The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 9

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • A clever title goes here!

    One of the best episodes as of yet.

    Am i the only one that actually hopes that Caroline and Klause will get together. Caroline seems to bring out the best out of Klause, and i really hope they will end up together in the near future.

    And not to mention, i do hope that Elena and Damon will overcome this bond thing and that They will stil have the feelings. I'm tired of Stephan and would rather see her with Damon.

    Cant wait for E10 to air.
  • This is why you need people like Klaus and Damon

    See, the reason why VD is so entertaining is because you have those characters like Damon and Klaus who are unpredictable. The final scene was amazing and I didn't see it coming, but that's why I love Klaus. The only thing I'm not liking about this season is the "sire" bond between Damon and Elena. I hope that there really isn't one and all of the things Elena feels and has done was of her own free will. I feel that it's a cop-out to "excuse" her behavior making it all Damon's fault as if Elena, oh precious sweet, pure Elena can't get her hands dirty or fall for the "bad boy".
  • Blood and Swords for Christmas

    The Perfect:

    The bloody scene with the Christmas song playing was so painstakingly beautiful.

    The Good:

    1. Abraham freed the slaves, you know? -Stefan to Klaus

    2. The whole "this is your house now, you have to invite me (It's a nice reminder that Elena's dead)

    3. Klaus' snowflake painting.

    4. That was some serious back-stabbing (neck snapping) action.

    5. April finally had a purpose to the story

    6. Caroline's face when he didn't wanna hurt Stefan about Elena and Damon

    7. "Klaus, please, don't hurt him. He's all I " And you're all he has, there's a beautiful symmetry to that"

    The Bad:

    1. Damon pushing Elena away when he so wanted him two episodes ago.

    2. "Is that our thing?" "We don't have a thing" What show is this?!

    3. "Jeremy, how do you feel about Elena right now?" (Haha. Gee, thanks Dr. Phil)

    4. "I'm their Alpha" It's so weird listening to it.

    5. Damon is so being a coward right now. Ugh! (Not fighting for Elena!!)


    1. Is Shane human or what? What is he planning? How can someone bring back the dead?

    2. Explain the Silas story arc. (I seriously still don't get
  • Stefan, go away

    Damn I was disappointed that Elena's "love" for Damon was sire-related. :( :(:(:(

    I'd been waiting so long for these two to declare their love for each other and go off on their own leaving behind boring-ass Stefan to do push-ups on logs.

    Wow this episode was so much better than the previous one!

    I loved all of the characters development.

    Poor Damon, and Elena those two just can't seem to be happy, I hope they can come together soon.

    Oh Jeremy, his storyline is really intriguing me, I am so psyched to see what is up with him!

    I am still REALLY distrustful of Professor Shane I can't seem to get a feel for him, is he good? Evil? In cahoots with Klaus? I don't know but I still loathe him!

    I also loathe Haley now, I mean how stupid can a girl/werewolf be?!

    Poor Tyler I SO hope he can bounce back I hate seeing him in this kinda pain,

    I adored the ending it was operatic and bloody and kinda beautiful all at once LOL!

    I am super excited for January 17th to see how our intrepid Mystic Falls gang deals with the fallout!!
  • They can't all be great!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    What to say... :/ I wasn't a huge fan of the last two episodes.... I mean lots of stuff happened I that I didn't! Sire bond ticked me off.... and as I haven't read the books... it still wasn't really explained. Why does it happen only to Damon? Why is it uncommon? Etc. This episode wasn't as thrilling or action packed... I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat after with that I can't wait excitement I sometimes get!

    Poor Tyler... :( They are all running out of parents! Sad. But X-mas music to a killing spree... an extra added touch, Klaus... lol... Almost look like he enjoyed that!! I agree, well done writers!

    As for Damon... Good boy Damon, no choice left there with that storey line. Love that Stephan pointed out they are judging Klaus when they have all been guilty of shady characteristics at some point, Still love Damon n Elana together. Jeremy and Bonnie, yay!

    Overall... It was ok.. I love this show, as always... but there has def. been waaay better episodes.
  • Jingle Bells Drown

    The opening scenes were great, I had high hopes but once we got to the cabin; bleck. Felt like the writers phoned it in and it also felt like some of the same old cheesy crud from previous seasons. Stefan and Caroline were good, and of course Morgan never fails to impress no matter what crappy story line they feed him. Those three are the only reason this episode didn't get a five from me too. Plus the sound guys on this one rocked. How poetic was it to have such great Christmas songs playing during Klaus' killing rampage? The ending was beautiful and I'm angry the People's Choice opted for Wesley instead Morgan for an option. Write in Morgan, he so deserves the reward and he seems to rubbing off on Accola. How great has her acting been this season?! She didn't even have to speak to answer Stefan, her faces said it all. Obviously Shane is up to no good, his reason for the calls from the Pastor were complete BS and who did not see them fixing Jeremy? Getting too predictable again. Plus they cut Delena off before it could even start, train wrecking it with the whole sire bond thing. News flash, you went too far from the books already, don't try doubling back now!
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful

    This episode was great and did not disappoint although it made me hate Caroline alittle bit more the writers ruined the best character they had and that is why i gave this episode a 9.5. Tyler was more likable and Klaus proved himself to be evil again. I still have a feeling that this Shane guy will bring an evil even greater than Klaus and i love that feeling but i don't want to be disappointed so don't disappoint TVD writers. Overall the episode was not boring and TVD is slowly returning to what it once was and that is great. The brotherly fight will be kinda good and bad i have mixed feelings i like them when they bond and work together but i also like them when they fight but this time it seems like it's gonna be a long fight. That new girl is so boring kill her off TVD please im begging you she has nothing to do and now she did what she was made for in my opinion returning Rebecca to us.
  • That was Christmassy

    Hey look at that dead body in the fountain, merry xmas everybody!
  • Worst Plan Ever!

    Out of all the plans that they've done to try to get rid of Klaus,this was the worst because it didn't make any were gonna have a witch put Klaus in Tyler's body and bury him underground until the hybrids go away?If they had Klaus be put in another hybrid's body and have that happen only to find out Hayley double crossed him then the hybrids died along with Klaus,that would make more would cause the gang to find another way to find the cure(just like it took all last season to find multiple ways to try to kill Klaus)and Katherine would be brought back into the picture.
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful!

    Well for one thing i'm happy Rebekah and Kol's going to be back. One question though, Where the hell is Katherine and Elijah?! Also Tyler and Hayley just need to go run off somewhere by themselves so we don't have to deal with them, as for Carol Lockwood? I always hated her. Caroline really annoys me, She needs to be more season 2ish and Klaus (Like usual) Is sexy as hell covered in blood. Stefan needs to grow up and accept that Elena loves Damon, He had his chance. 3 seasons of it. and Professor McShady is annoying, and well, Shady. Damon shouldn't be pushing Elena away when he finally has her, Also i really hope that Bonnie and Jeremy get back together. I'm so happy that April remained a loyal friend to Rebekah and saved her. All together this episode was amazing, Would have been fantastic if there was more Delena sex ;)
  • Christmas Carols and Mass-murders

    I liked this episode, I particularly liked the ironic ending with the Christmas music playing in the background as Tyler's mom was being drowned. It's dark and is definitely creepy since we are socialized into associating Christmas music with a jolly fat man. Not on this show!

    There are some good character dynamics we've seen at play:

    - Stephan and Klaus finding something in common- keeping treasures from their victims. Its a little sad and twisted but in a way poetic

    - Stephan and Caroline- it seems they have been able to get closer over this whole sire bond thing

    - Caroline and Tyler- looks like they were able to get past the Caroline and Klaus flirtation we saw 2 episodes ago

    Some character dynamics I wasn't a fan of:

    - Bonnie and Jeremy- together again? I think I just have a personal dislike of Bonnie. I think the character is really boring and self-righteous. Plus I don't think the acting is really great on Kat Graham's part. On a happier note, did you see Jeremy's arms in this episode? Seriously, is it the Hunter steroids that made his arms grow or have they always been there and we've just never seen him without a shirt? Those are the thoughts that keep me up at night!

    - Elena and Damon- seriously, I don't like this whole sire bond thing. I get it, the writers needs some kind of twist in the story to make this love triangle more interesting but I for one had enough of this love triangle. I love Damon (and Ian for that matter) but I still think that Stephan should be with Elena. Not that I would mind too much if it was Damon and Elena. As long as she picks one of them (or neither of them) and hopefully she has free will when she makes this choice. But the back and forth dance between the 2 brothers is getting old.

    - Shane and Hayley- "Things are falling apart!" "Fix it". Thanks tips! Great advice, I'm sure Hayley didn't think that the solution to her problem would be to fix it! So she was willing to sacrifice 12 of her friends just at the absurd possibility (although I shouldn't say absurd since on the VD anything is possible) that her parents can be resurrected.

    Overall, not a bad episode. I love the fact that Stephan acknowledged the fact that they all do/have done horrible things and that maybe Klaus shouldn't be the only one condemned for it!

    So does it mean that Tyler will be on the run from Klaus now or will Tyler come back with vengeance? I am also curious to see what Shane has up his sleeve, I guess we will have to wait until the next year to find out (unless the world is going to end and then we will never know! Of course, I am very worried about the end of the world, but I am more worried about what I will be doing for New Years
  • o come all ye faithful

    o come all ye faithful was a great episode of the Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching this Christmas themed episode because the story lines were intriguing and full of character development along with superb plot progression. it was cool to see Jeremy working on his issues at the lake house with Bonnie while Tyler and Haley continue their plotting. Caroline found herself caught between a rock and a hard place and accidentally revealed important information to a April who in the end made a grave discovery. I look forward to watching what happens next!
  • Well, apparently unlike everyone else, I LOVED this episode.

    I'm extremely shocked to look on here and see that none of the other commenters seem to have really enjoyed this episode. I loved it. Yes, Carol's death was pretty heavily hinted at by some spoilers, but it was still a devastating (and wonderfully executed) scene.
  • Saved by Klaus

    Do yourself a favor when watching this episode and fast forward through any scenes that do not have Klaus or Tyler in them. Yeah, you'll miss out on some of the explanation of the season's main plot arc (Prof McShady and the quest for Silas and the cure), but that's stuff you can easily catch up on during the recap shown before the next episode. You'll save yourself the mind-numbing tedium of Elena/Damon guilt-laden relationship defining conversation scenes, which stopped being interesting about 5 episodes ago, and Jeremy/Elena therapy scenes, which probably even bored the writers as they wrote it. Cut all that crap out and you have one of the best episodes of the season (too bad it's only about 15 minutes worth of air time). I give it a 9 because it's only about a 2.5 without any Klaus scenes and it's an 11 with only the Klaus scenes.

    The Tyler scenes are needed for an even fuller appreciation of how awesome the Klaus scenes are, which, suffice to say, were epic. Joseph Morgan delivered an amazing performance and gave us a really layered look at one of the most interesting characters on TV. Between wooing Caroline, honestly conversing with Stefan about what it means to be immortal, and discovering the betrayal of his hybrid pack, every scene with Klaus was electric. Klaus was truly sympathetic even as he slaughtered his hybrids and murdered Carol Lockwood, not an easy feat for an actor to do. Thank God it was Joseph Morgan doing it and not Paul "I only act by knitting my eyebrows together" Wesley.
  • This episode was great. Period.

    After watching this episode, I just sat there for a moment, mind-fucked. Yes, I found Carol's death very saddening, but I was completely deluded by how excellently this scene was executed! Playing Holy Night - or whatever Christmas hymn it was - in the background was just so poetic. Joseph Morgan did a terrific performance.

    However, I'm so over this freaking love triangle. It has just gotten so tedious that I didn't even care when we discovered Elena was sired to Damon and I don't care that Damon compelled her to be free.

  • Wasn't the best episode

    I can't believe klaus killed tylers mom along with 12 hybrids and Damon telling Elena that he shouldn't be with her and it would make him happy if they weren't together. The only reason y I like this episode was because Jeremy and Bonnie still liked each other and Jeremy not wanting to kill his sister.
  • For Nicole123

    Hi Nicole,

    Do your comments always reveal the major events that transpired, for anything you watch? Exercise wisdom before you write your comments - some of us have yet to see the episode (yes I understand that the comments are written by people who've watched the EP). Not that it matters a great deal. I'm sick to death of the nauseating love triangle between the main characters, and please will someone write out Klaus - he comes across as nothing more than a spoiled, whiney frat boy with daddy issues.