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  • Currently at Season 2

    So I was near the ending of season 2, and I kind of thought it was starting to get stupid. Like how stefan can catch shooting wood stakes so easily, yet Pearl couldn't. Forget the shooting, Elijah was suppose to be an original yet he couldn't even dodge a running vampire at 1/10th of his age? I thought bringing an original was a good twist but its pretty stupid showing how they killed him 3x, 2x in 1 episode. I liked the show until they started showing someone from being godly and unkillable to slower reflex then a human.

    Also one thing, how can Stefan catch a football coming at his head from behind him, without it touching him, while Elijah cant dodge something in-front of him?
  • not so intriguing this season

    The latest episodes have been pointless and uninteresting to watch. It is almost a bummer when there is about a months gap in between episodes.. You are not as hooked on after all that
  • the best of the best

    i must say this movie in general is so bloody, intriguing and breath taking. see for more on vampire movies
  • im disappointed

    i mean l really love this show but im so sick of the cure and elena and everything , this season is less than i expected .. im seriously watching it only for klaroline because the rest is boring and they are killing all the great characters like alaric , kol , jeremy and now klaus has a new show and he might not be on tvd as much .. and i hate the fact that we have to wait for some ep. more than 2 weeks or something like that .. don't get me wrong i still love the show but im disappointed by this season .. im sorry :(
  • Alaric Alaric Alaric Alaric Alaric Alaric

    now that cult is off air ,

    i realy hope Alaric can return now for good

    mabay as the super vamp but now he is one of the good guys/vamp's

    Show is dragging..18 episodes and we are yet to know what the season is all about. Catherine suddenly showing up with elija. the true face of silas not seen since is awakening. this surely has to be the final season
  • This show is becoming a DRAG! and how many vacations is this show getting?

    This is getting totally ridiculous!!!

    Season 4 has 2 main plots - 1) FINDING THE CURE, 2)DECIDING WHO`S GOING TO TAKE IT.

    Now to have those 2 plots writers of this show have taken the entire audience on a bluff ride for 18 episodes!!

    I mean seriously, how much time do you think it should take to solve 2 plots as dumb as those?

    This show is becoming a DRAG, and its Dragging the audience with it...

    I`m not falling for this nonsense anymore...

    Maybe the writers need the cure more than the damn vampires!

    And what is up with the vacations?

    After every 2 episodes these people take a vacation for 2 weeks!! its making us lose interest because of this.

    Enough vacations or see your fanbase and viewership fall!!
  • Best tv couple

    is the voting for best tv couple over because I was going to vote for damon and elena. I would Rate the show a 9
  • Two Words

    Damon Salvatore.

    That is all you need to assist you with watching this show. Damon is a great character and Ian Somerhalder does a great job of playing him. Damon and Stefan's chemistry is amazing, and that is a testament to Paul Wesley's acting too. Great cast, and a great show. Nothing but a 10!
  • Can't Change Perfection!!!

    Love, love, love this show. It has everything that a good show needs. Sexy characters, romance, danger, and supernatural twists and turns that are gut-wrenching, beautiful, sad, and mind blowing all at once. I've read every book by . Smith including the Vampire Diaries and loved them all as well. I like it when a book and show/movie have a completely different outlook and direction. It is fun to see how different people change the arc of a central idea and what kind of ending there turns out to be. I also cannot stand it when people are Team Delana (Meaning Damon or Elena) or Team Stephana (or whatever Stephan and Elena are called), and grip, bitch, and moan anytime Elena shows her feelings for the opposite brother. Helloooo people, the love triangle is at the absolute center of the entire show, so get over it. I love the tension that it creates between all of the characters and how one girl's choice effects everyone around her. Julie Plec Kevin Williamson and all of the other genius, brilliant writers who work on this show, keep doing what your doing. Your ability to constantly send me on an emotional roller-coaster ride with every new episode and keep all of the twists and turns fresh and mind blowing make this show what it
  • what is going to be happend?

    TVD will be continue for how many season ? will it end this season or it will go on? whom elena will end up with?
  • This crap needs to be booted off TV!

    This has to be one of the saddest TV shows on at the moment. How Vampire Diaries has made it past Season One is beyond my knowledge.
  • Great show

    waiting for its come back on March
  • very good show with some realy bad ...

    sorry for my bad english i have warned you:)

    i realy realy like this show,but i also realy hate some things.

    why do we not see more of the vampires,if we see somthing it's only for 30 sec or 1 min, argh grrr face eyes allmost never a fang.

    and it's not even make up mostly cgi

    thats ok because they do a good job with it,but its just a flash and its over.

    i get its about young people,well the allive once's

    but they are killing most of the grown ups

    why the hell kill off aleric(unless he wanted out him self)

    and jermy,these two could have some realy great storylines.

    if you think of it its not so orginal but i like the buffy things in the show.

    the daylight rings,the big bad spike/klaus

    first evil/silas

    its not the same but its close

    and there is nothing wrong with taking over things from other shows if its good,and the vampire diaries is that good.

    but i just want some more vampire stuff and see it, more fangs instead of a high school love teen stuff like these silly school partys of the week
  • This show is a time vampire, but in a bad way.

    Bringing Catherine back into the show so suddenly is terrible, desperate writing. Was this merely a way to write Jeremy off for a select no of episodes before they find some ridiculous way to write him back in? No doubt he will be dealt back in through what Silas has planned.

    The addition of this Silas as the first immortal, who was never previously mentioned, is sop***ric at best. I guess the originals weren't that original after all. The new nemesis I can imagine. I wonder if the writers have any clue what is going to happen 3 episodes from now?

    Rebekah is an original, and yet the show has her playing one of those blonde helpless barbies, usually the first to die in those awful hack'n'slash films. It would be nice to see the vampires in this show act like actual vampires instead of brooding teenagers. Especially Elena. She is still just as boring as ever. If it weren't for Damon, I doubt this show would survive.

    Klaus. I think we all remember the long build up to his first appearance, only to be completely underwhelmed. He acts like a trust fund brat with daddy issues. A self absorbed asshole. Not a vampire who's lived for centuries. His father, though only present for a few episodes, added some much needed class to the show. Too expensive to have him as a regular maybe?

    Elijah on the other hand was a great character. Much more representative of his race than all the others. A classic vampire who exuded menace, mixed with detachment, a strong sense of honor, and extreme violence. This is what you would expect from a vampire as old as he is. He didn't relate to anyone else in the show, which I thought was a great thing. Such a pity was never a main character.

    I can say all this because I've watched every episode. I'm hoping in vain that this show will improve, but considering the target demographic, unlikely.
  • Excited

    Although I can see many problems that could occur now that the Originals will have their own show, all I can think about is how fun it will be to see Elena now that she's 'flipped the switch'. A badass vampire Elena is what I've been waiting for since season1.
  • Caroline and Klaus

    i hope caroline will fall in love with Klaus. :(

    Although Klaus has been the badass all the time, but he is kind with caroline.
  • sweet, sweet redemption.

    Long time TVD fan here! I can tell you the exact moment I fell in love with this show. It was that scene in season one when Bonnie lit all of those candles by accident, incase you were wondering. This show sucked me in and was building momentum throughout season 2 aka the best season of any television show, ever! Katherine, werewolves, Katherine, moonstones, KATHERINE!. Although I liked season 3, I didn't exactly love it. And I thought season 4 was a train wreck in the beginning. I didn't love the idea of vampire Elena, and I was under the impression that the writers didn't either. Enter vampire cure, which I thought was an even more terrible idea. However, after tonight and episode 80, all is forgiven. I thought I hated the cure, I thought I hated vampire Elena, I thought I hated Silas, but I was wrong. So incredibly wrong. The last 15 minutes of this episode was a game changer, for sure! Only person can use the cure? Silas' awakening came at the apparent expense of Jeremy's life? Katherine is back in town?! The writers of the TVD really know how to turn everything around! Just when you think they've started slacking, they bitch slap you in the face with some major plot twist. Bravo!
  • Will the spin off kill the original series?

    I for one like the originals' story better than the love triangle. One wonders how many seasons they can keep switching partners. One reason why they didn't kill off Klaus at the end of the last season was because of his popularity. Elijah will also appear in the spin off. I hope they introduce the baby who supposedly 'died' in the old country as they have now killed off 2 of them.

    With the ability to have flashbacks over 1,000 years the Originals may well overtake TVD in the ratings and it wouldn't take a great drop to finish it off. I like Prof Shane and hope we see Silas who may take over from Klaus as the villain as they are now really showing his vulnerable , human side as when he saved Caroline (yet again!). I like Stefan and Rebekkah together and am really getting tired of Damon. the only way to take him is for him to take the cure despite saying he couldn't think of anything worse.
  • not according to the book

    this show is good. i mean really good. but it is so NOT going according to the book. In the book, Elena NEVER and i mean NEVER breaks up with Stefan and though there was the issue with Damon, her and Stefan never break up. So what is going on with this show so far? and what's up with the fact that there is no Meredith?! you know her other best friend???
  • I absolutely love the show so far.

    I absolutely love the show so far. Great story based on the books by LJ Smith. It is about time they are making a tv series after this author as she is an amazing writer and this is an amazing store of two vampires, one good and one evil, who fight over the soul of Elena. So far they are doing an amazing job of portraying the books into a tv show. Love the actors they chose to portray the characters and how they introduced them in the show. I hope it is going to be a show that is here to stay.
  • breathless

    amazing. love. that is all
  • Oh my freaking G

    My dear beautiful Stefan! i wish i could heal his heartbreak. Goddamn Elena! that fucking whore! ugh i could kill her!
  • Going off the boil

    I love anything with vamps and I too caught this through Netflix. I like the ideas but it feels like its going downhill since the introduction of The Originals, I know I'm behind most of you episode wise, I will stick with it for now.
  • Love it!!

    I absolutely love this show. I'm totally addicted!! Cant wait to watch the next episode.
  • Top 5 Best Show on TV




  • Addicted

    The first three seasons recently came on Netflix and I finished them in 2 weeks -that's how addicted I was. The story, acting, and characters are so compelling. I really hope that they can keep it up in the fourth season!! The relationship development between Elena/Stefan, Elena/Damon, and even Damon/Stefan is so well done. What scares me is that there are a few glimpses of inconsistencies and re-used story lines but hopefully this will not be a problem. Also am I the only one who would like to see Damon with Katherine? We haven't seen her in a while but they seem to have a better personality match than Damon and Elena
  • Some thoughts of TVD show (!) :-)))

    First of all, i LOVE this show!! Then, i think that.... hmmmm i am not 100% sure but i prefer Stefan with Elena and i would like to see Caroline with I like Tayler too... but i think that Caroline with Claus will be more interesting, because Claus become more sensitive when he is with Caroline. Oh and lastly..... Damon, he is GOD! I am from Greece and i could say that he is an ancient beauty God!! ;-)))
  • Entertaining

    I watched it earlier and refer to it as the Twilight wannabe because of the similarity btw them and the love triangle thingie but was proved wrong. It tends to be cheesy at times and predictable but overall a good entertainment with teen drama, romance and supernatural creatures.
  • Why not

    I love this show, and I cant WAIT for the next episode. I dunno about everyone else, but I LOVE Damon and Elena as a couple. Stefan and Elena never stuck for me, and I feel a stronger connection between her and Damon. The connection has obviously built over the seasons, and I feel like it's time for at LEAST a full season of pure Delena, no sire bond and 100% real. Stelena fans had their fun, it's our turn! Come on Julie!
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