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The Vampire Diaries

Thursday 8:00 PM on The CW Premiered Sep 10, 2009 In Season



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    It's more of a teenage love story than a vampire story, Mystic Falls is a natural magnet of supernatural disaster and none of the main characters dies (or stays dead). We have long before accepted that. Why can't they? Enough already with the ever whining, hypocritically moral, I-cannot-decide-who-or-what-I-want, poor Elena who has suffered so many great losses. Honestly, exept for her foster parents and an aunt, what has Elena lost? Both her boyfriends - who by the way are brothers and no one seems to care while everybody accused Katherine for the same reason - keep dying and then coming back, her brother came back, even her former/current teacher-father figure came back from the dead and I'm pretty sure her best friend is about to escape her fate too, soon. And Elena was a doppleganger and now she's a vampire. I mean, most of us are neither and have sustained heavier losses. And, moral? Elena? Please... Whoever theatens her little gang is a monster and must be put down for the greater good, but if any of her friends, or herself, snaps out and accidentally kills a town, she is sad for half an episode and it's ok, lets go to the grill, joy! That has nothing to do with the beautiful actress playing Elena, of course. She was great as Katherine. the character just sucks!

    Now, I won't even begin with Caroline. She is one of the most annoying, stupid characters in the history of tv shows. Ever! Klaus should have been high on bad blood or vervain the whole time while in Mystic Falls. Seriously, mate, you deserve way better!

    Stefan is a vampire in denial for more than 150 years. You are a vampire, Stefan! Vampires kill people. It's what they do for a living, literally. Get over with it or suicide, already!

    Damon is the only character that makes sincere efforts to keep up with his identity as a vampire in a decent way, and, of course, he is the bad guy! He is in love, now, and he tries to impress the "Virgin Bloody Mary" he fell for, we understand that, but I believe in Damon. He will return to his ways one day!

    Does anyone else wonder why they keep putting up with the arrogant nobody with the Italian name and the British accent? Why does't anyone just kill Enzo, already? They have killed far less meddling, annoying characters! Why??

    Overall, the show was decent for as long as there were main characters who were still human (Matt, the overhelpful fang-hug and Jeremy, the depressed ex-hunter do not count) and the Originals were in it. Now, it's all about whining vampires and an indifferent love story. Not for me anymore. Sorry...
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Recurring plots

    Catch the bad guy Bicker on how to kill the bad guy while the bad guy figures out an escape. Bad guy escapes (all the bad guys did for the nth time in the last 6 seasons). More guy wreaks havoc. Repeat.

    I'm sick an tired of screaming at the screen because al they have to do is wither shoot, or put a stake through the heart, or rip their head off or their hearts out, but NO--They have to start bickering like immature kids and then the bad guy gets away. Again. For the nth time. In all 6 seasons. I've had it!
  • Nice show but ending was like

    Damon shouldn't died at the end keeps me crying :(
  • Should not end

    I like this show so much!! they should not end this show
  • keep the show on

    everyone is more than entitled to have their own opinion but everyone keeps mentioning how sheriff forbs should just be healed by vampire blood and yes fair enough its suppost to cure everything so when she found out she would of just told her daughter to heal her witch she didnt this meaning maybe she didnt want to b cured the story line in vampire diaries is great and something i look forward to watching i think the plot will continue to improve and not only that you can not just cancel a show when ever u feel like it just becaus ea few people have gone of it when people who do still want to watch it are sat waiting to see what happens to Elena and bonnie and joe
  • WAS Best show back in 2009/2012

    Now this is the wrost show on the TV. Should ended after season 4.

    This was my last episode, we saw in season 5 that Elena father was curing children with cancer with vampire blood and now vampire blood can't cure cancer? Really? Looks like all the writeres are gone and the new ones didn't even bother to watch what happened before in the show...

  • enough!

    now i think the show must be ended...

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  • Christmas Thru Your Eyes

    ***this contains spoilers***Let me first say that I like the show and have been watching it from the beginning. And since the beginning, vampire blood has cured EVERYTHING!!! And now, for some strange reason, it will not cure the cancerous tumor that has developed in Sheriff Forbes! Come on people!! Doesn't everyone know that vampire blood cures any and all health issues!!! It sounds to me like the writers are running out of ideas or they just blanked on this one.
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  • please just end the show

    i used to love this show, watched it from the very beginning. Now season 6 has ruined the whole show for me. when my boyfriend watches it i just want to turn it off and its so sad because i was in love. theyre bringing in stupid characters and after the 5th season, shouldve just ended it because the plot sucks, seems like they ran out of ideas, and the newer actors are horrible horrible actors. especially all these stupid witches. its getting so old and makes me so angry the way that its gone. i just wish the writers would kill everyone off the show and stop bringing people back. i mean theres only a certain amount of times you can raise people from the dead before its not even sad that they died in the first place because guess what, theyre just gona come right back. this show is the biggest disappointment of any show ive ever seen. even one tree hill and that show was on for ten yrs too long.
  • The Failings of TVD

    The Vampire Diaries started with a decent, honest concept, and then it became what every show does when it is dragged out for too long. The main plot becomes the romantic pairings and the subplot, is the actual plot. Rather than focus on character dynamics, development or unique villains, we see everything to be based on romantic involvement. I understand that romance is a major factor but when you do not even know the plot of the show, then you know it is getting worse. If you don't know the direction of which it is heading to, then you understand why less and less viewers tune in.

    In the previous seasons, mostly Season 1-2, there was a heavy concentration on plot, friendship, development and advancement of abilities. As the seasons drag on, we see the characters become one dimensional, romantically inclined, characteristically declined and sexually active. The villains are boring, one dimensional, uninteresting individuals who have no prior reason to be on the show. Many times, they are one dimensional.

    The writers do forget that a plot is suppose to come together, as a whole, not in crooked subplots that are disjointed. In the MANY romantic subplots, the main plot is forgotten and often left for the last three episodes. This is what makes the Vampire Diaries pathetic. You can focus on the romance but you have to remember the plot. The plot is what makes a show interesting. Just pairing up people, for the sake of viewership, just turns viewers off.

    Its sad to see a show fall. But it happens, especially when there are tons of love triangles, love interests, guest stars and the failure to use their main cast.
  • Vampire Diaries RANT!!!

    Even though this wasn't a terrible episode its hard to ignore just how low the quality of the show has fallen. forget for a moment, the really bad plot holes and the ever changing, incomprehensible Mythology because we'll be here all day. The characters are where the show has suffered the most and is breaking my heart with every new episode.

    1- Damon: Now i'm not a fan of serial killers so from day 1 ,i've always be immune to Damon's eyebrow twitches and swagger. But i do love a good redemption story and thats what got me hooked on Damon. But thats the problem,where is the redemption?, the writers just won't let this character grow or evolve. And it was at that point that he tried to kill Jeremy in season 5 or completely ignored saving Bonnie in this latest episode,(the same girl who sacrificed herself for his sorry pregnant-relative killing ass!!!), that i finally raised my white flag on trying to like this character. c'mon you guys!!! i know he's hot, but how can anyone root for him or Elena. and through him is how the Elena character has equally suffered. Don't even get me started on the hypocritical , self absorbed "murderer" that has become Elena's character.

    2- Stefan: Anyone remember the sweet kind hearted stefan who wanted to be a doctor? In Season 5 this character was rendered into nothing but a cheap ploy to create jealous tension in the Delena Saga. The way he treated Ivy was beyond grief, it was just so out of character of what Stefan would ever do. And the worst is Paul Wesley's current portrayal of him. the Actor just seems Bored and cold All the time. Seriously Paul leave the show if you're done!!!

    3- Bonnie: My heart breaks the most with Bonnie and the way these writers just don't care about her. A "doormat" is all she is. She and Alaric are the only remaining light of characters with any sort of moral compass on this show.

    Ultimately I blame all you Delena and Stelena Shippers, You guys ruined a good show. And I blame Julie Plec for even listening to you. All you guys care nothing about a good story, because you're just obsessed with hot actors hooking up so you can fantasize about them. But For me Season 2 TVD was some of the best TV i've ever seen in my life. it was more than just hot actors on screen. The stories and characters were charming and deep, the mythology was exciting and seamless, and don't even get me started on the fantastic villains. (shout out to my girl KAT)
  • Vampire diaries

    Please do not canceled vampire diaries I love the show sooo much keep on making it please I give the show
  • Season 6th of the vampire diaries

    Season 6 has become way boring! the vampire diaries was the first TV show that I always chose to watch, now it has become the last one! the first 4 episodes were way boring and it has turned from my best favorite TV show to the least favorite one.
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  • The Heart Of A Child

    The Vampire Diaries is a great series overall, however, staff writers of the series are becoming sloppy with regards to the nature of the content. It's one thing to see vampires biting necks, but it's a completely different matter when principle characters start glorifying "massacres" - Damon, series 5 finale, and the whole tearing people's heads off and pulling people's hearts out. Not to mention the constant snapping people's necks. But don't worry, it's okay, characters can come back to life. There is no heaven or hell, it doesn't matter what you do in life, you just hang out in between worlds for a while, you're forgiven and then you come back and get to do whatever bad things you want all over again. Certain writers of The Vampire Diaries are "seriously" disturbed individuals and it is "disgusting" that the censors of television or, heaven's forbid, Warner Bros executives, don't wrangle in their uneducated employees who are giving impressionable minds "green lights" to commit suicide or inflict harm upon others. The Vampire Diaries started off okay, now it just "sucks"! Staff writers, get rid of them. Hire some truly talented writers who aren't psychologically disturbed!
  • back from the dead

    awesomest tv show ever it was so dramatic lovable and it was amazing as always i loved the part when caroline sends a voicemail to stefan at the end and its so true!!!!

  • The Vampire Drama-ries

    Overall, it's a good show. Last Thursday's premiere was kind of lame, though compared to premieres of previous seasons.

    A generous 7/10 for the premiere and saving better grades for the good episodes to come.
  • Characters keep dying and coming bak to life...

    For the sake of the first seasons, i give this series 7/10. The pace and the acting were much better. Actors seemed to be more connected with their characters than they are right know. Now, the plot is full of cliches and silly teen situations. Really, i wish both Stephan and Damon dumped Elena and left her in her irresponsibility and her misery. Sometimes it just feels like we all have to deal with the drama of Elena and that her drama is the most important thing in the universe. I even found Catherine more interesting regarding her character development. So i don't want Elena to end up with any of them (Stephan and Damon) and see the bond between the brothers become stronger. Enough with the love triangle. On the other hand, i think Caroline is the best character of the show right now and i can see her fit well inside Stephan's arms. One think i surely like is the return of Alaric, even though his death was suitable for his character and well-emphasized. The Originals were the best adding to the show and it serves them just right to have their own tv series now.

    All in all, it's been entertaining so far, but i think season 6 should be the last.
  • Great show

    Finished all five seasons in about two months and It's a fantastic show, you get emotionally attached to the characters, good writing and good actors. Every season gave me a teary moment and a good show should do that!
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  • If u like VAMPIRE diaries... Watch WITCHES OF EAST END! You'll love it!

    Just gotta say if you like the vampire diaries... Which I love ... You should watch witches of east end... I am hooked! It is season 2 now and season finale is in two weeks... Completely off sets the time you have to wait for our vampire loves to return... And now I can't figure which show I like better! Ya it's good I promise! :) see yas in a few weeks! Oh and as for the finale of this season... It was decent.. Left on a strong note.. Who's not going to tune into to see how they bring Damon and Bonnie back? It's going to be great!
  • what would make it perfect

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh the only thing i liked about this series is when that vam-hunter said

    :"Good luck to you lads , the girl(lil ho elena) brought it on you , may you rot in it "

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