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  • LIKE THIS MUCH!!!!! :)))


  • Best show ever created

    The vampire diaries is my favorite show ever. First off I'd like to say that the targeted audience is 13-25, and the second most popular viewers are 26-38. So basically middle schoolers to college students. Anyway, I have never been this addicted to anything ever before and that's saying something lol because I get addicted easily! This show is great young adults/teens, vamp lovers, and romantics! Also people who love a good sci-fi! For a while I must say it got kinda boring especially since the Damon and Elena stuff wasn't going anywhere and confused Elena was just being irritating (but I still love her), then I took it all back and was like whoa! Never mind lol! Give this show a shot, believe me it's worth it! Delena forever <3
  • The show is great.

  • i am soooooooooo obsessed with vampire diaries

    i would give up anything to watch this show,elena is soooooooooooo not annoying she is the best actress and so is caroline,bonny,jenna,gerremy,ric,taylor,madd,stefan and damon................i love u guys espicially the hot salvatore brothers and ms pierce and ms gilbert.......I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES AND IT SHOULD NOT COME TO AN END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Elena is annoying but this is still a great show

    This is one of those shows you either really like or really hate. I want to try my best to review this from both sides of that spectrum.

    Some critics say that it is too much like a soap opera. Well that is pretty much what it is. There are different characters, different families, and it's just like a soap opera on network television except that it's about the supernatural and is generally always a setting of fantasy. That pretty much involves just about everything.

    Because there are no apparent limits to this show, the next thing I want to talk about is how some people criticize this show because of the relationship between twilight and VD. The truth is that I have actually watched the twilight movies and, although both main female characters are written to be intentionally annoying, the only thing these two stories have in common is that they are both fantasy and they are both about vampires and werewolves.

    That brings me to the next thing I want to talk about in my review. The writing in this show is quite professional in my opinion. I have read a lot of negative reviews stating that it's too much like this or not enough like that, but I think this show is quite independent. Characters come and go so the show is not in any way static at all so that leaves a lot up to the imagination. Elena is annoying because she is stubborn, passionate to a flaw and expects the entire world to revolve around her. I really can't stand that character but one thing people have to realize is that this personality is intentional. You are either supposed to personally identify with the character or get ticked off at the character's personality. That shows that the writers really went out of their way to encourage empathetic interaction with the characters of the story. Elena constantly ticks me off but really that is kind of the point.

    In any case, one of my favorite aspects of this show is the evil doers. The villians in this show are the real deal. There is a big personality revolving around most of the villians in the story, and like I said before nothing is truly static because the personality in each villian and/or character is a big appeal to the entire show. Some people don't like this but I don't think they are looking deep enough. VD writers go out of their way to make the viewer understand why the villian does what they do, so there is a lot of empathy involved in understanding why things are like they are. These are not your comic book template characters and that is personally my favorite part of the show.

    To conclude this review, there are a lot of things about this show that will make you upset, make you cheer, make you scoff or facepalm, or make you scream at your television. I think that is the interaction they were going for. Yes there are vampires, and yes there are supernatural themes that are in other shows and/or movies such as Twilight, but that is really where the similarities end.

    Unlike some people I have actually watched the Twilight series, and the romance in VD between the three main characters is nothing at all similar to the romance involved in Twilight. The main character in Twilight romanced both supernatural characters, but the romance in VD is extremely personal and the writers go out of their way to delve deep into that character interaction.

    I don't really understand why some people scoff at this show for being centered around high school because the characters are very empathetic and the writers go out of their way to evolve them pretty much constantly. If you just stick with it then you will see that for yourself. It's not a "teeniebopper" show but it is centered around "coming of age." There is a lot of interaction between siblings, responsibilities, character flaws, etc. Sometimes these flaws will upset you.

    And that brings me to the last thing I want to speak about. Elena is the only character that does not evolve in this show. She is stubborn, annoying, extremely entitled and is the most spoiled brat I have ever seen in a TV show in my entire life. The actress is fairly decent but I'm not sure if she was worthy of being chosen as the main character of the story. I often wonder if she was only chosen as the actress for the main character because she was physically appealing. However I'm not quite sure if a different actress would change the flaws in the Elena character itself. She IS extremely annoying and immature, and the show would be much better without her. The character doesn't evolve at all, and the Elena character has the mentality of a 6 year old child.

    I still enjoy watching the show however the beginning of the first season was a bit dull. The Second and Third season are definitely worth waiting for because that is when the story really picks up. Even though the Elena character makes me want to bash my head into a wall 98% of the time she has a scene, it is still a great show and I really enjoy watching it.

  • The vampire Diaries

    I love the vampire diaries, I find everything to be perfect, its just a awesome show and it should carry on forever, its my favorite tv series and its the best ever..and it should carry on forever....I just love it:D
  • One Problem

    I'm a huge fan but the love triangle is driving me against a wall. It's getting old and fast. Please, just pick one and stay with him. I know Elena is a main character but, she is just so unlikable now! She has no common sense and ruins everything when it comes to the Salv. brothers plans. With all this, I'm still gonna watch my most loved show haha
  • Confessions of a Couch Potato


    Have a look at my latest TV blog post please! Comment and let me know who your favourite couple are! :)
  • TVD would b cooler without Elena

    I used to love Vampire Diaries. I still like it but not as much as I used to. Elena bores me so much so as her love triangle. Damon was cooler when he was not in love with her and Stefan is cooler when he is not together with her. Caroline should be the main character, at least she smiles from time to time. What makes this show interesting is Original Family and the whole story. If TVD want to be more entertaining = less delena stelena scenes, more originals and more development of other characters like Bonnie and Tyler.
  • I love The Vampire Diaries

    While we all know that Elena will end up with Stefan, I really feel sorry for Damon. The poor guy would go to the ends of the earth to save Elena, and still no dice. He deserves better. Damon started off as the bad guy in season one, and ended up as the better guy. Stefan is a ripper for heavens sake!!!!
  • Really amazing show

    please i am waiting the next. don't be late. i love Boni (Bony) pls
  • Family vs Family

    Please have a little mercy! Exactly how many members has this family anyway? Klauss has another ally, great........................................

    This show is AMAZING! I absolutely love it! Cannot wait for tonight's episode!
  • Very Good To a point

    This is a very good show I enjoyed watching all of it's seasons. They have some good action, mystery, horror, romance and suspense. They make really good episodes, I think the a little to much romance, Elena going from brother to brother makes the show a turn off. In my opinion the writers feel like this is what makes the entire show which is sad. They have a lot of cool stuff to explore and were always focus on these 3 love triangle that for me kills the show. I just wish they choose a partner to be with and just leave it. Going on like this season to season is enough its time to move on to something greater than this.
  • vampire diaries rock

    This show is awsome hope on the new one's stefan becomes the good brother agine and elena and stefan make up.... :)
  • Amazing T.V Show

    I love this show but must say I am getting some withdrawal is anyone able to tell me when the show returns to the uk ??
  • This show is my favourite, I really like this season, Originals and DE ... lol :)

    The show is great and i'm a die hard DE shipper :) although I believe it'll be SE ultimately. Favourite characters is Elena,Damon,Caroline... I just thouht the originals and klaus character were introduced too soon because it's a great show and it's only season 3. who comes next to be the villain (although klaus seems hard to kill I mean he is still around )? for example in Smallville they brought Zod back multiple times and hopefully it won't be the same story. VD keeps you glued every week because every episode has a mini cliffhanger or introduction to the next episode in the final minutes or even seconds.
  • twists..

    the author is really great. the show, amazing! every episode has its own twists that will make you crave for more..
  • The Vampire Diaries

    This show is amazing and constantly demonstrated that it has some really good writers of great expertise. It follows the life of a 17 year old girl (elena) and how she seems to be centrifugal force to all the other factors in the show. How the writers manipulate the casts as well as every piece of detail and prop is excellent, not only to the intensity and mystery of the show but also to the witty thinking of characters and they critically try to outwit each other and try to stay alive. There is excellent mastery of the character's relations despite the infighting. Understandably, it is the constant infighting that causes the pack to be close-knitted as they out smart the detrimental forces that rises against them in the turbulent, mysterious drama. The plot and sub plots are excellent. Overall, the plot and the manipulation of characters, detail and props are the factors that propels this outstanding show.
  • The Kiss

    I have to start with the end because well it blew my mind. If your anything like me you have been waiting for this kiss & I have to sy it did not disappoint. WOW the chemistry between Damon & Elena is undeniable and explosive. I just wonder if it will last.
  • The Vampire Diaries


    vampire diares is the best show ever.. I have seen alot of tv shows over the years but this one is the best one yet. Im so ready to see what happens next!!

    OMG! I love this show Nina Dobrev is so good at playing Elena and Paul Wesley is such a good actor the plots are amazing, I love how they add things in at unexpected moments where odd but awesome things go wrong for Elena and Stefan and I like how the people that you don't expect to die, die at the right moments.

    I also like how they don't just stick to one theory of the vampire they have it all, witch, hybrid, werewolf its amazing. BEST SHOW EVER!
  • Best Show on Earth!

    There is nothing in this show that I dont like. I mean the show keeps me on my toes, with all the twists in every episode. The season finale gave me exactly what i wanted, ripper Stefan, Delena kiss, and Anna returning. I recommend this show to everyone, it is rated pg 13 but the show doesnt have the sex in every episode, or the drugs. The only time they have drinking is when Damon is getting himself a berben(however you spell it). Anyway, best show on the planet!
  • yes its a teen drama and yes it has vampires so no critics would have balls to accept that its trending numero uno of tv. From script to acting they have till date not failed to deliver on entertainment. so get over it and rank it no.1 already.


    So why was this not an instant hit from verybeginning like Greys. Instant answers..deviated from the book (thank god for that) so originalbook readersskeptikal, teen drama on vampire..haven'twe seen all that already in twilight..but wait.. there was a difference. Here the heroine is not already to jump in on bloodsuckingbandwagon, is notmesmerizedtill its point ofshallowness abt vampire beauty air quotes. So that made it more real. Along with writers weaving an intriguing plot they have so far kept the characters true to their role. So why number 7 when all others who rank above it lacklusterin comparison. Give it its due spot of number one tv drama. It totaly deserves it...

  • This is one of those shows that actually keeps me on my toes. The first few eps of season 1 may remind people of a certain travesty of a movie or book that is considered sadly a cultural phenomenon (it is a so-called saga.. please don't hate me) ...


    This is one of those shows that actually keeps me on my toes. The first few eps of season 1 may remind people of a certain travesty of a movie or book that is considered sadly a cultural phenomenon (it is a so-called 'saga'.. please don't hate me) or just repel people from watching but as the season develops, it gets more interesting and gets farther from the aforementioned 'saga.' Later on, season after season, each episodes turn out as if they're season finales themselves. Definitely a show that gives you something to talk about (and sometimes to snark about). All in all, it's a fun, exciting, suspense-filled show that doesn't really cater to teenagers anymore (or so I feel like it) since it has too many blood (sucking) involved and yeah, some violence too. But still, this is a show to watch out for!

  • Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted they say - so I'll keep watching. ;)

    This show is really just too silly for words. They have a bunch of REALLY talented actors and actresses, that - for some mysterious reason - act pretty badly, most of the time. (Example: the talented Ian Somerhalder who keeps doing that annoying eye-thing and wiggles his eyebrows so much I am in danger of getting epilepsy... I am SO blaming the directors!)

    The script is holeridden, lacking all sense of logic - and all the absolute truths are questioned or proven wrong at least once. The characters contradict themselves constantly, they keep talking loudly to eachother about secrets (a'la daytime soap) and Elena is, honestly, a spoiled, stupid, boring brat who seems to be allergic to thinking, and who doesn't have any common sense at all. She proves this by constantly second guessing every single piece of good advise she ever gets.

    Still: I kinda love it! It's silly, it's illogical and it's transparent - but it's also FUN, witty (Damon - I adore your oneliners and snarky comments!) and has a really great soundtrack. Result: I can't stop watching it.

    A love/hate relationship, for sure.
  • The first season has been fantastic but season two is just not much sorry but with every episode i just feel like "Not again!!!".


    The first season has been fantastic but season two is just not much sorry but with every episode i just feel like "Not again!!!".

    And the idea of another vampire+suffer+romance tv show is just not right to me, sorry for the fans but that's how i feel :):).



    I blame my mom for getting me hooked onto the show. I had originally said i wasn't going to get into the show because I had missed the series premiere way back in the 1st season. That didnt last long. When the season 1 dvds came out i bought it. And when the season 2 dvds came out i bought those. I am finally watching The Vampire Diaries on tv when it originally airs on tv. It is so much better that way. I am telling you, I can't un hook myself. I love this show. It has so much suspense and action and to make it all better they add a touch of love and romance like all tv dramas. It is the perfect combination. I will definitely continue watching this show until its time is up. :) Go vampire Diaries. you are awesome!!!!

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