The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 17

Know Thy Enemy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on The CW

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  • that can be a real battlefield!

    did I get that right? now everyone want to kill everyone! klaus wants to kill Elina & her team, our beloved caracters are going to kill Klaus and his guys and sheriff wants to kill them all!
    thats gonna be intresting!
    pitty for Isoble, I can't say she deserved that or not. I hate Katherin more and more everytime, that makes me hate Isoble too, but she looked so misurable when she was doing what she suppose to.
    John is a idiot, no doubt!
    sorry for Alaric, I liked him alot. a good man.
    Damon was smart with the whole house ownership thing but I don't think thats gonna be so handy.
    I realy wanna kill matt! how could he tell sherif the whole story?! 100% stupid idea! I hope caroline wasn't be completely honest with him! it may put everyone in danger!
    Jenna is gone, who cares?!
    bonnie and jeremy,realy bad idea of the writers to make them couple I think.
    this episode was shocking, full of suprises and good such as last couple episodes.
    good to see them back!
  • Know Thy Enemy

    Know Thy Enemy was a superb episode of The Vampire Diaries and had a lot of twisting and turning plot points, there was action, drama, intrigue, and humor. I enjoyed the story line with Bonnie and Jeremy who had some good scenes together. I thought Isobel was particularly fun to see again, especially interacting with Katherine. Caroline has a noose hanging right before her and doesn't know it as she tells the whole truth to Matt. It was interesting to see how Klaus makes it difficult to track him with a handy warlocks magic. I look forward to watching the next episode of The Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!
  • "I know that I want Klaus dead which puts me squarely on Team You." -- Katherine

    Hiatuses tend to throw me for a loop. I forget when shows are supposed to return and I completely lose any sense of a television schedule. I only just realised Nikita had returned a while ago, and I've missed about 4 episodes already. It's a hard knock life.

    The Vampire Diaries returns with an episode I was initially wary of: performances seemed a little off and I was already reaching my quota on the amount of screen-time allowed for Bonnie and Jeremy and Caroline and Mattt. Things, however, soon heat up (quite literally in Isobel's case), and before you can poke fun at some plot-holes or groan over a woeful line of dialogue, in typical Vampire Diaries fashion, you're bombarded with twist after twist and back-stabbing galore (only figuratively this week, though there's plenty of back-mind-whammying).

    A lot of the character stuff simply didn't interest me this week. Bonnie is a supercharged wicca now? It'd be kinda cool if it wasn't for Jeremy leeching onto every scene and making sure to give his furrowed brow a hefty workout. Matt and Caroline? Not even Caroline can save their scenes this week cos she's just as droopy and mopey as her droopy mopey boyfriend.

    Thank god for vampires, eh? I lapped up every minute of Isobel's time with Katherine. I'm pretty sure Isobel broke some sort of record for betraying so many people in one episode. It's a damn shame that she's dead-dead now, the show never quite knows how to keep a strong hand, character-wise. We'll hardly have any strong returning characters left when season 3 starts up. I did think it was a new brand of lame the way Katherine found the moonstone, but whatevs. I'm over it.

    While Matt may get on my nerves, I did quite like the twist involving his alliance with Caroline's mom. Of course, this will do nothing to help his character, as it looks as though he'll be set on offing her soon enough. Please don't let that happen. If anything, I'd like for Caroline to kill Matt and the mother-unit, and for the writers to take Caroline down a much darker path. She has been too sunshine lollipops for a vampire.

    And what about Alaric, eh? Jenna won't be happy to find out that her boyfriend is one of the oldest vampires ever now. But then again, Jenna never seems to be happy these days. Wait, WHAT? Alaric is...huh? I'm confused. But I'm willing to roll with it. It's a bogglingly badass move. I think he needs to kill Katherine though, as horrible as that sounds. But if we're to believe he's as badass as they say, I demand proof.

    Overall, it's not really a very good episode, but it contains enough shocker, twist-y, turn-y moments to keep it floating just above-average.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Boring

    Well what can I say I couldnt rate this episode more than a 4 ZZZZZZZ I will summarize as quick as possible before you fall asleep.

    Elenas real mum comes to town with more conspiring over the stone and doppleganger - the best bit was where she takes off her protection stone and frys in the sunlight at the cementary.

    One of Klaus's witches kidnaps Katherine, when she wakes up in a strange room with the same witch performing a spell who turns out to be Klaus in a new body.

    Theres more of the Caroline / Matt dramas BORING - theres two people that need to be killed off.

    Well I've reached my minimum word count and cannot think of anything more to say - not even a Damon moment
  • It finally begins to pick up.

    Well, my current favorite series on tv right now is back... This episode was pretty good at adding things to the plot, and it introduced Klaus(in a way that made my face go =0), didn't paint Isobel & John as total heartless bastards, showed Bonnie getting new power, and we finally saw Elena & Katherine together in one scene(though I felt that was unneccessary), but while watching I felt like things were dragged out too much, or maybe that just me wanting more...

    No, things were dragged out too much. Isobel's "plan" took up 95.5% of the episode, and did it really take just one episode for the moonstone and Katherine to be in Klaus's hands? Damon apparently did not hide the moonstone very well.

    The location of where the witches died was confusing, when the past episodes made it sound like it was a field where they died, which resulted in a "huh?" from me. How can that house still be standing if people were burned alive there? The room didn't even look charred to me. Consistancy, consistancy.

    So, next week's episode looks promising, it should beat off this episode's slow start with a stick.

    xo, Alexx
  • Thank God it's back!

    Well, my favorite show is back after a hiatus that was long I could barely even handle it. I was left with many questions to ponder the answer to over those six weeks... Why is Isobel in town? Can Katherine be trusted? Will Jenna and Alaric get back together? And will Bonnie's hair change for the 100,000th time on this show? So, after six weeks, I was expecting quite an amazing episode and was not disappointed in the least. It was better than anything I could have ever imagined, making "Know Thy Enemy" the possibly best ep of the series.

    What I Liked:
    1. Katherine's back to her old, scheming ways. Though I liked Kat briefly being a member of the Scooby gang, I much prefer her being the snarky, cunning b!tch we know and love. Hope Kalaric (as I will now call him... them?) doesn't kill her. Speaking of Kalaric...
    2. The cliffhanger! Oh, my goodness gracious. Wow! A witch like we've never seen before on this show (if you know what I mean) put Klaus into Alaric's body (or something along those lines... I'm not really sure of the specifics. Will find out next week.) Didn't see that coming at all. At first, I thought he was going to be turned into a vampire, then I thought he'd back Elijah, but, no. Mac Daddy of 'em all... Klaus.
    3. Isobel was compelled! Thank goodness. I was having a hard time believing she could do all of those terrible things on her own... It was just really upsetting. But then in a very moving moment in the cemetery (which is something I never thought I'd say), it was revealed that Isobel was compelled by Klaus. And then... she ripped her necklace off after apologizing to Elena for being such a monumental disappointment. TRAGIC. Now, the writers left it up in the air to whether or not she had been compelled to do so by Klaus once her mission was over or just did it because she couldn't take the grief of what she had done. Personally, I like the way they did that.
    Side note: Before the episode started, I was thinking we had never seen a vampire die via sunburn (if you will ha). Well, can't say that no mo.
    4. John. Oh, my gosh, even though he's a girlfriend-killing, fingerless, homewrecker, that scene at the end with Elena was so amazing I've watched it like four times today. He may be a douche, but he really loves Elena and wants her to love him, too. So that leads me to think that Jenna will be leaving the show (be it either because of death or something else entirely) and John will take over as Elena and Jer's legal guardian (though I doubt Jer will survive the season).
    5. The Matt storyline. FINALLY. Ha. It's a sad one, too! But I like it. BTW, the mothers in this show deserve an award for being so kind to their children. JK.

    Think that's it...

    There's only one thing I didn't like... And I've read a lot of other people didn't like it, either.

    Damon hid the moon stone in the weird soap urn thing. Yes, I understand why he did it (because of the "little moonstone bar of soap" comments that have been made) and, even though it was kind of funny, it was terribly obvious.

    Anyway, YEAH.
    TTY next week.
  • Happy Mother's Day

    The Elena fest reaches HUMONGOUS proportions once that each and every single member of her family tree gathers under the same roof. Honorary mention goes to aunt Jenna, who invites evil vampire-mommy in, meanwhile, uncle John and stepdad Alaric do their best not to act like the incompetent vampire hunters they become around Isobel.

    No wonder Jeremy, slipping to his own drama, goes completely unnoticed. To be completely fair, his drama only involves the very witch that could kill Klaus, understandably not the most important thing for anyone other than Damon. In what it seems Bonnie & Damon's first interaction since the season premiere, the witch and the vampire found the burial ground where her ancestors were burnt to death, the fate of every witch so far seems to die for someone else, as the power Bonnie requires to save her hometown from Klaus would most likely kill her as well.

    And yet, the most unlikely sacrifice takes place when Isobel finally trades her spouse for her daughter, selling Katherine to keep Elena safe and proving John, once and for all, that the Isobel he once knew was still somewhere inside of her. Isobel, finally, burst into flames moving the audience to acknowledge with her: she's "free".
  • Slow on the action but the drama and tying of loose ends makes this a great return episode.

    Slow on the action but the drama and tying of loose ends makes this a great return episode.

    Okay I will go ahead and let you know this review will contain spoilers. So please do not read if you don't want to spoil anything.

    You finally get the sense that John is doing something right. I get the feeling he really does care for Elena and with Isobel's apparent suicide towards the end of the episode, this leaves elena wanting to have some sort of relationship with her father. Nina Dobrev as Elena has often times felt bland but i feel like she has been stepping up lately and I am beginning to like her character.

    Matt and Caroline's relationship is on the rocks. He was missing for half the episode but finally shows up and she tells him everything. Unfortunately, he has told her mother that she is a vampire and EVERYTHING Caroline told him. I think Caroline will be in a grave situation but i think her mother will try to kill her but Matt will save her(potentially die). That be a great storyline and this honestly was the storyline I was most interested in as I quite frankly don't care if Elena dies or not.

    Isobel's return Effects Jenna and she pretty much pouts the whole episode(actually she disappeared by 8:20)but her return also places Alaric in Grave danger and sets up an endgame for the season finale as somehow Klaus is possessing Alaric.

    Bonnie finds the power she needs to face off against Klaus. At first, I could careless about Bonnie but if she dies(apparently too much power will kill her and she needs to use all her power to kill Klaus) then Jeremy, a character i will like will potentially be in a dark place. Although, it makes for a great season 3 storyline. I kind of miss emo Jeremy. He has been the most developed character

    Katherine is Katherine and tries to doublecross the brothers and unfortunately gets doublecrossed by a compelled Isobel and is left for Klaus(along with the moonstone she stole). I hope she survives because KAtherine is my favorite character and at the end of the episode, it shows that she is still alive so maybe she won't be killed off.