The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • A good TVD episode, but there are better ones

    Honestly, I really enjoyed this episode. It was very, how to express myself... plottable. I know that it's not a word, but I meant that the plot was really good. Also, this is one of the few TVD episodes in which we can actually hear some humor. I know that TVD is not a comedy, but every TV show needs SOME humor. The thing with Elijah and his "OMG" was pretty cool.
  • good episode

    i could sit and write the nicest things i enjoyed about this episode but whats the point . it was fun . i enjoyed seeing elijah again and was well written . end of .
  • Well, on the plus side: this is moronic recycling at its best!

    I just don't know which was the worse part: yet another couple of brothers in love with yet another doppleganger, the absurd "Underworld" rip offs or the "Original were...pire, Klaus: Whoever thought of that should be fired, immediately.

    Among the terrible flahsbacks, Elijah tries his best to make it look like Elena is actually smart, something that I already doubt long before the one who backs her up is revealed to be the original idiot who fell in love with Katherine. Of course, Stefan & Damon are only repeating the whole Elijah & Klaus drama, that's the only reason Katherine must have picked them to begin with. Good thing is: we met Greta. Bad thing is: this is an official "jump the shark" episode.
  • Klaus

    Klaus was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of plot and character development. The flashbacks were really awesome and it was nice to learn more about Elijah and Klaus as well as Katherine. Elena learns a lot of information from Elijah and keeps her word with him as they have formed a new alliance. It was cool to learn the truth about the curse of the moonstone. I thought the ending of this episode was spectacular. I look forward to watching the next episode of The Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!
  • Elena brought Elijah back to life. He revealed a lot of information. Damon and Stefan fought over how to protect Elena. Jenna discovered the truth. Klaus exchanged Alaric's body for his own one, with the help of his witch/henchman and Luka's sister.

    The episode began how the last one ended, with Elena sitting in the basement, waiting for Elijah to come to life. the way he reawakened, although it has been widely criticized, was believable, and therefore served it's purpose. the effect of being in the house uninvited also answered some previously unanswered questions. then again, elijah answered a lot of unanswered questions, and gave new meaning to a lot that had happened. some new questions were raised, like why was klaus so hell-bent on using the doppelganger to break the spell? do the similarities between elijah and stefan, and damon and klaus mean that damon will inevitably be evil? what is the other way to break the spell on klaus? elena proved to elijah that she keeps her word, and elijah proved that he is, at the very least, good at PRETENDING to have integrity. damon had serious character-development, and is showing himself to truly be a good person at heart. he barely compelled andie throughout the episode, and showed, with their interactions that he wants more than sex now. he wants an actual connection. klaus was all that he's been trumpeted as being: cruel, self-obsessed, selfish and murderous. and was just as imposing as was hoped he'd be. the filmography was fantastic, and the addition of jenna to the ranks of the aware will hopefully be utilised, not simply be pushed aside. looking forward to seeing jeremy, bonnie, caroline and tyler soon. should be awesome.
  • troubles never leave them alone!

    perfect!!! that was what we need: Damon falling apart! realy? right now?!
    Stephen soppose tobe the fight hatered and fan of staying united starts a fight with the smart brother, Damon, whose plans are saving everyone right at the moment that everything got the opportunity to go well.
    I'm with Damon, I think Elijah can't be trusted no matter how much I want him tobe. he look so sad and alone and hurt but Klaus is his brother and ...
    I can't undrestand why Elijah couldn't be in the house he's not invited in but klaus can? is it because of his werewolf part?or that means Alaric died when he fell down? Klaus could entered houses when he was in Alaric's body and I thought that's why but now he is in his own body. I hope Alaric be alive.
    Jennah freaked out, she should be. it's good to have her in the game.
    there were no Caroline or Matt or Jeremy or Bonnie, good! they are boring.
    Elijah telling Elina the story, I liked that. my favorite parts of the show is stories, memories from past thet they might come very handy.
    Katherin, mmm. strenge one! how could she be such a attractive that everyone falling for her?!!
    is there any man in the show that doesn't adore her?!!! from past to present. even after hundreds of year and after she betrayed every single one of them still thinking about her make Elijah, Stephen and Damon upset. even werewolves falling for her no matter she is a vampire! that's too unreal!
    such a shame! Luka and his father died trying to save Gretta but she adores Klaus and serves him with her own willing!
    ok, I didn't like to watch Salvators fighting, I didn't like to see Damon helping Katherin or attacking Andie or crying!
    I did like the story, I liked the suprise part about the curse, I like Jennah knowing the truth, I like Elijah back, I like new way was found but I also like to know whats that?
    that was a good episode.
  • Spoilers included(Light on the Action, Heavy on the story)

    Okay so I was a bit disappointed. No Jeremy, No Bonnie, No Matt, Sheriff Forbes, Tyler or my favorite Caroline.
    Nothing at all about them. Hence why I docked points off but with all that happened I understand why.

    This was definitely an Elena and Elijah driven episode. We find out what we probably already knew...Elijah and Klaus are brothers.

    We knew the story of how Katherine became a vampire but we didn't get the full story till tonight. Elijah(and to a certain extent, Klaus) cared for Katherine the same way Damon & Stefan did and it was eerie watching the two battle over Elena while the flashbacks of Klaus and Elijah played.

    At one time, Katherine seemed to be very much like Elena. But given this revelation, I can see why she is the way she is. Her family was slaughtered and she would soon be slaughtered had she not fled.

    We find out the curse of the sun and moon is not exactly what we thought it was. Klaus wants to break it because he is a werepire(werewolf/vampire hybrid) and he can create a perfect species of a family.

    Stefan and Damon's fight seemed to be kind of left field. For the majority of the season and even Season 1, they had been getting along and out of nowhere Damon and Stefan start fighting. It seemed to be too contrived and it will definitely carry over into the next episode as well.

    We meet Greta...For all of 3 seconds. I had actually forgotten about her till tonight but hopefully she is not all bad or we'll repent by the end of the season.

    Damon reaches his breaking point in this episode and winds up nearly killing Andie who actually seemed as though she was fighting through his compelling. I think somehow she genuinely cares for him underneath it all and his humanity(what little he has) is starting to unravel Quickly).

    It was a great episode. Not much action going on. Aside from Stefan Vs. Alaric/Klaus and Stefan Vs Damon, it was an episode driven entirely by plot.
  • Heck yes, Vampire Diaries.

    Now THAT was an episode done right. Wow! Even though I totally knew that the cliffhanger was going to be this episode's cliffhanger, that's totally all right because of all of the other shocking, amazing, mind-blowing/boggling things that happened in this episode... So, let's jump right in.

    Oh... MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Just throwing that out there. Catch it if you wish.

    What I Loved:
    1. The Sun and the Moon Curse... totes fake. WOW. Didn't see that coming at all! I feel as though I've been deceived... and I loved it! Although the Sun and Moon Curse was cool, this new "werepire (I so knew there would be a werepire on this show) Klaus curse" is way cooler! I'm very excited to see where this goes. Which brings me to Number 2...
    2. Werepire Klaus. Dude. This is going to be epically epic. When Elijah was explaining the whole deal to Elena, I got so excited. This is going to be one heck of an intense ending to one of the most exciting seasons of televisions ever. Looking forward to this.
    3. The family that kills together... Okay, so I kind of guessed that Klaus and Elijah were brothers, but I loved the whole Original backstory and the explanation that ALL of the other Originals are vampires (stoked to meet the others, btw, whenever that time comes).
    4. Elijah's back. With that hair of his. I love Elijah's character. He's so funny... and Daniel Gillies is a superb actor who is just perfect for this role. I'm glad that after all of the ways that Elena, Stefan, and Damon have screwed him over this season (i.e. killing him not once, but twice) he's still being a "man of honor" (as he is so frequently called on this show of ourss.) What a guy. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the fact that Elena looks exactly like Katherine, whom he obviously cared for a great amount telling from the flashback scenes in this episode. Oh! I'm kind of Team Kelijah. Kat and Elijah? Maybe? Possibly?
    5. The apartment scene with Katherine, Damon, and Andie. That made me laugh, especially when Andie said, "It was nice meeting you," to Katherine before they left.
    6. The Stefan/Damon tension. It just keeps escalating. Damon was being a total douche in this episode. I love his character, but he was just way out of line. He needs to pop some happy pills and chillax.
    7. We meet Greta! Although we've only seen her for a couple of seconds, I'm curious to see where this is going. I'll admit I kind of forgot about her so when Klaus said, "Greta," I was like, "Oh, yeah... Greta. Right." Forgot about them Martin witches... Excuse my bad grammar. I found it necessary in that instance.

    What I Didn't Like:
    1. No Caroline, Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt, or Sheriff Forbes. I understand why they weren't in this episode (no time), but still. Aw. Oh, well. This episode was still epic and I so cannot WAIt until next week.