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    It is the best show i have ever seen.. I m so addicted to this i still cant stop watching it. I have whole show in my laptop and every now and then i stop whatever i m watching and watch any scene of it. The dialogues, the actors, the story, the way they show relationship between characters. The brother bond between damon and stefan, the mother daughter bond between caroline and liz, the friendship between everyone. I think no other show has shown emotions between characters like tvd. They became a family.. I have watched so many shows after this and nothing can compare this. I just watched the last episode again.. And it was EPIC.. ahhh i cant describe in words how much i love and miss this show.

    I binge watched all 8 seasons and let me just say, it was the best!!!! There was so much drama and romance and agh!!! The only thing I didn't like was when they took Elena / Nina off the show for the last 2 seasons. It just wasn't the same without her. But there was always a twist in every episode and I just couldn't stop watching it!! I highly recommend it!
  • vampire diaries ending

    This show was my favourite tv show of all time.. Even half way through season 4 and all of season 5 when it declined still loved it. Then nina dobrev/elena decided to leave I thought that's it its over but it wasn't in fact I just realised what it was really about the 2 brothers and there bond and how much they hated each other but loved each other at the same time. People were complaining about the final episode expecting a big delena scene but like I said it was never really about her it was about the brothers and there relationship. like Stefan said in season 6 he thought he needed her but he needed his brother more. The ending was a bit sad but I liked it especially the final scene with stefan and damon pefect end to a perfect show I thought it was epic. anyway rip tvd I will probly never like a tv show like this again.
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!! please don't cancel and keep Ian somerhalder

    Vampire diaries has literally changed my life I have not missed one episode, it is the only show that I have followed from the beginning, no other show has kept me this interested to keep watching. I am very upset to know that this is the last season, I would do anything to see it continue for at least 3 more seasons , we need to see what happens to everyone's lives please find something way to keep this show going. I'm not ready to let Damon , stefan, caroline, bonnie and even the hope that Elena will come back and her and Damon will lie happily ever after. We need a few more seasons before you end it PLEASE!

    Screw all the messed up comments, season 7 was AMAZING!!! I was kind of iffy about the series after Nina left (though i planned on staying a loyal watcher) especially since the show revolved around her. But man, after watching it, i was like "Elena who?" never end this show, PLEASE!!!!! And for everyone who has a problem with it, maybe do yourself a favor and just quit watching it and complaining, its extremely annoying.
  • shut the fuck up! its a great show and i dont want it to end

    with or without elina, the show has been so great. i started to watch the series after season 4 so i'm attached to delena, and yes the show has so much sexuality, but its also (da not for kids). for me am 24 and its okay with me...

    i like how the show develops and i dont want it to end. and i like the fact that each character developed quiet well, thanx producers!! BUT alena getting out of the show makes things weird, its because the whole show revolves around her, and she was the 1st reason to watch the series. also (for me) i adore love stories, and i'v seen relationships graw in along the seasons. anyway, i hate that its coming to an end, but i want u to know despite everything u all the cast the producers all of the ppl u dont know, DID GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 love u
  • Crazy awesome

    Good series
  • Pretty little liars lovers

    Ok honestly this is the best show I've ever watched ever since the first episode I've just loved it the way they portray love is just absolutely perfect it's also really interesting I wish it wasn't ending at season 8 because it's so good the only thing I personally don't like is Delena Damon and Elena just don't work I feel like Elena and Stephen were the best couple ever shown on tv I also feel like if they spiced up season 8 with the reunion of stelena the show might have a chance to come back or even a good ending even sterilize would be really good
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Where do I start, an amazing show it is, the show, shows us true passionate love not T-V love .Every single character holds some spiritual aspect to them. Every character grasps on to love. I could not describe how amazing the show is with all the poets in the world! When I first started watching this show I was a bit scared of the thought of vampires. I was scared of the main character falling in love with A vampire, a very sweet generous vampire THAT HAD WARM LOVE IN ITS VEINS.. IF you were thinking of watching The Vampire diaries do not hesitate on watching it. WATCH IT. I fell in love with the show from day 1 . Vampire Diaries should never

    end it should keep on going.

    I end it hear saying what I realized in the show was never let go your metaphors
  • Future episodes

    So im an ultimate fan of the vampire diaries and i watched every episode and kept up with every person. So im really hoping that bonnies cousin that was in one of the earlier seasons because she said that she would be back.. hopefully im not the only one that remembers that.

    When I got Netflix I started watching some shows I liked and I came across the Vampire Diaries. I was for sure that it was stupid but i watched it anyways.... Just one episode and I HAD to watch more. So I found myself watching it everyday for 3 weeks watching all 6 seasons. I sure hope it doesn't get cancelled!!!! Its very aggrevating when you watch 7 seasons and the show cancels at a good part. Then nobody will ever know what happens next. If you're going to cancel it please make the last episode make sense you know like a happily ever after instead of cutting it off in the middle of a story
  • More Than Original Vampires

    The Vampire Diaries has been a fan favorite since its first airing seven years ago; creative, darkly sensual, and delightfully twisted, the deep characterization, captivating performances, and engaging backgrounds and storylines never fail to keep me wildly anticipating the next episode. It's more than a story - it's a universe and a legend all its own.

    First glancing at the title in 2009, I anticipated another cheesy romantic drama about a girl stuck between two guys, with the repetitive and unoriginal vampire universe as a background.

    Yeah, that's not what I got. The Vampire Diaries is entirely original; a once-hated of all things vampire related, I love the portrayal of it by this show, and find myself comparing everything else to it and finding nothing else remotely on par with it. Every character is enthralling, the plot thrilling and full of fantastic twists and turns. I've never been bored with it; not with a single episode, and I've been moved to tears more times than I can count by the beautiful performances of these actors. Exciting, original, and deeply moving, The Vampire Diaries will always be the show to watch.
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  • make a little show

    I also agree that the series has become rather boring lately. But what I think will make it more fun and keep the interest for a little while at least, is to bring in an Original for a short period of time a series or two. Everybody like that show better, so why the hell not? Pitch in one of the brothers, Klaus or Elijah, just to show the vampires of Mystic Falls who's the baddest! And see that cocky son of a b*** Julian s*** his pants. And witness some display of power no matter from whom it will be whether Klaus or Elijah. I hope you like my idea guys. :)
  • The vampire dairies

    I like the vampire dairies my favorite couple is damon and elena. I like the 7th season and I can't wait to see who the person. Is that's trying to kill them I some what saw the face but you can't really tell to me it looked like elena but she's supposed to be asleep until bonnie dies. Where is little gilbert (Jeremy) we have not seen him not one time yet unless he is some were eles. I can't belive three years later bonnie and Enzo got together I didn't see that one coming. The tv show isn't bouncing around it tell you what happend before the three years came so it's like the past getting to the future. I can't belive damon and stefan is in the rock I was so mad when I saw that I wanted to just punch someone. I love the vampire dairies it's one of my second favorite shows sorry but the first is arrow. It is a really good show I can't wait until the next one. And to the cast and crew you guys did a really nice job on this TV show I hope it goes on as long as it can. Love you guys

  • This Show Right Here!

    I started to watch this show on and off when it first came out. The first couple of episodes were a bore and reminded me of the twilight craze, so I decided not to watch the show. But now I appreciate them after going back to the beginning in a binge fest. I was over a buddies house started back when the show first started and he had on the last episode of season 1. We were pretty high so the show was really entertaining. After the season finale was over I wanted more. Thats when he asked if I wanted to watch the first few recordings of season 2 and catch up with him. After they were over, I was hooked to this show. This show is The Best vampire show imo. The Originals has potential of course to be better but Vpd right now is mind blowing. The show has changed so much from the first 6 seasons. But definitely in a good way. Since the focus on the main character shifts from Elena to everyone else, The show is everywhere at this point, but I like seeing the show this way. The time skips are are so great that they set the tide for the season. I really wanna know all that happens in between "then and now". Heretics are the best edition so far and so are all the loopholes they exploit to magic. Their introduction in a way felt like the revelation of Klaus' hybrid status. I hope this show makes it to 10 seasons or more.

  • Yes!!!!!

    I loved it. I have to admit, at first, I was scared. I was like "how the hell can Vampire Diaries be Vampire Diaries without the main character?!"After watching the first episode, I remembered why do I love this show so much. It's because of all the suspens, actions and excitation I feel every time I watch it. Of course, it is not the same without Nina( Elena), but it was her choice and we have to accept that. Meanwhile, the others characters are doing a really great job and yes, Vampire Diaries is still one of my favorites shows :-) Can't wait for the next episodes!
  • very good show loving it

    For the first episode of season 7 very good loving it so much. Loving damon and bonnie
  • Vampire diaries

    I love the show its amazing I'm looking forward to see next season and Damon is so awesome I will never argue about that wonderful show vampire diaries
  • This show is...

    Brilliant. Its actually a great hit in my village&town. Its exciting, adventures, dramatic and romantic program. The characters are amazing. It has very effective scenery every where they go. It has great story lines. I can't wait for the next season!!!
  • My thoughts

    Caroline is sooooo ughh sigh!!!! would really like to know what Stefan sees in you... Damon always dah boss ''
  • aquarius32761

    Do you realize if they actually kill off Elena theres no way Katherine,Amara or Tatia can return. Nina Dobrev is leaving!!! And now that she's leaving it seems like they should just end the series the story line is rather beginning to fall weak since there running out of Stefan and Caroline, Caroline needs someone hardcore to handle her like Klaus

    They should find a really cool way for her to die and not just leave like her brother jermy So i could hear Caroline sing again

  • The show can go on without Elena, but with a better storyline :)

    Kill off Elena and bring back Katherine! She has more spunk :) The show can also go on with Bonnie as I'm really digging her character now! I prefer watching her and Damon together! I would also like to see more of Enzo and Caroline :) And WHY did they have to ruin her and Stefan's relationship! Can't anyone stay really good friends in this show without screwing each other? Crikey!
  • My Swan song

    Sigh. This used to be my all time favorite show to watch and now all I wish for it is cancellation. It seems like as soon as Kevin Williamson left and Elena died and became a vampire the soul of Tvd died as well. I mean she's supposed to be the heroine of the entire show which she was during seasons 1-3. But after becoming a vampire Elena became a selfish self absorbed bitch like Caroline was in season 1. Everything is always me me me with her when before she used to be so selfless and caring. She treated Stefan and the rest of her friends like shit on the bottom of her shoe after everything that he did to save and protect her from the beginning. All she cared abt was fucking Damon. This show was supposed to be 'Stefan's story' but has turned into the Delena diaries since season 4 and everyone who's not them are basically stand ins for illogical plot lines and plot devices to hook up people just to give them a storyline. They ruined a great friendship in between Stefan and Caroline just so that he wouldn't be a threat to their precious little Delena loving hearts. They wanted them together so badly that they killed off Caroline's mom to do it. And don't even get me started on how her death made any sense I mean since when can't vampire blood cure diseases such as cancer? In season 5 Elena remembered herself as a kid witnessing her dad cure a little girl with cancer so why in the hell is Care's mom any different? Oh right it's so that she can lean of Stefan after she turns her emotions back on smdh. I'm so sick of Enzo I physically want to stake him myself. Both he and Alaric should've just stayed dead because they're useless and boring to watch. Glad bonnie's back even though I bet she sacrifices herself for the millionth time on the season finale smdh. It amazes me to no end how this show got renewed for a 7th season especially with the lack of viewers every week tuning in. But I say it's what they get because they've (writers, directors, producers) have been basically saying fuck you to anyone who doesn't ship Delena since season 4 and people are tired of it. I mean they act is if those are the only fans that helped them get to season 6. I've never witnessed such an immense amount of unprofessionalism as I have with the people who over this very show. Calling loyal fans who ship couples other than Delena and Steroline as "the other fandom" the constant favoritism to the Delena fandom is repulsive. I'm just over the whole damn show myself idc who ends up with who and that's saying something because I was once such a strong Stelena shipper. But now they could all go up in flames and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. More power to all that still watch the shit but I won't be with you on that one. I'm done with TVD
  • Screw Elanie

    .playing both brothers makes her a disappointment to all females.... she should choose Dameon he is soooooo much better than Stephen also hope there is a season 7.... cutting dameon some slack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the perfect Diaries

    I hope they make a the vampire diarys 7 because they show literally made me cry laugh and express any emotion. This is literally the best show I ever watched. I can't watch anything else now. There is one little thing that I want I want is Ian and Nina to be together cuz if they make it perfect couple in a show they can make a perfect couple in the real world. I wish they never broke up in real life!
  • Traveler

    Okay so if the traveler juju is in Katherine's bloodline shouldn't it be in elenas blood line to ? So shouldn't that make Elena a traveler ? I love this show a lot in only in season five but this came to mind.

    THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS MY LIFE I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELENA 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!! DAMON THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!!! the people who say its boring its not ! it has story lines drama supernatural and action its AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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