The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on The CW

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  • Miss you too, buddy... :(

    Can I just say, for what feels like the millionth time, how much I adore Damon? He is just too awesome for words. I'm sure I'll mention it at least four more times in the course of this.

    We were introduced to a couple of new characters tonight. We met April, daughter of Pastor Young, and an intense new vampire hunter to shake things up. However, before we got to any of that, we were treated to Elena's first hunt. Stefan and Damon, of course, were in disagreement about her diet. Stefan was all for Bambi, while Damon was a little more realistic about it. I'm definitely more in favour of Damon ripping the band aid off over babying her as Stefan seems to be so good at. Can I just say that Elena's compassion being magnified will be very annoying this season? She cried over eating Bambi, and she didn't even kill him! I can't even imagine what's going to happen when she kills an actual person That said, the moment between Caroline and Elena as Caroline convinced her she couldn't feed on April was great! I love that they're all dedicated to helping her transition.

    One thing I definitely loved about this episode was Elena turning to Damon for help when she couldn't keep the blood down. At least she still trusts him. On some level, I think she knew that Damon would understand her difficulties, and wouldn't judge her for needing human blood. Not that Stefan would, but she probably felt like she would be disappointing him. I liked that Damon tried to feed her himself before going to human blood, and I don't think he did it to mess around with her relationship with Stefan. He cares about her, and maybe this was his way of trying to respect her decision to try not drinking human blood. I absolutely loved how caring he was with her in this episode. She didn't need Stefan being his usual self. She needed someone who wouldn't make a big deal of it, like Damon. He was gentle and sweet when he needed to be, even after she accused him of blowing up the Council.

    Speaking of the Council, their deaths brought a whole new level of vampire hunter to Mystic Falls. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped both times he shot Tyler. And the fact that Damon couldn't kill him? Damon's the best of the group at murdering people, and he couldn't succeed? This guy is definitely a force to be reckoned with. From strange wooden bullets that burn to the touch, to gloves thatwere perhaps steeped in vervain, he knows what he's doing, and I want to know more. Especially about that strange tattoo only Jeremy could see and the letter to April proclaiming that a greater evil was coming. What's up with that?

    Finally, I just wanted to mention two more things. Matt was really trusting of Elena in letting her feed off him at the funeral. I absolutely loved the looks on everyone's faces when he said she could bite him. They seemed so shocked that he would trust a new, starving vampire to NOT kill him, and Damon's face was almost dare I say it respectful of Matt. Hopefully this means Damon will stop hating him and let him live in peace

    And, to round out the night, in true, cheesy Stefan fashion, he brought the group together to grieve. While it was a nice moment, I felt underwhelmed by it. They lit Japanese lanterns even though, as Damon so adequately put it, they aren't even Japanese! (A perfect, lighthearted to break up the two heavy ending scenes.) Damon absolutely broke my heart throughout this episode. He said he doesn't do grief, but really, it's just that he doesn't do grief in front of people. The chair bit at the beginning of the episode reminded me of Rookie Blue's Oliver saving a seat for the recently deceased Jerry. He even bought his friend a scotch! Things like that always get me. But then Damon was at the cemetery talking to Alaric's grave, and I was just done. The Damon/Alaric friendship was one of my favourite things about this show, and this insight into Damon's grief, despite his adamant declaration that he doesn't do grief, was absolutely awesome. I can't really blame him for wanting to do it alone, considering every single time he's been vulnerable on this show he's had his heart ripped to pieces I also loved that the burned down candles suggested to me this wasn't the first time Damon's done this, and that Alaric's ghost was sitting beside him the whole time. The "Miss you too, buddy" from Alaric as Damon walked away (having said nothing about actually missing his friend) had me completely. Perfect ending. If it would have just been the group with Damon having walked away, I wouldn't have liked it as much.

    Overall, this episode was a reminder of why I love this show (and Damon!) so much.