The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 21

She's Come Undone

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 02, 2013 on The CW

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  • I wasn't really convinced by this episode.

    I wasn't really convinced by this episode, I don't think Stefan and Damon would torture Elena so badly and it made no sense that she finally broke when she thought Damon had killed Matt, especially as Stefan had pulled her off of him minutes earlier when she nearly killed him herself! Carolines scene with her mom was also unconvincing, she thought her mom was dead, but she must have been unconscious and Carolines blood saved her. What? Can't a vampire tell if someone is dead or alive? What happened to them being able to hear the heartbeat? Then there's Bonnie promising Katherine imortal powers, like any of them would welcome another version of Klaus. I've still give it an 8.5 rating though, because I'm addicted to the show, even when it's stupid.
  • She's Come Undone

    She's Come Undone was an exceptional episode of the vampire diaries. I really enjoyed watching as Stephan and Damon stepped up their game to help Elena. Caroline gets harrassed by Sylus over Bonnie which led to some great scenes. Rebekah bonded with Matt as he helped Elena. It was fun watching events unfold. Bonnie showed her power and made a decision as Caroline saved someone close to her. The action and drama were exciting. The ending was fantastic. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent

    Even with Elena's humanity back, te episode boasted of one part running away, two parts protecting friends and a drop of revenge. The signature drink called the Vampire Diaries.
  • Wow! That was intense!

    Great episode overall. Kept me on the edge.

    Welcome back Elena!
  • She is back!

    Finally, Elena is back!!! I really liked this episode and I enjoyed the things that Stefan and Damon did to Elena! Thank God that she has again her humanity!
  • Sneaky Silas

    Really enjoying the Silas twist right now. And secretly, I would like to see Caroline with Klaus.

    Excellent episode, especially due to what happened to Elena at the end and Silas' ability to look and behave like ANYONE! If any of you have the recipe for this, I could use it.
  • The Floodgates Finally Open!

    Whew this episode was another stellar one

    However I gotta admit it wasn't as amazing as 'The Originals' it was still pretty awesome.

    Watching Damon & Stefan try and seemingly fail at first to get Elena to flip her Humanity Switch back on was brutal and awful, I liked the beginning scene with Damon entering Elena's mind we haven't seen that trick from a vampire in this season 4 a long time so it was a pretty cool way to open the episode.

    Silas's presnces is more poent and compelling than ever, he really is scarier than Klaus, his character is so like the 'The First' from Buffy, but I wish he was more charismatic and less calculating all in all I am liking him.

    Bonnie striking a deal with Katherine was real cool I hope it works

    Rebekah's scenes with Matt this episode were very nice and I hope we see more of their relationship.

    Seeing Elena finally turn her Humanity back on and how it was triggered was one of the standouts for me it was so emotionally wrought and wrenching.

    Finding out what Elena focused on to get back to her Humanity was pretty cool and unexpected I cannot wait to see if her idea succeeds!

    Poor Caroline her storyline this episode was pretty heartbreaking, but ultimately triumphant, that poor girl is always getting tortured in some capacity, I hope this season ends on a happy note for her!

    I am super excited for next week to see if the Veil is dropped and if the Salvatore's can talk Elena out of her vendetta but if they can't I am so stoked to see if and how she completes it!

  • Hello

    Ansome TV Show. Ellan U go girL,