The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 13

Into the Wild

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on The CW

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  • Jonathan

    Ha my haha
  • The last few episodes leading up to the best of the season and the return of the best of TVD the second half of season 2

    This review talks about the previous episode as well as this one. Wow what an intense episode, there were revelations, action, several kidnappings, and betrayal. Despite the things that Damon does sometimes that make him an a**, there are many times when people should listen to him, from the first moment Shane came on Damon didn't trust him the moment he met him, and if I recall correctly neither did saying that all weird mystical people who show up turn out to be evil. But that is how it goes and the interrogation scene was worth it. With the last couple episodes Elena has finally utilized her vampire abilities especially when the Gilbert siblings teamed up against Kol. Also out of all the originals the only one I have ever had some sympathy for was Rebekah, and despite me wanting to stake her myself in "After School Special" Since than and in the previous episode we have been reminded of all the betrayals she went though, how she really has wanted since her character came on was to attend a high school dance, I actually wanted to hug her after seeing the sad look on her face when Stefan told her the dance was canceled, but the smile she hid when attemtping to do the Breakfast Club Slide made up for it. And most of all she wants to love and be loved as a human. Something happened in the last episode i'm sure certain millions of fans were waitin to see, Jeremy's Hulk impersonation an completely shirtless. Speaking of that anyone else think that in the scene where Bonnie is taking pictures there was a hint of a possible rekindling? Bonnie certainly took her chance to touch his chest and he certainly did not seem to mind one bit. Bonnie has become the second half season 2 badass again, only this time it was through manipulation and will lead to no good. And than there's Shane who just when we thought he couldn't be more evil, this is when he really showed his true colors. And than of course there was Tyler confronting Klaus, which I'm sure everyone knew would go wrong. Loved when Caroline showed up and called Klaus out on all the things he did especially reminding him and us about Jenna. But once she got close I actually was caught up in what she was saying I was surprised when Klaus grebbed her. We all knew Caroline wouldn't die, which actually led to one of the best scenes of the series with dying Caroline actually getting through to the humanity that Klaus buries, but she manages to bring it out and when Klaus thought she was dead and had tears in his eyes I actaually for the first time felt for him

    Okay here is my predictions about certain things

    The Cure: It will be one of these

    1 doesn't exist 2. does exist but will be taken by someone and the group will have to give chase. 3. The cure exists but something happens where it can only used once, or that's the way it already is. Just imagine Elena vs Rebekah on that one!

    Silas and Katsia

    1 I think that Silas if in physical form will kill Shane right away, or if he will somehow posess him

    2. I think that Katsia who is a spirit and Bonnie's ancestor will posses Bonnie and either help fight Silas or be a big bad either way it will be for the rest of the season. Now the thing is we know that witch spirits can posses alive witches, we saw Esther do it to Bonnie and the Klaus Tyler body switch so some might think it's old. Either way there will be bad consequences for Bonnie using dark magic, but from the look of next episode Jeremy says to Bonnie he will get them through what's happening so maybe if he rips off his shirt his biceps will distract everyone and Bonnie kicks some a**! lol

  • Why, oh, Why?

    Why do they have warm clothes there in the forest? They are freakin vampires, and why does Elena have a bottle of water in her bag? It's not like they can get cold or thirsty...
  • Into the Wild

    Into The Wild was a very exciting and entertaining episode of the Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there is a lot of significant character development for a lot of the characters. It was intriguing to see the conflict between Tyler and Klaus and also between Damon and Shane. There were a few surprising twists in the plot and it was awesome to watch the story unfold. I Lake the scene where Caroline touch touched upon the last bits of humanity left within Klaus. It was intriguing to learn more about scenes past and it was interesting to see what he had orchestrated in the end. I loved the growth between Elena and Rebekah. The ending was pretty awesome and I can't wait to watch what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Average

    Average episode and its about time vampire Diaries get back on track this season, the episodes after the mid season premier are a bit slow. Enough with baseless chase for the cure that is ruining the show and is unheard of in Vampire mythology. Shane is turning out to be the main villain this season and i think will be the new Silas.
  • Hunters and Witches and Hybrids, Oh My!!

    This episode was truly enjoyable. Not only because Damon was Damon-like and Caroline and Tyler were back (hurray!) but because it was just plain entertaining.

    Kevin Williamson must have had some say in it, because the horror was definitely more played up than usual, which was fun because mostly it was Rebekah who was scared, and she's virtually un-killable.

    When Jeremy got kidnapped, I thought to myself, 'Oh Jeremy. You just HAD to do that, didn't you?' That, for me, was one of the funniest parts of the episode. That, and that Bonnie's tracking spell that was basically a giant wildfire. Shame on you, Bonnie. Don't start fires.

    Damon pretty much acted like Damon has these past few episodes, moping about Elena and torturing people for answers. Typical Damon. His getting caught by that Vaughn guy was sorta predictable. He's alone in the woods, this episode already had a little horror to it . . . BOOM! Yeah, kidnappings were really popular this week.

    As for Rebekah, I think her rivalry with Elena was great. Highlight of the episode by far. Though I think Rebekah won. She made several great points about how even though Rebekah was a thousand years older than Elena, Elena probably had a higher death toll on her head. Also, Rebekah was just trying to protect her family (and get revenge, which is, in essence, what Klaus is doing. I think people give the Originals a lot of attitude about the fact that them protecting the people they love is getting in the way of everybody else doing the exact same thing. THAT is the most annoying thing about this show. Everybody trying to make you think THEIR loved ones matter more than other people's.

    Klaus's plot line was irritating to me. He didn't really give us any new information, and he basically just yelled at Tyler and then did something awful to Caroline which made me SO MAD. But then he fixed it, and their plot line didn't go anywhere. Except, apparently, Klaus has feelings. Which, OF COURSE he has feelings. His love for Caroline has been his main emotional arc this season! But it was good seeing Caroline and Tyler again.

    Learning about Shane's past was fun, but these flashbacks were hardly a thousand years ago. This was last year, which in The Vampire Diaries' timeline, was about 2009. Rebekah and Klaus's flashbacks were better, fun wise.

    Overall, I was impressed with the episode, even though I just ranted about it for a whole bunch of paragraphs. I was kind of angry that Tyler's relationship with Hayley apparently hadn't gotten anywhere, but I didn't mind April not being in this episode. As always, I hope Elijah and Katherine are having a good time shirtless hugging in that-guy-who-bit-his-tongue-off's apartment. Team Kalijah!!!! Another episode without any mention of the mysterious 'fourth team' from two episodes ago . . . Kinda worried.

    But all the good parts just made me forget about the bad, which is the mark (Hunter's mark) of a great episode of The Vampire Diaries, which was DEFINITELY what this was!
  • A Creepy & Awesome Island Getaway!

    Damn this show just gets better and better with each episode this season!

    I adored this episode, it had action, a bit of romance and loads of horror.

    Damon's reaction to finding The Cure is pure Damon he doesn't want to lose Elena but he doesn't want to change for her, I completely understood his reasoning. But as always he gets kidnapped by Hunters' of the Five. Poor Damon they just can't let him be! However it was nice that for a while Damon got to be the torturer to Shane.

    Shane's revelations this episode were truly amazing, he has really gone off the deep end, but now knowing his backstory I somewhat sympathize with him.

    Oh Forewood, (aka Caroline & Tyler) seeing them and Klaus square off was defiantly a highlight for me this episode I relished their interactions!

    Stefan Rebekah and Elena's scenes were both hilarious and very drama filled.

    I cannot wait 4 next week to see if Silas really is awakened, to see if Damon is gonna be okay, and what will happen with Klaus once Bonnie's spell is deactivated?

    Next week cannot come fast enough for me!