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  • Vampire Diaries has jumped the shark

    I've loved Vampire Diaries since the beginning of the show. But now all this stupid story line with Caroline has made me so sick. this show has jumped the shark for so many different reasons. 'The Originals' has turned out to be a much better show than the Vampire Diaries. I just really hope they kill off Caroline because she's so freaking annoying I can't stand anymore.
  • Nina Debrev

    Halleluja, She is leaving!!! Season 6 without her. will be worth watching. Couldn't stand her anymore. She was crying in the last 3 or 4 Episodes more then she was acting or speaking. Hope they make her DYE painfully in the Season Final.
  • My thoughts

    Caroline is sooooo ughh sigh!!!! would really like to know what Stefan sees in you... Damon always dah boss ''
  • aquarius32761

    Do you realize if they actually kill off Elena theres no way Katherine,Amara or Tatia can return. Nina Dobrev is leaving!!! And now that she's leaving it seems like they should just end the series the story line is rather beginning to fall weak since there running out of Stefan and Caroline, Caroline needs someone hardcore to handle her like Klaus

    They should find a really cool way for her to die and not just leave like her brother jermy So i could hear Caroline sing again


    why does Caroline want Stefan in his ripping state? that's not fair. actually guys, i don't think Caroline deserves Stefan. he is too handsome a guy for a blonde like her. maybe I'd prefer Bonnie to Caroline.

    she is a cool character though.

    maybe Klaus needs a
  • What to do with Enzo

    I have to admit when Enzo was first introduced, I thought he was a cool character. But, now he seems to be going nowhere. For one thing, his fixation on Stefan makes no sense. He is mad at Stefan for not looking for Damon. The same demon brother who disappeared regularly for years and only to reappear and create chaos in Stephan's life. I mean Damon isn't mad about it, really he never really tried to contact Stefan or even bothered to tell him about his imprisonment when he got out. So why would it bother Enzo so much. I would think he would be mad at Damon for leaving him in the burning building instead. After all he gave Damon his blood ration so he could get stronger. When Damon could not free him he just turned off his humanity and forgot about him. Sure Stefan did kill him, but then he gave him no choice in the matter. Please drop this crazy storyline and give Enzo something he can really sink his teeth into. I mean, for someone who spent most of his life in a prison, it is time to get a life.
  • The show can go on without Elena, but with a better storyline :)

    Kill off Elena and bring back Katherine! She has more spunk :) The show can also go on with Bonnie as I'm really digging her character now! I prefer watching her and Damon together! I would also like to see more of Enzo and Caroline :) And WHY did they have to ruin her and Stefan's relationship! Can't anyone stay really good friends in this show without screwing each other? Crikey!
  • Still my favorite show

    I will always love TVD it still has lots of action to me and lots of plot twist and with all these people saying its a downer stfu because what DRAMA tv show isn't. And Vampire Blood can't cure cancer because Vampire Blood multiplies cells faster, that's how it heals wounds in humans if you give it to a cancer patient it will obviously make the process faster you fucking idiots -_- (and I'm talking to the comment section)
  • My Swan song

    Sigh. This used to be my all time favorite show to watch and now all I wish for it is cancellation. It seems like as soon as Kevin Williamson left and Elena died and became a vampire the soul of Tvd died as well. I mean she's supposed to be the heroine of the entire show which she was during seasons 1-3. But after becoming a vampire Elena became a selfish self absorbed bitch like Caroline was in season 1. Everything is always me me me with her when before she used to be so selfless and caring. She treated Stefan and the rest of her friends like shit on the bottom of her shoe after everything that he did to save and protect her from the beginning. All she cared abt was fucking Damon. This show was supposed to be 'Stefan's story' but has turned into the Delena diaries since season 4 and everyone who's not them are basically stand ins for illogical plot lines and plot devices to hook up people just to give them a storyline. They ruined a great friendship in between Stefan and Caroline just so that he wouldn't be a threat to their precious little Delena loving hearts. They wanted them together so badly that they killed off Caroline's mom to do it. And don't even get me started on how her death made any sense I mean since when can't vampire blood cure diseases such as cancer? In season 5 Elena remembered herself as a kid witnessing her dad cure a little girl with cancer so why in the hell is Care's mom any different? Oh right it's so that she can lean of Stefan after she turns her emotions back on smdh. I'm so sick of Enzo I physically want to stake him myself. Both he and Alaric should've just stayed dead because they're useless and boring to watch. Glad bonnie's back even though I bet she sacrifices herself for the millionth time on the season finale smdh. It amazes me to no end how this show got renewed for a 7th season especially with the lack of viewers every week tuning in. But I say it's what they get because they've (writers, directors, producers) have been basically saying fuck you to anyone who doesn't ship Delena since season 4 and people are tired of it. I mean they act is if those are the only fans that helped them get to season 6. I've never witnessed such an immense amount of unprofessionalism as I have with the people who over this very show. Calling loyal fans who ship couples other than Delena and Steroline as "the other fandom" the constant favoritism to the Delena fandom is repulsive. I'm just over the whole damn show myself idc who ends up with who and that's saying something because I was once such a strong Stelena shipper. But now they could all go up in flames and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. More power to all that still watch the shit but I won't be with you on that one. I'm done with TVD
  • go fuck your self

    i hate to wait for episode like 2 months u fuckers go fuck your self
  • The Downward Spiral Continues


    TVD used to be one of my favorite shows. It was filled with action, intrigue and mystery and it excelled thanks to the strong bonds and relationships between the characters. The writing was amazing and every episode was something to look forward to.

    There always seemed to be a twist and turn around every corner and the writers kept the viewers guessing, building strong story arcs that progressed naturally through the season. It didn't seem forced or contrived.

    When I say that, I'm mostly talking about the first four seasons (when generally vampires were actually badass, not weeping or whining or brooding over The love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena was genuinely emotive. Katherine's scheming was funny and gripping and the addition of the Originals, especially Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah took the show to a whole other level (mostly thanks to the excellent acting of Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Claire The show definitely lost something when they left for New Orleans.

    However, honestly, since season 5, there has been a definite downturn in the quality of the show. I'm not sure why, but the storylines seem either mundane, recycled, or just plain nonsense. A lot of the time the performances seem awkward, and even though I was very impressed with Ian Somerhalder's awesome directorial debut from an aesthetic point of view, even that couldn't make up for the plot holes and forced interactions.

    Some of the 'facts' stated seem to contradict each other too.

    For example why can vampire blood cure TB, rabies and other diseases but it can't cure cancer? And if the vamp who was turned still had cancer after transitioning, then why don't Lily Salvatore or Enzo have tuberculosis as vampires if the both of them died from that disease? And didn't Dr. Gilbert use vampire blood to cure Megan of a congential heart condition? I mean, if it can do that surely it can cure cancer rather than worsen it.

    Also, I'm wondering what happened to some of the regular characters. Where did Matt go? Did he get so bored with having no storylines to work with that he just skipped town without even saying goodbye? Enzo just seems to be in Mystic Falls without any real purpose. And why is Alaric being given such a lame and pointless plot to work with? I feel like the writers are just giving him things to do as filler for the lackluster stories that they're concocting about characters bed-hopping or acting completely out of character with no real motivation for their actions.

    This truly used to be one of my absolute favorite shows but it needs a real shake up. I hope it gets better and finds the magic that once upon a time used to make it so special and captivating to watch.
  • Love the show but, really?

    So sick of Stefan flipping the switch scene and Enzo needs to go. I hope the show gets better soon. I'm almost to the the point of not watching it anymore because, it's so aggravating.
  • the originals and catherine big lost for tvd

    TVD is a great show no doubt , but the truth since the originals got out from show and then catherine , the story now become so poor and boring and i feel that writer got nothing new or inspected to write ,

    the show become more about love now, no action no suspense, i think more good character like klaus may save the show in the comming years, caroline and stefen is a big love mistake i think, the love triangle was the best thing in the show, damon and elena, returning so fast to love each other after wiping her memory of him also one of the boring thing in the season 6 , ideas are good but writing and story not that good, choosing character still good in tvd but the story have to improve,
  • Screw Elanie

    .playing both brothers makes her a disappointment to all females.... she should choose Dameon he is soooooo much better than Stephen also hope there is a season 7.... cutting dameon some slack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the perfect Diaries

    I hope they make a the vampire diarys 7 because they show literally made me cry laugh and express any emotion. This is literally the best show I ever watched. I can't watch anything else now. There is one little thing that I want I want is Ian and Nina to be together cuz if they make it perfect couple in a show they can make a perfect couple in the real world. I wish they never broke up in real life!
  • Bonnie's Prison World

    Where the heck does Bonnie keep getting fresh food and clothes in her captive prison world? Someone needs to get rid of Enzo, please! I really don't care for Caroline and Stefan getting together, it just doesn't fit.
  • The Lame Diaries

    I really loved The Vampire Diaries until season 4. Season 5 was meh, and season 6 is ew. There's literally no story in season 6 except for the witches, and if I'm not mistaken it's the vampire diaries and not the witch diaries so let the show focus on vampires.. if you can even call them that. The vampires have gotten so soft, you barely see them killing someone in season 6. Remember when Damon wasn't such a pussy and killed people? Or when there were badass people like Klaus, Katherine or Rebekah? Killing Katherine was the biggest mistake of TVD, Elena is too soft and she's only fun when her humanity is turned off. The show is all about love now and there's no action. I have to force myself watching an episode of it, hoping it gets better. *changes into vine girl* I DON'T THINK ANYTHING HAS CHANGED IF ANYTHING ITTA WENT FROM WORSE TO WORSER

    Yeah but.. The Originals is getting better and TVD is getting worse.

    Please bring some freaking action..
  • Choosing the Right Skin Care for You

    I don't really know bit similar to declare sonic it's probably not as great just because the brush heads a little bit smaller and probably more dense than a little Clarion one and I know the Clarion doesn't spend it kind of just like vibrate so I don't really know which one is better I'm sure they both work awesome but .

  • Season 5-6

    I like the show but the newer seasons are changing my mind. I semi liked season five. I want Stefan and Elena back together. He loves her with an unconditional pure love. Damon is just always doing something dumb ... And omg I hate Enzo I don't see any need for his character. Kai was getting annoying he kept coming Back but I guess the merge will make his character more humane. Once again I trip dislike Enzo I wish he would go away. I also wish Matt had something that didn't make him so weak. Season 6 is getting to be hard to watch with the above stated.
  • please please please

    please lose the Brit Vamp

    most of the characters on the show are tolerable

    but that guy is just plain nauseating

    if i have to look at him in another episode

    I will definitely quit the show
  • Vampire Diaries New Season

    The story kicked off with Stefan as Elena's first love, which then un winded to a tale of two brothers who deeply loved Elena Gilbert. To take the first love of the show and put him with Caroline who has been with many other characters, diminishes Stefan's character and is just weird. It's sad that Stefan doesn't have someone to be with, but it depicts how strong his love was for Elena and that he would die loving her. That to me, would've still kept the theme of VD which kept me on my feet at the beginning. Elena, is also losing her role as the main character. She is supposed to be the loving character that links everyone together. In this new season, she's rather someone who's MIA many of the times. VD is starting to become an episode of many different stories rather than one story with one strong theme.
  • This Show is getting boring

    I used to love TVD when there was The Originals season. Seeing Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol were more exciting than Silas and Markus things that was so boring, annoying, and weird. Season 2,3 and 4 is great but seson 5 is getting ridiculous and then season 6, It's so pointless and sooo boring. I really did'nt enjoy the first 15 minutes in season 6 episode 1 and the most ridiculous thing is when the ghost can come back to life without finding their body. This show is getting worst in every episode. And I still don't understand why Tyler become human again. Can somebody explain to me about it? And Caroline is the most annoying character in season 1-6 which means in all seasons she's so damn annoying. If Julia plec made her be killed in season 1 I think it wouldn't change the plot at all. And the mistake Julia Plec made was when Elena and Bonnie thought that Caroline was a bitch then why should they became bestfriend when caroline became a vampire? That doesn't make any sense. How could a bitch suddenly turn into a good people when she became a vampire whom is the monster that should kill human to stay alive? Oh and the main characters keep coming back from death is so damn annoying and ridiculous.
  • Never to watch again

    so as I am enjoying my Vampire Diaries I watch it religiously every week never missing an episode not even halfway through it I had to change the channel. it seems the show has resorted to promoting drug use therefore I opted to watch the new episode of Big Bang Theory is this what the world is coming to when a TV show has to promote drugs to get more ratings drug use is nothing to joke about it's a serious illness it doesn't make a show any better and it doesn't make the plot any more important this is BULLS*** I for one boycott Vampire Diaries and will never watch it again ridiculous.

    I waited a long time for season 6 and it had a good start. When Alararic compelled Elena's memories and she saw Damon for the first time again, it was very touching but now it is getting boring for some reason. The supposedly bad guy is Ki who is a complete looser and Enzo that was nice and with his sexy accent now he is going psycho and tries to hurt the salvatore girl. I mean WTH really? What happened to all that mysterious secrets behind their lives that made us keep wanting more and more and also Delena is now like meh! I really hope it gets better I really love the show but I'm not as exited as I was before with the past 5 seasons. I will keep watching it though but expect more.
  • Traveler

    Okay so if the traveler juju is in Katherine's bloodline shouldn't it be in elenas blood line to ? So shouldn't that make Elena a traveler ? I love this show a lot in only in season five but this came to mind.
  • The Day I Tried to live

    I think that Caroline and Stefan are going to be good together because they have gotten closer ever since Caroline turned into a vampire. Also I think that Damon and Elena are amazing and I really want elena to get her memories back. I read in a Season 6 episode 14 Spoilers article that Sheriff Forbes needs help on a case that has never been finished, a case on Elena's parents. What could happen maybe they will find out something big that will change a lot for Elena and Jeremy. For example what caused the car to just randomly go of a bridge their had to be a story behind their death.

    Luke and Kai weren't supposed to merge my guess is that something went wrong, they weren't twins although they were the same blood twins are the only ones allowed to merge. I think that Kai and luke's personalities didn't just come together. Maybe they are both fighting for one body. When Kai finally had the chance to kill Liv something was holding back its like he couldn't move his harm, also one important they might be fighting of one body but I think Luke is winning. Kai has changed a lot after the merge he may have his usual Kai comments but Luke definitely is taking over, being so caring and doing selfless things he was about to die laying there and instead he still did the spell. So far we have seen enough to say that Kai would never miss an opportunity to kill his sister and almost die to do a selfless thing something smells funny there, after the merge they are supposed to combine together as equals but Kai is fighting for his body and brain.

    Finally Bonnie has to come back and be happy with the love of her life and her friends, although Elena says Jeremy can move on, he shouldn't Bonnie gave up her life for all of them repeatedly and Elena gives up so quickly why? I think Bonnie will come back but not the same, she will always still be full of bravery but will not be the same Bonnie that ounce was. What will happen?
  • WHat Happened to this TVD??

    TVD is getting sooooooooo boringgg!!! :( I dunno hw they would go on for 7th season... Some miracle should happen in this.. :(
  • I just had to lower my rating for this show from 9.5 to 6, which used to be one of my favs.

    I don't know if this show can handle a 7th season. It's struggling already. This season alone, they killed their own mythology. Vampires have been around for a 1000 years, diseases have been around longer than that. why wouldn't their blood cure a human? And why wouldn't they just become a normal vampire if they died with vamp blood in them? Since they can't seem to smell sickness on someone, a vampire doesn't know who's got a life-threatening disease or not when they've been giving their blood to people throughout history who've died and come back as vampires just fine. Are we to believe that every. single. vampire ever made was a HEALTHY human when they died? This season is SO damn stupid. I'm sad now. I didn't even buy season five when it came out on Blu-Ray. I only own season 1-4.

    THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS MY LIFE I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELENA 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!! DAMON THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!!! the people who say its boring its not ! it has story lines drama supernatural and action its AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I still love this show!

    I started watching the show in 2011, i thought it was awesome! My favorite season was season 4 and I'm also liking this season. I really hope they bring Bonnie back soon and I don't understand why vampire blood can't cure Sheriff Forbes cancer. For the first time ever, I felt sorry for Caroline and that's a hard thing for me to do since I can't stand her character. I thought the coven story line was interesting and now that it's over, I hope they come up with a good story line to replace it. I'm loving the Sarah Salvatore story line and I'm anxious to find out how it ends. Last Season was my least favorite because there were so many unnecessary characters like Amara, Luke, Liv and the stupid Travelers story line which made no sense and was very confusing. But overall, this show still spikes my interest.
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