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  • The Vampire Drama-ries

    Overall, it's a good show. Last Thursday's premiere was kind of lame, though compared to premieres of previous seasons.

    A generous 7/10 for the premiere and saving better grades for the good episodes to come.
  • Characters keep dying and coming bak to life...

    For the sake of the first seasons, i give this series 7/10. The pace and the acting were much better. Actors seemed to be more connected with their characters than they are right know. Now, the plot is full of cliches and silly teen situations. Really, i wish both Stephan and Damon dumped Elena and left her in her irresponsibility and her misery. Sometimes it just feels like we all have to deal with the drama of Elena and that her drama is the most important thing in the universe. I even found Catherine more interesting regarding her character development. So i don't want Elena to end up with any of them (Stephan and Damon) and see the bond between the brothers become stronger. Enough with the love triangle. On the other hand, i think Caroline is the best character of the show right now and i can see her fit well inside Stephan's arms. One think i surely like is the return of Alaric, even though his death was suitable for his character and well-emphasized. The Originals were the best adding to the show and it serves them just right to have their own tv series now.

    All in all, it's been entertaining so far, but i think season 6 should be the last.
  • Great show

    Finished all five seasons in about two months and It's a fantastic show, you get emotionally attached to the characters, good writing and good actors. Every season gave me a teary moment and a good show should do that!
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  • If u like VAMPIRE diaries... Watch WITCHES OF EAST END! You'll love it!

    Just gotta say if you like the vampire diaries... Which I love ... You should watch witches of east end... I am hooked! It is season 2 now and season finale is in two weeks... Completely off sets the time you have to wait for our vampire loves to return... And now I can't figure which show I like better! Ya it's good I promise! :) see yas in a few weeks! Oh and as for the finale of this season... It was decent.. Left on a strong note.. Who's not going to tune into to see how they bring Damon and Bonnie back? It's going to be great!
  • what would make it perfect

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh the only thing i liked about this series is when that vam-hunter said

    :"Good luck to you lads , the girl(lil ho elena) brought it on you , may you rot in it "

  • Dawson's Creek with pointy fangs

    That's right, if wasn't for the fangs this could be called Dawson's Creek. It has the same teenage drama, only with vampires. And this is a very poor comparison, because I think Dawson's Creek is one of the best shows I've ever seen. But like all the cast of Dawson's Creek I grew up and I can't stand this empty teenage dramas any longer. The last one I managed to follow without the urge to cut my wrists was The OC.

    Honestly CW should follow HBO and bury this waste of time... preferably with a stake in its heart.

  • This show sucks

    WAY to go off the books and add crap that never happened in her books on TV. If you are going to use a book for the series PLEASE remember that there are still people who read and have read the book way before this was a TV series. ONCE you add stuff that never happened I STOPED WEATCHING!!! THIS SHOW SHOULD BE CANCELED!

    Okay, I know season one was forever ago but can we all take a stroll down memory lane for a second? Remember how Damon's presence was always accompanied by fog or the crow? Whatever happened with that? I mean, it never happened again and no other vampires throughout the seasons ever did anything like that. Did the producers think it was a good idea in season one and then scratch it by season two? If so, did they think if they just dropped it we would forget? Maybe it was explained at some point and I missed it, but if anyone has any ideas about that slip up please share.
  • no no no

    so everything was going brilliant, this was by far one of my favourite series to watch. i was watching episodes everyday and became slightly addicted, i couldnt help myself but look up a few spoilers to find that elena falls for damon and ends things with stefan? due to this, i can literally no longer watch tvd, im so disapointed and annoyed at whoever decided that would be a great plot twist, as i loved stefan and elena, they were tvd! i also later discovered bonnie and jeremy die? i was getting so attached to the characters and their relationships, such a good story build up and i dont want to ruin it by watching on, it isnt possible. words cant describe how disapointed i am, really. im rating a 1, because its heartbreaking that elena falls for damon and leaves stefan then all the good guys die.
  • Season 6 Ready! Maybe?

    This is what I think should happen with Season 6. Love the stephen and Caroline storyline they should keep it up. But here is where they need to change things up. Damon and Bonnie need to get together. If they develop the character and the story correctly you will end up rooting for them and be saying delena who?

    So thanks to granny Bonnie gets sucked into heaven or something like it. But she can't hold on to Damon's grasp so he gets sucked into purgatory. She is under some sort of temporary amnesia to move on and be happy. And she is but something goes arwy because of her strong will power. She starts to hear Damon and when she focuses on him can even sometimes feel his pain. So everything comes rushing back all the memories of letting him go. Maybe out of guilt she wants to rescue him so she gives up heaven to join purgatory or maybe cause she knows he would do it for her. This is a defining moment in their relationship because he was alone and in pain and given up hope. In one moment she was his light at the end of the tunnel. They hid together from the torchers sometimes he gets away sometimes, he doesn't. But she's their and nurses him back to health and they fall in love and for the first time can't see gong through the ordeal with anyone else. Time moves slower in this place, and Damon may still be a vamp but it's no help in purgatory. They have no clue what's happening on earth. Can they carry this love back to earth? Or will all be forgotten?

    Back on earth: Elena is falling in love with Enzo. Subsequently the same way she fell for Damon. So Elena reluctantly crys on Enzo's shoulders about their mutual loss. In the beginning their is a love hate relationship but Enzo makes her laugh and dare I say sometimes forget. She knows that deep down he's not so bad. Realizing that she wants him to turn on his humanity and takes him on as a project to forget damon but eventually they grow closer in love. But does she really love him? Or is he just a Damon replacement?

    Brief back stories: Alaric thinks this "project" between Elena and Enzo is a bad idea. Looks at enzo as a traitor to Damon's memory. Also helps Caroline keep Stephen from jumping off the deep end. Tyler moves on never to be seen again. Jeremy and Matt seem to be the only ones not planning the funerals and will work to get them both back. Matt is now policeman, Caroline's mom is mayor, Jeremy is a vampire hunter honing skills and tracking witches. Will be the one to pull them out.

    My story - 10

    The actual story - 7
  • I totally agreed with the one guy who said that this show was getting "dull and boring"...

    You said it.. Its starting to lose interest. I noticed i'm never nearly as addicted, curious or inpatient about finding out what happens next episodes. And I keep watching hoping to get back my enjoyment for the show.
  • i miss stefan and elena first season was a 10, and later seasons 8 but now down to 7

    Loved the series but these past few seasons have been a real turn off from me. Amusingly enough ( because I am male, and get clowned on for being fan of TVD ) I personally enjoy these love triangle vampire dramas. What I don't like is how Stefan has been pushed to the side and that Damon has filled that spot in her heart. When there was a chance that it was simply a biological influence due to her turning I was so hopeful we could get back to Stefan, but failing to do so has really turned me off this series. Even if Damon screws up, or dies, or some how exits the series, the fact that Elena loved Damon will stay. Grrrr, I expect to get a lot of thumbs down because a lot of people ( mainly girls that I know ) prefer Damon and Elena. :( I'm not gay either lol, and I realize I pretty much reiterated the same thing over and over most likely in this anti damon and elena rant.
  • Vampire Diaries

    I love'd the show from the first episode! But I think killing Bonnie was a horrible idea!!!!! They should bring her back somehow... Killing Damon wasn't the best idea but I wasn't really a big fan of damon and elena i was more for elena and stefan
  • Amazing. Good. Bad.


    The show starts off on fire. Its just so entertaining. I flew past the first two seasons. Love Damon & Katarina. Klaus is epic too.

    As the seasons go by , IMO the show declines in "wow factor" its slow, repetitive and 8/10 times someone important dies they just come back to life a way or another. Its pretty lame.

    All in all its a decent series which lost its potential.

    Honestly, i dont get why the choice betwn damon and stefan is tough. damon rules...

    *your argument is invalid
  • Without Damon

    I am not going to watch the show without damon, he is the best.
  • i want damon back

    I love tvd sooooo much but I think that without Damon, Elena is boring and so is the show. I like Stelena but we've seen almost 3 seasons of them so it is boring now. I know Ian Somerhalder made a 6 year contract but what if he plays another role instead of Damon? Maybe there could be some chemistry between Stefan and Caroline. Plus if Bonny doesn't come, what will happen to Jeremy?

    Still I can't wait till season 6!!!

    finale was good but it was heart-breaking
  • Vampire Diaries: Is it worth watching?

    The problem with this series is the story itself. It is complicated - there's a lot going on. Rather than being a "great story" it slowly turned into a series that is desperate to survive . The first few seasons are good - the characters have their distinct personalities and so did the its plot. They made a pretty good story about how the vampire race begun but as the season progressed everything just kept crumbling down.

    They have a pretty basic love triangle cliche that I found rather annoying - It's the on and off relationship that most series has. I do respect their courage to really spice up the plot and they were indeed clever at some point but it was just too much.

    If you want a complicated-love-triangle-chic-flick then you should definitely watch this, but if you want to really understand the concept of vampires in this series then you should watch the first few seasons just up until the original family comes along and you could watch the spin-off "The Originals".

    I give 8 out of 10 stars for the characters

    Season 1 - 6 stars

    Season 2 to 3 - 9 stars

    Season 4 - 6 stars

    Season 5 - 2 stars

    (graded separately just to be fair)

    Over all I hereby rate this show:

    All of u haters need to shut up and screw yourself in a corner. Idk if any of u read but Ian Somerhalder signed a 6 YEAR CONTRACT WITH TVD so everyone calm your selves down he's coming back. And the show is just amazing every season is ended with a cliff hangar and believe me this is the saddest cliffhanger ever but ik he's coming back anyway they weren't gonna end it on a happy note c'mon people think of all the season finales season 1 Katherine comes back season 2 Stefan turns into a ripper again season 3 elena turns into a vampire season 4 Stefan gets locked in a safe and finds out Silas is his doppelgnger and now season 5 I love this show and everyone who is saying I'm not watching the show anymore it's stupid NO YOUR STUPID cuz we all know your gonna watch it anyway so just SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY and for those other people who thing the Damon Elena love thing is boring well it's not stelena was going on for 3 and a 1/2 seasons and no one said anything about that but all of a sudden wild morons appear and start hating on delena I could go on and on about this cuz you people aggravate me but unlike you people I have a life so why don't you all crawl back under the rock you came from
  • Down hill

    Agree show is getting silly now loved season 1 got me hooked but the whole Damon n Elena love thing kinda getting boring now ....... Sure Damon n bonnie be back in season 6 as there always a twist but Stefan and Elena should be together there true love from season 1 that got me hooked only to find out in this season it was just another spell that bought them together boring !!!! Guess writers are running out good ideas ... Was hoping to see Elena take the cure and become human again as vamp Elena sucks .
  • Terrible finale (SPOILERS)

    Without Damon there is no Vampire Diaries. He is the heart and soul of the show. Also whats with the "We need Stefan and Elena together". Are you serious haha Elena slept with Stefan's brother less than a day after they broke up, and you think they should get back together. I find that really strange. Lets have Elena single please give the damn triangle a break, but the finale proved that Delena is endgame lets be honest it really couldn't be more obvious.

    Anyway's this is definitely one of my favorite series but this season has really been a major disappointment. First of all they need to stop resurrecting characters for example Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't really serve much purpose anymore other than being Elena's brother. They need to bring Katherine back though she was a great character and is much more interesting than Elena. That whole doppelganger destiny storyline was BS and is absolutely ridiculous, I mean I know the show is supernatural but seriously? It's actually gotten so ridiculous that I don't think I'll even watch Season 6. I know they will bring Damon back he is a fan favorite so I don't think the producers would be dumb enough to kill him off for good. Still though, the writers need to step it up come up with something that will get us hooked again because this season has been a huge snoozefest.
  • Bud finale!

    Sorry but, without Damon... vampire diares not exist!!!!
  • 6 season

    when it comes out the 6 season plzzz reply me
  • Stop does ***ings spoilers on the site......

    please stop showing anything related to the episode in does revews and only shoa picture of the series or something, let does who have watched the episode and want to read about click in on the review.

    fyi: not a review and not my finall score for the episode.
  • damon

    i love the show , good finale , i can't wait saison 6 :)
  • This is my final season to watch Vampire Diaries

    Well this ended my reign for watching #VampireDiaries. Bonnie, & Damon were the main reasons I watched the show with Elena a close third . It sucked when they took away Bonnie's powers, then on top of that they killed Elena, I stopped watching then until Elena returned, but this time was strike 3. Damon is my favorite character on the show. I hear he just landed another role, and well Bonnie never recovered her powers and then they kill her. The only African American on the show?!!! It was fun while it lasted.
  • Why TH would you change Elena to a Vampire!?!!?

    oh so she could be with Damon, belch!!! skipped season 4 because of that crap and came back in season 5 just because of a waist of time!
  • Elena never went weak when Kalus took all the blood from her veins !

    and now she went so weak immediately, secondly what a pathetic way of taking blood out of doppelgangers !
  • holy shit

    episode 21 left me quite stunned n nearly in tears for once
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