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  • Katherine dies, the show dies

    Katherine Freakin' Pierce was the life of the show. Everyone else has become boring and predictable; I can't even stand to watch scenes with Elena anymore. Like, what's so exciting about her? Nothing. The only thing preventing her from getting killed off, is the fact that she's the main character. Katherine, however, has always had more potential; how can the writers just throw away something as precious as the Goddess who gave the Salvatore brothers eternal life? She's their beginning and their end, always will be. Whether they like it or not. I believe Katherine deserves a lot more credit than she gets, and definitely does NOT deserve being dragged to hell. Like, wtf? People who have died before her and successfully passed through Bonnie were no better than her. They just hadn't lived and suffered as much, hadn't had as many chances to screw up as Kat did. I'm sure if they had been put in her shoes for a few years, they would've become a thousand times worse than her.
  • tvd lover <3

    kathrine never dies :D

    fuck yeah :)

    love this i am for greece and i can't watch TVD online and i need to wait a site to share news episodes with greek subs
  • Becoming increasingly boring, but..

    I'll start off by saying that I have been a fan of this show for awhile.. It was the first show I binge-watched when I got Netflix. I had often avoided it in the beginning because of the title, and the fact that I likened it to Twilight purely because of the vampire romance aspect. What started off as a pretty lame teenage romantic drama soon turned into a show that brought me to tears every other episode... Never thought that I would become so invested in fictional characters. I think that one of the things that this show does best is character development. Caroline is probably the best example of this. The second thing that I like about it is that it introduces some interesting mysteries that keep me on the edge of my seat.. Or it used to anyway. I would give it a rating of 10, but since season 4 I have been becoming increasingly bored. I feel like it is the same stuff over and over, not as bad as Degrassi, but still pretty repetitive. There is just something about the show that makes me forgive this frustrating fault, and I keep coming back every Thursday (out of boredom, but I do keep coming back). Not a bad show, but I can't wait for something interesting to happen.. Something that makes me eager for Thursdays again.
  • This show is turning into a soap.

    Do not get me wrong, I am a huge and loyal fan of this show from the very first episode. However, I find this season to be boring and uneventful. Let's recap this season so far:

    - Elena/Katherine Stefan/Damon drama - nothing new, been going on since the beginning. Sure they added the twist of Katherine controlling Elena's body but I think this is important or exciting enough to be the main story of the season.

    - Damon going off the deep end - nothing new there, just a slight twist of him feeding on vampires. *yawn*

    - Caroline broke up with Tyler - who cares. They barely saw each other when they were together anyway.

    Seems to me, the writers are running out of ideas for this show and it has gotten significantly less exciting. It is a shame because the concept is fantastic. Need to shake things up a bit, season is almost over and we are still waiting for the big event to happen that is going to shape this season. Bonnie dying had potential but they just brought her back to life so they can all live happily ever after. Maybe new writers are needed to put a fresh spin on this show or it is going to lose viewers.

  • The vampire diaries (spoilers)

    This show is still good, however I feel this show peaked in its 2nd and 3rd season. It is not as interesting now and what sucks is that because Elena and Katherine are in the same body one of them will go for good at one point
  • This show needs to change its title to: We have so many love conections going on we have no idea who is with who!

    I tried to give this show a chance but every single episode is somehow about a love connection or triangle or quadrangle or double loop or whatever term you want to use and even when you think an episode is not going to be about people having the hots for each they still make it about people trying to make a love connection.

    I understand that any show geared towards women is going to have a plot device that focuses on love and relationships but this takes that idea and drags it on to the point that you do not care anymore if the main couple gets together or not.
  • This show is awesome !!!!!!

    awesome ,awesome ,awesome show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hands down
  • This show is a stalemate!

    Wow.. this show has literally gone to the dogs now!

    Season 4 clearly showed they had no more plots and brains...

    and now season 5... they just hitting the Repeat button!!

    Sad... it was so good before!

  • so.........

    I used to like Elena now than i did before because i thought her character was really annoying and idk i just found her really annoying. but now, i find them old and new Elena annoying. I'm glad Katherine took over her body but for some reason i didnt really like her in this episode. I think Elena(who's now Katherine) needs a new hairstyle, like maybe straighten it again cause i think i'll find her less annoying when she speaks.

    Oh, and I want bonnie to become a witch again. Maybe her and Jeremy can break up and then later in the show they'll find someone.

    Not sure how I feel about Damon.

    No Steroline please.

  • something wrong with this show

    Wow, some people think that Tylor is a douche beceause of the way he reacted with caroline!! I d like to see how you react if you girl\boyfriend slept with the one who killed your mother and contrelled you like a pet. Its like if you re good looking and cool acting you can do whatever you want and people forget about the evil things you did in the past. And now in the last episode caroline was totally normal, if that never happened.

    And come one what s that about Damon, beceause elena didnt choose him, he returned like the first season.

    Sry for the fans of this show, but i just hope that the winchesters would pop up and slash everyone of this show beceause no one here excepte for a few humans are good. Everyone is betraying each other for their own benefits
  • no more ideas to come up with

    i love tvd, but lets be honest, its really clear that tvd producers are desperate for new ideas. what havent they invented yet? we only have aliens and faries left to invite to tvd's party. also there's no plot here, what is the conflict? that katherine got inside elena's body? come on! that used to be a minor problem before, now is the only thing going on here apart from the who stays with who crap. also, the originals is a clue to how desperate the producers are for money, i know people like the show, me too, but it seems like its only a trick to get more money.

  • is elena really gone??????

    in episode 13 of season 5 catherine is in elena's body for good right?? cause elena's body gets burned and all but she can't be really gone can she???
  • Stefan's Epic Fail (ep 5x12)

    Okay who else does not buy that not only does Bonny not notice that she didn't feel Katherine's death but that after Katherine's mini hissy fit, Stefan doesn't realize that she is not Elena. I mean come on! I can buy that Elena doesn't just kill both of Nadia and the Traveller them when she has the chance, but I am rather sick of Matt being everybody's bitch. How can he not have a secret back up vervain thing on him by now? Why is his character still just so stupid? Okay that's my rant for the episode ... That and Tyler is a douche Caroline sho uld have just said it was revenge sex with Klaus for him say putting revenge over love of her.
  • Better than Twilight!

    These vampires are not blossoming and they are drinking alcohol too. I prefer these awesome vampires rather than the Twilight vampires who can't even drink a glass of whisky.
  • Klaroline <3 and more. At a turning point, good or bad?

    So I heard Julie Plec saying this was it for Klaroline, my reaction: 0_0 "Say whaat!? No, no, it's just the beginning! Seriousy!"

    Caroline and Klaus' story is an EPIC love story, which is so rarely seen in today's fiction and it is so, SO refreshing! The story of a man, being pure evil, because of the lack of love, changing for the better, because of love and forgiveness - it's beautiful - EPIC! Ending that, would be digging your own grave!

    The characters in Mystic Falls has reached a point, where they need to separate and move on, in order to keep growing, they've outgrown each other, it's natural. People rarely live and hang out with the same five people in the same small town their whole life and the MF crew has reached an age where one would normally move on. TVD is at a turning point and it's up to the writers, to decide if they want to keep up the popularity or if they'll sink the ship, and steer it into the classic tv-show trap of falling into a loop. As much as I'm excited about Katherine not being dead, it's getting a bit old. I mean, didn't they already deal with Katherine on several occasions? Some drastic changes or new characters are needed, otherwise the show is digging it's own grave, just saying.

    The characters needs other surroundings, life experiences and people, to reach full potential, otherwise they'll lose their dept and color, which is one of the best things in vampire diaries and something that made it better than all the other vampire/supernatural creatures stories we see in today's fiction, but if they're continuing down this road, it gets boring...

    SO please, PLEASE move Caroline to 'The Originals', somehow (heck, why not throw Stefan into the mix too, after all, him and Klaus were good friends once, plus, Rebekah has a little thing for him and Stefan need a change of scene from Katherine, Elena and Caroline needs to get away from the known surroundings and see a different side of life (or well, death :P) explore the perks of the vampire life, and who does that better than Klaus? I read somewhere that Caroline needed Matt, when she was an insecure human; Tyler, when they both were transforming and getting used to the new life and Klaus to show her the awesomeness and perks of eternity and embrace it, thought it described things pretty well :) And well, Klaus needs her, with the things he's dealing with in New Orleans. She may be, somewhat his weakness, but she's also he's strength, his safe haven, sanctuary and so, if things is going to end well in New Orleans, Caroline needs to be there, it would SERIOUSLY spice things up, in an amazing way!!

    "Anyone capable of love, is capable of being saved"

    "One day, in a year or even a century, you'll show up at my door and I'll show you what the world has to offer,"

    "He is your first love, I intent to be your last, however long it takes"

    She is his anchor, his humanity -He NEEDS her!

    There you have it! Several reasons as to why it should end in a klaroline! Oh, and imagine the Ripper helping out in New Orleans :P

    Look, I love the characters of TVD, which is why I watch the show, but sadly enough, lovable characters and good acting can be destroyed by a bad plot going into a loop, I've seen it happen to several shows ('Supernatural' and 'Glee', just to mention two) and I would be really sad to see it happen again. Mixing it more up with 'The Originals' would put an interesting spin on things and come on, they're recording in studious right next to each other and even uses some of the same props, it can't be that hard! Come on writers!

    The 10 rating is for the hot klaroline moment, which I never get tired of watching <3
  • Stuck like a teenager!!

    I'm 24 years old male and i'm stuck with this show for good people!!I love it!!Love the way the story turns around,love how the past memories and stories come in front and lead the present and the future and above all i like Ian in this bad boy always takes the girl in one or the other way!! ;) Keep up the good job people and well done!!!Greeting from Greece!!
  • All-time favorite..

    This is my all-time favorite show :-)
  • awesome

    Love this show!!!!!
  • A new direction?

    It is different but; hey its something new. It really seems like the story telling has matured and in my opinion for the better.

    Look back at the first two seasons, specifically the first. It was all, "Elena I cant be with you because your human" "Stephan I can be with you because you were mean to me"

    It was over the top teen drama, this current season seems much more adult related.

    Is it better? it does feel different and a little strange at times. But I'm happy they are at least attempting other angles.
  • stefena

    Getting complicated with each season. Plus stefena should be together :(
  • Loving My TVD

    You guys get so down on the show. I will admit its not the best season but I'm still entertained and interested. I'm not "abandoning ship" because it wasn't written the way that I'd write it. I think the Enzo story is interesting. I think that he could possibly be very strong like Jessie. He was just dessicating *spelling* which could have weakened him. So he could be a medium bad. We all know that a bigger bad will be on the way and now we know that Klaus will be back for at least one episode so we can all salivate over that. Im interested in whats going on with Stefan and Kat if she doesn't die... and come on folks, she's Katherine Pierce... Suck it up.
  • Getting Boring now

    season one, two and three were good. Season four was better but season five? I think it has gone downhill, they won't have Damon and Elena in the same room for more than five minutes because they don't want it to be awkward because they broke up in real life. They have already said that they are staying friends so i think the producers and the director are making it awkward for them by doing that. They did plan on the them staying together in the show but that will all change now. They will probably change the story line so Elena goes back to Stefan or starts a new relationship with someone else new. They leave things like that Megan situation, we still dont know the connection and they haven't mentioned it in a while.
  • Don't Kill Katherine!

    The show isn't the same as it used to used to really like there's only one reason I'm still watching and that one reason is Katherine she gets killed off,there's no reason to watch her,it's just another show that's full of dramatic romance except with vampires in I hope they keep Katherine alive.
  • Don't break up Damon and Elena!!!

    I waited so long for Damon and Elena to be together and loved every minute of it (because that's how long it lasted). Why break them up so soon? Why break them up at all? They're perfect for each other. I really didn't liked Elena and Stefan together. Damon is a better choice. A lot more chemistry there. When I watched the kiss scene at the motel I felt chills down my spine. That's how great they are together. I really liked this show. But now, with Damon and Elena's relationship going why do they always kill the good characters? Like Alaric, Jenna, Tyler, even Lexi. I liked them. Hope it gets better.
  • Damon and elena shyd b together

    Aftr watching todays episode, i just want to say tht if elena leaves Damon and go to stefan thn i wud hv to stop belieing in love and feelings in d shw. As seriously u cnt just b with one prson thn anothr and thn bck to tht one again. She can b angry with Damon and thts fine but damn if they shw her leaving him, i wud stop watching it. Nobody can ever love elena d way damon does and she loves him too she always did.

    I watch this season so egarly every week just to finally see damon and elena together but its turning to b disappointment. Damon is somebody who just love her and who wud do anything for her without thinking twice, just want to see more of thm together. even today there cud hv been more btwn thm but there ws not. last week there wsnt a scene together, if next week its not much thn i will b way to disappoint to watch it specially if they wud take d track against Delena. Y cant damon b happy???
  • 5/12?

    Why the next episode will be released after two weeks?
  • Least favorite Season - Bad writing :/

    Nina and Ian break up in real life - and suddenly Delena can't be on screen together for more than 2 seconds half the time? I'm finding that hard to swallow.

    Ratings are down. But not because people are sick of the romance as someone suggested. It's because we aren't getting the romance we were promised. We still have a damn triangle when there shouldn't be a triangle. Elena was in love with Stefan. Then he left. And she bonded with Damon and quite possibly fell in love with him. Then Stefan came back and the good girl Elena was couldn't pick Damon over Stefan. But then she became a vampire and found the courage to say what she really wanted. Damon. Triangle over! To continue the triangle at this point only makes Elena look wishy-washy and kindof mean. She made her choice. The end.

    But all of a sudden, we have Stefan and Elena thrown together time and time again. We have them having music-filled moments, touching faces, saying things like "i miss you" and "you know me better than anyone" while your current boyfriend sits right there. And of course we have silas and Tessa saying how the universe wants Stelena to be together. Well, then let them be together! For God sake, just end the damn triangle. It's BS to continue it over and over season after season.

    The writers need to grow a pair and make a freaking decision and end the back and forth. Once and for all. I thought they were moving towards a Caroline/Stefan pairing last season but then those two have barely spoken this season. Then I thought maybe Stefan/Rebekah but now she's gone and of course she got it on with Matt so either way it's not Stefan.

    And wouldn't be reasonable that Damon would have already had a "flashback" of the damn Augustine vampire prior to seeing that bag of blood with a number on it. I don't know, like maybe from TALKING TO HIS GIRLFRIEND ELENA. Whatever. I love this show, but I hate this show too right now. Not happy
  • Why is damon under seige?

    Well doesn't this figure. Damon finally gets the girl and is truly trying to be a better man for her, and what happens only eight episodes in? He gets captured by an insane scientist, hell bent on making vampires to extinguish other vampires. Story lines lacking guys come on! We finally get the right guy with Elena and it doesn't even really last for a whole season. I know they're trying to get her back with Stefan and I'm disappointed. Why can't Stefan get a stupid witch to unknowingly fix Kathrine's problem and then both of them go on their merry . Then they need to have Elena go save her true love, and get out of mystic fall as quickly as possible, perferably in Damon's pretty car with Elena's hair blowing in the wind. Now that's an ending. Whats so hard about giving the people what they want .Kathrine is in some way Elena so all of you Stelena fans win, and Damon finally gets his girl and us Delena fans win too. I could write this show and give it the ending it deserves. Everyone happy for a truly happy ending.
  • Why....

    Why is this show so freakin awesome...

    All that twists and turns, Katherine, doppelgangland.....

  • I love it

    that series is very good i love it <3 4ever TVD
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