The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 6

Lost Girls

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on The CW

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  • es la mejor seri de television que he viso me encanta y quisiera ver todo los capitulos espero porder verlos y quiesiera sabe cuando puedo ver los de mas capitulos o cuando empieza lpoder verla porfor necesito saber me encata estephan

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  • Whoa! I am speechless!

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. This was the best episode yet! TVD gets better with every single episode!

    Okay, so the first thing I loved was how they finally decided to stop almost killing Vicki, and finally "offed" her, and turned her into a vampire. I CANNOT WAIT to see what Vamp-Vicki is like compared to Non-Vamp-Vicki.
    Okay, so the next thing I loved about thiss episode is how Damon saved Stefan, and actually showed some compassion and nice guy-ish ness to his brother and Vicki. I loved his line to Elena... "oh, and be careful who you invite in the house." Awesome!!
    The ending was sad, where Elena said that she couldn't be with Stefan any longer now that she knew his secret... could this be a door that opens for her in Damon like in the bookss?? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
    'Til next time! Can't wait for the Halloweeen episode. XD

  • Season 1, Episode 6

    Wow. I am speechless. I just finished this episode and let me say, this episode was incredible, no words can describe it. The best episode yet and I am 435% hooked on this show now! In this episode, Stefan tells Elena everything about everything and she learns about his backstory and about Katharine. So, it looks like Katharine is the one who made Stefan and Damon vampires. Stefan tells Elena all about then necklace he gave her and that Damon is the bad vampire. He tells Elena that he will not hurt her and that she needs to trust him and not tell anyone about this because Mystic Falls was once a town full of vampires. Vicki is going through the transformations of becoming a vampire after Damon transformed her. Stefan tells Elena he will help her, but she needs human blood or else she will die, and Stefan and Elena decide they have to lie about all this to Jeremy, Matt, and everyone.

    Incredible Episode!! This show really is amazing! 11/10
  • Are the people who write that this is a great show, seeing the same thing I am?

    The only major character who seems to be making any kind of decision based on thought and plan is Damon. The others come off as stupid.

    Let's list the bad decisions they made:
    Starting with Stefan. Right at the start, instead of chasing his murderous brother before he feeds –let's not forget, by killing people- and getting his strength back, and again becoming an unstoppable threat, Stefan stops to explain it all to Elena.

    I've been an outspoken proponent of Stefan telling Elena everything from the start, stating that if he truly loved her he would have long before now. But that exact instant was not the time. It was more important to save lives than try and convince Elena that he meant her no harm, and not to hate him.

    Get over yourself, Buddy.

    Then later, instead of chasing Vicki into the night, he doesn't stay to protect Elena, knowing full well that come dark, Damon's first port of call would be Elena.

    Damon didn't kill Elena, but no thanks to Stefan.

    Then there was Elena's poor decision-making, not the least of which was, having discovered on her own what Stefan was, adding two-and-two together and realising that the many recent deaths were not wild animal related, and knowing that Stefan has obviously been dishonest with her in not telling her the truth before now, and so likely untrustworthy, she sets off in the middle of the night –telling no one- just to ask Stefan, "what are you?" despite already knowing the answer.

    Switch scenes back to her own house a little later, instead of telling her brother everything, in order to protect him from the turning Vicki –who she has just been told will crave human blood- she stays downstairs humouring her teen-angst in discussion with Stefan.

    Bad decision number three for Elena, she doesn't tell her ex-boyfriend, Vicki's brother, either.

    When the secret was finally out, I also expected that there would be a lot more questions asked by Elena, questions like:
    "Why didn't you tell me earlier, so I would have not invited Damon into the house?" and
    "How do I now uninvited a vampire into the house?" and "What can I do to protect myself, my brother and the rest of my family and friends from Damon/vampires?" and "How do we stop Vicki, now that she is turned?" and
    "Why shouldn't I tell the rest of the town, to protect them?" etc.

    (The next person Damon or Vicki kills, who could have been forewarned by Elena, is actually on her head. America has a sex-register, so that communities are forewarned about dangerous sexual predators, and Elena can't take a leaf out of this book and warn her community about Damon, an even worse predator.)

    Instead, we see her crying against her door after she dumped Stefan, crying her lost love. I just wanted someone to go up and shake her, and say, "Grow the hell up, girl, you have a whole lot more to worry about than lost love with someone who is an entirely different species."
  • Elena seeks answers from Stefan about all the bad things happening in Mystic Falls. Stefan reveals how the rivalry with his brother began through a series of flashbacks.

    Elena seeks answers from Stefan about all the bad things happening in Mystic Falls. Stefan reveals how the rivalry with his brother began through a series of flashbacks. Damon controls Vicki's future. Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood try to protect their town. At last Elena knows that Stefan is a vampire this is a very very nice episode with Damon having no ring and turning Viki into a vampire and her becoming blood thursty vampire at last and Damon being evil and revealing the past and how these two brothers become vampires but one question still comes in my mind will they show us how the old girlfriend dies or not i now they told us how but i want to see in my own eyes
  • Stefan finally tells the history of his and Stefan's life including how they became vampires and the story of Katherine. Stefan is bored waiting for night so he changes Vicki into a vampire for entertainment.

    The best of the six episodes so far. They have done an excellent job of building the story up to this point and presenting us with a complete storyline.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    Elena confronts Stefan about what he is, but really she doesn't want the truth. Of course he tells her the truth and creates an awkward situation. He asks her to give him a day and then make a decision, and she agrees.

    Damon breaks Vicki's neck and then she wakes up a short time later sort of disoriented. She immediately goes to see Jeremy which is a good thing as Stefan is there and able to control her. We find out she must drink blood soon or she'll wither and die permanently.

    The townspeople including the sheriff and Logan are preparing to kill the vampires with wood bullets and wood stakes. Unfortunately they didn't plan for multiple vampires so there plan goes awry.

    We are left with Elena rejecting Stefan. Vicki drinking human blood. Finally Damon is loose. We'll see where this all goes. Thanks for reading...
  • The truth, finally

    So.. Elena knows and now the question is, what will we learn and I think the backstory we are getting, is really exciting and not what I expected. I mean, it looks like Cathrine is the one behind changing them and that was something really shocking to me. I loved those flashbacks, having little costume drama around for a while.

    On other than that.. I cannot say it is somekind of super show, but for my surprise, I am quite hooked to it. I mean, I end up watching and watching it. The story has just something exciting, something catching what wants to know what comes next.
  • Vampires. :)

    Elena demands that Stefan explain the frightening events that have been happening in Mystic Falls. In flashbacks, Stefan explains how his rivalry with Damon began. Back in the present, Damon impulsively takes control of Vicki's future, and a confused and frightened Vicki runs away. Finally, Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood take steps to protect the town. Well after the last episode, I'm looking forward to watching it. I love the start if the episode. I love the fact that there is a flashback, amazing little storyline. I love the way in the flashback Elena is Katerine, which we knew all along but it's nice to make it final. I love the way Elena wants to knwo what Stefan is. I loved the tension between them, I love it. I love the way she freaks out about it. I love the way Stefan tries to make Elena understand. I feel really sorry for him. I love the way Damon storyline is playing out. I love the phone conversation scene, awesome. I love the way Elena wants to know everything about Stefan and the vampires. I love the way Damon is everything about him, I love him. I love the way the flashback story with Damon, Elena and Stefan. I love the whole flashback storyline, kind of confusing but Awesome. Ilove the way Damon and Nikki are, and she is now a vampire, awesome storyline. I love the way Nikki s turning. I love the scene between Damon and Elena. He is my favourite, legendary. I love the scene between Nikki and Stefan, it's amazing. Oh my God. Stefan get's shot, I love the way Damon saves him and Niiki feeds. This show is Awesome. I love the ending, even though she doesn't want to be with him.
  • Too Breathtaking and Suspenseful for TV; This Show Bites SO GOOD!

    OMG! Vampire Diaries is sure FAR TOO Exciting and Suspenseful for TV!!!
    A breathtaking ending last week, followed by a suspenseful one this week.
    I feel like I'm watching a movie in some scenes, the show is that 'fine quality'.

    Vicki is now a vampire. I was begining to think it was getting old that Vicki keeps being bitten and not dying -- now she's become the most interesting character. Can't wait to see where her story goes from here. Love it!

    The flashbacks of Stefan-Damon-Kathrine were really enjoyable. Katherine is Stefan's maker. Wow!

    10 out of 10.
    We have a Halloween-themed episode next week. It's going to taste so good! :)
  • love it so much it hurts

    love it so much it hurts its the only show i look faward to watching every monday my daughter reminds me not that she makes it through the show she falls asleep it plays late the show has all the it needs i feel as is the dark girls dont know her name she can see things i feel her gifts should start coming out an other gal from another place far far away should visit her take her away and teach her wat her how good her gifts are and how to use them but she can not get involved with the humans
  • Awesome!

    That's exactly what should've happened in Twilight if Meyer wasn't just focuses on making a supernatural love story.

    Elena finds out the truth and freaks out instead of posing as understanding and self controlled.
    She tolerates Stefan being around in order to help her friend Vickie. Unlike Bella, she has a personality of her own and doesn't want to become a vamp asap. After Vickie feeds on human blood and Stefan tells her what happened, she makes her decision to end their relationship even though she's clearly in love with him.

    Sure, we know they'll be together again eventually.. I guess.. but I think the focus now is on the witch hunting scenario that has been building for the last couple of episodes.

    Too bad the reporter was the first to go. It means less screen time for Elena's aunt. And she seems like an interesting character. Young, beautiful, hard worker.. oh well..

    Just wanna see the next episodes. What will Vickie do now that she's a vampire? Is the mayor and xeriff recruit some small army or just play the game with only a handful of people? They will lose if they play out like that...
    Either way.. Vampire Diaries.. really delivering good episodes with interesting plots.