The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on The CW

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  • Katerina.


    I just recently rewatched this episode on my vampire diaries dvds, and it made me get reminded of how much i liked this episode. I really liked all the back story behind Katherine's life before and up to becoming a vampire. It was kinda interesting how Rose and Trevor, and even Klaus played in. There was nothing else too exciting that went on in the episode, or exciting enough to talk about. I do have to say though that Damon and Rose would have made a cute vampire couple. This episode was also the start of Jeremy and Bonnie's relationship. I hope they stick together.

    This episode was real touching for me. As corny as that sounds, when katherine was talking to Elena the whole time, she showed a softer side of her. Katherine always puts on this tough front and it was totally different this time. I really loved the ending. When Katherine was reading through the Petrova book and saw the drawings of her mom and dad, when she smiled it made me smile as well.

    Very good episode.

  • Katerina

    Katerina was a superb episodoe of The Vampire Diaries. This episode handled a lot of background information on various characters and gave clues into others. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the actors played their parts perfectly and the dichotomy between Elena and Katherine was blended perfectly. I like when we get to see flash backs of the past in the lives of vampires. I must say that Buffy and Angel did it best, but this series continues to intrigue and entertain me. The series is very good, and this epidode really moves it forward, blending and combining multiple story lines. I can't wait to see what happens next! There are new characters, old enemies, and lots of intrigue. This episode definitely is pivotal, and gives the series as a whole a unique plot. I can't wait to watch what happens next!!!!!
  • I loved this episode!! Best one ever so far I think :)

    I really love the vampire diaries and I think that this was one of the best episodes so far out of both series so far. It was really good to see the flashbacks and find out more about katherines life. It actually made me cry (yes, yes I am sad :P) when she found out about her parents. It made me understand why she is like she is a lot better. Didn't like the rose and Damon scene though... But I suppose I am team Damon so that does affect why I didn't like it. I also don't like these new "warlocks" or whatever they called themselves... They don't seem good.

    Overall a really good episode as usual :)
  • History and back stories ...

    I do have to confess that Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure for me but it is a well done and an increasingly fun one to follow. It is also a bit of "hair of the dog" during True Blood hiatus.

    It is interesting to finally start getting some back stories and history going. It is also good to have the new characters (both good and bad) that have appeared recently to create new tensions other than the back and forth love tensions between the main characters. It does get annoying and repetitive for the love birds to be together, then apart, then together, then apart again. I do hope, though, that characters and story lines do not start to overload because that will just cause confusion and fractured story telling. I am a bit disappointed that Slater met an early demise because he was rather different from the rest and could have been interesting (unless he does not remain "dead"). However, some more relevant flashbacks, motivations exposed and history would be a good thing.

    What is starting to annoy me right now though is that I am finding Ian Somerhalder's acting choices to be off putting. I truly hope he dispenses with the excessive, exaggerated and distracting eye mannerisms sooner than later because that sort of thing does bring his acting ability into question.

    All in all though, a fun diversion all around.
  • I like HATE Rose and Damon as a couple. NOT APPROVED.

    I like HATE Rose and Damon as a couple. NOT APPROVED. Also, I love the flashbacks, Kat is soo kool! I love her sassyness. I can see why she hates everything now. Her baby was taken away from her, her family were all killed (so now she can't find out where they sent her kid) and she can't walk around in the daytime. (till she 'save' a witch who then must help her) Also, how did she get back from England to find her family?

    And why are all witches/warlocks black? Do they mean to do this? Are they ALL related somehow??? They've had 4 witches on this show, all black! WTF! I wonna know why?!?
    Also I can't remember, have we seen any black Vampires? Is there something deeper going on with all this "colour-decideds-what-kind-of-creature-you-are" stuff going on?

    p.s Damon is HOT!
  • Striking similarities and simple plot

    This episode was not all that extraordinary, but as a viewer we start noticing the obvious similarities that the writers wish to bring between the double-ganger. Plot starts to gets predictable and as expected the characters role is so clear the moment they are introduced. The story that Katrina tells Elena is easily predictable. The writers have to also satisfy the viewer's thirst to find out how many generation gap there is between the two!
    Stephen should really get a life and stop being overprotective..gets annoying at times (though he is terribly cute)
    Interesting suspense in the end of the episode... Cant wait for the next one!
  • Very eye-opening episode.

    I knew it! Warlocks are practically evil witches or demons.Don't the teens of Mystic Falls watch reruns of Charmed?(I know it sounds crazy) If Bonnie did she'd know,it doesn't get any easier than that. I'm kind of disappointed in her because she usually has a good badar(baddie radar). We(Elena) got to have a look into Katherine's life/death/undeath. I had already put 2 and 2 together on a few things like the fact that Kat had had a child before she turned. And that Kat wanted to break the vamp curse, but I thought she wanted to do it for herself. I think Elena handled this very well. I mean it's not easy to get Kat to tell the truth,considering everything she said was the truth. And Stefan is really sweet for trying to protect Elena and trying to make her believe everything is ok but deep down he must know they're screwed even if Kat didn't tell the whole truth. Yet I'm sure they'll find a way to dodge this bullet. The only way I can think of is turning Elena which I'm sure will eventually happen anyway. And finally Damon got some action. It was about time! Was it Delena action? I guess you'll just have to watch the episode.
  • A human, a vampire and a werewolf walk into a bar

    Only instead of a bar it's a sacrifice, meant to break one side of the curse that binds the three races to moonlight, nightime and daylight. A sacrifice meant for Katherine Petrova to use her doppelganger as Warlocks, apparentely, are here to use Bonnie Bennet.

    Problem is only one side will win, only one can be set free, only one side of the curse can be lifted but not both, fortunatelly for Damon, Rose is around to prevent that, what happened to her friend, would not happen to him.

    As Stefan and Caroline continue to bond, the plot thickens, for she can't hide Tyler from her "uncle" forever ...and Tyler's first full moon approaches.
  • The new dude's dad is creepy. Elena learns a bout Katerina Petrova.

    So I liked learning about Katherine or as we know her as Katerina Petrova. I also liked how Jeremy asked Bonnie out, but that new guy ruined their 'date'. The new guy's dad is creepy evil dude. Damon sleeps(?) with Rose after saving her. Rose's contact is killed by the bad guy.

    Katerina Petrova had a baby out of wedlock. Ten bucks that the baby's father winds up being Klaus or something. Rose is an ass. If she let Katerina die, then none of this story would be happening, then again this plot will keep getting better. Loved this episode. Caroline had a nice part of trying to keep Stefan away from Elena and Katerina.
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