The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on The CW

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  • So Close!

    They were so close to killing Katherine but no cigar.. I got all excited but the stupid witches have to ruin everything. Bonnie sucks haha. Anyways, this was about as intense as last week's episode :O. Tyler is doomed to become a warewolf. It's kind of a bummer because I've grown to like the guy (compared to last season where he just made me seethe). It's beyond me that these episodes keep getting average/good ratings and not great ratings. Like, everyone who actually takes the time to review the episodes has great things to say...but I feel like people who don't even care about this type of show just comes on here and give it a low rating because they have nothing to do.. Very annoying!

    Anyways, in my opinion this season is far superior to the first. So far, every episode leaves with the deep NEED to see the next. Not many shows this fall have been able to do that (except for Chuck).
  • Great episode

    Vampire Diaries continues to deliver twists and turns equivalent to whacks across the face. Just when you think something is going to happen, it turns around and says "I don't think so" (Damon-style) and gives you something you never expected. Masquerade was no different.

    Katherine's plot to involve a werewolf in her little scheme finally comes to fruition as she manages to make Tyler one, albeit in a twisted way (no way I saw that coming) and I'm kind of disappointed it wasn't Matt who died, because, quite frankly, he is an annoying, useless character who has absolutely nothing to do (maybe later I'll be proven wrong :)). Although now we may never know why she needed a werewolf so bad in the first place (was it to break the curse?).

    Damon now has Katherine in that same tomb that contained all those vampires from 1864 way back in Season 1. After a hectic night and an awesome plan coming together, Katherine is (for now) gone.

    Epic episode, and of course the weekly cliffhanger that hooked me onto next week.

    Only question is, now Kats' gone, where do we go from here? Who could POSSIBLY be more dangerous than her?
  • OMG, what an ep! Twists and turns galore. Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned.

    OMG, what an ep! Twists and turns galore. Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned; how fitting that Damon was the one to lock Katherine up. Kudos to Nina for playing the double role so intensely (especially in the lock-up scene). She's the real deal -- Give this girl an Emmy! For those who were confused about the triggering of Tyler's curse, we probably didn't see him transform right then because it wasn't a full moon. Next full moon is November 22, so if the writers parallel the episodes to the actual time of year, look for his first transformation on the episode that airs either the 18th or the 25th. Get the chains ready ...
  • The Lockwood's host a masquerade ball where Stefan, Damon and others try to kill Katherine. Starring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Katerina Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Matt Davis

    This is one of the best episodes TVD has ever had. First of all, I always enjoy episodes that feature Katherine (Dobrev, who also plays Elena). Katherine is so devious and just one of the best villains on television right now. Not to mention that basically locking Katherine, Damon (Somerhalder) and Stefan (Wesley) into one room was a fantastic idea. I loved the interaction between these three characters and really hope to see more. I'm very glad that they didn't kill Katherine because she just has to come back, she's like Harry Potter's Voldemort. I greatly enjoyed the team up of Damon, Stefan, Alaric (Davis), Jeremy (McQueen), Bonnie (Graham) and Caroline (Accola). The Caroline vampire story is just amazing and sure is a heck of a lot of fun. I love that they have pushed her into the basic forefront of the show. Not to mention actually involving Matt (Roerig) in a real story other than just his romantic relationship with Caroline, and the previous triangle with Stefan and Elena. I liked how Aimee (guest star Tiya Sircar) and Sara (guest star Maiara Walsh) both actually served a real purpose in the episode having appeared in earlier episodes. It's unfortunate that both girls ended up dead by the end of the episode because I liked to see Tyler (Trevino) get some sort of love interest after the death of Vicki (former series regular Kayla Ewell) last season. I was shocked at the death of Aimee but I liked how it was executed by the writers and how they killed somebody that we knew so that there was more emotional baggage with the death. And then with the death of Sara at the hands of Tyler was not as shocking but I loved how it lead to the small interaction between Caroline and Tyler. I'm hoping that Tyler will sort of join the new "Scooby Gang" of television (previously used on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) rather than join Katherine. But I was shocked to see that Katherine is a darn genius. I never would have thought to have two people going after Tyler in case one failed. Perhaps one of my favorite things of the episode was the introduction of Lucy (guest star Natashia Williams). She was fantastic and a lot of fun. I liked how she started out being a villain and helping Katherine, and the spell that whatever hurt Katherine hurt Elena, again GENIUS! And the fight scene between Stefan, Damon and Katherine was beautifully handled. I can't wait for the return of Lucy, the fate of Tyler and Elena (although I didn't like how she was kidnapped at the end of the episode) and the developing relationship between Bonnie and Jeremy. Also starring Sara Canning as Jenna Sommers.
  • Oh k, so I LOVED-But PASSIONATLY Hated this episode!

    Oh k, so I LOVED-But PASSIONATLY Hated this episode!

    First of all. Katherine is living in their dinky little 24,000 people town (if that) and no one has seen her on the street and questioned her about: why she's not in school, why her hair is different, why she's making out with someone else. And that's fine! We can chalk it up to her using her powers on everyone that sees her. But this town doesn't even have a Starbucks! So where the hell did Katherine get VICTORIA SECRET from?!?! Yes I noticed their famouse stripped bags being carried into Kats room by the old lady! One in each hand! Also, if Damon (French for demon-How Clever!) couldn't beat Kat, WHY was Stephane able to?? He's younger, and hasn't drank human blood (besides that last few weeks) for 100+ years! Damon should be kicking all a$$, but he contributed nothing!! Who is working detail for this show?! THEY SUCK! I don't want to see anymore of this crap happening!

    However I loved the desperate cries of Katherine as she was lock into the tomb by Damon forever and always!! …(until next week)
    Though having said all that Katherin is 100% one of my two main favs and I demand her back!
  • Masquerade

    Masquerade was a perfect episode of the Vampire Diaries. This episode was so intense and full of action, drama, intrigue, character development, and new mysteries. There were a few shocking moments, and revelations which move the series forward. The part after Caroline knocked Matt out and Tyler accidently killed the other girl was a bit confusing because he appeared to be changing, but then he was in the room with Caroline and his mom waiting for the sheriff. I like how the writers bring every thing together and think things out. Katherine was pretty awesome in this episode, and truly evil. I've been waiting to see her be ruthless. She reminded me of Darla from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff Angel. I look forward to finding out what she was talking about at the end, and what happens next!!!!!
  • Monster Ball

    After Caroline latest attempt to fix things with Matt lands her into an ambush at the hands of Katherine Pirece, "uncle" Stefan takes matters into his own hands and gathers his merry little band of hunters in order to kill Katherine. Bonnie is still the voice of those in town who have no idea they are the pawns in a vampires's chess game, Caroline the voice of those who say: "She killed me. I kill her. Fair is fair.".

    Alaric is in charge to teach the kids to handle deadly weapons, Bonnie arrives with her grimoire and Jeremy is in charge of "the family tradition" as the only Gilbert man left to do so. There's something about the way Jeremy embraces his legacy that work out as a powerful rite of passage, one in which he steals Bonnie's attention away from Damon like a young rooster would take over the old one's domains.

    Bonnie and Jeremy head to the room where they are going to trap Katherine. Tyler, Matt, Amy are getting drunk in his Dad's study along with the girl Tyler kills, starting a newfound friendship with fellow supernatural being Caroline, who covers up for the new werewolf, same as Bonnie's cousin covers up for her in front of Katherine and Damon finally covers the tomb where he keeps Katherine trapped, forever.
  • episode 2.07

    After viewing the trailers this episode was promising a lot of good stuff and it was true!
    Even if the beginning was a little bit slow but the all preparation story was necessary to bring the party story. So the teen gang decide to kill Katherine at the ball and Katherine continues her big master-plan.
    So it was nice to see a strong and confident Caroline who have her revenge on Katherine! The we have the Bonnie and Jeremy pair who is becoming interesting especially when he says "I'm not a kid anymore" or something like that... Maybe there is more in this relationship! I think it could be nice to see a different Jeremy less dark and more confident. Bonnie can bring this to him. The witches are playing a big part of this episode and I think that Bonnie's cousin is an interesting character but i don't really trust her what made her change her mind. She said that it's the connection between her and Bonnie but I'm not sure that is enough too turn your back to Katherine. The Salvatore brothers succeed in their plan to bring down Katherine. Damon decides not to kill her and locks her in the tomb but she says that there was a reason she didn't kill Elena... And then someone kidnapped Elena. So I was thinking that Katherine was the visible part of the ice-berg and that there are more stuff coming up which make Katherine look nice (a new vampire gang who wants his revenge on the inhabitants of Mystic Fall? And Elena could be a kind of "key" or keystone because she is coming from both side one the Gilberts and then Katherine's family)
    And then there are the werewolves and Tyler become one despite the intervention of Caroline. But I think he will be entering in the teen gang.
    A lot of stuff happen in this episode and it brings more questions for the next episodes...
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode,although the beginning was kind of boring.I don't blame them because it showed the preparations leading up to the main event. I think it was necessary for us to know how the vampire slayers association(VSA) was going to execute their plan. But oh the masquerade ball itself was amazing. I love Bonnie,she was absolutely amazing in this episode.By the way I could definitely see a Bonnie/Jeremy relationship. And I loved the twist on what/who made Tyler turn into a werewolf. Didn't see that one coming. I also love the Lucy witch character. She's very down to earth and Bonnie needs a fellow witch to balance out all the vampires so I'd like to see more of Lucy. I loved the masterplan of the VSA. Katherine finally got what she deserved. And I loved that Caroline finally got to fool Katherine for a change. She needed her own payback.Overall I liked this episode. I loved the middle of the episode until the end. Very surprised by the twists and turns. I'm definitely going to tune in next week.