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  • These Vampires Suck

    The show was super awesome until Elena turned into a vampire, then everything went to shit. Also, they think they are being clever with all these plot twists but it is just getting ridiculous! I swear to god if something happens to Matt, I am completely done with this show, not everybody on it needs to be supernatural for it to get views. If anything they are hurting they rating by just killing everybody off!
  • Katherine dies, the show dies

    Katherine Freakin' Pierce was the life of the show. Everyone else has become boring and predictable; I can't even stand to watch scenes with Elena anymore. Like, what's so exciting about her? Nothing. The only thing preventing her from getting killed off, is the fact that she's the main character. Katherine, however, has always had more potential; how can the writers just throw away something as precious as the Goddess who gave the Salvatore brothers eternal life? She's their beginning and their end, always will be. Whether they like it or not. I believe Katherine deserves a lot more credit than she gets, and definitely does NOT deserve being dragged to hell. Like, wtf? People who have died before her and successfully passed through Bonnie were no better than her. They just hadn't lived and suffered as much, hadn't had as many chances to screw up as Kat did. I'm sure if they had been put in her shoes for a few years, they would've become a thousand times worse than her.
  • This show is a stalemate!

    Wow.. this show has literally gone to the dogs now!

    Season 4 clearly showed they had no more plots and brains...

    and now season 5... they just hitting the Repeat button!!

    Sad... it was so good before!


  • i didnt seen worst story like this.

    How elena will leave stefan ! thats disgusting . He Did Every Thing For . How She leaves him . Stefan kept his life to Save her. When elena loves Stephen no one gone . Whenever she starts feeling on loss his brother,bonnie and everything. I am it only one . That is also for stefan
  • Serial Killers and the women who love/cover for them.

    Hypothetical question:

    Whichever of the Salvatore bothers Elena is salivating for has just completed the ritual to wake up Acathla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Elena has the sword necessary to end the ritual by killing her love, and he is completely open to attack, gloating over how she will not be able to kill him. Will she:

    A) Run him through, saving the world at the cost of killing the man she loved.

    B) Kiss him as the world gets flushed into hell, dooming humanity to extinction.

    I think we all know Elena will choose option 'B'.
  • Only watching because of Klaus + Caroline

    Elena sucked ever since this show started. I only watched again when I heard Klaus and Caroline's love was brewing and that it was worth watching the show. I even change the channel when Dobrevs face comes on and check back periodically to see if klaroline's on.
  • This crap needs to be booted off TV!

    This has to be one of the saddest TV shows on at the moment. How Vampire Diaries has made it past Season One is beyond my knowledge.
  • Gonna stop watching

    The show has gone to hell!!!
  • All filler, no killer

    How does anyone actually consider this a great show? Aside from girls fantasizing, I can't see any worth to it.. it's super slow, the vampires are obsessed with a girl for no real reason (once again), there's barely any story to it.. I feel like I'm reading a book, but each episode is just a couple pages of the book. Super long description of some minute occurrence such as being stuck in a cave or [insert scenario here] where one of the vampire brothers shows up to save the girl and scare off another vampire, and then that's it. It's basically a soap opera with vampires thrown in the mix. Come on guys...
  • worst show ever.


    writer kevin williamson (dawsons creek) is doing everything he can to destroy everything i love about vampires into a "insert teen drama here" cliche of a show.

    breaking so many vampire doctrines that dracula is turning in his grave.

    the dialogue is at best...sadly funny.

    favourite moment is actually in the pilot.

    when stefan turns to elena and says... "i was never good at ... chit chat" seriously dude...never would have guessed that after a century of bloodsucking...thats the best you can come up with.

    at least everybody looks beautiful. project run away with teeth

  • Elena and her brother loses their parents. Life sucks. Suddenly a mysterious boy shows up at their school. A vampire. A couple of people die, one gets hurt. Another vampire shows up. A little fighting. And bla bla bla... Deja vu, anyone???

    With series like True Blood and movies like Twilight out there, the Vampire Daries just doesn't cut it. It's quite boring and gives a bad taste of deja vu. I can't believe i wasted over 40 min of my life watching this crap. But if I were to mention something good about the series it would have to be that Elenas brother is kinda cute and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is a little hot, but FYI, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is not. He is a mamas boy version of Angel (David Boreanaz). Sadly I think there's a lot of teenaged girls who will love him and this series... But in my opinion this is one of the worst vampire series ever...
  • Dire.

    How luck are the producers? They seem to have been able to cast three wooden actors in the lead roles. Ian Somerhalder as the smug and plastic-faced evil brother, Nina Dobrev as a passable Bambi, and Paul Wesley doing a pretty good impersonation of a mute with defined abs and less well defined personality.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, the same formulaic plot in every episode is just tedious; evil brother spreads rumour, Bambi told by friend of rumour, cue pouting and the inevitable falling out, followed by the hackneyed stalwart of other angst-ridden dramas - the make-up/make-out session. Imagine my surprise when next week the same thing happens all over again.
  • 1 girl, 2 vamps this story is getting old already

    Not much to review, same tween vampire trend that all the little girls are eating up. I see no real interest in this and I hope it doesn't make it past a first season. Buffy and Angel were the only CW young adult Vampire shows I'd watch. This was so dull, no original concept, storyline, characters... I can at least enjoy True Blood but it's not a watered down CW show. I didn't even enjoy Twilight so I guess I'm just not into this tween crap. Can this crap and bring back Terminator: TSCC. If you're a youngin and have never seen Buffy go rent or buy some DVD's and watch that instead of this crap.
  • Girl meets guy, who so happens to be a vampire. Guy fell in love with girl. Guy's brother come into the picture. Blah blah blah.

    Another chick vampire flick?? Isn't Twilight enough? Why are they cancelling all the good vampire series such as Moonlight and Angel? We need more in-depth storylines, not some cheap, cliched plots like this one! Although the cast is well chosen, the plot is seriously over-used. We can use some coffee to actually stay awake throughout the entire episode. The idea that the main vampire character is all "sparkling" with goodness and always trying to help the "damsel in distress" female protagonist is getting way boring. I doubt that I will give this series another thought. 4.6 million viewers, seriously? Supernatural deserves the love, not this chick flick.
  • One of the worst.

    What can you say. Platsic Barbie looking girls that can't act, just smile and try look cute. Toooooo much makeup and somtimes the girls look old. What are they 15 or 30? Hmm.

    And the vampire guy look old and what on earth did he wear?

    I know it's not about the looks and what cloths they have, but I can't help to not like it at all.

    And how they act in this show is horrible. It looks like one of my first movies I did when I was 12. And the show feels like a bad copy of Twilight.

    I'm not going to follow this show and I'm sure it will be a short one. Hell pull the plug now and use the time and money on something better!

    Score: 1 of 5
  • Worst piece of teen-vampire dung I have ever scene.

    Predictably lame. I hate this show with every fiber of my being. Take every schlocky cliche you can imagine about teen angst films and every schlocky cliche you can imagine about crappy vampire movies and put them together and you will have the steaming pile of crud that you could ever find in the way of a cruddy tv show. Seriously though, this is by far one of the lamest shows i think i have ever seen. I for one would rather carve my eyeballs out of my own head than to watch one more episode of this drivel. Corporate cookie-cutter crapavision.
  • Another vampire story?

    I don't get the whole Vampire-Human Relationship. The whole vampire thing is a MYTH and NOT real. I hated Twilight and thought Stephenie Meyer is an awful author and it doesn't change the fact that this show is any better. I don't get why do people waste their time watching some mythical creature exploring the mortal world, oh wait, I know why, they're all a bunch of fan girls probably crushing over the vampire. Pathetic. There are tons of shows that is just as good and is actually not far from reality and is just as entertaining and actually MAKES SENSE rather than this show.
  • The writers are pissing off the fans

    Anyone who went on tumblr, or or youtube would easily see that what the writers are doing with the characters is infuriating the fans. The fans are fed up with elena whining about everything and beign the center of the universe. the writers justify her whining by sayign she has been through so much. But in reality she hasnt been through as much as some of her friends. Caroline has been kidnapped 5 times, tortured 4 times, has nearly died twice from hybrid bites, was raped and abused by damon (and yes it was rape because he compelled away her will to fight back or deny him, she was not a consensual or willing elena could care actually throws it in carolines face because everything revolves around her.

    Then you take into account that the writers arent being logical at all when it comes to the other characters. If Klaus gains camille as a love interest in the spin off, fans are going to be infuriated. Why would a 1000 year old vampire who has never had a relationship with a woman besides sex and draining suddenly start a relationship with a human? especially since we all know that for the first time in over 1000 years he has fallen in love with caroline.

    Bonnies story line has gone down the toilet as well.

  • Least favorite Season - Bad writing :/

    Nina and Ian break up in real life - and suddenly Delena can't be on screen together for more than 2 seconds half the time? I'm finding that hard to swallow.

    Ratings are down. But not because people are sick of the romance as someone suggested. It's because we aren't getting the romance we were promised. We still have a damn triangle when there shouldn't be a triangle. Elena was in love with Stefan. Then he left. And she bonded with Damon and quite possibly fell in love with him. Then Stefan came back and the good girl Elena was couldn't pick Damon over Stefan. But then she became a vampire and found the courage to say what she really wanted. Damon. Triangle over! To continue the triangle at this point only makes Elena look wishy-washy and kindof mean. She made her choice. The end.

    But all of a sudden, we have Stefan and Elena thrown together time and time again. We have them having music-filled moments, touching faces, saying things like "i miss you" and "you know me better than anyone" while your current boyfriend sits right there. And of course we have silas and Tessa saying how the universe wants Stelena to be together. Well, then let them be together! For God sake, just end the damn triangle. It's BS to continue it over and over season after season.

    The writers need to grow a pair and make a freaking decision and end the back and forth. Once and for all. I thought they were moving towards a Caroline/Stefan pairing last season but then those two have barely spoken this season. Then I thought maybe Stefan/Rebekah but now she's gone and of course she got it on with Matt so either way it's not Stefan.

    And wouldn't be reasonable that Damon would have already had a "flashback" of the damn Augustine vampire prior to seeing that bag of blood with a number on it. I don't know, like maybe from TALKING TO HIS GIRLFRIEND ELENA. Whatever. I love this show, but I hate this show too right now. Not happy
  • Interview Style Annoying

    Anyone else find this "interview style" storytelling annoying? The background might as well just be out-of-focus cardboard cut-outs, with ambient sound, since almost the whole thing is shot like each character is being interviewed, and no one else is really there. No interaction with them, no nothing.

    Show is dragging..18 episodes and we are yet to know what the season is all about. Catherine suddenly showing up with elija. the true face of silas not seen since is awakening. this surely has to be the final season
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CW cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • It Sucks

    Come on, an other Vampire show where a teen past the all focken season after a 500 years Dude, The same all story that we know since Dracula, the story it's not bad, but it stinks. Just the crazy teens want to see it, It is an sick version of twillight saga. we want something original. Not the same Vampire can't date a normal teen stuff. In every coutry there are a vampire season. We don't want to bee seen in the future like the vampire sicks generation. The vampire thing is not bad, But the story in it is what meke me feel sick. Give us something new,
  • vamp ship is going to sink...

    As per the previous reviews about season 4 &5, All i can say is after watching the first three seasons, i tried to read the plot summary over wiki and u knw wat i feel proud not to have seen season 4 and 5(17 episodes), it saved a significant time...

    All this happnd coz f lack of new idea nd SOLID RECURRENCE of same events...

  • This show is pure annoyance wraped up with in a pretty wrapping of bad acting and even worst writing.

    This show is pure annoyance wraped up with in a pretty wrapping of bad acting and even worst writing.

    I don't feel like going on and on about what I don't like about the show so I'll just state the few things - two, in fact - things I appreciate from the CW vamp show.

    One, Caroline effing Forbes, A.K.A. super Caroline who could make any annoying scene bareable just by being in it.

    Two, Price Petterson's tVD reviews which are always wity and just in their reaccounting of the show. For example, they state the stupid things the characters do with subtitled recap pictures, which make for light humor.

    The end.
    p.s., good things the show airs during the school year so that when it starts I always have the excuse of getting up, shut down the tvo and go and do homework, study, reading, kniting or anything but watch tVD.
  • 3rd or 4th vampire show since they trying to milk the whole twilight thing. Nothing special just vampire version of one three hill

    I don't have anything against the shows that try to milk the whole new oooh lets make vampire shows. Honestly I do like some novels related to this myth. But only reason these shows are made not because all these writers just suddenly all came up with the whole vampire trend by themselves because they been directed that way.

    I like True Blood better even tho that's also pretty far from reality but the quality of the show is a lot different then these all new vampire shows.

    I don't know what could be the next trend.. Zombies? wait that's done already.. Werewolves? Only time will tell
  • something wrong with this show

    Wow, some people think that Tylor is a douche beceause of the way he reacted with caroline!! I d like to see how you react if you girl\boyfriend slept with the one who killed your mother and contrelled you like a pet. Its like if you re good looking and cool acting you can do whatever you want and people forget about the evil things you did in the past. And now in the last episode caroline was totally normal, if that never happened.

    And come one what s that about Damon, beceause elena didnt choose him, he returned like the first season.

    Sry for the fans of this show, but i just hope that the winchesters would pop up and slash everyone of this show beceause no one here excepte for a few humans are good. Everyone is betraying each other for their own benefits
  • Currently at Season 2

    So I was near the ending of season 2, and I kind of thought it was starting to get stupid. Like how stefan can catch shooting wood stakes so easily, yet Pearl couldn't. Forget the shooting, Elijah was suppose to be an original yet he couldn't even dodge a running vampire at 1/10th of his age? I thought bringing an original was a good twist but its pretty stupid showing how they killed him 3x, 2x in 1 episode. I liked the show until they started showing someone from being godly and unkillable to slower reflex then a human.

    Also one thing, how can Stefan catch a football coming at his head from behind him, without it touching him, while Elijah cant dodge something in-front of him?
  • This show is a time vampire, but in a bad way.

    Bringing Catherine back into the show so suddenly is terrible, desperate writing. Was this merely a way to write Jeremy off for a select no of episodes before they find some ridiculous way to write him back in? No doubt he will be dealt back in through what Silas has planned.

    The addition of this Silas as the first immortal, who was never previously mentioned, is sop***ric at best. I guess the originals weren't that original after all. The new nemesis I can imagine. I wonder if the writers have any clue what is going to happen 3 episodes from now?

    Rebekah is an original, and yet the show has her playing one of those blonde helpless barbies, usually the first to die in those awful hack'n'slash films. It would be nice to see the vampires in this show act like actual vampires instead of brooding teenagers. Especially Elena. She is still just as boring as ever. If it weren't for Damon, I doubt this show would survive.

    Klaus. I think we all remember the long build up to his first appearance, only to be completely underwhelmed. He acts like a trust fund brat with daddy issues. A self absorbed asshole. Not a vampire who's lived for centuries. His father, though only present for a few episodes, added some much needed class to the show. Too expensive to have him as a regular maybe?

    Elijah on the other hand was a great character. Much more representative of his race than all the others. A classic vampire who exuded menace, mixed with detachment, a strong sense of honor, and extreme violence. This is what you would expect from a vampire as old as he is. He didn't relate to anyone else in the show, which I thought was a great thing. Such a pity was never a main character.

    I can say all this because I've watched every episode. I'm hoping in vain that this show will improve, but considering the target demographic, unlikely.
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