The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 4

Memory Lane

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on The CW

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  • A few good fellas...

    What would a hunter and a vampire do when they want to plot against a werewolf? Throw a barbacue, of course!

    Using Jenna as front, Alaric and Damon gather around the fire to start scheming against Mason, an old high school budy of Jenna, meanwhile Stefan and his girlfriend start scheming against Katherine, who had it really bad for Stefan, so much in fact that Elena's neck is in serious risk to end up like Jeremy's.

    As funny as it is to learn that Damon picked his neck breaking techniques from Katherine, it was NOT funny to figure out silver, knives and every other weapon in folklore are powerless against the werewolves of this show, worst of all, the curse is not transmitted but actually awaken by the first murder a Lockwood commits so, while the Mayor was not a killer, his brother Mason must have ended someone else's life in order for the werewolf to start his.

    Damon gives away the surprise factor as easily as Caroline gives away her secrets but, to be completely fair to the baby vampire, it sucks to be at the wrong end of Papa Salvatore style of parenting and Damon is nothing but his father's son on that department, trying to figure out an impossible task to please her very own Papa Salvatore, might be the one thing that could get Caroline killed.

    Wondering what Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt, Sheriff Forbes or Tyler were doing during this episode? So do I! Hopefully we'll get to see them deal with the aftermath of Stefan & Elena's fake break-up next week cuz they sure didn't appear tonight.
  • See Summary

    Memory Lane was a very character driven episode. Katherine was a main focus in this episode which was nice. We learned a lot about her, though at the end I believe she had a "Mona Lisa Smile" meaning that there is some thing else going on, other than what we think, or perhaps not. When she met Elena face to face she was a Real Bad Girl, in a good way. The BBQ at Jenna's was entertaining. All the jokes and puns, right in front of Jenna, the only one who is mostly clueless about whats really going on. Damon kept his demon eyed appearance through out, curiously studying Lockwood. I wonder how this new rivalry will work out, it should be interesting. Caroline had many insights to offer various people this episode. She is finding her way, still fun, hopefully she doesn't over do it. Over all a great episode. Missed a few characters this episode.
  • Stefan and Elena scheme against Katherine.

    I have to say, even though I saw it coming, I was delighted when Stefan and Elena revealed their trickery. Obviously, Caroline was never going to be able to hide her secret for long. At least she felt guilty when she thought she had succeeded.

    For a second, you almost feel sorry for Katherine. But it seems the writers want you to hate her, given her evil smile at the end.

    Silly Damon, always making enemies. But then again, it wouldn't be an interesting show if there wasn't some form of rivalry. I wonder how he's going to react to believing Stefan and Elena are finished.

    No Jeremy in this episode, I miss him. Overall, it was a superb episode. I do love the flashbacks, Stefan and Damon look so innocent. While the obvious solution is to simply kill Katherine, I am curious how this will play out, and if it will last all season. We need more Bonnie action!
  • A solid episode.

    This was a good episode. The last episode hinted that Katherine was going to use Caroline to do her dirty work and so she did. While Kat was trying to get Stefan to leave Elena willingly, Caroline was working to get Elena to leave Stefan(in a very obvious way).At the same time Damon and Alaric had cooked up the plan to kill Mason at a BBQ they carefully coaxed Jenna into throwing. I have never seen Damon be this idiotic, stupid, obvious, cocky, arrogant,irresponsible you name it. Oh right,I did but at least when he killed Jeremy it could be explained(not excused) by his bad day. I liked the flashbacks but I expected at least a little bit more conversation during the Kat/ELena run-in.I'm a little disappointed in that but Kat did give Elena and me something to think about. The twists were good and overall it was a good episode.
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