The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 6

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2011 on The CW

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  • Great episode!


    I loved the episode, but I was wondering: how could Rebecca enter the Salvatores' house without Elena's invitation? Elena's the owner of the house, isn't she?

    Apart from this little detail, everything else was perfect and full of action and surprises.

    The tension between the 'new' Tyler and Caroline added something more to their relationship and it was good to see them working through it.

    Also, Bonnie and Jeremy are treading unsteady waters with the presence of Anna. It's difficult to take sides here...I love both girls. It'll be tough for Jeremy to really weigh his feelings for them.

    Matt and Vicky had a chance of sorting some things out, and I was glad Matt could make the right decision.

    With Ric's and Damon's help, Elena is getting more prepared to face Stefan the way he is now. There's no way to feel indifferent to Damon now!

    And, as usual, the episode ended with a great cliff hanger!

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit


    Smells Like Teen Spirit was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching this episode because all of the actors are perfect in their roles, the writing is superb, and the editing is vivid and stunning. It was awesome to see Stefan and Rebecca make themselves at home in Mystic Falls and Katherine trying toresurrect Michael with dire consequences. This episode shows how well put together this show is. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!!!

  • This episode was good!


    This show is amazing, I feel like every new episode is better than the last one. The show's storyline is also going pretty good. I wonder what happened to Kat, i hope that she's still alive. I love all the Damon-Elena scenes and the Stefan-Elena scenes. I can see that there's gonna be trouble for caroline and tyler in the future, maybe a possible break-up, but hopefully it wont last too long. bonnie and jeremy's relationship kind of bores me, they're great as individuals but together not really...i prefer jeremy and anna together. At the end of the episode we find out that jeremy and anna still have feelings for each other, but i feel sorry for both of them since we know they wont end up together since anna's a ghost.

    It surprises me how much can happen in one episode. Can't wait for the next episode.

  • What the frack is wrong with these people? Get back to the semi-book story line.


    I don't know what is going on here, where the show story-line is headed, because it is so completely different from the books, but I am not liking this season. This episode had it's good parts but to be honest I had to force myself to watch it and not just delete it from my DVR.
    Elena needs to stop with the pining for Stefan while she is obviously pining for Damon, she needs to choose one or the other. I know that she truly loves Stefan so she needs to fight for him and not fight for him while sharing intimate moments with Damon because all that does it create problems it he gets out of thecompulsion.
    The whole "Sired" thing is definitely getting on everyone's nerves with Tyler being all "Pro-Klauss" talking about how great he is and how he has given him such a gift.
    I understand that Bonnie is freaked out by Jeremy seeing ghosts but her reaction is exactly why he didn't want to tell her in the first place, she is the reason that he is seeing ghosts and she can't deal, but treating him the way she is is only going to make his seeing Anna more frequent.
    Last but not least and the biggest WTF moment, where the heck did Mason Lockwood come from. They killed him long ago by ripping out his heart out so writers please explain to to me how the heck he has been turned into a hybrid?

    All in all, not really liking this season, it is becoming to unbelievable.

  • This episode actually topped last weeks episode and i wasnt expecting it to, this series really is the best thing on TV right now.


    This episode was so amazing and the ghost storyline got a lot more interesting with many things that ghosts can do now and i really hate Vicki now that she tried to kill Elena i really like Elena in this episode she got alot more dependent on her self rather on Stephan or anyone else and she was so good in the way that she tricked Stephan cant wait to see what she will do next. The scariest part of this episode for me was that i knew that he feeds on vampires and i though he will feed a little from Kathrine because she released him but they showed us that he almost kills her or maybe he does the thought that she might be dead scares me i dont want the most interesting female character to be dead not now and not ever i want Kathrine to stay forever and i want to see what she will do next. As for Jeremy i think he and Anna will find a way to be together and Bonnie and Matt are kind of getting along pretty well that i think they will hook up in the next few episodes. I want Alaric and Damon to be friends again i miss their moments together. Stephan got a bit boring in this episode i want him to get interesting again.Tyleris looking to be the next Klaus and a possible villain in the future and i think if he becomes avillainthe only one who can stop him will be Caroline but she wont kill him some1 else will. Damon was good in this episode and i like his chemistry with Elena and i think they will be better together than Stephan and Elena. As for the ending what the heck happened how did Tyler's uncle be back wasnt he dead and if he is a Ghost how can he push Damon this will be interesting looking forward for more TVD and im happy that there is an episode next week not like Ringer. One last thing about this show is you cant be certain if a character can return or not they always find a way and that is so good i hope they bring back Jenna cuz i kind of miss her. (Thumb me Up if You Agree with Me)