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  • The best show of all time.

    I'm so hard to please when it comes to television, but TVD has always--and, hopefully, will always--remain my #1. It's beautifully written, acted, and directed. Plus, if you're looking for a killer soundtrack, look no further.
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CW cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • Best Show Ever

    This show is amazingly written and acted. Everyone in the cast is so talented. This show always keeps you guessing and is completely addicting. Damon and Elena are perfect together. If you want a show that has a great love story, killer effects, and a lot of twists and turns that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this is it.

    What a great show i love all the seasons and i'm really enjoying this season. i don,t know why there is so much hate for this show it's good tv enjoy it or stop watching.

  • Chloe :D

    First of all i reccomend this show so much love this show. love ther story script and of course the chracters

    i've watched season 1,2,3 and now season 4 insane! WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!! love it:) favorite show love all the vampire in MYSTIC FALLS :D elena is awesome wish that katherine will be in season 4 :)
  • TVD.. is going down hill

    When i first watched the series i fell in love with it straight away. It was intriguing and the characters and plots were just perfect. Damon and Katherine have always been my favourite characters. Katherine has so much attitude and personality and so does Damon, though i must admit the witty comments and snarky remarks are getting a tad bit much with Damon in the recent seasons. His become so predictable. The recent seasons have been such a snore that i feel as if i'm going to give up on it soon the only thing keeping me interested is that i want to see how Elena develops as a vampire. I wish they would just bring back the amazing works of the first and second seasons into these new ones. The characters are also becoming terrible. Elena is more annoying then ever, Bonnie is the same old dull Bonnie, Caroline is not the badass vampire she use to be, The only thing Damon is good for are his looks, Stefan is the same old brooding character and Matt! Please will they get rid of him. Terrible i want The Vampire Diaries i loved back!
  • Vampire Diaries

    Watch All The EPisode Replay here=>



    The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). The series also focuses on the lives of Elena's friends and other inhabitants of the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, including Bonnie the witch, Tyler the werewolf, and Caroline the vampire. The series is a mix of teen drama and the supernatural.
  • My absolute favorite of all shows

    I'm such a nerd when it comes to this show. I love everything. I'm a delena shipper and well, I love it. It deserves to go on forever.
  • Best Tv Show Ever.

    I love this show too much. A few years ago when it started, I got into watching it and it was so amazing and I hated waiting for the next episode. I only watched a little part of Season 1 and I didn't watch the Vampire Diaries at all until this last week or so. I've watched season 1, 2 and 3 on dvd without stopping and now season 4 on television (hate waiting :( ) because it's got so many cliff hangers and it's very interesting. You wonder who Elena is going to pick: Stefan or Damon. I do think that this could be another "Katherine Love Triangle" As when Elena is a vampire she seems to of gotten closer to Damon. I'm so excited for the following weeks to come. I wonder if Elena tells Stefan that she loves Damon as well... Maybe thats the heartbreaking moment? Or the fact she can't be with either of them.. I dunno. But I love this show as it's amazing. I could watch this for the rest of my life.
  • Best show!!

    I love this show. It is really good. I have read the books and it does get away from the books some but for the most part is stays within the book. I think that the show is great and not a bit "flat". The 4th season just got started and I think that it is the best so far. Just keeps getting better and better each year.
  • Teen age angst with teeth

    The novels were quite good but the tv version is a bit flat.
  • Vampire Diaries Aka Top 10 best shows ever

    If elena does'nt end up with Stefan I will be pissed I even watched all these damn seasons!!

    She is with Ian somerholder in real life don't ruin this CW !!....Any who I love this show some eps in Season 2 bored me but S3 and S4 are a blessing!!...Stefan SUCKS !! thats a fact not an Opinion...While Nina is a doll I believe that Elena sucks at times as well but since I want damon to be happy and get what he wants he has to have her I guess....sorry Im off topic Love the show and hope to get 4 more seasons or at least 3
  • Vampire Diaries Rock!!!

    What I wish would happen in the next episode is....

    that we find out that the witch hunter knows how to make another dopleganger and that's why Klaus wants him alive.And that Klaus saved Elena for her blood.

    What I want to happen in the last episode (EVER!) is....

    that Elena kills or have some one kill her because something bad or sad happened or it's the only way to save a person she loves like Matt, Jeremy, Damon and/or Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, April, Tyler, etc.

    What I want to happen later in the season (or now) is....

    Elena finds out that she's pregnant and for some reason (I don't know) Klaus wants it for something.
  • 100% Obsessed!

    This is one of my all time fav shows! But I am so frustrated that Elena picked Stephan over Damon but it will be interesting to see how Elena being a vamp changes their relationships...
  • Oh, so much love!

    It just gets me every time, the writing is excellent and the acting was superb, as always. Ridiculous how much chemistry Ian and Nina have, its just unhealthy really. When on screen together they're just so emotive, AMAZING, enough said.
  • hope they nerver stop the show

    cant wait for the nexst epsode best show ever
  • A clever title goes here!

    elena is just awsome 10 from me
  • Totally addicted!!

    I've always loved watching tv series.. can do it for HOURS on end. But this is by far the best show I have ever watched. It's never boring.. something is always happening and keeping you wanting more! I can't get enough.. I will probably cry when it's completely over, lol. Completely captivating and LOVE all of the cast. Damon and Stephan are completelyyy beyond gorgeous and Elaina is tooo dang gorgeous. I can't wait for all the future episodes and seasons!
  • best show ever

    best show ever damon is so HOT i love all the vamps
  • Recently lame

    In the new episode in the new season, if they found a magical way to undo what happened to elaina that would make the show the lamest show ever, if that happened I'm not gonna watch the show again . I used to love that show but after that episode I don't know anymore !!
  • I Am Amused

    That was interesting. Elena is no longer the damsel in distress. I will have to keep an eye on the Vampire Diaries this season. I am amused.
  • Love it!

    the Vampire Diaries is amazing, truly one of the best supernatural/horror/suspence/drama shows out there.!
  • love it sooo much!!!!!<3

    OMG i cant wait any longer for vampire diaries season 4 episodes!!!!!!!!!!! <3 its soo amazing and addictive !! i loveeeee damon he is soo adorable xx
  • Great show that I can watch w/ my teenage daughter

    Looking forward to the new season, love the characters and the suspense each episode holds. Thankfully this show continues, I will miss the show Ringer!
  • Love it!

    I hope this show continues to air for years!

  • Doctor Vampire

    I read L.J. Smith's Books in High School which this series was based on/inspired by. I loved them! I'm so thrilled to see them brought to life with such an amazing cast! Some artistic liberties were taken but clearly the overall drama is a HUGE SUCCESS! THANK YOU! I am particularly impressed with/drawn to Ian sommerholder's/Damon's character's wit and, in a secondary way to Stephan. Keep up the good work, and keep the episodes coming! Or else!
  • Best Tv Show? Maybe!

    Im a 30yr old guy and this show has never appealed to me, something about the title just screemed 'girl' show. I ran out of TV to watch and figured I would download this

    Gotta say I was supprised. After watching S1 I couldnt help but see the story lines or incidents that were basically plagerised from Buffy; and It was not a patch on that show. I just finished S2 and S3 (watched all 3 seasons over 3 days). Must say I am really glad I stuck with it.

    Yes the Elana and Stefan is dull and really boring and both the actors just drag down the show when they are together (S1/S2), However Nina Dobrev does a MUCH better job of acting when playing the part of Katherine. Damon on the other hand is a fantastic character and well acted by Ian Somerhalder.

    The story arcs are long; basically one arc per season or even one arc for the entire show. But i'm hooked and looking forward to S4. Best show on TV? Maybe/Maybe not as both GoT and WD are both really good,

    Gonna have to admit to a few 'teary eye moments' as well, S2E21 and S3E19 are prime examples.

    Gonna have to give it a 10/10 even with the poor character association with Elana and Stefan. P.S She is SOOOOOOOOO much better with Damon

  • Season 3 is much better than season 2!

    If you did not like season 2 so much, lots of mystical things going on then I have good news you should try season 3. I liked it much more. The character development is stronger and the storylines are better and more "realistic" I mean for a Vampire Story ;-)

    For Dutch fans reading this there is a nice website with blog and news in dutch, check it out.
  • best show ever!

    its so enthralling and captivating!
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