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  • Without Damon

    I am not going to watch the show without damon, he is the best.
  • i want damon back

    I love tvd sooooo much but I think that without Damon, Elena is boring and so is the show. I like Stelena but we've seen almost 3 seasons of them so it is boring now. I know Ian Somerhalder made a 6 year contract but what if he plays another role instead of Damon? Maybe there could be some chemistry between Stefan and Caroline. Plus if Bonny doesn't come, what will happen to Jeremy?

    Still I can't wait till season 6!!!

    finale was good but it was heart-breaking
  • Vampire Diaries: Is it worth watching?

    The problem with this series is the story itself. It is complicated - there's a lot going on. Rather than being a "great story" it slowly turned into a series that is desperate to survive . The first few seasons are good - the characters have their distinct personalities and so did the its plot. They made a pretty good story about how the vampire race begun but as the season progressed everything just kept crumbling down.

    They have a pretty basic love triangle cliche that I found rather annoying - It's the on and off relationship that most series has. I do respect their courage to really spice up the plot and they were indeed clever at some point but it was just too much.

    If you want a complicated-love-triangle-chic-flick then you should definitely watch this, but if you want to really understand the concept of vampires in this series then you should watch the first few seasons just up until the original family comes along and you could watch the spin-off "The Originals".

    I give 8 out of 10 stars for the characters

    Season 1 - 6 stars

    Season 2 to 3 - 9 stars

    Season 4 - 6 stars

    Season 5 - 2 stars

    (graded separately just to be fair)

    Over all I hereby rate this show:

    All of u haters need to shut up and screw yourself in a corner. Idk if any of u read but Ian Somerhalder signed a 6 YEAR CONTRACT WITH TVD so everyone calm your selves down he's coming back. And the show is just amazing every season is ended with a cliff hangar and believe me this is the saddest cliffhanger ever but ik he's coming back anyway they weren't gonna end it on a happy note c'mon people think of all the season finales season 1 Katherine comes back season 2 Stefan turns into a ripper again season 3 elena turns into a vampire season 4 Stefan gets locked in a safe and finds out Silas is his doppelgnger and now season 5 I love this show and everyone who is saying I'm not watching the show anymore it's stupid NO YOUR STUPID cuz we all know your gonna watch it anyway so just SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY and for those other people who thing the Damon Elena love thing is boring well it's not stelena was going on for 3 and a 1/2 seasons and no one said anything about that but all of a sudden wild morons appear and start hating on delena I could go on and on about this cuz you people aggravate me but unlike you people I have a life so why don't you all crawl back under the rock you came from
  • Down hill

    Agree show is getting silly now loved season 1 got me hooked but the whole Damon n Elena love thing kinda getting boring now ....... Sure Damon n bonnie be back in season 6 as there always a twist but Stefan and Elena should be together there true love from season 1 that got me hooked only to find out in this season it was just another spell that bought them together boring !!!! Guess writers are running out good ideas ... Was hoping to see Elena take the cure and become human again as vamp Elena sucks .
  • Terrible finale (SPOILERS)

    Without Damon there is no Vampire Diaries. He is the heart and soul of the show. Also whats with the "We need Stefan and Elena together". Are you serious haha Elena slept with Stefan's brother less than a day after they broke up, and you think they should get back together. I find that really strange. Lets have Elena single please give the damn triangle a break, but the finale proved that Delena is endgame lets be honest it really couldn't be more obvious.

    Anyway's this is definitely one of my favorite series but this season has really been a major disappointment. First of all they need to stop resurrecting characters for example Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't really serve much purpose anymore other than being Elena's brother. They need to bring Katherine back though she was a great character and is much more interesting than Elena. That whole doppelganger destiny storyline was BS and is absolutely ridiculous, I mean I know the show is supernatural but seriously? It's actually gotten so ridiculous that I don't think I'll even watch Season 6. I know they will bring Damon back he is a fan favorite so I don't think the producers would be dumb enough to kill him off for good. Still though, the writers need to step it up come up with something that will get us hooked again because this season has been a huge snoozefest.
  • Bud finale!

    Sorry but, without Damon... vampire diares not exist!!!!
  • 6 season

    when it comes out the 6 season plzzz reply me
  • Stop does ***ings spoilers on the site......

    please stop showing anything related to the episode in does revews and only shoa picture of the series or something, let does who have watched the episode and want to read about click in on the review.

    fyi: not a review and not my finall score for the episode.
  • damon

    i love the show , good finale , i can't wait saison 6 :)
  • This is my final season to watch Vampire Diaries

    Well this ended my reign for watching #VampireDiaries. Bonnie, & Damon were the main reasons I watched the show with Elena a close third . It sucked when they took away Bonnie's powers, then on top of that they killed Elena, I stopped watching then until Elena returned, but this time was strike 3. Damon is my favorite character on the show. I hear he just landed another role, and well Bonnie never recovered her powers and then they kill her. The only African American on the show?!!! It was fun while it lasted.
  • Why TH would you change Elena to a Vampire!?!!?

    oh so she could be with Damon, belch!!! skipped season 4 because of that crap and came back in season 5 just because of a waist of time!
  • Elena never went weak when Kalus took all the blood from her veins !

    and now she went so weak immediately, secondly what a pathetic way of taking blood out of doppelgangers !
  • holy shit

    episode 21 left me quite stunned n nearly in tears for once
  • Holy shit will Elena ever stop crying and this show just keep getting worse.

    This show cant get worse, I cant believe CW has space for stupid crap like TVD and the origianls but no space for Tomorrow People.

    They should have ended the series strong in season 3 itself, go on girls I honestly dont care if u dislike this. Just sharing my opinion.
  • klaus

    i miss klaus he is wonderful than Damon

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  • What happened?

    Is part of the writers' new process being drunk for this season? 'Cause I swear this show was interesting before the swan dive known as Season 5...

    I feel like I'm watching a soap opera now.
  • *Contains Spoilers

    I used to love this show. It had plots that hooked you and flowed well throughout the seasons in addition to the romance story-lines that didn't grow annoying (like a lot of young adult/teen dramas). The story-lines catered to a broader range of age groups than many CW shows along with a large and extremely devoted fandom that proves the show's success. They could not have possibly picked a cast that's better-suited for the roles they play, too.

    Then season 5 happened. I don't think I have ever lost interest in a show I loved so much as quickly as I have this season (I haven't even seen the past couple episodes yet, and honestly don't care to). The season 4 finale gave me high hopes for season 5 and all the writers could do with the character of Silas. Then they killed him off. Almost instantly. What?

    Qetsiyah's return also made me excited. She was a character that had only been mentioned throughout the previous seasons, but her relation to Bonnie and her association with such ancient history made her someone that could bring a lot to the table. Then she killed herself. Again, almost instantly.

    This is when the writers just lost it. There are so many new plot introductions and twists that the show's actually become boring. Just to touch on a few, the Travelers make me roll my eyes any time they come onto the screen. They practically came out of nowhere with motives so confusing I've given up on even trying to figure anything out. I don't even know what their purpose for being on the show is in the first place, especially in comparison to past threats the characters have faced. Katherine and Elena used to seem like 2 completely different people to me, but this season there's hardly a difference. Plus, Katherine's time on the show reached its expiration date a while ago. She's not alive now, after successfully proving how horrible she is yet again. Just in case we didn't have enough reason to hate her before.

    As far as this "love triangle" issue I thought was FINALLY solved in the season 4 finale, the never ending problems seem like Elena and Damon are making up any excuse they can to hate each other. Despite always preferring Damon in the whole "which brother should she choose?" debate, I've lost all interest in the path their relationship will take. Yes, the love triangle has served as a basis for the show and its story, but the romances and their complications were only interesting when they didn't seem unnecessary/forced. At least there was Enzo. Apparently he died too, though, just like every other potentially interesting character we met this season. Then he came back as a ghost? Good, more confusion! I think the writers put a bunch of story ideas into a drawing and made a goal to randomly select and incorporate each one into the script before season 5 is over.

    I'll catch up on the show once the finale is out because I still have hope for the final season. The cast is lovable and if the show can go back to its roots, there's still potential. I rarely find a show that I love enough to go through the trouble of remembering to keep up with it weekly. I just hope this one doesn't turn into another letdown.
  • Finally an episode that focuses on the Principal Characters

    Shockingly this episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I mean even Matt did something useful. Uh Jeremy's still as dumb as a post. Nice tension between Damon & Stefan. Caroline got told by Elena, but she fit in nicely in this episode. Now can we kill damn doppleganger story line. Enough. Damon & Elena belong together. Damon is the most honest person on this show, why becuase he doesn't pretend to be something he's not. Here's hoping next season the writers focus on the relationships between the characters as opposed to outside bullshit like The Travelers.
  • Come on

    The show is not as good as earlier, it's getting dull and boring from week to week like they don't have any new ideas, when Enzo appeared I thought it was refreshing and that something big will happen connected to him, but he is dead now so I guess that ship has sailed. And all the travelers sh*t is more annoying than intriguing, I just hope there is a giant ending of the 5th season because I'm kinda disappointed right now.
  • We need Stefan and Elena together

    We can't relate to any of the characters, they're all vamps. Big mistake to turn Elena into a vampire. The first three seasons were magical, but now the story lines move so fast they don't make sense and one can tell they're not well thought out. I used to be glued to the TV, now I just have it as background because it's intensity has gone. Stefan's love for Elena is what kept the show intense and interesting. You could feel what they felt, we got a little of it in last week's episode.
  • What happened

    I can't believe how much I used to like this show. It changed when they made the stupid decision to turn Elena into a vampire. A major plot point in the earlier seasons was that Elena wanted to keep her humanity. I can barely tell the difference between her and Katherine any more, she's turned into a needy, smug and disloyal character who is a world away from the girl we were introduced to. I used to root for Damon and Elena, but they made the relationship so dull and soap opera-ish that I've lost interest in that too. I remember the head writer saying something about the love triangle finally being sorted, and that was 3 seasons ago! Honestly, I just wish this show wouldn't concentrate on relationships or boring plot twists so much. Have a look at what some other shows are doing and understand why they're so successful.
  • Meh, used to be better

    I used to LOVE this show and when i say "love" i mean love up until season 3. Season 4 had a few great episodes and so did season 5 but recently there have been too many mid season finales that they just come back with these horrible written story lines, characters. They spent a whole 3 (probably even more) episodes talking about the witch Amara but come to find out they just kill her off the show just like that which was a waste of time. Any ways this whole thing (SPOILER ALERT) with the gay witch twins is just too much it's boring and they are not relevant to the show never mind the travellers that are in the show its just so stupid. I used to think this show was amazing it had a great storyline and greatly written episodes but now all i think is that Michael Malarkey's character Enzo is the only thing that is keeping this show together and giving life to it he is officially the new klaus of mystic falls now that Damon is no longer known for his "bad boy" rep because Elena practically chopped his balls off excuse my language ever since she's been going out with Damon. Honestly I'm gonna say i will keep on watching the show but the season finale better be worth all these weeks i've been waiting for each episode to come but i have to say The Originals beats this show ten times more. Sorry The vampire diaries.
  • Writing has been going down hill

    I generally like the new Elena, I find her much more interesting and realistic than the old Elena. She's not as sweet and innocent as she used to be but thats life. Stelena was sweet but I never though they were epic and I hope to see Stefan with someone new. I do love Damon and Elena together and they are the main reason I watch this show but they haven't done as well with the DE storyline as the writers could have. Add that to the multiple seemingly pointless story lines and the huge breaks between airings, and this season has been pretty subpar. But all shows have an off season or two and I just hope the writers up their game.
  • These Vampires Suck

    The show was super awesome until Elena turned into a vampire, then everything went to shit. Also, they think they are being clever with all these plot twists but it is just getting ridiculous! I swear to god if something happens to Matt, I am completely done with this show, not everybody on it needs to be supernatural for it to get views. If anything they are hurting they rating by just killing everybody off!
  • tvd music

    first of all... a lot has changed in the 4th and 5th season.. but the music i remember watching the first three seasons and actually enjoying them A LOT because in every scene i used to be so involved in the emotions because the background music theme they used to put in different scenes just got to me... and i loved the music they used to put when stephen was writing in his diary... and the passion and danger music they used to put while damon and elena were having a moment... i mean please bring that stuff back... now everything has changed so much, i still love the show and everything.. but i really miss the way it used to be before... and enough wit the i still love the show.. hope they realize whats really missing now..
  • elena and stefan

    I love this show but please put back Elena and Stefan back together that what make me watch the show in the first place the love they have for each other. Now they not together any more I don't won't too watch the show
  • Love The Vampire Diaries

    I love this show, and will continue to watch it as long as they keep making new seasons. I don't know why everyone keeps saying it is getting the same to me as it has always been. The only thing negative I have to say is PLEASE NO CAROLINE AND STEPHEN ... GAG! I think Caroline and Klaus would be much better. Also I love Enzo he is a great knew addition. I would also love to see more of is such a cutie. I am not a big fan of Jeremy for some reason. I think the way he talks bugs me and his acting seems awkward. I find him boring. I also find Tyler boring. Please show more Enzo, Matt and Klaus, Love them! And I will say again no Stephen and no.

    Anyway as I said in the beginning I love this show and every week I can't wait for the next episode to come and I hate it when I have to wait to weeks lol.
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