lame, but Delana shippers get yet another ''almost'', we hardly get any of the slacking characters onscreen, and Caroline dumped Tyler. And I'm thrilled that Stefan is still a badass!

    Now we just have to wait until January...I hear The Secret Circle aint bad.

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