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  • Plot holes!

    I loved the show! After watching the series for the third time I saw a lot of plot holes which have bugged me now. Plot hole 1. When Katherine jumps into elenas body through the travellers spell why doesn't Bonnie realise that Katherine hasn't died as she's now the anchor and all dead supernaturals have to pass through her?

    Plot hole 2. When Alaric was an original and compelled elena, when he was stripped of his vampirism he was technically a dead vampire, why didn't his compulsion wear off of her?

    Plot hole 3. Whilst mystic falls has the antimagic thing, why is Matt and Jeremy still alive seeing as they died multiple times with the magic ring which brought them back to life so shouldn't they die seeing as the magic should have been stripped?

    Plot hole 4. In the pilot and first few episodes Damon could use the mist and there was a crow where he was, why couldn't any other vampire do this and why did it suddenly stop happening?

    Plot hole 5. When Bonnie brought her dead friends back from the other side, where the hell was aunt Jenna? Why didn't she come back and why did Jeremy never see her when he was talking to ghosts or why did she never appear when the veil dropped?

    Plot hole 6. Katherine was drinking a small amount of vervaine to build an immunity against it, the Salvatore brothers have been vervained multiple times whilst being attacked so why have they not built an immunity to it?

    It is the best show i have ever seen.. I m so addicted to this i still cant stop watching it. I have whole show in my laptop and every now and then i stop whatever i m watching and watch any scene of it. The dialogues, the actors, the story, the way they show relationship between characters. The brother bond between damon and stefan, the mother daughter bond between caroline and liz, the friendship between everyone. I think no other show has shown emotions between characters like tvd. They became a family.. I have watched so many shows after this and nothing can compare this. I just watched the last episode again.. And it was EPIC.. ahhh i cant describe in words how much i love and miss this show.
  • Vampire Diaries - Stake Through the Heart

    I loved TVD and watched every single episode. For the last two seasons I felt like I was a vampire being squirted in the eye each week with vervain. I mean the plot and story lines were worse than a "SIREN" in your ear... sirens, really? Charmed, where are you? Stefan seemed like he was already out of the (coffin) door with his drab, unemotional acting and Damon seemed like he'd said his lines 1,000x , oh yeah he HAD. The Bonnie & Enzo relationship came out of nowhere and seemed like fake (blood) or something! The entire season 8 was a failure except for the final show. I will honor TVD for the first six seasons. I love you Damon Salvatore (episodes 1-6).

    I binge watched all 8 seasons and let me just say, it was the best!!!! There was so much drama and romance and agh!!! The only thing I didn't like was when they took Elena / Nina off the show for the last 2 seasons. It just wasn't the same without her. But there was always a twist in every episode and I just couldn't stop watching it!! I highly recommend it!
  • It was awesome

    The only part that I really didn't like was that Elena ended up with Damon in season 4, she should have ended up with Stefan... Team Stefan for life!
  • Vampire diaries was very great show

    I watched all seasons of vampire diaries....

    I love this show very much, Stefan Salvatore was my most favorite character in this epic series i was watching this show only for stefan's (Paul Wesley) presence in this series

    Apart from this i don't like Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) character... I mean she's very annoying and worst mean girl i ever seen. I hate her so much.....

    But now show ended

    So Huge Good bye The Vampire Diaries
  • Ending was epic and it was a hell of a ride!!!!!!

    so fucking addicted at first...... I started out binge watching this show on Netflix a while back and loved it omg season 1-4 was the fucking best 10/10 I can't say anymore!!!! Season 5 was where everything transitioned like it was good but I felt like they should have add more drama to make it more exciting to watch as well as season 6. But season 7 was where they took the wrong turn everything once Nina left the show. Although i have to say i loved the ending of season 8 it was epic but i was kinda sad because let's just say a main character had to die trying to save everyone and it was just fucking unbearable but it showed that they found peace after they died so I'm kinda okay with it i guess. Gonna miss this show so much.
  • vampire diaries ending

    This show was my favourite tv show of all time.. Even half way through season 4 and all of season 5 when it declined still loved it. Then nina dobrev/elena decided to leave I thought that's it its over but it wasn't in fact I just realised what it was really about the 2 brothers and there bond and how much they hated each other but loved each other at the same time. People were complaining about the final episode expecting a big delena scene but like I said it was never really about her it was about the brothers and there relationship. like Stefan said in season 6 he thought he needed her but he needed his brother more. The ending was a bit sad but I liked it especially the final scene with stefan and damon pefect end to a perfect show I thought it was epic. anyway rip tvd I will probly never like a tv show like this again.
  • The End

    First, I would like to say that I watched all of the episodes of this show. I wasn't always amazed, some seasons were more boring then others but overall it was a great show.

    Season finale, the last ever episode I Was Feeling Epic, was good. I loved the fact that they brought Katherine back and all the other characters that have died at one point. The whole plot that Katherine is the queen of hell was pretty awesome. I'm glad I got to see brotherly love with Stefan and Damon and I even liked the part when both of the brothers were willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. True LOVE!

    There were a couple of things that I didn't particularly enjoy. Example: how could Bonnie all of a sudden break the spell that Kai put on both her and Elena, how did her powers work all of sudden. Also, I love Nina Dobrev and I'm so thrilled that they were able to get her back for the finale. But, I feel like the second part of the last episode was mostly about who died and who gets to see who in heaven. I don't think it was a bad idea, but in my opinion, they should've focused more on the EPIC love triangle, or at least more on Delena.

    Also, one of the best parts of the episode was the MUSIC! Good job who ever was in charge, really amazing.

    Overall, I would say it was a pretty good finale. But, like I said, there were a few key things missing, at least for me.

  • #the_heartbreaks

    s07 wasnt rly th best CW cld do ,However we loved that elena was absent and i think Enzo should disappear too, no one likes his fake forged accent only part that got really emotional for the whole season was when Valerie broke up with stefan , man that was mean nd i think i cried coz of her sad spspeech .Also the 3 years flash forth's were a disgrace (noone likes spoilers) .The show was lit back in the day wen we had real villains (oh hail the originals) now we are just watching coz we are already addicts.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing!!!!!!! The first 4 seasons were the best....
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!! please don't cancel and keep Ian somerhalder

    Vampire diaries has literally changed my life I have not missed one episode, it is the only show that I have followed from the beginning, no other show has kept me this interested to keep watching. I am very upset to know that this is the last season, I would do anything to see it continue for at least 3 more seasons , we need to see what happens to everyone's lives please find something way to keep this show going. I'm not ready to let Damon , stefan, caroline, bonnie and even the hope that Elena will come back and her and Damon will lie happily ever after. We need a few more seasons before you end it PLEASE!
  • The Slow and Excruciating Death of a Beloved Show. RIP TVD.

    I started watching The Vampire Diaries when I was about 12 years old. It was my first ever 'real' TV show that I followed because when I was young, (on some ignorant shit), I thought all TV shows were of the Boston Legal/West Wing ilk, really the equivalent of watching paint dry. No offense to any fans of those shows, but when I was young I really just liked movies, they were short and sweet enough.

    However, all this changed when I watched Twilight, I mean the movie was pretty okay, it just left me wanting for more lore as the Cullen family really intrigued me, their backstories, their ranging powers, their relations with the wolves and the whole Vatican vampire crew. Overall I was super interested in this type of mythos, about vampires, werewolves, and witches... okay less so on the latter, but vampires for sure.

    Thus steps in TVD, probably the greatest vampire show for 4 seasons running. It was better than any other TV show or movie dealing with vampires at the time. It was more serious than Twilight, it was was more contained than True Blood, (no faeries and weird ass other creatures), and it retained the romanticism of vampires over the extreme sexual predatoryness of True Blood. As a whole for four seasons, there was no better place to get your vampiric fix than at Vampire Diaries.

    The directors and actors created well-rounded characters, with believable relationships. There were characters we hated, we loved, we hated we loved. I haven't even gotten into the storylines yet, again we find well-crafted plotlines, that contain a number of different character dynamics, it was fresh, it was zingy and because of that, it kept the audience's attention making us want more and more. Every break up we felt, every character death we felt, every new enemy we feared, every time a main character's life was in the balance the tension was there.

    Now, of course, TVD is no Game of Thrones, so we had some semblance of assurance that our characters were going to live, but even with this, the tension there, and if not tension then frustration. Frustration in the sense that directors were actually working with characters and putting through their motivations in a relatable manner. For example how many times was there a situation where Damon does something selfish, to help those he loves, but he is thwarted by another character who has equally good reasons. This frustrated us because we actually cared about the characters on screen, we got to know them, we got to love them and they were like family.

    Exactly here, is where the problem begins with The Vampire Diaries. The creators have become too lazy. They've stopped being creative in the scenarios, the antagonists are a rehash of other antagonists or slightly different model. They don't invoke fear anymore. I just think they capped out at season 4.

    I mean every season there was an increase in the danger. There was season 1 with Damon, season 2 with like Elijah/other small time vamps, season 3 with the Originals, season 4 with Originals vs Daddy originals vs hybrids vs hunters. All I am saying is that every season the danger was greater, the stakes were higher, but after the originals, it is difficult to increase the stakes. I mean that's probably another reason a lot of people migrated to the Originals, they simply had greater stakes, better enemies and more going on. In fact, if anything right as the second season of Originals came out I began to pity watch TVD because really all the high stakes action had moved to Originals and I watched TVD just to go back to something more homely.

    It's sad really because the seasons that followed season 4, were like a dying man fighting for his last breath. Throwing out everything it had and hoped something would stick and really revive the show. I think one of the best episodes of the recent season had been when Stefan went to New Orleans to meet with Klaus because of his Rayna Cruz issue, seeing the two interact was great, albeit for 15 minutes. It was like a flashback to a time gone by. In fact speaking of the flashbacks, those weakened as well, they used to be well orchestrated subtly revealing the pasts of new or even old characters. But nowadays they are almost annoying like it seems that every fucking enemy Stefan and Damon come across they have already crossed paths with them oh so conveniently. Like for fuck's sake, even the stupid ass sirens crossed paths with these brothers. I mean I get it they are unique, but cmon they are just another pair of vamps.

    I mean the flashbacks are one example, I could talk about the fact that no one ever really dies in the show. I get it, this is common place in almost all shows on television today, but I feel like TVD takes resuscitation to another level. *Cough* the whole season about the other side. Altogether this ruins the immersion of the audience feel with the mythos and world of TVD. What went from being a fascinating world of vampires, werewolves, and witches all attempting to coexist and keep their identities hidden from humans. Slowly became a world full of invincible characters, (unless the actors choose to leave), and one that is filled with super powerful characters who all have some sort of inclination to go to Mystic Falls and quarrel with two vampire brothers.

    Overall the show has become too convenient, everything seems too tailor made. It's not a living breathing world, it feels like a set of a TV show, it feels like the characters and their backstories are made on paper, which ironically results in the show taking away all feelings it formerly evoked. Sadly from a fan of the show, I am going to have to say that season 8 is going to be a letdown. The directors have destroyed 7 years of hard work in crafting these complex characters by devolving them. Damon is back to his usual fuck the world bullshit, Stefan is still on that no he I can recover his humanity lifestyle and the rest of the protagonists look like they could do well by fucking off and heading as far as away from the brothers as possible. A sane Caroline would go be with Alaric and the kids somewhere far away. Bonnie and Enzo would do well to do the same and Matt should bounce as well.

    It's difficult managing the expectations of fans and the lore of the show. I personally wouldn't want this job either, but if I did have it, I would immediately start by concluding the tales of these great characters in a manner that is fitting. If I'm being honest, season 8 does not feel like a conclusion, it does not have enough emotional gravity to it, it does not look to close anything. It looks like another filler season and that's what scares me the most. This is eerily similar to another show that ended on a very flat note - HIMYM. I'm not necessarily calling it now, but it is a very large possibility that we see a rush in the last three episodes of season 8, as directors scramble to shoe in an ending.


    Screw all the messed up comments, season 7 was AMAZING!!! I was kind of iffy about the series after Nina left (though i planned on staying a loyal watcher) especially since the show revolved around her. But man, after watching it, i was like "Elena who?" never end this show, PLEASE!!!!! And for everyone who has a problem with it, maybe do yourself a favor and just quit watching it and complaining, its extremely annoying.
  • It's time... Put TVD (and the fans) Out of Its Misery Already

    It's truly sad the watch this show go from being amazing to nearly unwatchable! I have been a fan of TVD since it aired in 2009 and I used to anticipate each new episode with eager excitement to see what would happen next.

    Now, not so much because it is just the same old rehashed plot and story lines. A scary big bad comes to town and everything that goes wrong is somehow Damon's fault and in each and every episode at least one character will say what a "F**k up Damon is and why do they bother keeping him around". For years I was okay with that because Damon was a bad guy. He revelled in that role and Ian played it perfectly. However, over the years there has been some real character development between Damon and others such as Bonnie, Ric and even relationships he has formed were intriguing as well as entertaining (especially Damon's friendship with Ric). And yet, the writers have just taken all of it away as if it never existed. Ric & Damon have no interaction anymore. Bonnie is suddenly in love with I cannot even begin to say how annoying it was having that just sprung on the fans last season with *absolutely* NO build-up. At the end of season 6 Damon chose to save Bonnie, even though he knew it meant he would lose the love of his yet Bonnie has (once again) jumped on the let's bash Damon bandwagon even though he saved her and let Elena go. UGH!

    And another thing... Why do the writers feel this need to make Damon so weak? In the beginning, he was strong--evil yes, but still strong. Enzo is supposedly 25 vamp years younger than Damon, and yet, he is stronger than Damon?? It makes no sense. Moreover, the writers want me to believe that Enzo's love for Bonnie is stronger than Damon's love for Elena, therefore, he has managed to resist the siren's song where Damon cannot!?? Give me a break! I though after Nina left they would start building a bond between Stefan and Damon, but all the writers have done is regurgitate the same old plots with nothing new except the name of the big bad.

    Come on Julie Plec! This song and dance is utterly boring and predictable guys! I really thought with the return of Kevin Williamson the storylines would be better in season 8, but apparently not. It looks like the writers really do have nothing else up their sleeves other than let's make Damon somehow responsible for all the bad stuff happening... well, at least until Stefan finds a way to save the day!? *Yawn* So tired of that storyline. What would have been great is if the writers had tried something out of their comfort zone a bit and actually started developing the fractured relationships between the characters--this could have happened while fighting whatever big bad they created ya know.

    As I said, it is just sad because I used to love this show so much and while I will continue to watch it because I am invested and want to see the finale... I no longer anticipate each episode. In fact, I will usually just DVR the show and let a month or so go by before I even sit down to watch. It's just not exciting because the writers are simply shoving the same old-same old down the viewers' throats and calling it by a different name. That is why I say it is time. Thank God season 8 is the last because the writers are obviously as tired and worn out as the plot lines they come up with, therefore, put TVD out of its misery before it is utterly ruined altogether.

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  • shut the fuck up! its a great show and i dont want it to end

    with or without elina, the show has been so great. i started to watch the series after season 4 so i'm attached to delena, and yes the show has so much sexuality, but its also (da not for kids). for me am 24 and its okay with me...

    i like how the show develops and i dont want it to end. and i like the fact that each character developed quiet well, thanx producers!! BUT alena getting out of the show makes things weird, its because the whole show revolves around her, and she was the 1st reason to watch the series. also (for me) i adore love stories, and i'v seen relationships graw in along the seasons. anyway, i hate that its coming to an end, but i want u to know despite everything u all the cast the producers all of the ppl u dont know, DID GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 love u
  • garbage

    are going to pretend that it's OK for a 145yr old man to abuse and sexually assault a 17yr old girl, the things Damon did to Carolina was unspeakable, then turning Elena into a slut by putting her into a lovers triangle with two brothers, and basically based the entire show around which brother is best for her,under age drinking and everyone slopping around in the same bucket,now let's add the fact that Damon also is sleeping with the adults/parental figures as well as the teenagers,and hide it behind vampirism and witchcraft gtfoh,something is mental wrong with the writers on here,now some of you might read my review and say you taking this to serious it's just a TV show,,but it targets teenagers and the underlying message is pretty disturbing, loners,suicide,abuse,rape,manipulation,drug addiction,alcoholic,witchcraft, but hey its just TV.
  • I was getting addicted.

    They made Nina Dobrev look stupid as if she knew how to act in situations. She wasn't smart. And her repeating history ( when Katherine loved both), that was a turn off for me. Elena was selfish and her being with Damon was a BIG 0. turned into a vampire or not, she should have stayed with Stefan. Both brothers also shouldn't have given her the house. DELENA shouldn't have happened period. The Elena thinks she's smart by making these stupid decisions, but really they were really really stupid. The show could have been better if she stayed with Stefan only and didn't make decisions on her own.
  • I used to love it

    This used to be such an amazing show that I'd happily give it a 9.5 but ever since Delena happened, I've hated it. Not only do I hate the idea of Delena to begin with, I also hate how Delena came to be. At around season 4 I just wanted to give up the show because of how frustrating it got. I hated the fact that Elena was willing to be with Damon and break up with Stefan but I could've lived with Delena if it wasn't for how frustratingly weak Elena was acting. I had hoped that when Elena turned into a vampire, she'd be badass and strong but she was as weak as ever except for the fact that she was a little faster. On top of that, Elena acted like a lost little puppy following everything Damon said. I know it was because of the sire bond but it still really frustrated me. Becoming a vampire changed Elena for the worse instead of better, like I had hoped, in my personal opinion and that's when I believe the show started to go downhill.
  • Where's the mystery?

    I agree a lot with the negative reviews made about the breakdown of character relationships and lack of connection. But I more than that think the mystery and magic is gone. From the reveal of the Michaelsons to the beginnings of Silas, there was an undeniable mind blowing dark creativity happening. The magic had rules and roots. I got lost when Silas turned out to look just like Stephan, I would've rathered he remained faceless or something completely new. And then a bunch of reaching and crap I didn't care about started happening. It was totally anticlimactic for me and a bit corny. I would love to see new magic introduced instead of just hybrids or remakes of what we seen. Maybe like a different space/time dimension, a different magical being introduced, a shadow world... just more magic and less unbelievable romance and underwhelming gore.
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  • Crazy awesome

    Good series
  • The real reason why TVD and The Originals suck now.

    I began watching The Vampire Diaries when I was 11 years old. I religiously watched tvd. Me and my friends were all obsessed with that show, all we would do is talk about how amazing tvd was.. I was so obsessed with tvd that if I missed the first five minutes of the show, I would wait until the next day just so I could watch the episode in one sitting. It was actually one of the best shows I have every watched until it just started to suck

    Man. first started diskliking it when Damon and Elena started having a relationship. I HATED it. I thought it was a horrible plot idea. It took me a very, very, long time to accept their relationship. It was only after I realized Stefan deserved better than someone like Elena (the girl who went after his brother when he was going through a difficult time) I had really shipped Stelena with all my heart and to this day I wish Delena had never happened. Sigh tvd would've probably had way more ratings than it does now. Anyway after a while I accepted and even began to ship Delena. But another reason why I looooooved tvd so much was because of THE ORIGINALS. I feel as if the originals were more than just some characters in tvd they seemed to come off as main characters. And I loved them. But more than anything I believe everyone loved klaus but loved him even more when he was with caroline. Klaroline was one of the biggest ships I worshipped. I strongly believed they would be together but nope My favorite seasons of TVD was season 2&3, which were the seasons where klaroline was happening plus Stefan was with Elena. I started to dislike tvd season 4. And then it just kept getting worse. Every week I would tell myself hmm okay maybe next week is gonna be better&nope it still sucked I remember before in tvd there were so many things happening at the same time! It was never just one problem, it was many. And that made tvd a wonderful, thrilling show! Ever since season 4 I kept telling myself it would get better but finally during the mid season of season 6 I had gave up all hope on the vampire diaries and I quit it. It was very hard but ehh tvd was shit then and is now . I used to watch the originals as well and I thought it was pretty interesting. But reason why I quit the originals was because how they really just quit klaroline. Klaroline was a very huge ship and I believe a lotttttttttt of people would've kept watching tvd and the originals if they stayed together. Episode where i stopped watching the originals was when that psychiatrist girl I forgot her name got killed and klaus turned her into a vampire and they're together now. i figured she would end up being a vampire. I'm pretty sure fans wouldn't have been so angry with the originals and tvd if they showed klaus grieving over the fact that him and Caroline are no more. It was such a terrible idea how they just jumped right into the originals and klaus didn't even seem to miss Caroline. Same goes for Caroline, she seemed to forget klaus quite fast. This upsetted many of us. Klaroline was so huge but within a matter of one seasons they killed them! Also klaus kissed the psychiatrist which basically made me come to my conclusion that tvd and the originals, the shows which I loved suck ass. I wouldn't recommend this show to no one unless they just want to watch two seasons which is 2&3of tvd. But overall i believe the actors playing the roles were amazing I loved them! Nina , Ian , Paul, Joseph and the many more were just wonderful and I really appreciate the work they put into tvd and the originals.
  • Pretty little liars lovers

    Ok honestly this is the best show I've ever watched ever since the first episode I've just loved it the way they portray love is just absolutely perfect it's also really interesting I wish it wasn't ending at season 8 because it's so good the only thing I personally don't like is Delena Damon and Elena just don't work I feel like Elena and Stephen were the best couple ever shown on tv I also feel like if they spiced up season 8 with the reunion of stelena the show might have a chance to come back or even a good ending even sterilize would be really good
  • Praying for a good Season 8

    I loved the first four seasons of the vampire diaries and I will watch as many seasons as they air because the characters are somehow part of my family. However, this season was so confusing... I will have to watch it again to understand it (especially the second half)

    I think there is one major problem. Now, the characters are completely unrooted. Their relatives are dead, Mystic Falls is desert and they hate each other. I think it is very difficult to handle a plot like that. Besides, a good villain with a good motivation is needed urgently.

    Elena stopped having chemistry with Damon last season, when Alaric compelled her to forgot her memories. In my opinion, that relationship never made a full recovery. I don't like Bonenzo neither Steroline. Bonnie has always been strong, but now she doesn't even seem human anymore. Finally, Damon has been a saint for a few seasons; it doesn't makes sense anymore that Stephan blames him for everything he doesn't like is his life.

    Lily's arc was good, although Damon felt sorry too soon (when he was inside the stone).
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • What I now think of the vampire diaries

    Ok so The Vampire Diaries is a great show in all but season 7 just kills the magic .Like seriously Mystic Falls Damon [Not dead meaning he's not alive dead meaning He's gone],No good romance, No life threatening situations. The show just lost its life .all the show is now is boring.
  • Julie Plec Wake up! You are ruining The Vampire Diaries!

    I used to love TVD. I waited each week for Thursday so that I could DVR it. Every week, I waited anxiously to start watching it halfway through (so I could skip commercials) and get my Damon fix! ;) However, this season has been such a let down, not even Ian can fix it. It has been sloppy and confusing. Too much time and energy wasted on Julian, Lily and the heretics that no one really cared about anyways. The Damon bashing has reached an all-time high, and that is despite the many sacrifices he has made for everyone, none of which anyone seems to notice, nor remember--writers and characters alike! I can see why the ratings for this show have plummeted, and it really has nothing to do with Nina Dobrev leaving the show. It has more to do with the confusing, and yet still boringly predictable if all else fails blame Damon because that has always worked in the past! My God! Can't the writers find a new dog and pony show to give the viewers?! Damon bashing was fine in the first four season--he deserved it! However, in the last few seasons he has made some serious changes. He makes the tough choices that no one wants to make for the people he loves, and yet, he never--and I mean NEVER gets any credit. I think the writers just kick the Damon character around so much because of how popular Ian is and they know they can get away with it. Well, not anymore. I am done! It was bad enough the way they kept flashing forward in such a ridiculous way that never let the audience know just what the heck was happening, but then we were forced to watch the Bonnie/Enzo relationship just appear in one episode--just a week or so before that she was chopping off his hand!! Real sloppy and completely unbelievable, not to mention unwatchable, I fast forwarded through every one of the B/E scenes! And then there was the scenes that made me realize this show no loner cares about the relationships between the characters. I cannot help but believe the writers simply want to continue to pigeon hole each character into their tiny little frame because they keep writing the same old plot lines with just a different villain in the mix! It is boring and predictable--find something new and exciting will you? How about actually allowing the other characters to acknowledge the growth Damon has had, huh? Now that would be a real crazy thing, hmm? I swear, I thought the Damon bashing was bad earlier in the series, but this season was like all six seasons before it--X's 10! And when I was forced to watch every single character in the show say what a piece of crap Damon is--literally in one episode, I think every character in the episode said how bad Damon was and how everything would be better without him! And yet, when he goes to do just that--(because yes, those insightful writers have no other tricks up their sleeves!) Stefan, Ric and then Bonnie all turn their backs on him and in some form or another tell him they are done with him!

    I have taken the Damon abuse for a long-long time because Ian was so you have given him nothing to work with this season. This is nothing more than a boring plot with the same old soccer ball (Damon) to kick around when you run out of interesting things to write about! Snooozzee! This is why TVD are about to be cancelled! Wake the heck up, Julie Plec, you've finally gone too far! Give us something new andf exciting--please, before you lose the last of the loyal fans you still have!!!!!!!!!!
  • No longer a great show

    I was obsessed with vampire diaries a few years back. Season 2-4 were spectacular. But something went wrong. I don't think it matters who you ship or where particular storylines went wrong. The problem is in the breakdown of all the relationships these past few seasons. Friendships, romantic entanglements, family ties have all been demolished in ways that are hard to imagine while watching the earlier seasons. Season 7 is some of the absolute worst television I've ever watched. Shows like this that deal with supernatural elements always do well because of a deeply loving and loyal relationship of the core characters. They aren't all related by blood but they would die and kill for one another. Yet season 7 of vampire diaries has destroyed all of that. Elenas gone and no one has even bothered to try figuring out a way to break that spell (even though they became pretty chummy with the heretics). Matt hates all vampires and sets it up for Stefan to be killed despite these characters deep history or even matts history with Caroline and Elena. Jeremy drops out of sight without an explanation for why he didn't come back for Bonnie once she was no longer dead when he spent his last season being a drugged drunk mourning her death. Alaric hates Damon, Enzo and Damon haven't barely spoken since Enzo's initial appearance. Caroline and Stefan were dating and then suddenly they weren't. We have wasted a season on heretics that no one cares about. Stefan hates Damon. Vonnie hates Damon. No one cares about eachother anymore and it's crap. Why watch? The rich history between the characters has all been erased and there's just nothing left. Nothing.
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