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  • The Slow and Excruciating Death of a Beloved Show. RIP TVD.

    I started watching The Vampire Diaries when I was about 12 years old. It was my first ever 'real' TV show that I followed because when I was young, (on some ignorant shit), I thought all TV shows were of the Boston Legal/West Wing ilk, really the equivalent of watching paint dry. No offense to any fans of those shows, but when I was young I really just liked movies, they were short and sweet enough.

    However, all this changed when I watched Twilight, I mean the movie was pretty okay, it just left me wanting for more lore as the Cullen family really intrigued me, their backstories, their ranging powers, their relations with the wolves and the whole Vatican vampire crew. Overall I was super interested in this type of mythos, about vampires, werewolves, and witches... okay less so on the latter, but vampires for sure.

    Thus steps in TVD, probably the greatest vampire show for 4 seasons running. It was better than any other TV show or movie dealing with vampires at the time. It was more serious than Twilight, it was was more contained than True Blood, (no faeries and weird ass other creatures), and it retained the romanticism of vampires over the extreme sexual predatoryness of True Blood. As a whole for four seasons, there was no better place to get your vampiric fix than at Vampire Diaries.

    The directors and actors created well-rounded characters, with believable relationships. There were characters we hated, we loved, we hated we loved. I haven't even gotten into the storylines yet, again we find well-crafted plotlines, that contain a number of different character dynamics, it was fresh, it was zingy and because of that, it kept the audience's attention making us want more and more. Every break up we felt, every character death we felt, every new enemy we feared, every time a main character's life was in the balance the tension was there.

    Now, of course, TVD is no Game of Thrones, so we had some semblance of assurance that our characters were going to live, but even with this, the tension there, and if not tension then frustration. Frustration in the sense that directors were actually working with characters and putting through their motivations in a relatable manner. For example how many times was there a situation where Damon does something selfish, to help those he loves, but he is thwarted by another character who has equally good reasons. This frustrated us because we actually cared about the characters on screen, we got to know them, we got to love them and they were like family.

    Exactly here, is where the problem begins with The Vampire Diaries. The creators have become too lazy. They've stopped being creative in the scenarios, the antagonists are a rehash of other antagonists or slightly different model. They don't invoke fear anymore. I just think they capped out at season 4.

    I mean every season there was an increase in the danger. There was season 1 with Damon, season 2 with like Elijah/other small time vamps, season 3 with the Originals, season 4 with Originals vs Daddy originals vs hybrids vs hunters. All I am saying is that every season the danger was greater, the stakes were higher, but after the originals, it is difficult to increase the stakes. I mean that's probably another reason a lot of people migrated to the Originals, they simply had greater stakes, better enemies and more going on. In fact, if anything right as the second season of Originals came out I began to pity watch TVD because really all the high stakes action had moved to Originals and I watched TVD just to go back to something more homely.

    It's sad really because the seasons that followed season 4, were like a dying man fighting for his last breath. Throwing out everything it had and hoped something would stick and really revive the show. I think one of the best episodes of the recent season had been when Stefan went to New Orleans to meet with Klaus because of his Rayna Cruz issue, seeing the two interact was great, albeit for 15 minutes. It was like a flashback to a time gone by. In fact speaking of the flashbacks, those weakened as well, they used to be well orchestrated subtly revealing the pasts of new or even old characters. But nowadays they are almost annoying like it seems that every fucking enemy Stefan and Damon come across they have already crossed paths with them oh so conveniently. Like for fuck's sake, even the stupid ass sirens crossed paths with these brothers. I mean I get it they are unique, but cmon they are just another pair of vamps.

    I mean the flashbacks are one example, I could talk about the fact that no one ever really dies in the show. I get it, this is common place in almost all shows on television today, but I feel like TVD takes resuscitation to another level. *Cough* the whole season about the other side. Altogether this ruins the immersion of the audience feel with the mythos and world of TVD. What went from being a fascinating world of vampires, werewolves, and witches all attempting to coexist and keep their identities hidden from humans. Slowly became a world full of invincible characters, (unless the actors choose to leave), and one that is filled with super powerful characters who all have some sort of inclination to go to Mystic Falls and quarrel with two vampire brothers.

    Overall the show has become too convenient, everything seems too tailor made. It's not a living breathing world, it feels like a set of a TV show, it feels like the characters and their backstories are made on paper, which ironically results in the show taking away all feelings it formerly evoked. Sadly from a fan of the show, I am going to have to say that season 8 is going to be a letdown. The directors have destroyed 7 years of hard work in crafting these complex characters by devolving them. Damon is back to his usual fuck the world bullshit, Stefan is still on that no he I can recover his humanity lifestyle and the rest of the protagonists look like they could do well by fucking off and heading as far as away from the brothers as possible. A sane Caroline would go be with Alaric and the kids somewhere far away. Bonnie and Enzo would do well to do the same and Matt should bounce as well.

    It's difficult managing the expectations of fans and the lore of the show. I personally wouldn't want this job either, but if I did have it, I would immediately start by concluding the tales of these great characters in a manner that is fitting. If I'm being honest, season 8 does not feel like a conclusion, it does not have enough emotional gravity to it, it does not look to close anything. It looks like another filler season and that's what scares me the most. This is eerily similar to another show that ended on a very flat note - HIMYM. I'm not necessarily calling it now, but it is a very large possibility that we see a rush in the last three episodes of season 8, as directors scramble to shoe in an ending.