The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 19

Pictures of You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2013 on The CW

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  • Another great episode

    Another wonderful episode with great acting from Claire Holt (Rebekah) Just a couple of maybe plot holes stopping me from giving it a 10.

    Last season, everyone was shocked to discover that killing an original would kill all the other vampires in their line, so while helping Rebekah find the cure for herself has no one wondered what effect an original being 'cured' would do to the line? No one thought of this even when discussing ramming it down Klaus' throat?

    Katherine warns Klaus of a plot to kill him in the hope he would stop hunting her down. Really? It would make more sense not to tell him and enjoy your freedom when he's dead!

    Apart from the above, the show was as funny and amazing as ever.
  • Finally taking Elena down a peg.

    I miss Elena as a human but when she turned her feelings off she turned into a monster. I hate her now, it was so great seeing Bonnie take her down twice. Hopefully Elena will now turn her feelings on so enough and she will want to be human ago. This was the best episode in a long time, it feels like pieces are coming together.
  • I am so tired of Elena

    I wish that Elena would stop being so annoying. She was acting like a spoiled child. I know her emotions are turned off and that she lost her brother, which is why they are turned off in the first place. But she is acting more like Katherine, it's just annoying. and I am so tired of the Silas story. His face reminded me of a mix between Dracula and Beast from the old Beauty and the Beast. I thought he was suppose to be some badass witch?!?! And when he appeared as Jeremy, I actually felt sad. And when he danced with Bonnie I got all misty eyed. Then Elena, who seemed very affected by the dance she shared with Stefan, due to what she said to Rebecca, wanted to kill Bonnie and I just got confused, which is odd considering how many times I have actually watched the me its when Silas started showing up everywhere, being different people I got more confused and even thought that Tyler was Silas because of how fast Tyler disappeared. Still think that, btw. Anyway, I liked the pictures that they had flowing on the screen during the dance and I loved how Caroline went to Klaus for help, even if it was for a dress and I loved the smile he gave still ship them and will always ship know that this review is late but I couldn't find the recaps for of this is imo
  • Did i Miss something?!

    which episode did bonnie complete the triangle and caroline stab that lady?? I've never seen that before.. but this episode was awesome I LOVED the Klaus Caroline scene!!
  • What direction is this episode heading exactly?

    As the title suggest, i find this episode confusing. Its almost like they have no idea which direction they want to move forward to so just randomly throw in some scenes. Like when they throw in the scenes for regarding Tyler, its so short and really doesnt move the story forward. I mean ok, Caroline and Tyler still love each other and hes really sweet to come back to see her and Klaus is kind enough to let him get a head start.

    I also find it weird when Caroline went to Klaus to find her a dress and Klaus didnt wanna talk to her. The show failed to explain why exactly he was feeling that way. And where did the dress come from eventually?

    And is Jeremy coming back? Or Tyler? Is it really necessary to make Silas's looks a big deal?
  • Is it the show or is it me?

    During season 1 and 2 I used to get so excited over every episode of The Vampire Diaries. Thursday nights used to be a day I would look forward to because my favorite show was playing. During Season three I began to loose interest and now I almost have to remind myself that Vampire Diaries is playing and than have to struggle to pay attention through it.

    During this episode Elena continued to put up this "I don't care" front. Elena steals Caroline's dress, and then decides to call out other characters on their bullshit - a small perk to this development. She tells Damon off by referring to him as not his boyfriend, she tells Stefan she doesn't care about him- I still wish she told him to just move on-, she referred to Bonnie as a psycho, and pointed out that Matt's existence on the show is useless. The annoying part of Elena's new attitude was the fact that everyone feels the need to fix her when she clearly just wants to be left alone. When I first heard Elena was switching off her switch I was fully supportive of the development but over time it's become very overplayed. Every character on the show continues to point out that Elena has "flipped her switch" and everyone just needs to save her. I know they want their friend back but I think we all prefer this carefree Elena over the whiny piece of cardboard we had before that made stupid decisions and killed off half the cast. Speaking of whiny let's get to Damon and Stefan..

    I have always been team Damon and Elena, but lately I can hardly bare a scene they share. The way Damon tries to control her every move and acts so possessive over her angers me beyond belief. I used to understand it because, let's face it... Elena was pretty much the dumbest human on the planet before she turned, but now she is being completely rational (for a vampire). When Elena called Damon out of his possessive bullshit at the dance, she basically spoke my mind. The writers have made him seem so pathetic it's not even funny, and the fact that he goes to every teenage dance is actually creepy. It's just so frustrating because I actually used to like them together but now I just hate any scene they share.

    Let's continue with Stefan. Stefan I honestly didn't mind this episode and was actually really loving his dance with Elena and when he called Damon out - even if it was Silas talking, we all know it was his thoughts. Despite this whole season, Elena and Stefan were together the majority of this show and actually did have an extremely strong relationship so I can't lie and say I enjoyed how he was trying to remind her of how she felt. I just wish Damon wasn't standing the background, with his pouty jealous face.

    Now let's get to the cure, the main focus of all our Mystic Falls folks. Stefan wants it to cure Elena because he feels he owes her. Personally I liked him better when he hated her and was with Rebecca, despite how much I liked them this episode. I just prefer Stefan when he's not pining over Elena because frankly I hate it when this show revolves around her. Damon wants it to know if Elena's feelings are real and at this point I'm hoping there not. Even though my dreams through the first three seasons were for Damon and Elena to get together, they have basically made me regret those feelings in these last couple episodes. Rebecca wants it to become human, which is a story line I can't tolerate. Rebecca can't become human. Rebecca has been a vampire for centuries and would never have a normal life. It basically just feels like such a waste of the cure to me, because as soon as shes human I'm sure some vampire would love to just snap her neck. And lastly Klaus wants it to give to Silas so he won't be tormented for years to come. But Silas gets it in the end so I guess he doesn't have to worry about it.

    Now let's talk about Silas. Silas played many characters throughout the episode, many which I found interesting but a lot of the time I just thought it made things very confusing. First he played Jeremy where he shared a dance with Bonnie and tried to convince her to help him. Silas seems to have a lot of knowledge of the body he takes over so perhaps he knows all the thoughts and feelings of the body he uses. Anyways he played Stefan and Damon to lure both boys away from the dance, and then finally Rebecca to get the cure. I thought it was interesting how he kept changing bodies, but it made me always skeptical of when he was possessing someone or not. Like when Caroline stormed into Klaus's house I wasn't sure if it was Silas or her, until she arrived at the dance. I was also skeptical of Tyler at first and it made me doubt each character. At the very end Bonnie decided to join Silas after almost killing Elena and he reveals that he has a scarred up face, which honestly just makes me think of Alex Pettyfer from Beastly the way he stood there.

    Other Notes:

    - Did anyone else find Katherine's note the BIGGEST plot device on TVD history. She basically said "Here's a spin-off, let's and it just sounded SO corny that I just wanted to burn the letter.

    - It annoyed me so much how Elijah would just give the cure to Rebecca. I know he's her brother, but honestly could he not think of a more valuable way to use it then waste it on Rebecca without even checking up to see if she actually went the day without using her vampire powers

    - I am SO not looking forward to a Damon/Elena/Stefan let's get her humanity back day.

    - I actually kind of liked the Matt/Rebekah scenes, and the fact that Matt wont take her bullshit and is just done with her.

    - Does anyone else wish April would just die? Why is she still alive?

    - I'm actually really looking forward to The Originals spin off

  • Pictures of You

    Pictures of You was a great episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of drama, intrigue and suspense. It was interesting to see the three remaining original siblings meet and discuss the cure. Elena was bad as ever as the others tried to keep their cool and help her. Silas was very manipulative and I was surprised a few times. It was hilarious thst Elena stole Caroline's dress. Bonnie displayed really strong powers which could be very dangerous. I liked how things played out and look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • A Bloody Awesome Senior Prom!

    Whoa I loved this episode, it was even better than the previous one!

    Silas is One Evil Warlock, he not only fooled our Mystic Falls Gang he fooled ME! So awesome, I hope we finally see his real face soon!

    Poor Bonnie she can't seem to catch a break but I am loving her 'dark willow'-esque powers, really cool and a story arc I so hope the show keeps up with!

    No-humanity Elena is still as compelling to watch as ever and this episode was no expectation, she was totally and utterly ruthless, what she did to Caroline was really great and made me laugh out loud!

    The Salvatore Brothers brain-storming while tossing a football around the living room of their house, totally classic! In fact I adored all of the Damon & Stefan scenes!

    Elijah, Klaus, & Rebekah's round table about the Cure was another wonderful highlight for me! Seeing those thousand year old siblings interactions is always fantastic!

    Elijah's challenge to Rebekah was really great, the twist at the end of this episode with Silas & Elijah was pretty great

    Caroline's scenes this episode were as usual incredible, seeing her & Tyler reunite if only 4 a brief time was pretty amazing & swoon-inducing for me! Also watching Caroline flirt with Klaus to find a replacement prom dress was another amazing high light 4 me!

    I also loved how Rebekah described Matt's character!

    Katherine's letter to Klaus was both pretty smart and utterly snarky so awesome!

    I can't wait 4 next week to see the Originals back door pilot and see how New Orleans is run by Klaus's Sire!
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