The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 7

My Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on The CW

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  • vampair diaries

    do you get to watch any thing or do just read what it is about
  • Elena and Damon together? #NOT

    No, no and no! I don't like the couple Delena! I will borrow Caroline's sentence: (to Stefan) "You and Elena: Epic, Damon and Elena: iou, no!" These are exactly my feelings about Delena! And sire bond is the ONLY logical answer to this!
  • I love Damon<3

    I loved this ep, I always wanted to see Elena and Damon together! As for the sire bond That's such an excuse... she likes him, but her goody-two-shoes side was preventing her from her feelings for Damon!! I hope she stays with Damon, he is daring and hot as hell as Stefan is boring...
  • I understand the low scores..

    @DelilahKathry And I wanted to give it a 7.5 but I loved everything too much to be upset about the sire thing. But I LOL'd at your comments regarding that. As upsetting as that might be, I still loved everything about this episode too much to not give it a 10!
  • A Pagent, A Hunter, and A Sire Bond? Oh MY!!

    Okay a LOT happened in this episode

    I loved seeing Caroline and Klaus flirting its so amazing to see him in such a fun less evil mood his chemistry with Caroline is truly undeniable despite me being a major Forewood supporter!

    Speaking of a supporter it was so great seeing Caroline being a "Sober Sponsor' to Stefan, ever since she's was turned I've missed their relationship and it was great seeing it resurface here!

    Haley and Professor Shane's motives are still a mystery to me but I still don't trust either of them.

    Poor Jeremy his storyline this season is truly excruciating to watch I HATE seeing him so conflicted I hope it doesn't end badly!

    Stefan's behavior this episode have seriously turned me off, I love him but he is acting so irrationally, I mean I understand it but I still don't like it.

    Caroline's putting the dots together at the end of this episode seriously ticked me off.

    I mean can't two hot vamps be in love and not be supernaturally bound to each other?!

    And the fact that her revelation was inter-cut between their fantastically hot love scene was SO IRRITATING!!

    Because of that is the reason I am giving this episode a 8.5 as opposed to a 9.

    Despite that I am anxious to see if Bonnie goes through with helping in de-spelling the cure when and if Klaus finds it.

    Also I am excited to see when and if Elena finds out she is Sired to Damon and if she continues to be with him!

    In spite of the annoying ending all in all I think this was another strong and sexy episode and I'm super psyched for next week!

  • Confused...

    Ok, now I don't understand anything. Elena sired to Damon? How? Why? Can anyone explain to me that :D

    Caroline and Klaus - they are amazing together. I really like the nice side of him. :) I hope they will be together.
  • OMG!!!

    Where to even start!?!

    First of all, I don't believe that they are trying to say the Elena is only in love with Damon because of this sire bond, it's just that her feelings are more enhanced because she is now a vamp and sired to Damon. It's a great twist, simply because I love Stefan. Don't get me wrong I so love Damon too, but he isn't the one for her in the end. Ever since they met, he has wanted her to be more like him. If he truly loved her, he wouldn't have wanted her to change.

    I love Caroline and Klaus together. She totally brings out the softer side of him. I think they would make an excellent pairing.

    Loving Stefan and Caroline's relationship. Those two have truly bonded through everything, and when you look back to the start of season 1 you would never have thought it. Stefan and Elena all the way. Bring back real bad boy Damon!! He's much more drool worthy like that!!! Only a 9 because I didn't want a Delena!!!
  • Love will prevail!!!!lol

    All i have to say is of course Damon and Elana will not last because he is the forbidden temptation. The tension was just broken. They did more temptation now she can fall back on love!!!! And that's Stefan. He is the stable one. i like Damon but he has some serious jealousy issues of stefan i feel like he needs to own his own and get his own girl goddamn!!!

    As for Klaus and Caroline. i believe people learn to be evil. This man is how many years old? how many times do you think he has been screwed over? He has grown to be this way but Caroline is his soft part. She can be the one that teaches him humanity again. SAVING EVERYONE.

    Where is BONNIE!?!!! And why are they unsiring the hybrids? i love that this show keeps me on my toes...
  • My Brothers Keeper

    i don't know what happened to this show this season. However this episode was entertaining and i loved Caroline and Klaus together, although didn't like Caroline saying that Stefan and Elena's relationship is epic because it's not and Stefan only likes her because she was human and trying to save her is for him not her and that is not epic that is selfish. I hated that all that stuff about blood was because it was a sire bond and i wish they prove it to be wrong in the next episode cuz the only entertaining thing about this transition was that she couldnt drink blood only from the vein and that was different than other vampires. if its wrong she would be a normal vampire and that is not interesting that is Kathrine 2 but not evil.
  • Professor and his plan?

    I am not sure yet what the professor's plans are. He is very creepy to me. Hayley on the other knew that their was something off about her. Like she had something up her sleeve. Why else would a werewolf care about breaking the sire bond between the hybrids and Klaus. Speaking of secretly hope that him and Caroline get together. I think that they are cute together. I like Tyler and all but there is something between Caroline and Klaus that is undeniable. Jeremy has gone off the deep end. I just hope that they will be able to bring him back from all this. I feel so bad for Stefan. He is heartbroken but at least he has a friend like Caroline to help him through all this. Damon has pissed me off. He knew that Elena was sired to him this whole time and he took advantage of her in every way. It makes me sick. I personally think that he did it because he knew that that was the ONLY way that he would ever get Elena. I hope that they can break the sire bond between them. Can't wait till next weeks episode. Want to see what will happen it happens to be my birthday too. :)

    Oh god I hate this professor. He is really creapy. Hell knowws what is his real plan for and I am getting more scared episode by episode. Stefan has crossed the lines so has Jeremy. I think that episode revealed new possibilities and paths such as the secret identity of this wolf girl. Anyway the plot is geTTing darker and darker. And last but not least the finale was amazing but predictable.
  • My Brother's Keeper.

    AT LAST. THEY SLEPT TOGETHER. Oops. Wait. Sire Bond! Way too ruin my mood guys.

    What I love about this episode is the fact that Klaus and Caroline are so cute together. They have this thing. I can't explain it. I also love the fact that Elena can stand up for herself now.

    Now, what i hate about this episode is the fact that after everything that Elena and Damon had been through, her love for him would probably just be a sire bond.

    Really looking forward to the next love-making, I mean episode.
  • My Brother's Keeper

    My Brother's Keeper was a very interesting and entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of drama and intrigue along with great character development. I liked how Jeremy's story line became more intense and it was interesting to learn the truth behind Elena's feelings for Damon. I liked how every thing played out. There was a good mix of most of the characters. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!!
  • WTF? Sire bond!! Really? After all they've been through 3seasons!

    Rating 4 coz they really messed up the Damon - Elena eqtn. disappointed!
  • My Brothers "Keeper killing me"!!! Ugh...

    As for Klaus... loving him lately. Miss Rebecca though...

    Not sure how I feel about Tyler and Caroline right now because Caroline seems to bring out the best in Klaus... and helikes to challange her, I kinda like that! Mind you he can be so evil sometimes so I just don't know! Poor Jeremy... I'm curious to see where thats going... And sooo Anxious for bonnie to start using magic again, magic always keeps things interesting!!

    Now for the Triangle....

    Well... it was kinda cool to see Stephan step out of his box but instead of being boring Stephan or overboard ripper stephan he kinda started to trade places with Damon... I instantly thought I hope Damon doesn't turn into him!! As for the Sire bond.... BOOOOO! Where was it ever mentioned that Vampires could have sire bonds? Did I miss that at some point?? Damon was quiet this episode... Does he know she's sierd??

    Damon and Elaina was such a forbiddon and pure love... even though all this time she has been fighting it, it was still always there. "Stephan and Elaina" were always tainted.... but Damon and Elaina were always an underlying truth... I hope that doesn't ruin the elasticity between Damon and Elaina.

    Was a good episode but i just gotta say... Who's idea was it to cut up the moment people have been waiting to see for the last 4 years?? LOL... COME ON PPL!

    Was good... but coulda been sooo Great!!!
  • Budding Romance

    I think Klaus and Caroline are really cute together and the episode really showed a different side to Klaus displaying un-Klauslike emotions.
  • Sire bonds are lame...

    I'd love to give it a 9 or something, but... honestly... sire bond?! I f***ing hate you guys. They have so much chemistry - well, of course they do, with being a couple .... Why can't the girl be with the gorgeous guy? True Blood all over again... *annoyed*
  • damons personal bed slave - lol

    (forword: klaus is to cool to die, hayley is to sexy to die)

    i like series where the decisions are comprehensible.. a sirebond makes the break up comprehensible.

    iam still flashed by phoebe >--- (o_o) --->
  • 04E07

    >______________________________> why did they make it a sirebond @______________________@ that's why i rated it 6 @@"
  • I liked the ending

    Elena's became the most annoying character recently. I'm glad we got an explaination to at least part of her erratic behaviour. Plus I think Damon is at his best when he is alone and full I-don't-care-just-want-to-have-fun-and-a-lot-of-blood mode. All this Elena drama makes him boring like Stefan and we have one Stefan already. Hayley and Shane - I didn't expect that. And I simply adore Klaus! Can't wait till next episode.
  • OMG they got together at last

    OMG Elena & damon got together at last but they had to make it by a sire bond come on writers you know these two make more sense then elena and stefan just make it love there's no need for the sire bond thing. other then that it was a great episode
  • Worst episode ever

    I don't care about the love triangle, but this time it vas totally unlogical. Elena loves Damon because of a SIRE BOND? WTF? Then what we just watched in the last seasons?

    I gave 2 out of 10 only the Tyler and Shane actions. The other was crap.
  • clever title

    quick review
  • Okay not thrilled about the ending

    This episode was great up until the very end. I loved the dynamic bonding between Caroline and Klaus, while she's lecturing Elena on her feelings for Damon no less. What Stefan does to Jeremy kind of caught me off guard but I liked seeing a more brutal and less whiny Stefan. Perhaps why I like the Stefan/Rebecca pairing so much. Dobrev and her beau seriously brought the sexual tension. Never did you want to see Delena be together more than in this episode. The only thing I disliked was the ending, as I've mentioned, because this time I don't think following the books quite fits anymore because of the story line in Season Three. They wrote Demon's and Elena's bonding too much in that season, that you could see Elena start falling love with him, which was natural considering he was always protecting and supporting her. With Stefan all but rejecting Vampire Elena, it felt natural that Elena would come to rely even more strongly on Damon. While I thought her behavior was a little strange, it still felt natural they were headed for a complicated couplehood. The book twist now makes me angry because it feels like the writers are using it as a scapegoat to allow for Delena for a while before making her return to Stefan sans the guilt of having switched to his brother for a while.
  • season 4 episode 7

    what channel is it on??