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  • Praying for a good Season 8

    I loved the first four seasons of the vampire diaries and I will watch as many seasons as they air because the characters are somehow part of my family. However, this season was so confusing... I will have to watch it again to understand it (especially the second half)

    I think there is one major problem. Now, the characters are completely unrooted. Their relatives are dead, Mystic Falls is desert and they hate each other. I think it is very difficult to handle a plot like that. Besides, a good villain with a good motivation is needed urgently.

    Elena stopped having chemistry with Damon last season, when Alaric compelled her to forgot her memories. In my opinion, that relationship never made a full recovery. I don't like Bonenzo neither Steroline. Bonnie has always been strong, but now she doesn't even seem human anymore. Finally, Damon has been a saint for a few seasons; it doesn't makes sense anymore that Stephan blames him for everything he doesn't like is his life.

    Lily's arc was good, although Damon felt sorry too soon (when he was inside the stone).