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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2009 on The CW

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  • vamp. diaries

  • My favourite bit

    I always like the bit at the beginning, what Stefan says on the narration.

    "I know the risk, but I have to know her"

    Hahah love it!
  • Where can I watch the this episodes?

    tell me plsss.....
  • A Good Introduction to the Vampire Diaries

    I kind of love this pilot. Nina Dobrev plays Elena Gilbert, a smart, popular high school student who's grieving after her parents deaths. On the first day of school, she meets new kid Stefan Salvatore, a quiet, brooding vampire. Normally, I would make fun of shows like this but the incredible cast (particularly Dobrev) makes it a good show. This episode does a great job introducing the characters, and creates enough intrigue to get you to keep watching!
  • It sucks that u cant watch it on here

    I always wanted to see this episode but u cant wath it on here i have looked eveywhere to watch it if anybody knows how please tell me!!!!
  • An uninteresting start

    Elena and Stefan is not engaging characters. Elena is a typical teen heroin: popular, A-student, sumissive, sad and no one understands her and obviously she is more special than everyone else. It makes her predictable. Stefan is hot, angsty and nobel. Like every teen girl fantasy vampire. There is nothing special about them and their romance is as flat as they are.
    Stefan's brother isn't that scary or threatening either, but comes of more as whiney.
    The one charcter I like is the brother. He is angsty without being whiney, he stands up both for himself and others, he has drug problems and deals them too and is in a very intersting romantic relationship. His character and story is interesting. Everything else isn't.
    There is no interesting storyline in the episode. The characters are boring. It's not romantic or scary, but you can predict many episodes of almost kissing and one or two scary scenes were complete strangers dies.
    It's all very teenage girl fantasy with no substance.
  • Fans of the Fiction will be pretty disappointed in the changes made.

    So the main concepts are pretty much there, They have made a lot of character changes. Firstly is Elena was blonde in the books not brunette, next is that her Aunt was not a college student, and she had a much younger sister not a brother. They have removed a key character (Meredith) and introduced the town to the concept of Vampires way too early. In the books Vikki was attacked in the cometary and appears to go insane uttering nonsense, she doesn't go telling people she was attacked by a Vampire. And Damon doesn't appear to Stefan until much later and after he has made appearances to other people. In this episode he pretty much admits he attacked Vikki, which was not mentioned in the books until much later on, when he announces that he has never seen Vikki before. I know if they stuck to the story line that people would just call it a Twilight wannabe(even though it WAS written years before twilight) but changing this much of the storyline and character bio's is just stupid. I was bored and wont be watching another episode even if i am a fan of Kayla Ewell and Nina Dobrev
  • Pilot Episode

    In fall 2009, CW premiered, "The Vampire Diaries", it had rave reviews, great actors(Ian Somerhalder from LOSTT!!!!!), attractive cast, vampires, and an interesting story. Most people automatically assumed, "it's just Twilight: The Series". Well I caught the first couple of episodes when the first aired, but got behind and never really caught up. Well I am finally going to catch up now.

    First, this is a great pilot, it really introduces the characters and begins the story with a bang and really intrigues us to continue on with this show. This pilot episode got me hooked. It is safe to say that this is probably one of CW's best shows ever!

    Overall - 7.9/10
  • Wow. This was an amazing pilot!

    The chemistry between Stefan and Elena is sizzling from their first meeting. Katerina Graham (as Bonnie) adds good humor to the show. The entire cast was great in this episode. The storylines are also intriguing and makes you want to tune into the next episode, such as what Damon is going to do with Stefan and Elena, and how his meeting with Caroline fits into all this, and if Vicki will reveal the truth about Damon being a vampire, or why he let her live. Some of the scenes like when Vicki gets attacked by Damon, or when Damon confronts Stefan, had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happened next.

    I couldn't find anything wrong with the pilot episode at all, and I can't wait to tune in to the next one.
  • Vampires.

    Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy come to terms with the deaths of their parents four months ago. In school, Elena and her best friend Bonnie, who is said to be a witch, spot a new student talking to the Dean. Elena sees Jeremy run off to the toilet and follows him. Caroline sees Bonnie and they see the face of the new student and both are left speechless. Elena confronts Jeremy to talk to him about his problem but it is useless and she leaves the bathroom. Leaving the boys' bathroom, Elena walks into the new student at school. Elena likes to visit the cemetery where her parents are buried to write in her diary. While there, she runs into the new guy at school. The guy introduces himself as Stefan Salvatore but Elena already knows his name because they're in three subject classes together. Jeremy treads on a dangerous path of using drugs to ease his pain. The school is having a back to school party that everyone is attending. While walking in the woods, Vicki is attacked by something and her body is found by Jeremy and Elena. Stefan soon realizes that this was done by someone he knows, "his older brother" Damon. When he returns to the boarding house, he and Damon see each other for the first time in 15 years. Damon provokes Stefan and Stefan attacks Damon. Damon lets Stefan know he's the stronger. Stefan goes to Elena and she invites him into her house. So I thought I would give this show a go due to the fact that I love vampires and supernatural stuff. I really like the girl, Elena, who is writing the diary at the start, the one whose parents are dead, she seems cool. I love the school scenes at the start where everyone is feeling sorry for Elena. I love the scene with Elena and her sister, he is hot. I love the way Elena bumps into the new mysterious student, wow he is hot. I really like Elena's friend the one who thinks she is physic. I love the scene in the graveyard with Elena and her dairy again, and then the good looking boy Stefan is there. I love the scene where Stefan is writing a diary. I love the scene where Stefan is at Elena's house, and then the scene at the cafe. I love the party scenes, especially the talk with Elena and Stefan. I'm actually really enjoying this show. I love Damon, he is awesome (Due to the fact that he was on Lost) . I love the scene with Damon and Stefan. I love the scene with Elena and her brother at the party. I love the ending, it was awesome.
  • bad bad very bad, may appeal to 10 year olds, or those without the ability of conscious thought.

    Never read the books, but this is bad bad bad. Soap opera with zero originality. Target audience I assume is 12 year old girls. Basically good vampire (squirrel sucker) has hots for girl who looks like ex. Bad vampire (eats real food) has major personal issues with good vampire vows to make life miserable. Massive vampire angst with lots of teenage angst. Thats about it. If this was a just world this show would tank so bad it would form a black hole. xx xx xx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
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  • This show is AWESOME!!!

    I knew when I saw the clips for this show that I had to check it out. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the rest of the season. I got my mother and sister watching it as well. This is my medicine until New Moon hits the theaters. For me, when I was watching it I couldn't help but compare it to Twilight. There were some simular things in my opinion but overall i encourage everyone to check it out. I know before Twilight I was interested in vampires and I still am. Can't wait for more please!!!
  • A old but still young looking vampire named Stefan Salvatore comes back home and meets a young high school girl. But his evil brother also came back and wants to give him hell.

    I thought this episode was a little slow but still really cool. Stefan is a very sweet and sensative vampire. Elena is not what i thought she was going to be for a character. i like her very much she has a cool attitude and i liked that she enjoyed meeting stefan. I also loved getting to know stefan's evil brother Damon he has a very sexy style of what a vampre should be like. i find that to be really hot. Both brothers are very hot and sexy by being good and evil. i can't to see more epiosdes.
  • If it doesn't glitter, can it be gold?

    If you've had enough of the teen-falling-for-conflicted-vampire drama, then you may want to steer clear of this series. Some people have compared it to Twilight although the books from which this show is based came way before Stephenie Meyer's vampire-that-glitters novel series. It was actually a decent pilot, IMHUBO (in my humiliating unbiased opinion). But then again, I can probably stand more crap and cheese than the average TV viewer. On the other hand, I'm not saying the show is crappy or cheesy. So what am I saying exactly? The show has an audience, definitely, and the story and characters are easy to get into. But I have to say no to catching VD, for now. I still have True Blood and Gossip Girl to fill my vampire and teenage drama needs, each viewed separately.
  • Very good for a pilot :P Enjoyed it very much.

    I liked this episode because its got the blooming romance of Elena and Stefan but also we see some scary things happen, so its not just another teen romance show. I have also read the book and enjoyed it very much so i was quite excited to watch the show. The Summary is: Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy come to terms with the death of their parents. Elena is popular amongst her peers and the perfect straight A student, but has difficulties hiding her grief from the world. Meanwhile, Jeremy treads on a dangerous path of using drugs to ease his pain. The arrival of new student Stefan Salvatore, however, makes Elena think about romantic possibilities.
  • * SPOILERS * Although not always true to the book a truly terrific ride!

    I had my intial doubts about this series, I am a huge fan from way back of the L.J Smith books and in seeing the cast was quite concerned how it was going to pan out- like why is Elena a blonde, where's Meredith, why does she have a brother instead of a sister- that kind of thing. Gladly however this episode has put my mind at ease! The plot starts out with a murder (a great way to start a series) but it's not very gory and who is committing the murders isn't clear immediately. The characters of Elena- the high school "prom queen", her best friend Bonnie, and Matt her ex boyfriend are introduced. Then Stefan. Ah Stefan Salvatore the dark brooding stranger, I really love both Bonnie's and Elena's responses when they first see him and the interchange he and Elena have outside the boys bathroom is quite funny. Despite having brown hair Nina Dobrev's performance is really good she manages to play the girl who is a little heartbroken but still strong- not NEEDING Stefan to save her and this I feel is very commendable. The plot of the rest of the episode is basically still an introduction to the characters no real major plot points (other than the likeness of Elena to Katharine, and the biting of Vicki- both not surprising for thos of us who have read the books). The Stefan/ Damon fight halfway through the episode is very spontaneous and Ian Sommerhalder is perfect for the role of Damon he gave me chills during his dialogue in this scene!

    Although a great start to what is promising to be an excellent series I still have several gripes, I fail to see the need of her brother (I care so little about him I've already forgotten his name)- almost all plot points in this episode could easily have happened without him or by substituting in Matt (who I feel was a bit overlooked this first episode) but I should wait and see if he proves useful. Oh and the Twilightesque "check again to see my records..." was LAME. This can stand by itself it doesn't need Edward throwbacks!
  • Promising start.

    So.. Without knowing anything to expect from this show, I decided I will watch it. I thought I might like the vampire theme but as it looked so much like youth serie, I was not sure. So, after the pilot. I most say, it got me interested. The story started maybe little confusing but it started to make sense very soon. The pilot was well built, getting us into the characters and story very well. Giving us enough information about their backstory and building up exciting questions for future.

    I think I will give this show a change and see what comes of it. So far I think, I can like it.
  • Vampires, I want one for my birthday!

    A couple of things before I start; one, can these girls be any more beautiful? The little selfasteam I had left just flew out of the window. two, this better not end up some cheesy twilight kind of way. Not a twilight fan.

    So, a broken girl moves in with her aunt. She has a junked up brother who's on, god knows what, and she wants to world to stop seeing through her fake smile. A girl I can slightly relate to, although my parents are both still alive. But, it is a good start. This series doesn't keep you in the dark, guessing what, who, where, when and how.

    The biggest suprise would have been Ian Somerhalder, that is how you type it right? All my friends swooned over him in Lost and I never really saw it. But here he is, as an evil vampire and I have to say; I see it now. But, I have a thing for vampires, and bad guys so he's just the overal package with that.

    I can't wait for the next episode :)
  • Good show, cant wait for the next episode

    i've read the books before and thought they were good and i really enjoyed the tv series. i thought the producers did a good job portraying the characters and im glad that even although it is a romance-which i love- there is also a bit of danger in it which i am glad they made exiting with some good effects. i dont really care much for Twilight so i thought the Vampire Diaries so far were better but hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of the season and how many other series that are made but i think it will.
  • I realy liked it them two brothers (not bad looking either)coming home to find a girl from the past.

    I love anything vampire so maybe I'm not objective enough to write this...
    But this new vampire show has got MY attention.
    The setting is great two male vamps fighting over a girl who looks like a girl who lived a long time ago.
    One good one not so good or better yet more evil... but verry enjoyable to watch.
    The girl who is dealing with her problems and ading more without knowing, and a vampire in love with her or her look a like from centuries ago.
    the bad brother who is trying to mess things up for him by killing (eating... drinking thier blood)of the people in the village.
    It's a good concept and one to watch!
  • Two new vampires come to town, both vying for the same girl. Starring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Katerina Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Kayla Ewell, Michael Trevino

    For not being a big fan of the Twilight series, I was told to watch this series and really enjoyed the pilot. The show was filled with a good amount of drama, with the deaths of Elena's (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy's (Steven R. McQueen) parents killed the spring previously and the two now live with their Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning). Relationship issues abound with Elena having broken up with Matt (Zach Roerig) after her parents died, and he had expected them to get back together after she had some time to be by herself. A triangle is created when Matt's sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell) slept with Jeremy on several occassions over the summer, but is now with Tyler (Michael Trevino). Things for the town of Mystic Springs gets more complicated when Stefan (Paul Wesley) shakes things up. Noone in the town knows that he is a vampire, but it seems as though it won't be long until this secret is blurted out for the whole world. He and Elena are obviously going to date, but then Damon (Ian Somerhalder) says he wants Elena as well. It is known that Elena looks like Stefan's former lover Katherine which i thought was completely cheesy. Damon ends up biting Vicki at a party and when she wakes up she reveals to her brother Matt that what happened to her was the bite of a vampire. I personally thought it would be a good story if she had been turned, but i guess not, after all i am not the one in the writer's room. I really enjoyed the arc that the writers have planned for Jeremy and him being drunk and a stoner, i feel like some shows do like two episode arcs with this, but not a full season, or even half season story. In the first episode i already have my favorite character chosen and it is Bonnie (Katerina Graham) whose grandmother said she was psychic and i like how we know that she is but it is still oblivious to her and Elena. But i didnt like Caroline (Candice Accola) in this episode, as i found her annoying, but her getting paired with Damon is going to be very interesting, and something that i am looking forward to. This was a good pilot with a beautiful and very talented cast and i will be tuning in for quite some time.
  • The new vamps in town

    I love vampires. Being a die-hard Buffy/Angel fan, that's a given, but that was more about the action and horror/suspense and not really the whole romantic notion of the drama. Although that got very intense and complex, too, and I enjoyed it so much. Yet, I've never read or seen the "Twilight" series or even this, "The Vampire Diaries" - a new drama/horror series based on the popular novels of the same name. Romance is not really my thing, believe it or not, even though I adored "Dawson's Creek" and still watch "One Tree Hill". Go figure. But this new show, based on the premise of a heroine who is torn between 2 vampire brothers, offers considerable promise. I watched the premiere and was instantly hooked. Maybe a complicated romance mixed in with some (hints) of chilling horror and dabs of history? Could be a hit.....

    So this new show is based on a series of novels, therefore labeling it as not an entirely original idea, and since I haven't been privy to said novels, I can really only treat it - from my own personal perspective - as just another new original series. Much like I did with "Smallville". And since a lot of the mythology regarding that show has been changed and played around with throughout its run, I'm guessing - especially if this series plans to be on the networks for a while - the writers, creators, and such will more than likely do the same, which will ultimately allow this show to become its own piece without straying too far from remaining loyal to the novels, yet also letting it expand into its own universe. And speaking of writers, creators, et al, I noticed one of the crew is our old friend Kevin Williamson, who was the creator for "Dawson's Creek". That said, it's a sure bet that along with some dramatic storytelling, we'll get a plethora of witty dialogue thrown about in the mix. And some of that was shown on this premiere episode, which was one thing that got me hooked.

    As with any new show, the Pilot ep is obviously the set-up, most important of which are the characters and stories introduced. We actually have quite a few people here to work with. A very hot young cast consisting of a few REALLY sexy young guys and the girls look very beautiful and elegant for their style. Our main heroine, Elena, has a uniquely Old World kind of sophistication and has a maturity that seems a tad high for the age of the girl she is portraying. It's a gorgeous detail. Anyhoo, Elena has recently lost her parents in a tragic car accident and is still distressed over it. She has her best friend, Bonnie, to lean on for support. Also, Bonnie just happens to be psychic, a fact which she denies - or at least wants to. Elena also has a younger brother, Jeremy, who seems so distressed at the loss of his and Elena's parents, too, that he has decided to relieve his pain via substance abuse. Jeremy also has the hots for Vicky, Elena's very hot ex-boyfriend, Matt's, sister. Poor Vicky has also - for whatever reason - turned to a life of drugs and evident sexual promiscuity. Leading us to Tyler, Vicky's current boyfriend who is friends with Vicky's brother, Matt, and the rival for Jeremy over Vicky's affections. Tyler comes off as sort of the school jerk, so I can't wait to see more development to this character. Rounding out the group of 'normals' is Caroline. She appears at first as a good friend of Elena's but later into the episode we see she's more of a competition. She will be another interesting character.

    Now for the not-so-normals, we got the actual stars, vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. And oh mama!! Two hot brothers....followed by two more hot brothers ("Supernatural", of course!) on Thursday nights, along with all the hot guys listed above?? Oh my.... what IS a gal to do with all that manliness in a 2-hour sitting? *Ahem* Anyway, back to what I was saying, Stefan and Damon will be the most complex and interesting of characters. First off, Stefan appears to be the good one, with Damon undoubtedly taking the role of villain. We gain much 411 about each in the ep, more than what I would normally expect, especially with Stefan, who was featured more prominently than Damon anyway. Stefan is apparently way older than he looks, which is evidenced by his fixation on a centuries-old picture in a journal of some chick named Katherine - who just happens to be a dead ringer for Elena, hence Stefan's instant attraction/obsession toward Elena. Also, we learn Stefan has learned to curb his vamp ways throughout the years by weaning himself off the human blood. But this is something that has obviously not been easy for him, as shown in the graveyard scene with Elena - she shows him her cut leg and he fights his reactive instinct. So far it's clear why he and Elena share an attraction. Each have lost very important people in their lives, and more interestingly, each keep a diary (a journal, in Stefan's case). These little diary scenes make for some actual touching moments. It gives us deeper insight into the characters.

    As for Damon, well....let's just say we get that he's gonna take on the main villain role, but there's still so much more to him than meets the proverbial eye. Basically, a lot of what we saw with him in this ep gave us more insight into how the vampire lore will be handled on this show. Seems some of the old traditions will stick, such as vamps not being able to enter a house unless invited first - which Elena promptly does for Stefan at ep's end. Also, it seems sunlight will kill them, but only if they're wearing those really pretty rings. After all, Stefan had no problem working that "hot back" of his around in the sunshine. Now, I wonder if stakes through the heart or vamp decapitation will figure into the mythos here? Time will tell, I guess, but other than all that, we still get some more personal stuff with Damon. There appears to be some major sibling rivalry between these two. Damon clearly shows he can be a challenge: he managed to swipe Stefan's ring off his finger (something that will for sure figure importantly in the future) in their little struggle out the window, and has shown he can to some extent manipulate nature (the crow, the fog). So it will be very entertaining to watch how Damon will unfold, shaking things up. He was obviously the one stalking Elena at the graveyard, and I now assume he's the one who attacked the couple at the beginning of the ep, as well as Vicky at the party, conveniently trying to set Stefan up for a fall. It's actually very exciting, now that I think about it! But the history is the biggest part to me. What happened to these brothers? How did they become vampires in the first place? What made them turn on each other? And how does this past woman, Katherine, figure into it? Was she a love interest for one of them, or both? So many questions to answer and give us loads to look forward to seeing explored.

    Speaking of, other story plots abounded to set up various seasonal arcs. Aside from the main story with Elena and the vamp bros, we also have Jeremy, whose drug addiction and (obvious) dangerous infatuation with Vicky will cause friction with Tyler. And after Vicky's attack by Damon, she utters the word "vampire" to Matt, which I'm hoping will start the obligatory witch hunt. We have Bonnie and her psychic thing, which she says she isn't - but she saw something about Elena at the party, so she ain't getting off that easy. Then there's Caroline, who's clearly jealous of Elena because Caroline took an instant liking to Stefan (can you blame her?) but since Stefan told her that there would be nothing between them, she ends up making goo goo eyes at Damon at the end of the ep, who seems to be prepared to make her his next target.

    Really, loads to look forward to watching unfold and play out. I'm actually very intrigued. Odds and Ends:
    - For secondary characters, Aunt Jenna and Uncle Zach seem to be of fair importance, particularly Zach, since he's involved with/related to the vamps. Can't wait to see what his part is in all this.
    - As far as special effects go - this is part horror and action, after all, so it's gonna have them - very subtle, nice effects. SO FAR. This is only the pilot ep, so we only got to see some little stuff, mainly on Stefan's facial features turning, but nothing over the top.
    - Very nice music soundtrack throughout. On shows like these, always a good. Seriously, loved all the selections, especially the one in the end scene. Still humming it. I'm gonna start this ep out rating it a 9. Like I said before, regardless of my affinity for vampires, things like this aren't really my thing, but judging from everything I saw, I reiterate: it has potential. DEFINITE potential, and I have some really high hopes for it. And as long as people watch and ratings are high, and the stories and characters continue to improve, I believe this is a series that will go far.
  • Good start

    I'm in my early 30's and I really enjoyed this episode.
    Elena is a mature girl, dealing with life after their parents' death and trying to go back to normal and besides all of that, taking care of her brother who can't seem to move on.
    Stefan (now I know is spelled like this) is a gentle, good-looking young man who is trying to be a whole new person and make good in life.
    There are several members of the cast that I don't like that much. Bonnie's character is good and strong and the actress fits the part. But the ex-boyfriend and Caroline didn't convince me, I thought they were weak, but well, it's the pilot, let's see how they develop in the next episodes.
    And I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga and never thought about them while watching this. It stands on its own.
  • I like it, and I want to see more. The main character is a veggie vampire, who had a long history which we will probably found out more soon. A first episode doesn't say much about the rest of the season, but I'm liking it enough to keep on watching :)

    At first I thought that it would be another series about vampires, like others. But after seeing the first episode, I can't wait to see number two. It's different, and I thinks that's a good thing. The vampire boy and human girl theme is known, but I'm wandering how it wil evolve, if it does. The characters are new, but recognizable. I saw the webisode first and I was immediately interested in the series. I hope this one will stick it out for a while and won't be taken of the screen after a couple of episodes. That happens too many times and too soon if you ask my opinion.
  • Wow! This has to be the best pilot I have seen this year and it's much better than Twilight.

    From the moment the episode started I was hooked. This show has everything good looking actors, drama, suspense, romance, mystery, horror and more. I thought that Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley portrayed Elena and Stefan perfectly and they had great on screen chemistry. I have read books 1-4 and I was at first annoyed about the changes made from the novels, however after watching the pilot I think that they are better suited for the show. There was nothing that disappointed me about the pilot except that I have to wait a week for the next one. I can already tell that as the show progresses it will get better. Overall, I thought that the pilot was amazing and that Kevin Williamson has created a CW hit. Can't wait for next week!!
  • this a vampire themed show written by kevin williamson the man who was behind Dawson's creek surfing on Twilight's wave.

    I must say that the pilot is everything we could expect from best to worst.
    first, we have Kevin willamson's touch with good looking actors & a script that is quite good since it focuses on charcters & setting the story in motion.
    characters are a bit stereotypical but it is not that disturbing.
    there a few moments of suspense that catch us unexpectedly like the crow throwing itself in the car's front mirror.
    at the same time, characters are rather genuine to be liked except the dushbag from that crappy Cane show, if you see who I mean!
    Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley are great Ian Somehalder has to improve if he wants to reach old Spike's level
    In other words, a good start that can only lead to better tomorrows, enjoy!!!
  • Based on the fiction Vampire Diaries, we have the girl Elena falling in love with the vampire Stefan. Who's brother comes to make things hard for him and to take her from him.

    First off, to anyone who's read the original books, remember, this is BASED on the fiction not completely copied. This gives some artistic freedom, so don't judge just because it doesn't completely match the books. On the downside I think that all the supernatural falls into your lap within the first 2mins. Something I think is a shame. No suspense, nothing. Vampires, a psychic and even the tragic love story is presented right at the very beginning. The characters are very classic which makes for a good show but it might take a bit more time for them to go deeper. They're still a bit shallow and vague, but nothing you can't see past when Elena and Stefan bumps into each other outside the men's room. Okay, so the fog seemed very fake and very theatrical at first, but when you think about the fact that it IS supposed to be supernatural, then it should creep the characters out more than it does. For a pilot it's good. Of course somethings are still missing, but I'll definitely give it a few more episodes before I judge it.
  • We meet Elena and her brother Jeremy at the first day of the new school year. Their parents were killed in an accident the year before and they live with their college age aunt. On the first day of school Elena meets Stefan and things are looking up.

    The town is Mystic Falls and Stefan Salvatore has returned to meet the spitting image of his former love from 1864 Elena Donovan. The only problem is his older brother Damon who stops just short of making Stefan's life totally miserable. For some reason vampires don't like other vampires who stop acting like they think they're suppose too.

    Culled from the novels of the same name this was much better than I feared from the coming attractions. Maybe a little too much teen angst and it could border on a soap opera if they're not careful (90210 or One Tree Hill), but I don't think that necessarily needs to be the direction of this show.

    We have another vampire who wants to repent his ways and live off lower life forms other than humans. We have his brother who is sadistic and obviously just sees humans as cattle. There is the brooding female who lost her parents and is just looking for love. The brother who has taken an easier path. Then we have the rest of the town which in general is oblivious. Vicki tells her brother Matt one word in the hospital though that could change everything. "Vampires". Overall the casting is very good. I like Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan. His brother Damon is played by the perfectly cast Ian Somerhalder. Somerhalder comes across as the perfectly evil vampire everyone should run from. Other cast members of note were Kayla Ewell as Vicki the almost third victim, Katerina Graham as Bonnie Elena's best friend, and Candice Accola as Caroline the blonde who obviously gets what she wants whenever she wants it, but still has a poor me complex.

    The special effects looked good with the fog rolling in at the appropriate time and the settings appropriate for this type of venue.

    I understand that the CW is looking to pull in the 18-34 female crowd with this show, but they may have something that will do even more than that. Let's hope they take it in the right direction going forward. Thanks for reading...
  • amazing! Better then anticipated.

    THis show had a lot of hype to live up to and with the movie twilight and the show true blood to live up to I didn't know if it would fall flat. For me it surpassed all expectations. I loved it. The characters seemed deep enough to have good storylines, the actors are beautiful and you really could feel the chemeistry between them. There is alot of myster that will make me want to keep tuning in.

    I don't think there was anything that I was disappointed in. I would have liked the premire to be 2 hours just to develop the characters a little more but other then that I think everything is great. I can't wait to see next weeks episode to see if they can continue strong or if it was just a good premire.

    The special effects were very simple but that made it all feel much more natural and not over the top.
  • First Vampire Diaries Review from Me..Yay! :D This Show ROCKS So Good!!!

    I have to say it left wanting more and was just THAT AMAZINGLY GOOD!
    The best Vampire series since True Blood. With all this hype about vampires(Twilight, True Blood) I was actually annoyed that there was going to be another vampire production but when I saw the promo and the pictures I changed my mind...and now that I have watched it tonite, its even BETTER than it looked in the promos.

    Full of romance & excitement!
    I loved Damon and how he acts. Ian is such a great pick for the role. Loved him ever since Lost.

    Can't wait for the next episode. 10 out of 10 for the pilot. :)