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  • This crap needs to be booted off TV!

    This has to be one of the saddest TV shows on at the moment. How Vampire Diaries has made it past Season One is beyond my knowledge.
  • Dire.

    How luck are the producers? They seem to have been able to cast three wooden actors in the lead roles. Ian Somerhalder as the smug and plastic-faced evil brother, Nina Dobrev as a passable Bambi, and Paul Wesley doing a pretty good impersonation of a mute with defined abs and less well defined personality.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, the same formulaic plot in every episode is just tedious; evil brother spreads rumour, Bambi told by friend of rumour, cue pouting and the inevitable falling out, followed by the hackneyed stalwart of other angst-ridden dramas - the make-up/make-out session. Imagine my surprise when next week the same thing happens all over again.
  • Stefan repeatedly thrusting stake into ""bad"vampire,torturing for info, killing. Katie looking nervous at each juicy stab confesses not being disturbed, wonders normal? Adrenalin high,you'll drop later, reassures her lover.

    Creation of torture scene. Normalizing,rationalizing,supporting her high. Feeding young audiences this attitude. Are you so lost in your world that responsibility is lost? Or do you just not care? It sells. Perhaps you honestly believe it's all fun and fiction. Never influences young minds. Perhaps you are developing
    Katherine's character (adopted) into relationship with super sexual vamp great,great,grandma Kate? Whatever the reasoning it's giving structure and content to an acceptance of unhealthy and dangerous ideas. However if the producers and writers of your show believe that ..say water torture and killing of the "bad guys" is the way to go and want to encourage that idea, you are doing just fine
  • Twilight the tv series

    all i've got to say about this is that ok we get it, twilight is a massive deal for some god forsaken reason right now, but does the vampire story line realyl have to be drained dry so to speak in so many shows right now? Also the main actor playing stephan, and the main actor playing the bella wannabe seems to have been casted in the same sort of image as R. Pattinson and whats her face.... i know vamps are meant to have pale skin blah blah blah but the manerisms etc too seems like they have just taken it from the film and changed the story ever so slightly so that they don't get sued or whatever.....
  • It Sucks

    Come on, an other Vampire show where a teen past the all focken season after a 500 years Dude, The same all story that we know since Dracula, the story it's not bad, but it stinks. Just the crazy teens want to see it, It is an sick version of twillight saga. we want something original. Not the same Vampire can't date a normal teen stuff. In every coutry there are a vampire season. We don't want to bee seen in the future like the vampire sicks generation. The vampire thing is not bad, But the story in it is what meke me feel sick. Give us something new,
  • Another vampire story?

    I don't get the whole Vampire-Human Relationship. The whole vampire thing is a MYTH and NOT real. I hated Twilight and thought Stephenie Meyer is an awful author and it doesn't change the fact that this show is any better. I don't get why do people waste their time watching some mythical creature exploring the mortal world, oh wait, I know why, they're all a bunch of fan girls probably crushing over the vampire. Pathetic. There are tons of shows that is just as good and is actually not far from reality and is just as entertaining and actually MAKES SENSE rather than this show.
  • they are getting too OLD to be highschool kids. end....properly while there is a chance

    main actors look too old to be believable to be teenagers any more. have a proper conclusion please.. if it doesn't finish up by the next season... i am not sure i want to continue...
  • worst show ever.


    writer kevin williamson (dawsons creek) is doing everything he can to destroy everything i love about vampires into a "insert teen drama here" cliche of a show.

    breaking so many vampire doctrines that dracula is turning in his grave.

    the dialogue is at best...sadly funny.

    favourite moment is actually in the pilot.

    when stefan turns to elena and says... "i was never good at ... chit chat" seriously dude...never would have guessed that after a century of bloodsucking...thats the best you can come up with.

    at least everybody looks beautiful. project run away with teeth

  • The first season has been fantastic but season two is just not much sorry but with every episode i just feel like "Not again!!!".


    The first season has been fantastic but season two is just not much sorry but with every episode i just feel like "Not again!!!".

    And the idea of another vampire+suffer+romance tv show is just not right to me, sorry for the fans but that's how i feel :):).

  • One of the worst.

    What can you say. Platsic Barbie looking girls that can't act, just smile and try look cute. Toooooo much makeup and somtimes the girls look old. What are they 15 or 30? Hmm.

    And the vampire guy look old and what on earth did he wear?

    I know it's not about the looks and what cloths they have, but I can't help to not like it at all.

    And how they act in this show is horrible. It looks like one of my first movies I did when I was 12. And the show feels like a bad copy of Twilight.

    I'm not going to follow this show and I'm sure it will be a short one. Hell pull the plug now and use the time and money on something better!

    Score: 1 of 5
  • Maybe it's 'cause I'm old school but...

    Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, I'm an old fart and I need to get over myself and blah de blah quackety quack but you're right, when it comes to vampires I AM old school and I just can't seem to get myself behind these new age vampires!I grew up watching Cristopher Lee in all of his Hammer Studios Dracula epics...back when men were men, women were women and VAMPIRES were VAMPIRES!! If you were to hold up a crucifix to Cristopher Lee at his vampiric best, he'd vow to return with a demonic hiss...his fang filled face suffused with Satanic rage as he turned away and crashed his way through your picture window! Hold up a crucifix to one of these new age vampires, he turns himself into a dachshund, runs around in a circle, pisses all over your rug and runs under your couch and growls at you. (sigh).
  • Great casting and good story lend this series a lot of potential, however talent may be overshadowed by the use of cliched props and sets like erie forrest scenes with foot high fog rolling in.

    The success of this show is going to come down to directing and production. The talent is good, not the best, but each can hold their own, so far. We will see, over the next couple months, if the leaders can take this show seriously and cut out the cliche fat and move forward with the meat of the show. These type of stories are hard to make for the general public because of it's gory nature and with vampires being the "it" thing right now, everyone wants a go. True Blood is a great series because it's on a network that allows it to go beyond PG-13. How will Vampire Diaries hold up against this type of comparison, I'm not sure, but I'll give this series another episode or two, then it's off the tivo.
  • 3rd or 4th vampire show since they trying to milk the whole twilight thing. Nothing special just vampire version of one three hill

    I don't have anything against the shows that try to milk the whole new oooh lets make vampire shows. Honestly I do like some novels related to this myth. But only reason these shows are made not because all these writers just suddenly all came up with the whole vampire trend by themselves because they been directed that way.

    I like True Blood better even tho that's also pretty far from reality but the quality of the show is a lot different then these all new vampire shows.

    I don't know what could be the next trend.. Zombies? wait that's done already.. Werewolves? Only time will tell
  • Girl falls in love with a vampire, then there's a conflict blah blah blah

    Another vampire book adaption hmmm.... i dont see what's up with the hype with this show, i just dont. The show is so formulaic, and i kinda dont see what's the point of watching another vampire series/movie when we have twilight and true blood. Though i only enjoyed several minutes of the show, but those enjoyment are not enough for me to watch another installment of the show. This adaption is terribly transmitted into the small screen. Seems writers and producers are trying too much. I gave this show 6 stars because I love the book. ......Still, I wont be surprise is this show stick around for a little while. In the end, this show has the standard quality that the most cw shows has.
  • Confessions of a Couch Potato


    Have a look at my latest TV blog post please! Comment and let me know who your favourite couple are! :)
  • stelena

    i love stelena its the best couple

  • i didnt seen worst story like this.

    How elena will leave stefan ! thats disgusting . He Did Every Thing For . How She leaves him . Stefan kept his life to Save her. When elena loves Stephen no one gone . Whenever she starts feeling on loss his brother,bonnie and everything. I am it only one . That is also for stefan
  • underage: sex, drugs, and drinking. really? that's what you've resorted to?


    underage: sex, drugs, and drinking. really? that's what you've resorted to? we all know that kids do this, but to glorify it to the teenage fan base is appalling. i used to love the show, but now im about to stop watching b/c of this.

  • Nina Debrev

    Halleluja, She is leaving!!! Season 6 without her. will be worth watching. Couldn't stand her anymore. She was crying in the last 3 or 4 Episodes more then she was acting or speaking. Hope they make her DYE painfully in the Season Final.
  • A lots of crap . . alina is a bitch . . whore . . a slut .

    What the fuck is happening in tvd . . seriously. ..

    In season 6 alina kissed liam . . I mean seriously . . fuck man . . what to say . . she start liking liam . . after Damon to liam . . like seriously . . wow wow wow . . now that annowing alina . . ever annowing alina makes me hate TVD. . . illogical . . senceless drama . . . . fuck u most irritating character alina . . . and yes. . . this shit series even make me hate vampires . .
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CW cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.
  • Teen age angst with teeth

    The novels were quite good but the tv version is a bit flat.
  • the best of the best

    i must say this movie in general is so bloody, intriguing and breath taking. see for more on vampire movies
  • It's not better than twilight but it is hotter than true blood.

    I thought that i have seen it all. twilight, true blood, buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. But i was wrong this show is some what the same as twilight. A vampire falls very much for the human girl who's brother does drugs. just like true blood only in steed of drugs he has hot sex. But their their is a twist his brother comes back to his town and wants to bug him forever. and also falls for the human girl. i think it's cool show so far. i am hoping to see alot more in this new show.
  • I get it. America is in love with vampires and blood and forbidden love between a vampire and some lonesome confused girl with strong morals and principles.

    Vampire Diaries stars a girl from the Canadian popular show Degrassi: the Next Generation belonging to a network entitled teenNick formerlythe N. The show is good. Oh yeah vampire diaries is good too. What else is there to say? The acting could be better but the show should still be given a chance because maybe if they haven't already they'll surpass the crazy beautifulness surrounding Twilight. That's a big maybe. I'd say stick this one out. If you want to see the Twilight series tune in every week on Thursdays to CW, that network with gossip and that other one.
  • is elena really gone??????

    in episode 13 of season 5 catherine is in elena's body for good right?? cause elena's body gets burned and all but she can't be really gone can she???
  • not according to the book

    this show is good. i mean really good. but it is so NOT going according to the book. In the book, Elena NEVER and i mean NEVER breaks up with Stefan and though there was the issue with Damon, her and Stefan never break up. So what is going on with this show so far? and what's up with the fact that there is no Meredith?! you know her other best friend???
  • The vampire dairies

    I like the vampire dairies my favorite couple is damon and elena. I like the 7th season and I can't wait to see who the person. Is that's trying to kill them I some what saw the face but you can't really tell to me it looked like elena but she's supposed to be asleep until bonnie dies. Where is little gilbert (Jeremy) we have not seen him not one time yet unless he is some were eles. I can't belive three years later bonnie and Enzo got together I didn't see that one coming. The tv show isn't bouncing around it tell you what happend before the three years came so it's like the past getting to the future. I can't belive damon and stefan is in the rock I was so mad when I saw that I wanted to just punch someone. I love the vampire dairies it's one of my second favorite shows sorry but the first is arrow. It is a really good show I can't wait until the next one. And to the cast and crew you guys did a really nice job on this TV show I hope it goes on as long as it can. Love you guys

  • This Show Right Here!

    I started to watch this show on and off when it first came out. The first couple of episodes were a bore and reminded me of the twilight craze, so I decided not to watch the show. But now I appreciate them after going back to the beginning in a binge fest. I was over a buddies house started back when the show first started and he had on the last episode of season 1. We were pretty high so the show was really entertaining. After the season finale was over I wanted more. Thats when he asked if I wanted to watch the first few recordings of season 2 and catch up with him. After they were over, I was hooked to this show. This show is The Best vampire show imo. The Originals has potential of course to be better but Vpd right now is mind blowing. The show has changed so much from the first 6 seasons. But definitely in a good way. Since the focus on the main character shifts from Elena to everyone else, The show is everywhere at this point, but I like seeing the show this way. The time skips are are so great that they set the tide for the season. I really wanna know all that happens in between "then and now". Heretics are the best edition so far and so are all the loopholes they exploit to magic. Their introduction in a way felt like the revelation of Klaus' hybrid status. I hope this show makes it to 10 seasons or more.
  • Jeremy

    Jeremy is the one guy i like i don't care for the rest of them that much at all

    so i rather see mostly Jeremy but am all so not much of a fan of the show the show's to much like the movie twilight
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