The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 17

Let the Right One In

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • Stefan is taken by Frederick for revenge unknown to Pearl. Pearl is trying to reestablish herself in Mystic Falls. Jeremy wants Anna to turn him. Damon and Elena enlist Alaric to get Stefan back. Vicki's body is found by accident by Caroline.

    Definitely back in the right direction after a few so so episodes. We still have a lot of things happening but some of the questions outstanding have been answered.

    Vicki's body being found changes a lot. It changes Jeremy's viewpoint on things. Matt is going into mourning and seems to reach for Elena instead of Caroline. The town may be even more aware of the danger it is in.

    Pearl has lost a reasonable amount of manpower. She may need to work a little closer with the Salvatore brothers going forward with her plans whatever they may be. As far as Damon is concerned he seems to have enjoyed himself and maybe Pearl can deliver on her promise to him.

    Anna and Jeremy are sort of a strange couple, but with the Vicki question answered we will now find out which way Jeremy will go. He could become a thorn in Anna's and her mothers plans long term.

    The townspeople seem to be still not overly intelligent about things in general. After over 150 years of activity you'd think they would come to certain conclusions considering the same families are still involved in Mystic Falls affairs.

    Alaric is a very interesting character. He's turning into one of my personal favorites and I'm very interesting to see where they take him within the scheme of things. His wife and Elena's mother Isabella is obviously in the future of the show as well.

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode and I think I might have given it a slightly better score if it wasn't cleaning up so many messy stories from the previous episodes. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and we can see some real signs of life as we go toward the closing episodes of the season. Thanks for reading...
  • Torture me

    In the context of this show, I think this was the strongest episode yet. Let the Right One In, a title borrowed from the 2008 Swedish vampire flick, (gaining a cult following, btw) had great tension throughout the entirity of the episode, and did a good job of keeping the viewer guessing, while revealing some great twists and turns. There was a lot to juggle here, but basically every plot worked: Damon, Elena and Alaric went on a badass rescue mission, Jeremy continued to press Anna about 'turning' him, even Caroline stuck in a ditch brought about the biggest 'Oh, sh*t!' moment of the episode.
    I couldn't have been more pleased with the equal amounts of suspense, drama, and terror brought about this week. The main story saw Stefan getting captured by the newly unearthed vampire brood (unknown to leader Pearl, who was busy fishing info out of Mayor Lockwood)
    and Damon and Elena needed Alaric's help to get into the house. It was a bit of a stealth mission, and there was plenty of vamp-on-vamp fighting to keep me entertained. Once in a while it's great to see these monsters aggression unleashed, and I continue to be impressed by the amount of violence this show can get away with in prime time (Damon non-chalantly snapping the home-owner's neck was sick!)

    I don't want to spoil the last few minutes, there is a big callback, and I will say that these moments were emotionally very strong, and some of the best I've seen from The Vampire Diaries thus far.
  • Frederick kidnaps Stefan and tortues him with his little vampire minions. Alaric helps Elena and Damon save Stephan. Stefan drinks Elena's blood (which later causes a blood-thirsty revelation) to gain strength and kills Alaric in the end.

    Damon displays his good side as he shows honest and utter concern for his brother.I have uncontrollably, indefinitely fallen in love with Damon Salvatore/ Ian Somenhalder. Oh my lord. He plays the incredibly GOOD-LOOKING, charming devil with a secretly big heart to perfection. He makes me fall in love with him in every episode, but never as much as he has in this one. I really liked Elena in the end of the episode (when she saves Stefan); I usually never give a damn for the damsel-in-distress, but although her desperations piss me off sometimes, her strength really shown through this time. The part where Stefan was drinking Elena's blood cracked me up; the spinning of the cameras, in hopes of making the part dramatic, was completely unnecessary and also a bit cliched.
  • Season 1, Episode 17

    Another outstanding installment of The Vampire Diaries. This show has proven to me that it is a wonderful show that keeps me engaged in every single second. I haven't been so involved in a show that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire episode since the days of Lost. and no other show out there has the most amazing twists and cliffhangers out there like this show does and Lost had. Personally, shows with amazing cliffhangers really are shows that become my favorite because they make me continue to watch each episode one after the other.

    In this episode we have a lot of things happen. During a storm we have, Anna and Jeremy's relationship grows with lots of stumbles and interesting twists. Stefan gets kidnapped by Frederick, where Damon and Elena ask Alaric for help to get him back. Caroline gets stranded in the middle of the woods in her car, and she discovers Vicki's body which makes matters worse. Elena gives some of her blood to Stefan to save his life, which has some no so good consequences that leaves you on the edge of your seat at the end of the episode saying "nooo! don't end!!"

    No other show since Lost has been able to pull off such outstanding and moving cliffhangers!

    A Perfect 10!