The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 7

My Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Caroline making arrangements for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant while talking to Stefan on the phone. She asks him to attend the event while he does not want to as he has just broken off with Elena. Caroline tries to convince him and Stefan tells her that Elena confessed to having feelings for Damon. Caroline is shocked and says she will try & talk some sense in to Elena. Stefan says it will not be of use as Elena is a different person now that she is a vampire to which Caroline replies that it is all the more reason for them to find the cure. Elena can be seen walking towards Caroline at this point and Caroline hangs up the phone asking Stefan to be careful.

As soon as Stefan cuts the call, Klaus grabs him from behind strangling his neck for telling everyone about the cure. Stefan assures him that whoever knows about the cure will not endanger them and that he wants to find it more than anyone else. Klaus tells him to find more vampires for Jeremy to kill so the hunter's mark can grow and to keep this a secret.

Stefan is seen stepping out of the Salvatore house when Damon asks him where he has been and where is he going. Stefan answers vaguely leading to Damon to comment 'I see shady Stefan is back'. He asks Stefan if he is still working with Klaus to which Stefan replies by telling Damon about the breakup with Elena. Damon doesn't react and changes the subject by telling Stefan that to get to the cure, the hunter's map needs to be completed by killing enough vampires. He suggests that they find another hunter unless they want Jeremy to follow in Connor's footsteps. He also tells Stefan that he thought of going to Prof. Shane but there is something fishy. Matt discovered several phone calls made by the Pastor Young to Prof. Shane on the day the Pastor blew up the council. He asks if Stefan wants to join him in asking Prof. Shane what is going on. Stefan refuses to come along. Damon changes the subject again & offers to go with him drinking if he needs some quality time. To this Stefan replies "Let's not pretend like this is not the best day if your life" and leaves.

At the event Caroline asks Elena if she is sure this is what she wants, calling Stefan her soul mate. Elena tells her that it's not that she does not love Stefan anymore, it's just her feelings for Damon have heightened since she turned and she couldn't lie to Stefan about it anymore. Caroline tells her Stefan is heartbroken. They are interrupted by Prof. Shane who is looking for the judges table and Caroline points him towards the parlour. Elena mentions that he is the one who told Damon how to break the hunter's curse and Caroline adds that he is also helping Bonnie get her powers back. They both think there is something fishy about him.

Matt & Jeremy are unloading beer kegs. Matt is Elena's date and Jeremy is April's escort - she is participating in the contest. Jeremy surprises Matt by picking 2 heavy kegs together and says that ever since he has been awakened as a hunter he feel stronger. Matt warns him that all this energy will want him to kill vampires and he lives with one. Meanwhile, Stefan is shown in the hospital searching through rooms till he comes across a ruthless killer who is admitted there. He compels the guard outside to take a break, feeds the convict his blood & kills him.

Caroline is running things at the event when Klaus arrives & asks her what time to pick her up for the event. She is reluctant till he reminds her that she promised him a date in return of his hybrid. She gives in. Haley is trying to get another one of Klaus's hybrids, Kim, to turn and break the sire bond when Tyler comes to tell her that Caroline has bought them one more day by keeping Klaus busy at the event. Tyler does not want to go to the event but Hayley convinces him to take her. Jeremy had a nightmare about killing Elena and wakes up with a knife and a stake in his hand. He later tells Matt that he doesn't know how it got there and maybe he is going crazy like Alaric. Matt tells him it must be bcoz he is a hunter and that if Jeremy doesn't tell Elena, he will. He gets a message from Stefan to come to the Lockwood cellar and tell no one about it and leaves.

Elena & Caroline are helping April choose her dress for the pageant. They tell her to wear the blue while Damon arrives asking for Prof. Shane and tells April to wear the red dress. Caroline disagrees. Damon asks Elena and she changes her opinion to say red. Caroline cannot understand why Elena suddenly changed her mind. Elena goes after Damon and tells him that they need to talk. He tells her he knows about the break-up but does not know the reason. Elena answers in a single word "you". Before Damon has a chance to react they are interrupted by Prof. Shane and Damon leaves with him reluctantly. He asks Prof. Shane for the name of another hunter. When the Prof. says he cannot help, Damon asks him why he is here and about his phone calls to the pastor the day the council was blown up. The Prof. doesn't answer and leaves. Matt tells Elena about Jeremy's nightmares. The pageant starts. Jeremy is missing so Matt steps in for him as April's escort. During the dance Damon & Elena share a look remembering their dance the year before. Jeremy is at the Lockwood cellar, where Stefan bites his hand and feeds his blood to the convict, turning the convict in to a vampire. He asks Jeremy to kill the vampire and Jeremy does. He tries to compel Jeremy to tell him how much the hunter's mark has grown but Jeremy refuses to tell him and stakes him in the stomach saying he can no longer be compelled.

Elena & Caroline are worried about Jeremy when Damon arrives. Elena tells them about Jeremy's nightmares. Damon asks her not worry and let it go while he goes to find Jeremy. Damon calls Stefan to confirm if he took Jeremy to kill vampires & asks him to leave it alone. Caroline is angry with Elena for listening to Damon and they have a fight. Klaus steps in and takes Caroline away for a drink. Caroline is wondering what is wrong with Elena and Klaus says she'll figure it out. They sit on a bench alone and share a cute moment. Tyler is looking at them from afar and is jealous. Damon later notices Prof. Shane & Hayley sharing a drink and asks Tyler to find out what is going on. Jeremy arms himself with stakes and goes to look for Elena. He meets April on the way & tells her that her father & the council were doing good for the town and that they died heroes.

Damon corners Prof. Shane to ask for another hunter's name again & threatens to kill him. Prof. tells him that even if they get the map & the cure, the cure has to be opened by a spell by a Bennett witch and Damon needs him alive to get Bonnie's powers back. Damon lets him go. April is crowned Miss Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, Elena follows Jeremy in to a room where they fight and he attacks her with a stake in the neck. She is rescued by Stefan & Matt who takes Jeremy away. Tyler and Hayley share a drink and he asks her if she knows Prof. Shane. She denies knowing him. They see Caroline & Klaus share another sweet moment.

Stefan tells Elena it's his fault that Jeremy is feeling this growing urge to kill vampires. He confesses he has asked Jeremy to kill vampires and this angers Elena. She says she doesn't want the cure at the cost of Jeremy's humanity. Stefan tells her they need to fix things to which she tells him that the old Elena died in the accident and he needs to accept that she has changed and needs to let go. Stefan sees Damon walking towards them and leaves.

Jeremy is packing to leave when Matt comes & tells him he is moving in with him to keep the hunter thing in check. Elena has moved out. She is shown at the Salvatore house. Stefan asks her to pick a room and leaves to crash someplace else for the night, leaving Damon & Elena alone at home. Kim, the hybrid, has broken the sire bond and Tyler texts Hayley to tell her. She is shown talking to Prof. Shane telling him that another sire bond is broken and asks him to leave Tyler out when things go down. Damon and Elena share a drink and she tells him that she wanted to dance with him today. He asks her for a dance - they slow dance & kiss.

Stefan and Caroline are talking about how things are with Elena and Caroline asks Stefan not to give up. They talk about the cure & Caroline wonders why Klaus needs it. When Stefan mentions that Klaus needs the cure for Elena to be human again to sire more hybrids, it strikes Caroline why Elena has been listening to everything Damon says. They deduce that because Damon told Elena that she could not drink from anywhere but the vein she has been rejecting all food sources. They realize Elena killed Connor because Damon asked her to and that she is agreeing to everything Damon says because she is sired to him. It was his blood that created her as a vampire. The episode ends with a hot steamy love making scene between Damon and Elena.