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  • Vampire Diaries

    I WAS a huge vampire diary fan. But it seem as though the writers are putting all their efforts into the Originals. I now prefer to watch the Originals first and as I watch the VD show I am bored to death. What has happened to the writers imagination. Can't stand the story line especially how it is being filmed with this back and forth in reality and not reality. Please just end the show or make a new storyline from scratch. The characters are boring. It seems Stefan and Damien are the only stars and even they are beyond my interest. What happened? Ugh
  • 4.5
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  • Close this show

    Hello to whom it may concern , please do not stretch this show anymore. Previously i loved The vampire diaries but now its tooo much stretching. The show must be such that it should be remembered forever.

    The story line is getting pooorer, and repeated again like coming from Death and again killed, oldest vampiire come and again killed. So buttom line stop stretching the show

  • Caroline is a B

    Nobody cares about you Caroline your a b*** get off the show nobody wants to see your whiny face.

    TBFH, I think they are dragging the show too f-ing much especially cuz they've been having a break for over a month. ALSO, I get that Nina left the show, but then they should somehow bring her in as a guest star and like u know actually make this something that is worth watching.
  • The vampire dairies

    I like the vampire dairies my favorite couple is damon and elena. I like the 7th season and I can't wait to see who the person. Is that's trying to kill them I some what saw the face but you can't really tell to me it looked like elena but she's supposed to be asleep until bonnie dies. Where is little gilbert (Jeremy) we have not seen him not one time yet unless he is some were eles. I can't belive three years later bonnie and Enzo got together I didn't see that one coming. The tv show isn't bouncing around it tell you what happend before the three years came so it's like the past getting to the future. I can't belive damon and stefan is in the rock I was so mad when I saw that I wanted to just punch someone. I love the vampire dairies it's one of my second favorite shows sorry but the first is arrow. It is a really good show I can't wait until the next one. And to the cast and crew you guys did a really nice job on this TV show I hope it goes on as long as it can. Love you guys

  • Why?

    First six seasons, great! Nina leaving? Not great, salvator brothers mother coming into the show, not great. I hate the seventh season and all of the new characters, they ruined the show and my love for it. I would watch the show on Netflix whenever I got the chance, then when I got a glimps of season 7, I stopped! It was terrible, it's not even vampire diaries anymore. Nina leaving the show was the worst thing ever and I do not believe this show will last much longer.
  • The Vampire Diaries

    At first, I got real interested in that show because of former 'Degrassi' actress Nina Debrov, but then I lost it. Now a few years later (which is now), I finally got my enthusiasm for this show back. My favorite characters on the show are the Salvatore brothers. Like: Buffy, Dawson, Twilight & Felicity, there is always love triangle. But that's okay because I really love Love Triangles. To me, this show is popular for two reasons actually: 1) Former 'Degrassi' actress Nina Debrov and 2) Kevin Williamson, who's the creator of *Dawson's Creek*, but there are other reasons beside that too. Anyways, I really like this show, especially Damon & Stefan. Best characters on the show.
  • This Show Right Here!

    I started to watch this show on and off when it first came out. The first couple of episodes were a bore and reminded me of the twilight craze, so I decided not to watch the show. But now I appreciate them after going back to the beginning in a binge fest. I was over a buddies house started back when the show first started and he had on the last episode of season 1. We were pretty high so the show was really entertaining. After the season finale was over I wanted more. Thats when he asked if I wanted to watch the first few recordings of season 2 and catch up with him. After they were over, I was hooked to this show. This show is The Best vampire show imo. The Originals has potential of course to be better but Vpd right now is mind blowing. The show has changed so much from the first 6 seasons. But definitely in a good way. Since the focus on the main character shifts from Elena to everyone else, The show is everywhere at this point, but I like seeing the show this way. The time skips are are so great that they set the tide for the season. I really wanna know all that happens in between "then and now". Heretics are the best edition so far and so are all the loopholes they exploit to magic. Their introduction in a way felt like the revelation of Klaus' hybrid status. I hope this show makes it to 10 seasons or more.
  • I Can't Even Watch

    I've watched seasons 1 through 6 on many occasions. Never disappointed and always fully in tune with the plot line. This is the one show I can just turn on while I'm doing homework and never be disappointed. The Damon and Elena love always captivated me, and I was always willing to watch that unfold. I loved all the characters and how they all fit together. I loved seeing each relationship unfold.

    I don't mind that Elena is "asleep" now or that she is no longer on the show. (I wish great things for Nina!)

    However, the current plot line is fuzzy and it bounces all over the place. And I don't like Lily one bit. The fact that she treats her boys the way she does, I find despicable. There is no love here. There is no clear indication of anything good coming. Alaric's love interest came back, but he has changed. Enzo and maybe a little Caroline.. could be a real game changer, but they are having him go a way that just isn't working. I don't see this going anywhere pleasant. Therefore, I can't even watch my favorite show anymore. The headlining actors should quit while they are ahead. Actually, now they are behind. But, I feel it might get worse. I'll watch another episode to see if my mind changes. But I'm afraid I will be too disappointed.

  • How Can a Mother Say Such Hurtful Hateful Things!

    I personally am VERY disappointed in this season so far. I agree that loosing Elena is not as hard on the show as I expected, But ONLY because it feels like a completely new show! This season is so different than any other season. In my opinion the show has become less exciting and more daunting. This new season has become somewhat painful for me to watch... I can not see how I can be the only one that feels this way but one of my biggest issues is Lily. As one of many devout viewer of the show, from the very first episode till now... I have grown to love the characters of both Stephan & Damon. We have seen Damon go from a scary, dangerous, moody, irresponsible, selfish, mean vampire/brother to a lost, lonely, broken hearted (first over Katherine, then Elena) love struck, which made him kind (in his own way) selfless, hero in many ways including of willing to die for to a fault caring absolutely lovable immortal brother/boyfriend. & Stephan always the responsible heroic caring forgiving devoted... exc exc exc Lovable immortal Brother/ Boyfriend/ Friend. So knowing how much these 2 young (immortal) men can feel deeply in their hearts, how they both can love selflessly, to be able to love so deeply they not only make sacrifices for the person they love but are wiling to die for have seen the pain they can feel because they have a heart... So to bring their mother the first woman both of them ever loved deeply back into their lives only to hurt them for no reason, but because she decided she had to stop loving them???? Yet her motherly need to love was strong enough she made herself new children???? This season so far has been very hard to watch. Everything heartwarming about the show is gone. There are hints that Lily might still love her sons but just wont admit it... I ask the writers how can you make a mother so cold cruel, with words she can not take back and then all of a sudden make make something happen that is suppose to mean her painful words were not true & it will make everything alright??? The boys should trust her? Especially with their hearts??? It better be good! We have lost half the characters which helped bring the show to life..... Even the characters left seem to have changed. Enso is one of mamas boys willing to hurt the people he "actually" got to know over a woman who he only just met & turned him in one day. Alaric is becoming more of a threat, selfish, and willing to lie. Stephan seems to be falling for (LETS FACE IT) control freak Caroline who fit into past episodes as the event planner /organizer and even her pushy ways were acceptable to help friend get out of their funk/depression ad live life. But I cant imagine sweet tempered easy going low toned Stephan being anything but a floor mat for hot tempered high maintenance Caroline.... who would REALLY have to cause Stephan's character to change if he is going to survive her without loosing his mind.... (maybe that is how he will change) Bonnie and Damon haven't changed too much "except" they both seem to have given up the love of their life without going over the deep end.... Not even a good night of drinking away the sorrows.... which just doesn't make much sense considering they were both willing to give their own lives to save their beloved at one well I said a huge piece. I will leave it with I feel the show has lost its heart & could you bring back their mother just to make her hate her own sons for no good reason! I cant get past that.
  • A lots of crap . . alina is a bitch . . whore . . a slut .

    What the fuck is happening in tvd . . seriously. ..

    In season 6 alina kissed liam . . I mean seriously . . fuck man . . what to say . . she start liking liam . . after Damon to liam . . like seriously . . wow wow wow . . now that annowing alina . . ever annowing alina makes me hate TVD. . . illogical . . senceless drama . . . . fuck u most irritating character alina . . . and yes. . . this shit series even make me hate vampires . .
  • great show

    3 things like to watch in this season

    1. damon switch off his humanity.

    2. body jump spell for elena to comeback

    3. elena (nina dobrev) wake up at end of this season
  • Yes!!!!!

    I loved it. I have to admit, at first, I was scared. I was like "how the hell can Vampire Diaries be Vampire Diaries without the main character?!"After watching the first episode, I remembered why do I love this show so much. It's because of all the suspens, actions and excitation I feel every time I watch it. Of course, it is not the same without Nina( Elena), but it was her choice and we have to accept that. Meanwhile, the others characters are doing a really great job and yes, Vampire Diaries is still one of my favorites shows :-) Can't wait for the next episodes!
  • very good show loving it

    For the first episode of season 7 very good loving it so much. Loving damon and bonnie
  • Ummmm

    I'm only on season 1, episode 4 and I love it! But what is up with Bonnie? What's wrong with the right side of her mouth dude? Is she ree tarded or something? Maybe down syndrome?? Why does her mouth always bunch up like that? It's sssssooo friggin annoying! Other than that... great show
  • Vampire diaries

    I love the show its amazing I'm looking forward to see next season and Damon is so awesome I will never argue about that wonderful show vampire diaries
  • This show is...

    Brilliant. Its actually a great hit in my village&town. Its exciting, adventures, dramatic and romantic program. The characters are amazing. It has very effective scenery every where they go. It has great story lines. I can't wait for the next season!!!
  • Kinda good

    I kinda liked this show
  • What was the point of this

    Primarily, what I was most excited about this season was Damon and Elena being reunited, because last season they had barely finally almost gotten to be happy together. The writers totally screwed this over, with Elena basically storing her memories with Alaric, which I knew were going to get lost -- just to create drama and create some sort of storyline. It would have been so great if they could have overcome everything and finally got to be together, now they're together and it's alright kinda and okay, but.. idk just feels kinda all wasted.

    My two least favorite couples.. Alaric & Jo, and Tyler & Liv. I just didn't feel anything real, it felt kinda forced, I didn't feel myself wanting to fight for them or anything. Usually I see what's the allure about each character, like why they're likable or how they're interesting, but none of that with Jo...

    I kinda feel like they resorted to Caroline having a thing for Stephen. Its just to amp up the story, it's the expected thing right!?? They were really good friends then feelings developed.. easy.

    Easy stories. Easy drama. Easy fillers. I don't know, nothing felt authentic or like it had any flow... felt very fabricated and unusual, to say the least.

    WHY is Enzo even still here???? His character has no purpose and his motivation to stay and cause unecessary trouble and drama, makes me laugh. You know the writers know this too because they have the other characters address this too, "Why are you even doing this?" or whatever.

    The only thing that I had an interest in, even though I felt like it was dragged out too long and eventually felt it was just there to create story, was Bonnie (and also originally Damon) escaping 1993.

    Kai? An interesting character, yeah. The whole which story and everything, is whatever though.

    This feels like the most wasted season EVER, with WHAT of a plot??

    Season 5 was kinda of iffy for me just because I always wanted Elena to be with Stephen, but I got over it and the story was still kind of interesting and led somewhere.

    I can't even shake the feeling from this season, the whole time I'm watching it, of.. what's the point?
  • whatta waste !!!

    title should be just vampires cuz there are no dearies plz don't renew tvd m tired of it instead focus on the more interesting..
  • Vampire Diaries is not Vampire Diaries Anymore!

    To start of, the show had an amazing and mysterious characters. The personalities of the antagonists had a magic touch to them, in a way you would both love and hate them at the same time. Damon Salvatore started as a main antagonist. He was selfish, cruel and basically everything wrong with the world. Despite these reasons, everybody loved him. THAT WAS THE MAGIC! Turning an antagonist into a beloved character was the magic of Vampire Diaries. This show made us all understand the hardship of every 'living' thing. It made us understand that maybe the reason why someone was so cruel is because they had a cruel past. The same goes for Katherine, Klaus and possibly Elijah.

    'The Vampire Diaries' was the name of the show. So, I expected to see a lot of the past and of course, vampires. As the plot went on from season 1 to season 4, I was never disappointed. I loved that Eleana went from Stephan to Damon. I enjoyed Caroline and her love for Klaus and Tyler. Mostly, I loved Jeremy's body! But anyways, the story revolved around the vampires and their wicked pasts. We see Stephan and Damon's flashbacks which all connect the story well. This made everything go smoothly.

    Here's the negative point though. Season 5 and 6 was a totally different story. The magic was gone along with the original vampires and Katherine. Where were they? (I know about the new TV show, The Originals, but they should've still showed up in Vampire Diaries!) Instead we have Liv, Luke, Enzo, Kai and the long lost mom. I honestly love the idea of all these characters. Kai has a twisted personality which brings edge to the series and Enzo has a really hot vibe to him. But... If I'm totally honest, the magic never came back. The story was 100% broken and moved on too quickly. I mean, what happened to Caroline and Tyler? They moved on so quickly! It's like they never even happened! I expected more from them even if they weren't together anymore. Stephan and Eleana weren't as close as they were anymore. It just turned into a completely different show. The new plot that they made in Season 5 and 6 was not bad; it just never connected to the original plot of the series. I love the fact that they are moving forward but I hate that they forget their pasts. It's like it never happened. It's like Season 5 came with amnesia. I liked how Tyler mentioned that Caroline was his Ex in Season 6 because frankly, I don't even remember. They loved each other so much.. for nothing to show for. At least Stephan still clearly cared about Eleana.

    Anyways, 'Vampire Diaries' should change it's title to Vampires Over Witches. I don't even see Stephan write in his diary anymore!

    If I were to write this series, I would have made Kai stuck in a prison world with both Katherine and Lily. Kai eventually falls in love Katherine. Katherine, the heartless monster, uses him but also kinda falls for him. Lily on the other hand doesn't recognize any of her sons. She slowly collects her memories of the past decades and remembers that it was Klaus who turned her--- not just for fun, he had a reason.

    Vampire Diaries did not live up to my expectations.
  • Vampire Diaries getting worse every year and the title should be changed to its similar film

    Season 1 - Good start for a good show

    Season 2 - LORD OF THE RINGS (Imagine almost all of the vampires have light immunity rings which should have been only for a selected few

    Seasons 3 & 4 - MULTIPLICITY (Haven't had enough Doppelgngers Catherine and Elena, the show added one more, making them triplets and technically is no longer a doppelgnger. But still not contented with Multiplicity so they made Stefan a Doppelganger

    Seasons 5 & 6 - THE PRINCESS DIARIES (Losing a lot action and focusing more on talk and
  • Totally dissappointed and dissolutioned

    I am so NOT going to watch next season. Not only did the writers take Eleana out of the picture but to kill off Jo? Really? Who was pregnant with twins and during her wedding. What's the point? Although I like Damon and Stefan, isn't the show supposed to be about Eleana and her life? I am sooooo disappointed.
  • saddened a great show has been crumbled to trash

    The end of Season 5 had much hope to it with Alaric coming back but with him changing back to human he just turned into a lovesick puppy with no true plot role. Ever since the Originals left they've tried to come up with some super powerful source and basically failed. Silas almost worked out and wish they kept him alive. Good writing could have made that have a great super powerful source. Also the Augustine Vampire experiments should have been a bigger plot role that lasted longer. The doppelganger part is dead now with Elena leaving so a major plot role is gone. Kai is just some super powerful bully witch with no believability to me. The cancer story with Caroline's mom and Caroline turning off her humanity and then Stefan was just a waste and filler. Originally from Season 1, Lexie would have been such a huge, incredible, powerful character for TVD to use. Of course she came back in visions and what not but I'd take her over Caroline. They've already gone astray of the books so it wouldn't matter. Also the werewolves story just crumbled and disappeared from TVD. Then I was glad to have more witch but then they went ridiculously overboard and it's barely been a Vampire show with all this witch crap lately.

    I'd say the end of Season 4 is where it ended for me but I can handle Season 5. Anything is better than Season 6 which is terrible and I'm honestly completely giving up on the show after this season's finale. Could care less what Season 7 does since with Elena gone the whole plot direction is destroyed for me. Glad The Originals is around now since it's beyond infinitely better than TVD now. And their witch stuff works very well.
  • Vampire Diaries has jumped the shark

    I've loved Vampire Diaries since the beginning of the show. But now all this stupid story line with Caroline has made me so sick. this show has jumped the shark for so many different reasons. 'The Originals' has turned out to be a much better show than the Vampire Diaries. I just really hope they kill off Caroline because she's so freaking annoying I can't stand anymore.
  • Nina Debrev

    Halleluja, She is leaving!!! Season 6 without her. will be worth watching. Couldn't stand her anymore. She was crying in the last 3 or 4 Episodes more then she was acting or speaking. Hope they make her DYE painfully in the Season Final.
  • My thoughts

    Caroline is sooooo ughh sigh!!!! would really like to know what Stefan sees in you... Damon always dah boss ''
  • aquarius32761

    Do you realize if they actually kill off Elena theres no way Katherine,Amara or Tatia can return. Nina Dobrev is leaving!!! And now that she's leaving it seems like they should just end the series the story line is rather beginning to fall weak since there running out of Stefan and Caroline, Caroline needs someone hardcore to handle her like Klaus

    They should find a really cool way for her to die and not just leave like her brother jermy So i could hear Caroline sing again

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