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  • The Vampire Diaries is a story about a high school girl, Elena Gilbert, who ends up falling in love with a vampire, Stefan, who's brother, Damon, comes to the same town and Elena falls in love with him also.

    Although the show has yet to premire, I am really excited for it. I am a fan of the books, and I am aware that shows and movies based off books are not always the same, either slightly or completely different. The books were kinda cheesey, but I loved them, so I am looking forward to seeing how the tv show goes. So far I am really pleased with who they have picked to play for Stefan and Damon, I'm not so sure about Elena, but she may surprise me. But since the show has yet to premire, as I have already said that, I really shouldn't be doing a review of it since I haven't seen the show, and it could end up being horrible. But I am just too excited and feel the need to put it out there that I am looking foward to this show and as of right now with what I have seen the show should be amazing!
  • Pleasantly Surprised!

    I watched the Pilot not really expecting too much. The reviews I heard before watching the first episode were all pretty terrible, but since I read the books and enjoyed them all I thought I would give it a try and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
    The acting was actually very good, especially by Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). She was a breathe of fresh air. And a very pretty girl too. I look forward to the rest of the season I know that I will be watching for sure. I would definitely recommend this show to fans of Twilight.
  • Elena is a high school girl who fall in love with a mysterious new boy in school named Stefan. He has a secret( he's a vampire).

    Elena has lost her parents recently in a car crash. Her brother is doing drugs. Stefan is lonely and wants a new beginning as a living person because he's a vampire. They meet and have attraction to each other from the beginning. Many things are happening around Fell's Church that suggest something evil is in residency. We also see other plot stories around Elena and Stefan's budding love which is interesting to watch. Bonnie seems to show a connection of being a descendant from the witches of Salem. Really cool!Elena's brother liking Matt's sister but she rejecting him even though she has already slept with him.Matt harboring feeling for Elena after their supposed break-up.The Vampire Diaries looks so exciting and its become my favorite!
  • Tells the story of two vampire brothers who can't seem to get along over the difference in their behavior. The attraction between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) against his evil brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

    I first knew about this show a couple of months ago searching for upcoming ones.
    Before the premiere I devoured True Blood (both season in days) since I think it's one of the best shows ever done regarding script, acting and metaphors.

    I have to say that vampires are one of my favorite topics and I humbly consider myself a connoisseur because I liked them and read about it since I was a kid.
    Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (almost all of them), movies, text, etc.

    I won't compare this new show with the previous things I mentioned because it wouldn't make sense. I wanted to see something different and I think I saw it.

    It's been only two episodes but I have to say that I got kinda hooked on it.
    From the beginning it shocked me that these vampires could be walking on bright daylight and I wanted to see if it was some stupid thing or actually based on something.
    Then came up this rings thing that protects them from the sun. Interesting idea even though they didn't say (so far) why, what makes you see more to find it out, among other things.

    We have the Bram Stoker's touch (at least some part) when we learn that the female lead Elena is some kind of reincarnation of the "good" vampire's (Stefan) past love, adding the love story that every blood-sucker needs to have.

    At last we are introduced to the "evil" vampire brother (Damon, Ian Somerhalder) in a different role besides the good hot guy (just all the opposite) returning for some unknown reason trying to lure his brother to the dark side. Stefan is the always present vampire with humanity.

    The other thing that got my attention was Elena's clairvoyant friend Bonnie. Actually she's learning that she has this power and could be an interesting addition to the story.

    In my opinion, the best thing this show has is how they handle the suspense scaring you in many parts when thing come up from nowhere.

    Since there are many supporting characters, this has the chance of exploring many variants to make an entertaining show.
    It has the teen spirit of the CW but it may entertain you.
    Some good and respectful things about vampires such as needing invitation to enter a house and some others that you may discover or remember (depending if you know or not about all this).

    I personally think that it has what it takes to continue growing because during the first episode I was bored in some parts but the second improved that flaw.

    Having "True Blood"'s shadow it comes out with elegance.
  • Please don't let minor differences from the book cloud your judgement, it's a series trying to stand on it's own while still maintaining the heart of the author's intent, so give it some respect by viewing it before mislabeling it.

    Based off of L.J. Smith's books of the same name, Vampire Diaries was developed for television by Kevin Williamson; most notably for creating The WB's teen angst ridden Dawson's Creek and penning the cult trilogy Scream, with it's well-crafted moments of heightened suspense and intellectual dialogue, the series finds itself firmly grounded with little to improve upon. In short, the premise is about a nonhuman feeding vampire (Stefan) who falls for a girl (Elena) that has remarkable resembles to his past love (Katherine,) who in falling in love draws his long absent older brother (Damon) of 15 yrs back to Mystic Falls to stake his revenge on Stefan.

    This show surprised me. I had no real intent of sticking with it for more than a few eps or at lease until Flash Forward aired, but after watching the "Pilot" and then "Night of the Comet," i instantly new there was something special. It reminded me of why i use to love teen dramas in the first place, which was the culmination of believability of the actors and the chemistry of their characters, along with the excitement of not knowing what is behind the closed door. Sure, it may not be as complex or mind-bending as Lost, but nobody said all good shows had to be as intense and confusing that eventually the fans and writers will lose focus of the original intended of the series.

    Vampires may be a staling subject, but Vampire Diaries (and True Blood before it) have successfully re-injects new life into the forbidden love story.
  • so i was wondering do you think they will kill her off like they do in the book [which i hated] and just follow that whole story line or change it?

    so i was wondering do you think they will kill her off like they do in the book [which i hated] and just follow that whole story line or change it? because i will be really bummed if i do. because i kinda want elena and stephan to be together! they are so cute! and have total chemistry [unlike damon who just looks funny lol] so ya i was just trying to get opinions on what people think the producers/directors will do to the plot compares to the story that the author originally wrote about so please write back :) !
  • I get it. America is in love with vampires and blood and forbidden love between a vampire and some lonesome confused girl with strong morals and principles.

    Vampire Diaries stars a girl from the Canadian popular show Degrassi: the Next Generation belonging to a network entitled teenNick formerlythe N. The show is good. Oh yeah vampire diaries is good too. What else is there to say? The acting could be better but the show should still be given a chance because maybe if they haven't already they'll surpass the crazy beautifulness surrounding Twilight. That's a big maybe. I'd say stick this one out. If you want to see the Twilight series tune in every week on Thursdays to CW, that network with gossip and that other one.
  • fair

    The Vsampire Diaris is a love story in which two vampire brothers fight for the love of a beautiful human.
    At first, when I found out about this I thought "oh great, another vampire story." Later I the first episode, and I liked it. Then I started watching the next episodes, and yeah it is a good show. Its interesting and cool. I'm getting tired about vampires, though, but anyway. The series is pretty cool. These vampires are awesome. Vampires that shine under the sun (Twilight) are sh*t. Vampires that burn into sun light (True Blood and this) are better. Vampires that wont burn under the sun because of a ring (this) good.
  • Buffy Lite .

    If you loved the Buffy and Angel series then this show is for you . whilst still lacking the character development of the Buffy series , it is a work in progress . I know this show is a bit more fluff than Buffy was but it could indeed be that long awaited fix that we have been waiting for . with one brother representing what could be Angel and another Spike , throw in a witch like Willow and really the only thing missing is the heroine(Buffy) and the watcher type (Giles). I mean you even have the vampires trapped underground that Damon is trying to release .Yes indeed this show has a ton of potential
  • Vampires in high school...again

    The quality of this show was a pleasant surprise, I assumed the good ratings came from the CW capitilizing on Twilight fangirls, but it has a real nice vibe. It isn't as campy as it should be, but Damon brings in the cheesy factor that is necessary in any adolescent sci-fi program. The story is interesting enough and the story has enough twists not to be cliched. I remember reading the books a while ago, but have no idea what happened in them but overall I think they cast the show really well. Hopefully they will fan out the plot so the show can last.
  • i love this show its amazing

    i love this show it got an amazing storyline and vampire diaries has got everthing its not just vampires its got witches, love stories, murder action and literally everthing you would want and the actors are great. anyone who loves shows and films like moonlight, twilight, true blood etc will definately love this interesting and fun tv series i love twilight but would pick this show over it anyday its fantastic i have actually watched all the episodes like a million times and now i really cant wait till the next episode and got my firgures crossed for a second season of vampire diaries!!
  • I can't wait for the next episode!

    I love Vampire Diaries series sooo much! Especially episode 10, I wanna know who comes to Elena at the end. Now I know the truth that Damon wasn't the murderer who killed Elena's parents. The vampire she hot by car on the road was that one & I wanna find out who that is. Gosh! I can't wait to see the next episode!!! Please, don't let me wait so long! What's Damon gonna do when he heard Logan has some spell or something!? Is he gonna break the seal to release Katherine!? What's gonna happen next & Will Elena be safe!?? -> I really love this tv series!
  • I was really surprised at how much I like the show! With so much reality tv junk on right now, its a nice change.

    I love it!! I hope they continue the show for several seasons. It has great possibilities. I am so sick of all the reality junk on tv right now!! Its nice to see actors again, not wanna be's. It may go right along the lines of the typical vampire/human love story but who cares!! Every show has a surpise in it and the story just keeps building. I didn't like the flash backs as much but you have to build a history to keep the story going. At least its not like some of the other shows on right now that is just about whoreish young girls, cheating, and drugs. Sure, it has some of that but at least that isn't ALL the show is about. I think the vampire diaries is a great show!!!!
  • Better than the books, Twilight, and it ties with Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I read the books and thought they were the best, so I had assumed that the TV series couldn't be any better and would just ruin everything. I'm a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was planning to stay with that. But the TV version is even better than the books(and Buffy), I have to say. The first few episodes weren't the best though. They kind of reminded me of a lame Twilight rip-off. But they did get better, and now I'm a regular Vampire Diaries watcher, not so much a reader. I can't wait for the Halloween special--hope it doesn't disappoint!
  • love this show

    it is a good show, and a tease for all the twilight fans, i love it and i think that Nina Dobrev looks so much like Alyssa Milano, and is such a good actress, and can't wait to see what happens in the up comming episodes, just glad we now know the ubsession over elena between the two brothers, and i laughed when Caroline Forbes asked damon if he sparkled in the sunlight us twi-tard fans know what that was about lol, so thats all i will say cant wait till november 20th for twilight, team edward all the way
  • surprisingly promising

    Ok I have to admit - after the first episode I had my doubts. The characters were all a bit too sugar sweet. Could this be a bad adaptation of the seriously immature Twilight saga? The vampire series over the years have displayed a varying degree of quality, all with their own pros and cons. Normally I haven't taken too well to the high school vamps portrayed in series such as Buffy and Twilight (although Angel was actually quite good up until the death of Darla). True Blood was/is promising as it echoes the storytelling of "Kindred - the embraced" and "Interview with a Vampire". Anyways - my first impressions of "Vampire diaries" went something along the lines of "yuk - another Dawsons creek meets Buffy (ie Twilight)?"

    BUT: After the third/fourth episode my impression of the show has changed radically. The characters actually convey depth. The historical flash backs may reveal more complexity hidden beneath the surface. As I haven't read the books, I can just hope that the show will evolve beyond the simple high school drama that I first mistook it for. Also, the leading characters feel more real (and less wimpy) than the ones in "Twilight".

    All in all this is a show that have all the requisites of being a crappy love/drama/high school series, but now may be evolving into a more serious take on the genre - appealing to a more mature audience as well as the pre/teens (which I guess are the original target group).
  • This show is great...its kind of like a weekly fix for those of us who love the twilight saga...its a must see.

    its about the salvatore brothers who return to mystic falls one to be close to a girl who looks like his first true love and the other to wreck havoc on the town, the towns people try and stop the vampires as the know its history, one of the brothers has been recognized by this elderly gentleman which leads elena to dig for the truth, which she does and thats kind of where the series is at she just found out stefan is a vampire and damon just turned one of the girls from the town, its very very very good. You must watch very suspenceful.
  • Two vampire brothers,one bad and the other good vie for the affections of a girl.

    This show is really a love story about two brothers who are vampires and a girl they were both in love with many years ago who has somehow been reborn in the future and in the same town where the two brothers themselves were turned into vampires. One brother has given up on feeding on people and that makes him weaker than his still human feeding brother. As brothers they have split,the stronger brother promising to make his weaker brothers life a living hell as he feels betrayed by a past grievance which as of yet has not been revealed.
  • Two newcomers arrive in the aptly named town of 'Mystic Falls'. One is the good guy, the other the bad - they're also brothers AND vampires. One wants to protect, the other to kill; and so the fighting begins.

    I have to agree with Martyreeh; the first episode wasn't too great.

    Personally it struck me as being an almost total rip off of 'Twilight' - even to the interaction between the male vampire 'student' (Stefan/Edward) and the school employee (administrator/advisor) though the reasons and outcome differed. I have to say though that Stefan is so apparently angst ridden that he makes the usually dour Edward Cullen look positively upbeat and cheerful. I mean at least the Cullen smiles and laughs; all Stefan does is look earnest, worried and frown (even when trying to smile which, to give him his due, I didn't think was even physically possible. Perhaps its a vampire thing; laid down in the job description that all teen vampires have to be angsty and frown a lot, even whilst, trying, to smile). No wonder he drives his more amusing brother, Damon, nuts. He certainly made me feel suicidal by the end of the episode. I mean if he hates eternal life THAT much, just die already.

    However, despite all these current misgivings, it did improve with the other episodes. I think we should all give the show a chance, and I think we could be seeing the first real contender for taking the place of teen vampire shows, like 'Buffy' and 'Angel'. Hopefully it'll do better than 'Blood Ties' and 'Moonlight' anyway. However, I do rather hope that they don't stick to the books as the later ones weren't that good. With luck they'll copy 'True Blood's' success and merely use the books as a basis for the show whilst making up the tv series universe, and story arc, themselves.

    Personally, I liked it and look forward to seeing more. Does anyone know if there's more than six episodes? Or even if it will be renewed for a second season?
  • Don't judge this show by the 1st episode, which was very weak. By the second episode, the suspense started, the characters were rounded out and the romance between Stefan & Elena started, along with the introduction of Damon. Much better than Twilight.

    The writing in the first epioside was weak, but by the second, the writers pulled together an interesting set of characters that are much superior to "Twilight's". This is a show that you have to give a chance. It takes watching more than one episode. The characters are more complex than at first glance, and the villain is not quite the villain that he wishes he were. (Damon) Vampire stories are not for evferyone, but those of us who love them can't get enough. Stefan, Elena, Damon leave us wondering what will develop in their relationship. Wonderful show.
  • Obsessed = That's what everyone is after they watch this awesome show!!!!!!!

    Stefan.. A name so odd and strange like the new mysterious high school student who came to mystic falls with a purpose.. To meet fellow student,Elena, and fulfill his love for her.. Elena, a girl with no parents, a underage drug dealer for a brother and a confused young aunt, tries to pass the days with a mask. The mask of sadness.. Back to Stefan, who finally meets Elena. His love for her is his weakness.. He struggles to be close to normal human but his nature is so bizzare that is a risky combination.. The nature of a vampire, like his brother. She turns fond of him. He is always there for her. He listens all her inner thoughts and because of his behavior she tries to push her demons away.. Until she meets a real demon, Damon, Stefan's older brother.. To be continued.. ;)
  • Hey . . . give it a chance.

    I enjoyed the pilot episode. I can see how it runs similarities to the Twilight movies. But I like how they followed the vampire lore much more closely. The magical ring that permits going out in daylight is . . . a little much, but I like that better then shimmering.

    I Loved the small detail about Stefan not entering Elana's home without an expressed invitation. Small details make for a great story.

    It has a very "Smallville" feel to it. Everyday small town high school kids . . . one just has a secret.

    Before you trash on it, give it a chance. I'll post back once i have seen episode 04 or 05. Then i'll have a clearer Idea of my thoughts and feelings about the show.
  • This season started off with a bang.The 2 main caraters meet up right away and you can feel the instant attraction which is only known to come between a vampire and his girl of affection. kinda like the attraction we have seen in the movie Twilight.

    We will notise the instant affection between two people. The affection which will only show between a vampire and his girl of choise.
    Here Elena, a girl who had just lost both her parents before the summer started, starts school again after the traig incident. She accidential runs into the new guy at school, Stefan our favorite vampire, and the sparks starts flying.
    Stefan feels the instant affection and must find all his strenght to resist her. After the first meeting Stefan keeps sneaking up on Elena and she can't help her self feeling a bit scared and intreat at the same time. This is the beginning of a stormful frindship/relationship between Stefan and Elena....Everybody have this thing or person you could just want to live without and the same thing happens for Stefan. His brother who he has not seen in 15 years shows up for some trouble. He starts feeding on the locals and stir up some old wounds and makes trouble for Stefan. He instant feels Stefan's attraction towards Elena and emmidiate goes after Elena just to annoy Stefan and it works....Drama and action has begun. Enjoy this amazing new show.
  • It's not better than twilight but it is hotter than true blood.

    I thought that i have seen it all. twilight, true blood, buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. But i was wrong this show is some what the same as twilight. A vampire falls very much for the human girl who's brother does drugs. just like true blood only in steed of drugs he has hot sex. But their their is a twist his brother comes back to his town and wants to bug him forever. and also falls for the human girl. i think it's cool show so far. i am hoping to see alot more in this new show.
  • not the worst book-to-show transformation

    The hook: two extremely attractive vampire brothers. It is impossible to deny that teenage girls all over the country in "vampire fever" have come to love the concept of gorgeous eternal love. This is the main reason the show has such a following. Do I dislike the show? Of course not. It is very well done. Considering the budget most television shows get, the special effects are very well established. The acting is pretty good, and the romance is always a plus in this sort of show. The main attraction in this show, however, is Damon. He is the mysterious bad boy who no one can trust, which is what makes him so extremely lovable. His relationship with his brother is also dysfunctional to a point of interest, which makes the dynamic fun to watch. The books are completely different then the show. Having read the books myself, I can honestly say there are not many similarities between the two, not counting character names and such. The book readers, however, have come as an established fan base with the start of the show. This, in addition to "vampire fever" is why the show has excelled to such a degree. Overall, it is very impressive as far as book-turned-television shows go.
  • So, my favorite characters are Elena, Vicki, Damon(the bad Salvatore brother), Stefan, Tyler, this is definately a must see show for people who loved the movies Twilight, Interview with the Vampire, etc.

    I agree this show is getting better every week and it's the highest rated show on The CW ever, and was picked up for a full Season order by the network. I didn't get to see the first episode but watched the second and was immediately hooked and am looking forward to the Halloween themed episode next Thursday, it's gonna be bloody from what I've seen in the previews, and Damon is gonna sit back and watch as Vicki continues to transform into a vampiress, and also if Stefano is gonna help Elena deal with it that he is one.
  • The show is getting better and better each week!

    This show is getting better and better each week, the story is really great.
    The main thing you can notice when you watching the show that the writers is taking it slowly, no need to rush, this what makes it wonderful, enjoyable,dramatic and good love story between Vampire and human girl. the show is really great , two thumps up!
    i am 100% sure that Elena is Catherine (Same person)!
    but she forget or something, or someone made her that way , her parents maybe ? , hmmm....

    Story : A
    Directing : B
    Acting : B+
    Music & Soundtracks : A
    Horror : C ( Not Scary!)

    Thank you,
  • What were you thinking CW (aka CBS) ???? Replacing Moonlight with The vampire diaries...Seriously!? --edited--

    Have I missied something? or did CBS (aka The CW: a joint venture between CBS and Time Warner Bros) really do this??

    Why would the network cancel such brilliant and popular show like MOONLIGHT last year (after only 16 shows!) and then take on another vampire show??? I don't get it...


    So, I actually really like the vampire diaries now. I wasn't sure for the first couple episodes, but then it just seemed to get better and better. Way to go CBS, I guess you've got another great vampire series now. I hope they don't consider dropping it any time soon.
  • well what can i say, this is a pretty cool show,

    it has comedy, class, action, horror, and romance all rolled into the one show ; like how good is that, u don't see that every day, i would have to say it is personally one of my favorite shows, my favorite character would have to be Damon ; hes a bit of a bad boy but can be friendly at times, (i like a little of that)*lol* he's funny , deceiving and a bit evil, but he's working on changing that, Elana would have to be my second favorite character, she has style, she is friendly, and of course she is dating a vampire(that would be pretty scary), but all up together, they all give each other the push they need to look good , well thats my review so thanks for reading. sincerely rianna :)
  • It's a love triangle between two vampires brothers.One good and the other evil. This show has a good plot, a great characters development and interaction.Overall this show is just a guity pleasure.This show in my eyes ,is serious contender for Tru Blood.

    This is an amazing show!!!!this nothing like Twilight...except for the high school thing ,yes u have love story ,but not as cheesy .It's a love triangle between two vampire brothers , one good and one evil and i think this is what make this show this great ,Damon is just pure evil with a soft side and he is the best vampire that has ever been on tv .This show is better, great characters, great growing plot and each episodes makes u want a watch it more.This show is a great suprise.Give it a chance u won't regret it!!!!
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