The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 6

Plan B

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on The CW

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  • UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! 10/10

    This has got to be the best episode of The Vampire Diaries so far. Absolutely Amazing. I was seriously glued to it from beginning to end.

    My highlights of the episode are... you know what I loved everything about this episode.
    From Damon torturing and killing Mason Lockwood to Katherine compelling Matt to his death in the end.

    There were things that were so unexpected that it just made you go OMG! (jaw dropping), like Stefan unknowingly jumping into a well full of vervain (and Elena saving him, thats my girl)
    to Aunt Jenna stabbing herself after it is revealed that shes been compelled by Katherine all along. I loved the moments between Caroline and her mother, it was really touching and sad at the same time. And I have to say Caroline as an Vampire was a great move on the writers part.

    One part in the episode that really broke my heart was Stefan and Elena breaking up. Truly heartbreaking to watch.

    I can't wait till next episode. The Vampire Diaries is THE show to be watching right now.
  • Buffy, The Vampire Diaries style.

    After Jeremy joins Alaric in Stefan's little band, Damon seeks Bonnie's help in order to capture Mason as Caroline seeks her mother's company trying to reach an understanding of their own, a neat parallel is presented as the last of the Bennetts and the eldest Salvatore find common ground at the same time as Forbes mother and daughter do.

    In Damon's defense, he does wait until Bonnie leaves the room to start torturing Mason.

    And, in "judgy"'s defense, she does reach an understanding with Caroline before the episode is over. However their friendship isn't washed away, Caroline washes away her mother's memories along with their newfound understanding as the only way she has to protect her friends, like Tyler Lockwood put it, the girl has heart above all.

    Speaking of which, in one of the most poignant scenes of the episode, Elena breaks Stefan's heart after their latest stunt almost costs her aunt Jenna. Also without a heart? Mason Lockwood, which would've upset Katherine if only she didn't have a spare werewolf and already compelled Matt to get himself killed in order to secure it.
  • Plan B

    Plan B was a great episode of The Vampire Diaries. The stories were great, and the way each one played out was interesting. There was lots of drama, and a little torture, and some drastic turn of events. Plan B is a dangerous contingency plan of Katherines, and it is full of pain and tragedy. It was interesting to see Caroline growing as a vampire on the good track, and then to see her relationship with both her mother and Bonnie start to improve. Though her mother won't remember. I thought that the Damon and Mason story line was good. Damon is still true to being himself. It was really nice to see more of Jeremy. I am really excited to see what happens next, as usual the ending has left us in suspense!
  • Yay,the witch is back. An unlikely pair materializes. The heroine of the show starts to exhibit Katherine tendencies.

    I love "judgey" Bonnie. She's the only one on the show not fawning over vampires. The conversation of Bonnie and Elena was way overdue, and I'm still waiting for Caroline and Bonnie's conversation. Always enjoy Damon and Bonnie interactions. He'll eventually win her over. Damon and Jeremy team up. What an unlikely pair? Let's see who influences who. Damon kills Mason leaving Taylor the lone wolf (we know eventually he will become a werewolf). Elena and Stefan breakup again and for real this time. Really like this couple, they fit better than Elena and Damon. I found some of Elena's actions a little uncomfortable from staring at Stefan in bed and texting him every five minutes because she wasn't in the in crowd of the discussion with Damon, Bonnie and Stefan. I'm beginning to like Caroline again, the moments with her Mom in the basement were great. Glad her Mom is still alive. And who saw what Katherine planned coming regarding Elena's aunt. I didn't. This show really doesn't mind offing people, I barely got to even know Mason. This season is interesting because really is Katherine doing all this for Stefan, that can't be.
  • Katherine succeeds in her mission to split up Elena and Stefan.

    It was heartbreaking to watch Elena and Stefan split up. It was very well done, I must say, especially when Damon showed genuine remorse and sympathy about it.

    Yay for Jeremy getting involved! And he seems hellbent on stopping Katherine after poor Jenna stabbed herself. The scooby gang has officially banded together now that Bonnie has returned. I missed her.

    Matt can't die! I know he seems like the outcast, but I hope he becomes involved once the gang stop him from hurting Tyler.

    And I really wish that Caroline hadn't compelled her mother, it was such a lovely scene to have her accept Caroline for who she is. But Caroline wants to protect Stefan and Damon, so she had to compell her. I guess there has to be a certain level of mystery involved in the show.

    As for Mason dying, meh, I didn't really like his character. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • This episode was truly perfect. No. Excuse me. The word "perfect" doesn't do it justice...

    I freaking loved "Plan B."

    Let me count the ways...

    Things I Loved:
    1. The beginning scene. I thought it was pretty clever the way they switched back from Elena being in bed with Stefan to Mason being in bed with Katherine.
    2. That Jeremy is now in the "group." This gives his character such better storyline opportunities now that Anna is out of the picture and he didn't become a vampire.
    3. The heart-to-heart between Caroline and Momma Forbes. It was truly touching and we were in desperate need of one after Liz said that Caroline was "no longer her daughter" in "Kill or Be Killed." I wish Caroline HADN'T erased her memory, yet I understand why she had to. I have a feeling that she'll find out again, but it'll be a while down the road.
    4. Katherine. What a major witch with a b. I freaking love her. She's the best villain that television has seen for quite some time. I got chills when she was on the phone with Elena and had Jenna stab herself. I screamed. Ha. I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to Jenna, though. I'm quite thankful that she didn't meet her demise. And then the end of the episode... What an 'OMG' moment! Compelling Matt to let Tyler kill him so that Tyler will become a werewolf... Didn't see that coming. This is what I think is going to happen. Well, two possibilities.
    A. Matt will die at Tyler's hands and Tyler will transform.
    B. Matt will ALMOST die at Tyler's hands, but will be "un-compelled" somehow. I suspect that Tyler will kill Katherine down the road and that is how he will turn into a werewolf.
    5. That Elena and Stefan broke up. Now, don't get me wrong. I love them together. But this will lead to more drama... and I love TVD drama. It's just the best kidn of drama out there.
    6. Mason's death. He won't be missed. He was annoying. Farewell.

    Things I Didn't Like

    1. Absolutely, positively nothing. :D

    TTY Next week.
  • Jeremy offers to help Alaric and Damon deal with Katherine. Caroline and her mother share some rare quality time together. When Bonnie learns some information about Mason, she decides to share it with Stefan, which leads to Damon taking action on his own.

    This TV show is getting better after every new episode. The writers are doing a good job with Katherine because when we think we start to understand what she is after and what she is doing in Mystic Fall, we find out it is not that. We have a lot lot of questions with no answer but it is good because first it is only the beginning of the new season and second all these questions are not confusing for the story.
    This episode was good because we find out that Katherine is not only tricking the vampires but the werewolves too and she needs something from them. But what is it? The girl band is back (Elena, Caroline and Bonnie) but their relationship is a little bit tricky. Ok there was a sad romantic moment when Stefan and Elena break up but I think that the fact that Stefan was almost crying was a little bit too much: he's an old vampire he can contain his emotions! I really like when Elena says the Katherine won... This break-up is it what Katherine really wants or this is only a part of her plan?