The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

The CW (ended 2017)




Episode Guide

  • Graduation
    Episode 23

    Graduation has arrived and Mystic Falls is filled with ghosts that are planning to settle unfinished business and to fulfill their destinies. Damon is in grave danger when he meets a ghost, while Matt and Rebekah work together against a ghost that is trying to reach the cure. Everyone gathers up for Graduation when help comes from someone unexpected. At the same time Caroline gets a surprising graduation gift and Bonnie is very close at closing the veil. Elena makes a decision about the Salvatores and has a showdown with Katherine. Stefan makes a horrifying discovery about Silas.

  • The Walking Dead
    Episode 22

    As Graduation approaches, Caroline tries to distract Elena with simple tasks, such as sending out announcements, but Elena won't give up her new obsession. Sheriff Forbes asks Stefan and Damon to help her, when someone starts attacking patients. Bonnie is trying to make Katherine help her and she won't give up on her plan to defeat Silas. A wind storm causes power outage on Mystic Falls and ghosts appear, some bearing good intentions and others wanting revenge.

  • She's Come Undone
    Episode 21

    Damon and Stefan try out a new way to make Elena turn on her humanity. Caroline is frustrated when her attempt to intervene is not successful. When Elena understands what the brothers are up to, they ask the help of someone unexpected. Matt gives Rebekah advice on her life choices and she tries to help him back. Caroline has a dangerous and confusing meeting with Klaus and Katherine is suspicious when Bonnie proposes something that seems to benefit both of them.

  • The Originals
    Episode 20

    Klaus goes to New Orleans to investigate a mysterious piece of information about a plot against him. His research leads him to an old protege of his, Marcel, a vampire who is in control of both the humans and supernatural creatures of the city. Elijah is determined to help Klaus get his redemption, follows him and finds out that Hayley, who had visited the city searching for clues of her family, was captured by a powerful witch, Sophie. At the same time, in Mystic Falls, Damon and Stefan go on with their plan with Elena, and Katherine reveals a vulnerability to Rebekah and asks her to make a message delivery.

  • Pictures of You
    Episode 19

    After making a decision that infuriates Klaus, Elijah presents Rebekah with challenge that could change her life. Caroline is upset to discover that Elena has ruined her plans for the perfect Senior Prom, so she turns to Klaus for help. Determined to get through to Elena, Damon and Stefan both attend the prom, but they quickly lose control of the evening. When Elena suddenly behaves in a violent and unexpected way, Matt seeks Rebekah's help. Finally, Bonnie uncovers some terrifying news, and Klaus receives a message that could change everything.

  • American Gothic
    Episode 18

    Elena and Rebekah take off to track down Katherine and end up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where Elena has an unexpected run-in with Elijah. Stefan and Damon worry about Elena and try help her, but her behavior makes it clear that she doesn't want their help. Damon doesn't know how to react when Stefan reveals a startling new plan. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline reluctantly agrees to help Klaus, who now recognizes Silas' powers.

  • Because the Night
    Episode 17

    Damon understands that Elena needs to get away from Mystic Falls, so he takes her to New York, where he used to live and party back in the 1970s. When Rebekah shows up as well, she is impressed by Elena's secret plan. Flashbacks reveal Damon's wild lifestyle in the 70s underground club scene, along with an encounter with Lexi. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Stefan try to convince Klaus that it would be best for him to help them location Silas, and Bonnie works to keep her hold on reality and determine the best course of action.

  • Bring It On
    Episode 16

    Elena's recent behavior has everyone worried, and Damon and Stefan and Damon decide that returning to the normal high school routine would be best for Elena. Caroline is happy to learn that Elena wants to rejoin the cheerleading squad, but Elena's dangerous actions leave Caroline shocked. Damon and Rebekah continue to hunt for the cure, but Damon's unwanted advice surprises Rebekah. Klaus attempts to get some important information from Hayley and ends up making an intriguing discovery. Meanwhile, a Elena hosts a wild party and gets herself into an ugly fight.

  • Stand by Me
    Episode 15

    Stefan returns to Mystic Falls with Elena and Jeremy, and Caroline quickly starts to worry about Elena's state of mind. Stefan turns to Dr. Fell and Matt for help, while back on the island, Damon shares some sad news with Rebekah, and is surprised at her reaction. Damon and Rebekah uncover s surprising piece of news from Vaughn. The group is terrified when Bonnie shares the remaining part of Shane's plan. Elena is able to devise a plan of her own after Damon's efforts to help her.

  • 2/14/13

    On the island, Damon experiences a violent encounter with a vampire hunter named Vaughn and realizes he is one of The Five. Stefan reveals his feelings about becoming human again to Elena. The group learns a shocking new piece of information about the cure, which changes the situation for everyone. Jeremy helps Bonnie distinguish between reality and illusion, and Shane finds comfort with Caitlin, a woman from his past. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler realize that they'll need Klaus's help as they try to decode the marks on the Hunter's Sword, though Klaus has his own agenda for unlocking the mystery.

  • Into the Wild
    Episode 13

    Professor Shane leads a group to a remote island off the coast of Nova Scotia, where he believes they will find the secret of the cure. As the group hikes to the island's interior, the rivalry between Rebekah and Elena continues. As Stefan tries to keep the peace, and Damon accuses Shane of leading the group into a trap. Bonnie and Jeremy work to decipher the message of the Hunter's mark, while Shane reveals more about the legend of Silas and the witch Qetsiyah, along with details from his own past. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler confronts Klaus, and Caroline finds herself in the middle of the ensuing violence.

  • A View to a Kill
    Episode 12

    After Rebekah declines Klaus' demand to stop Kol and protect Jeremy, Klaus looks to Stefan for help. An angry Bonnie confronts her father Mayor Hopkins, about his unconventional methods to protect Mystic Falls from violence. After their disagreement, Bonnie has a frightening encounter with Kol, followed by a visit from an unexpected guest. Klaus adds to the tension between Stefan and Damon by revealing some information about Stefan's personal life, then surprises Damon by asking for some advice. Elena puts Stefan in a difficult spot after revealing her dangerous plan to save Jeremy. After Mayor Hopkins cancels the high school's 1980s Decade Dance, Stefan finds a charming way make the evening special for Rebekah.

  • Catch Me If You Can
    Episode 11

    Klaus attempts to control Jeremy by threatening Matt's life, leaving Jeremy furious. Damon provides guidance to Jeremy as he prepares to face off against Klaus' new vampires, but they discover that Kol has beaten them to the task. Kol makes it obvious that he will not stop until everyone gives up the search for the cure. Rebekah, in search of a new ally, reminds Stefan that they were once close. Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Hopkins begin questioning Professor Shane about his role in the Founders' Council deaths. Bonnie starts to ask questions of her own, and Shane's answers push Bonnie to the edge of her powers. Elena makes a deal with Klaus to keep Jeremy safe but is forced to come up with her own plan after a new danger presents itself in the form of an unexpected enemy.

  • 1/17/13

    Rebekah appears without warning at Mystic Falls High and immediately forces Elena, Stefan, and Caroline to answer her questions about the search for a cure. In the process, Elena reveals a shocking piece of information. Bonnie's father, Rudy Owens, agrees to serve as Mystic Falls' interim mayor. He focuses on protecting Bonnie, who is uncomfortable with the role her father suddenly wants to play in her life. Professor Shane continues encouraging Bonnie to trust her powers, but he quickly finds himself in a life-threatening situation after revealing too much information to the wrong person. Later, Caroline tries to comfort Tyler after a violent situation. Meanwhile, at the lake house, Damon and Matt train Jeremy, trying to improve his abilities a vampire hunter, but Klaus is not satisfied with the rate of their progress and takes action to speed up the process.

  • 12/13/12

    Mystic Falls holds a winter-theme party but chaos brews when Stefan and Caroline disagree with Tyler's plans for Klaus and the hybrids. Klaus makes a discovery that leads to violence. At the Gilbert lake house, Elena and Damon join with Bonnie and Professor Shane to help Jeremy conquer his inner demons. Professor Shane tells them a piece of ancient history that leaves them stunned.

  • 12/6/12

    Stefan talks to Damon about a concern he has with Elena, and Damon has no option but to help Stefan try to get to the bottom of the issue. The brothers visit New Orleans, hoping to find anyone who remembers the events of their last visit in 1942, including Charlotte, a former love interest of Damon's. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie organize a girls' night while Damon and Stefan are out of town, and Elena shares some surprising information. Hayley's convinces Tyler to confront one of Klaus' hybrids, Kimberly, but the confrontation quickly becomes violent. Finally, Damon must make a heartbreaking decision.

  • 11/29/12

    Caroline tries to support Stefan and Elena during a challenging time in their relationship, and Damon works to convince Stefan to help him discover Professor Shane's motives. Stefan, however, is busy executing a different plan with Klaus. At the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Elena and Caroline help April decide which dress to wear. Tyler and Hayley team upon a secret project, and Damon confronts Prof. Shane with his suspicions. Jeremy, becoming more concerned by the violent nightmares he's been experiencing, reaches out to Matt for help, but the situation quickly escalates.

  • 11/15/12

    Elena's hallucinations have returned and this time she makes a dangerous mistake. Alarming news about Elena causes Klaus to take charge of the problem. Professor Shane tells Damon and Bonnie about ancient witchcraft. Jeremy once again starts a new life. Elena confesses something personal to Stefan while Matt tells Damon some surprising information about Professor Shane.

  • The Killer
    Episode 5

    Stefan and Klaus join forces in a tense alliance to limit the danger that Connor has brought to Mystic Falls. Elena finds herself once again trapped between Stefan and Damon as they argue about how to rescue Jeremy, Matt, and April from Connor, who has taken them hostage at the Mystic Grill. The violence escalates when Klaus sends in one of his hybrids, Dean, to face Connor. Caroline is surprised when she sees Hayley at the Lockwood's house, and Professor Shane helps Bonnie move past her fear and guilt.

  • The Five
    Episode 4

    Elena, Bonnie and Damon head to Whitmore College. Bonnie visits with Professor Shane who took over the classes her grandmother used to teach while Damon teaches Elena how to choose a victim. Stefan questions Klaus about Connor but he insists that Stefan get Rebekah to forgive him before he gives any answers. Klaus tells how in the 12th century he encountered a powerful group of vampire hunters and how Rebekah learned their secrets after she fell in love with one.

  • The Rager
    Episode 3

    Connor continues to investigate the secrets of Mystic Falls and tries to recruit Jeremy to help him. Damon and Klaus enlist Dr. Fell's help to question Connor, but the situation takes a deadly turn. Elena turns to Matt and Caroline for support as she tries to maintain some normalcy in her life and continue her senior year at Mystic Falls High. Elena struggles to control her anger when Rebekah show up at school, but she learns that confronting Rebekah can be extremely dangerous. Later, Rebekah is feeling lonely and reaches out to April. Stefan tries to show Elena that her life can still be fun by taking Elena on a wild motorcycle ride. Tyler receives a surprise visit from Hayley, a werewolf who helped him break his sire-bond to Klaus. Stefan turns to a Caroline for advice as he worries about Elena and his own emotions.

  • Memorial
    Episode 2

    Elena struggles to cope with the emotional swings as she becomes a vampire, and Stefan and Damon nearly come to blows while arguing about what is best for her. Damon comes up with his own plan to help Elena asks her to to reveal the plan to Stefan. A stranger, Connor Jordan, shows up in Mystic Falls and starts asking questions of Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood, and Stefan quickly decides that Connor must be a vampire hunter. Jeremy and Matt are surprised when April, a girl from their past, returns to town and enrolls at Mystic Falls High. At a town gathering, Elena nearly loses control, but Caroline steps in and comes to her rescue. Finally, Damon reveals his true feelings to an unexpected friend.

  • Growing Pains
    Episode 1

    Elena wakes up the morning after the accident to discover that her greatest fear has come true: she died with vampire blood in her system and must now decide whether to suffer through the terrible transition to become a vampire or face death. Stefan promises Elena that he and Bonnie will explore every possible solution to her predicament, but Damon is furious with Stefan for saving Matt instead of Elena. Bonnie faces extreme consequences after attempting to help Elena, and Damon focuses his frustration and anger on Matt. In a rare moment of empathy, Rebekah is touched by Stefan and Elena's love for one another. Pastor Young and the Town Council members start to round up the vampires and their supporters, but their efforts lead to a surprising tragedy.