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  • Ignore the show score because...

    For some reason the average show score and episode ratings are extremely low for what this show is. I must only assume that it is the people who have read the books and are annoyed with how much the show deviates from the original story.

    I am going to be quite to the point here:

    This show is the highest watched show on CW at the moment, it had about 5 million+ viewers who watched the premier and the average viewers are some where in the region of 3.7 million (this is just in America).

    It is the best vampire show I have ever watched, more serious than Angel or Buffy, but still has that undertone of humor in the show, and it is without the annoying accents on True blood. I believe it is a vampire show that adults will enjoy more.

    It has be renewed for a second season and so far after watching every episode I can honestly say that there hasn't been one that I have found boring (which is rare). More than this I would say the show has continued to improve with each episode, some reviewers found the opening episode to be a little dry, if that is you I just suggest to keep watching it for a few more episodes before making a decision.

    It won the 2010 people's choice award for best new Drama

    Actors are great, script writing is equally great and rather than just give my opinion I will just finish with a quote I found which sums up the show quite nicely:

    The San Diego Union-Tribune: "The supernatural drama is a first-class production, featuring an insanely gorgeous cast, sharp scripts and a brooding vibe that is hard for even the most levelheaded adult to resist."

    Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have so far.
  • It's not like Twilight, not even close

    At First Sorry for bad english!!!
    a lot of people here say that The Vampire Diaries is like twilight but just a series... probably they watched just first 2-3 episodes which means they know nothing about show. This show is interesting, bloody, it's not afraid to take any character and do anything to him (We've seen Stefan in last episodes of the first season) and that really rocks! They have very interesting complexed script which I really do enjoy! and this series it totally different from what Twilight is! If we think about this show like a book adaptation it's really horrable because elena should be Blonde, and she should have blue eyes etc. and plot is really different too! but I'm really pleased that as someone who read all the books , I still don't know what to expect from series which also Rocks!!!
    Right know I Would give series 10 out of 10 and it will be real surprise from me if Ian Somerhalder doesn't get at least Golden Globe nomination
  • The Kiss

    I have to start with the end because well it blew my mind. If your anything like me you have been waiting for this kiss & I have to sy it did not disappoint. WOW the chemistry between Damon & Elena is undeniable and explosive. I just wonder if it will last.
  • This show is turning into a soap.

    Do not get me wrong, I am a huge and loyal fan of this show from the very first episode. However, I find this season to be boring and uneventful. Let's recap this season so far:

    - Elena/Katherine Stefan/Damon drama - nothing new, been going on since the beginning. Sure they added the twist of Katherine controlling Elena's body but I think this is important or exciting enough to be the main story of the season.

    - Damon going off the deep end - nothing new there, just a slight twist of him feeding on vampires. *yawn*

    - Caroline broke up with Tyler - who cares. They barely saw each other when they were together anyway.

    Seems to me, the writers are running out of ideas for this show and it has gotten significantly less exciting. It is a shame because the concept is fantastic. Need to shake things up a bit, season is almost over and we are still waiting for the big event to happen that is going to shape this season. Bonnie dying had potential but they just brought her back to life so they can all live happily ever after. Maybe new writers are needed to put a fresh spin on this show or it is going to lose viewers.

  • This show is a stalemate!

    Wow.. this show has literally gone to the dogs now!

    Season 4 clearly showed they had no more plots and brains...

    and now season 5... they just hitting the Repeat button!!

    Sad... it was so good before!

  • As a grown man who sneers at the Twilight generation, I am stunned, shocked, bewildered. This show is brilliance nonpareil, an underestimated gem in the TV landscape, and this episode hammered that home in spades.


    I mean, holy frakking expletive. By what right does this DevelopmentallyDelayed-titled CW twilightsploitation bullexpletive have being SO DAMN GOOD?!?! Brilliant, multilayered, intelligent plotting; lovable, believable, consistent characters; dogged adherence to continuity and fascinating world-building; steady, encyclopedic, well-paced delivery of a smartly conceived mythos; regular "I shoulda seen that coming, but I didn't, because the show's smarter than I am" twists---on an episode-to-episode basis... I have more mindgasms each episode watching this than I ever had watching LOST... hell, even BSG. Judge me on this, I dare you. I frakkin' dare you :P

  • This show needs to change its title to: We have so many love conections going on we have no idea who is with who!

    I tried to give this show a chance but every single episode is somehow about a love connection or triangle or quadrangle or double loop or whatever term you want to use and even when you think an episode is not going to be about people having the hots for each they still make it about people trying to make a love connection.

    I understand that any show geared towards women is going to have a plot device that focuses on love and relationships but this takes that idea and drags it on to the point that you do not care anymore if the main couple gets together or not.
  • I love this show it is a good Vampire show not like Vampire movies these days cause Twilight is the worst and i hate people comparing TVD to Twilight it is completely different and its not fair to TVD because twilight is so cheesy and so boring.


    In this decade its rare to see a good vampire show or movie but this show is so great in many ways it has everything humor, romance, action, blood, and violence. Every person in the planet should give this show a chance because its that good and its one of the best shows on TV. I love this show so much that i dont want it to end ever and every season it gets better and better (not like many dramas now most of them get worse and then better and worse all over again)so please creators and writers keep up the good work.

  • Prefer this to Twilight although I like that also. Remember TVD were wrote before The Twilght saga.

    You've got to look at the vampire diaries objectively, yes there are similarities to twilight, High school and Vampires, but that's about it. the story is better the characters are more interesting, Damon for instance is just the coolest vampire on the screen at the moment, with the exception of course of Eric Northman on True Blood and Elena is a better and more strong willed character than Bella although in the Vampire Diaries novels she is a bit of a whiney annoying typical high school cheerleader so props to the shows directors for changing that detail of the story. Remember this Twihards, The Vampire Diaries were wrote a long time before Twilight was ever in Stephanie Meyers mind, So if anything is a carbon copy of anything, It would be The Twilight saga is a rip off of The Vampire Diaries. Don't get me wrong I like Twilight but absolutely hate people who go around saying that TVD has ripped off the saga because that is a blatant un-researched lie. Get your facts straight before you comment people please. My apoligies for my poor grammer and spelling I'm in a hurry.
  • no more ideas to come up with

    i love tvd, but lets be honest, its really clear that tvd producers are desperate for new ideas. what havent they invented yet? we only have aliens and faries left to invite to tvd's party. also there's no plot here, what is the conflict? that katherine got inside elena's body? come on! that used to be a minor problem before, now is the only thing going on here apart from the who stays with who crap. also, the originals is a clue to how desperate the producers are for money, i know people like the show, me too, but it seems like its only a trick to get more money.

  • Two guys, a girl and an infested with vampires place

    Based on a rather ...pedestrian series of books, the show gains momentum once it shifts the focus from the 90210ish high-school gang to the tale of two three dimensional brothers that no matter what they have gone through keep trying to remain a family and protect their hometown, even after they are no longer part of the living. Mystic Falls it's their home, the place where they lived and died and were turned into vampires by Katherine Pierce, Damon's first love and Stefan's first infatuation, a fact Stefan becomes painfully aware of once he actually falls in love with Elena Gilbert, Katherine spitting image, more than 145 years later.

    The tale of Stefan's redemption intertwines with Damon's quest to get Katherine back and the lives they wreck in the process, whether those belong to Bonnie Bennet (the last witch from a lineage Damon swore to protect), Alaric Saltzman (the man whose wife was turned by Damon) and the Council made of families that count the Salvatore as allies despite they are the very creatures they swore to destroy (Sheriff Forbes and her daughter, Mayor Lockwood and his eldest son Tyler, Matt Donovan and his family, among others). I almost didn't give it a chance after the pilot episode but I seriously recommend it after "History Repeating", the show really surprises the audience after that.
  • WAS Best show back in 2009/2012

    Now this is the wrost show on the TV. Should ended after season 4.

    This was my last episode, we saw in season 5 that Elena father was curing children with cancer with vampire blood and now vampire blood can't cure cancer? Really? Looks like all the writeres are gone and the new ones didn't even bother to watch what happened before in the show...

  • Season 6th of the vampire diaries

    Season 6 has become way boring! the vampire diaries was the first TV show that I always chose to watch, now it has become the last one! the first 4 episodes were way boring and it has turned from my best favorite TV show to the least favorite one.
  • Elena and her brother loses their parents. Life sucks. Suddenly a mysterious boy shows up at their school. A vampire. A couple of people die, one gets hurt. Another vampire shows up. A little fighting. And bla bla bla... Deja vu, anyone???

    With series like True Blood and movies like Twilight out there, the Vampire Daries just doesn't cut it. It's quite boring and gives a bad taste of deja vu. I can't believe i wasted over 40 min of my life watching this crap. But if I were to mention something good about the series it would have to be that Elenas brother is kinda cute and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is a little hot, but FYI, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is not. He is a mamas boy version of Angel (David Boreanaz). Sadly I think there's a lot of teenaged girls who will love him and this series... But in my opinion this is one of the worst vampire series ever...
  • twists..

    the author is really great. the show, amazing! every episode has its own twists that will make you crave for more..
  • i love this show its amazing

    i love this show it got an amazing storyline and vampire diaries has got everthing its not just vampires its got witches, love stories, murder action and literally everthing you would want and the actors are great. anyone who loves shows and films like moonlight, twilight, true blood etc will definately love this interesting and fun tv series i love twilight but would pick this show over it anyday its fantastic i have actually watched all the episodes like a million times and now i really cant wait till the next episode and got my firgures crossed for a second season of vampire diaries!!
  • Not "Buffy" but....

    When I first heard that the CW had a new show called "The Vampire Diaries", I didn't know what to think. With it being CW after all, I wasn't really expecting much. I was expecting something very watered down and light, to go along with their "pretty people" of shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, etc. In other words, I was expecting less 'Buffy' and more 'Twilight', which chilled me to the bone. While 'Supernatural' took up the void left by the Sunnydale gang, although still not quite reaching the depths of Ms. Summers, there hadn't been much else in that vein to get me excited. I was hoping for the best for this show, but my excitement was downplayed. When the show premiered, I was decently surprised and happy. No, it wasn't 'Buffy', but as the show went on, it showed that it most certainly wasn't 'Twilight' either. Thank god.

    I don't want to really go in depth with the synopsis or make this review too long (this is my first review on this site in a long time!), I will just go over the basic premise. It takes place in Mystic Falls, and follows Elena Gilbert, who meets up with mysterious new student Stefan Salvatore. Turns out Stefan is a vampire, and his more evil brother Damon soon comes to town. Obviously, there is more to it, and more added to the show as it goes on. Half of the fun of the show is watching it as it develops, along with the characters, and all the different additions, twists and turns it brings.

    Like many shows in their debut season, TVD got off to a little bit of a slow start, as it introduced it's characters, the town, the tone, and just was setting up the general outline for the show. While it's good and watchable, it's a bit slow. However, once the town's history comes into play, the show really starts cooking and starts working it's story, backstory, and gets things going. Halfway through season 1, it starts to find it's feet, who it is, and what it intends to do. It ended season 1 on a high note, and had one heck of a cliffhanging season finale. Season 2, however, just took off. It was a better, stronger show, and season 2 really showed what it was made of. It rocked from the start and never let up. The mythology was cooler, deeper, and the ongoing storylines getting bigger, darker, and more surprising. Season 2 episodes pretty much seemed to end on a surprise or twist and turn every time, as if every episode was trying to be a season finale. Amazing! Kevin Williamson and crew have outdone themselves in season 2.

    All in all, The Vampire Diaries is a strong and ridiculously fun, addicting, entertaining show, that just gets better and better. So many twists and surprises come along, that it always remains interesting and shocking. It's had some of the best shockers I've seen in this type of show in a long time. Is it Twilight? Absolutely not. It's deeper, darker, scarier, sexier, and a lot more dangerous than the Cullen clan even dream of. Season 1 is pretty good that gets much better as it goes along. Season 2? Well, season 2 is just awesome.
  • Vampires in high school...again

    The quality of this show was a pleasant surprise, I assumed the good ratings came from the CW capitilizing on Twilight fangirls, but it has a real nice vibe. It isn't as campy as it should be, but Damon brings in the cheesy factor that is necessary in any adolescent sci-fi program. The story is interesting enough and the story has enough twists not to be cliched. I remember reading the books a while ago, but have no idea what happened in them but overall I think they cast the show really well. Hopefully they will fan out the plot so the show can last.
  • Problem with vampires ?

    Problem with vampires call sam and dean (supernatural) they will take carer of vampires Head .
  • Vampire Diaries has jumped the shark

    I've loved Vampire Diaries since the beginning of the show. But now all this stupid story line with Caroline has made me so sick. this show has jumped the shark for so many different reasons. 'The Originals' has turned out to be a much better show than the Vampire Diaries. I just really hope they kill off Caroline because she's so freaking annoying I can't stand anymore.
  • Love it!

    I hope this show continues to air for years!
  • The vampire Diaries

    I love the vampire diaries, I find everything to be perfect, its just a awesome show and it should carry on forever, its my favorite tv series and its the best ever..and it should carry on forever....I just love it:D
  • The Vampire Diaries


    vampire diares is the best show ever.. I have seen alot of tv shows over the years but this one is the best one yet. Im so ready to see what happens next!!
  • Best Show on Earth!

    There is nothing in this show that I dont like. I mean the show keeps me on my toes, with all the twists in every episode. The season finale gave me exactly what i wanted, ripper Stefan, Delena kiss, and Anna returning. I recommend this show to everyone, it is rated pg 13 but the show doesnt have the sex in every episode, or the drugs. The only time they have drinking is when Damon is getting himself a berben(however you spell it). Anyway, best show on the planet!

    I'm a boy and I enjoy the vampire diaries because of the snarky, hilarious damon, the habanero-hot elena gilbert, and the fact that it's one of the bastions of vampirism to combat the notorious plague that is twilight saga. even though it's too different in the books and yes, they're a little old to be high schoolers, I'm still proud that it honors the true nature of vampires and not make grotesque parodies of it (sparkles, seriously? SPRAKLES??!!!). thank you, tvd.
  • something wrong with this show

    Wow, some people think that Tylor is a douche beceause of the way he reacted with caroline!! I d like to see how you react if you girl\boyfriend slept with the one who killed your mother and contrelled you like a pet. Its like if you re good looking and cool acting you can do whatever you want and people forget about the evil things you did in the past. And now in the last episode caroline was totally normal, if that never happened.

    And come one what s that about Damon, beceause elena didnt choose him, he returned like the first season.

    Sry for the fans of this show, but i just hope that the winchesters would pop up and slash everyone of this show beceause no one here excepte for a few humans are good. Everyone is betraying each other for their own benefits
  • What happened?

    Is part of the writers' new process being drunk for this season? 'Cause I swear this show was interesting before the swan dive known as Season 5...

    I feel like I'm watching a soap opera now.
  • Girl meets guy, who so happens to be a vampire. Guy fell in love with girl. Guy's brother come into the picture. Blah blah blah.

    Another chick vampire flick?? Isn't Twilight enough? Why are they cancelling all the good vampire series such as Moonlight and Angel? We need more in-depth storylines, not some cheap, cliched plots like this one! Although the cast is well chosen, the plot is seriously over-used. We can use some coffee to actually stay awake throughout the entire episode. The idea that the main vampire character is all "sparkling" with goodness and always trying to help the "damsel in distress" female protagonist is getting way boring. I doubt that I will give this series another thought. 4.6 million viewers, seriously? Supernatural deserves the love, not this chick flick.
  • Can't Change Perfection!!!

    Love, love, love this show. It has everything that a good show needs. Sexy characters, romance, danger, and supernatural twists and turns that are gut-wrenching, beautiful, sad, and mind blowing all at once. I've read every book by . Smith including the Vampire Diaries and loved them all as well. I like it when a book and show/movie have a completely different outlook and direction. It is fun to see how different people change the arc of a central idea and what kind of ending there turns out to be. I also cannot stand it when people are Team Delana (Meaning Damon or Elena) or Team Stephana (or whatever Stephan and Elena are called), and grip, bitch, and moan anytime Elena shows her feelings for the opposite brother. Helloooo people, the love triangle is at the absolute center of the entire show, so get over it. I love the tension that it creates between all of the characters and how one girl's choice effects everyone around her. Julie Plec Kevin Williamson and all of the other genius, brilliant writers who work on this show, keep doing what your doing. Your ability to constantly send me on an emotional roller-coaster ride with every new episode and keep all of the twists and turns fresh and mind blowing make this show what it
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