The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 15

Stand by Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on The CW

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    Ok, that was the BEST episode of the whole season! Season 4 is a little bit boring but this episode was so emotional and interesting. I just loved it and it doesn't bother me that Jeremy died.
  • A perfect epsiode!

    Stand by me was an epic episode of Vampire Diaries! It's always hard when you have to kill a character off and its even harder to do it without it looking contrived. The fact that the first of the main cast to die properly was Jeremy was not a surprise. His death has been forshadowed all season and it works to create strong character development for Elena.

    No one should forget that last season they just sent him away for a long period of time. Jeremy hasn't had enough to do for a long time. His character has gone as far as it can for now and they couldn't exactly just compel him away like last time.

    Loved the scene in the house as Elena finally realises her baby brother is not waking up again. Powerful and emotional stuff from Nina Dobrov, despite the fact that she is a bit of an ugly crier - no offence. And Damon invoking the sire bond to turn off her humanity - pretty sure that is going to kick him in the guts later. No humanity means no emotions, means no love, no kindness just empty. How are the boys going to deal with that i wonder?

    Good twist when they burn down the house too! Time for some new sets i guess.

    Bonnie has fallen a little hard on the crazy sign of the fence. I hope she doesn't go too dark side but i'm pretty sure that is where this season is going. Stil great episode, loved it.
  • A legitimately perfect episode of my favorite TV show.

    Is it safe to say that "Stand By Me" was The Vampire Diaries' answer to Buffy's "The Body"? I vote yes. But, while "The Body" was a great episode, its complete, dismal tone left me uncomfortable and raw. "Stand By Me," on the other hand, left me absolutely devastated--in all the best ways. If that makes any sense. It was an emotional roller coaster, making it--in my opinion--the series' best episode, but it was SO much fun at the same. I suppose not "fun" in the normal sense of the word, but I'm SO intrigued by Elena turning her humanity off, Bonnie's apparent psychotic break, Shilas (Shane/Silas), and--more than anything else--the fact that The Other Side could soon be mixed with our own if Bonne goes all murderous and rips that veil down. What a great time it is to be a Vampire Diaries fan.
  • best episode yet

    great episode it really sucks the audience right in. great proformance!!! Cant wait to see if elana is going to be more badass like katherine and what will katherine do with the cure !>??/

    this is better than all the grieving episodes in the series. Major turning point for Elana, she will never be the "pushover" girl again. but no that she's "turned it off" will she stand with bonnie on the masicares ?
  • holy sheet-balls

    i don't even know what to say because this episode literally left me speechless. I can't believe this happened. Jeremy? Their house? Elena? The switch? And my eyes were not dry. amazing episode.
  • Another useless character bites the dust.

    I for one was happy to see Jeremy go. His character served no purpose, much like Alaric's character did. Kudos to TVD for taking the ax in such a bold way. Some TV shows are too afraid to do anything to their main characters. It keeps the plot fresh and unpredictable.
  • TVD's soundtracks ace'd it again.

    Gotta love TVD's choice of soundtracks, absolutely amazing. Anyone know the name of the song used in the end of the episode?

    EDIT: The song was "Family" by Noah Gundersen!

  • Stand back! Was a doozy!!

    Awe... wow. So many good points! Was wrong about jeremy coming now anyways! Guess it was time for a new stage! As if she burnt down the house!! Can't wait to see what happens next!! Silas, Bonnie & Elena even, all bringing new twists and turns! Wonder if Klaus caught up to Tyler?! Thumbs up to the writers!! Way to keep the story interesting! LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Damon :)
  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me was a very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character development and plot progression. It was sad to see those mourning Jeremy. I liked how every thing played out. I look forward to watching what happens next! !!
  • Stages Of Grief Times A Hundred!!

    Whoa this whole episode felt like such a major turning point in not just the show but for Elena as a character!

    Poor Elena it seemed that one more death in her family was nearly too much 4 her to handle, it seems that she has for the time being anyway allowed Damon's Sire Bond to allow herself to shut off her humanity, it was a truly horrifying scene even more horrifying than when Klaus compelled Stefan to turn his humanity off. I think because when Klaus did it he was driven by pure hatred, when Damon did it he was driven by pure love albeit misguided.

    I LOVED all of Damon's stuff in this episode when Stefan asked Damon to come home the way his voice broke when he said he couldn't leave without Bonnie ugh, it melted my heart! When Bonnie found him and they hugged it was so fantastic to watch!

    Speaking of Bonnie she has seriously taken the train to Crazy Town! Silas seems to me like the character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer The First Evil, it seems that he can take whatever form he wants and for some reason he took the form of Shane in order to put his plan into action.

    I hope Silas reveals his true form soon I can't wait to officially meet him!

    Watching Stefan say the Salvatore version of 'I Love You' to Damon was another major highlight for me in this episode!

    The Cure is now in the hands of Katherine and I for one am so excited to see when she will return in the show!

    Oh Elena that poor vamp, seeing the Gilbert house burn down with Jeremy's body inside was a horribly sad sight I was nearly bawling while watching it.

    I for one cannot wait for March 14th to see how this new humanity-less Elena acts, if we finally meet the real Silas, and where the heck is Katherine?!

  • Brain malfunction!

    First let me start by saying I have read EVERY BOOK and so it's been an adventure watching the show and trying to figure out when and if they will put the books into play. I was HEARTBROKEN to find out the third hunters series book would be the LAST ONE!!! How can that be? I need these books, they are like readable crack! But getting back to the last episode.... WHAT?!? I've replayed it nine times, EVERY time bringing back the same tears, the same whys and fear that I won't have my favorite show now either! I was so thrilled when Elena and Damon FINALLY got together. My LORD he deserves it. Throughout every book, every tv episode, he's shown how deep his live for her is. I know Stephan loves her too, I get it! But I think although Stephan's love is pure, Damon's has always been deeper! My biggest fear is now that Damon shut off her humanity, it will also shut off her love for him. Seeing the preview where she's standing there naked and saying "nothing either of you haven't seen before" just makes me think she doesn't care about ANYTHING anymore! On one side you'd think wow, now Damon has his Dark Princess. But I don't think this is the Elena he is in love with! He loves the true loving human Elena, just if that one loved him back. She has list SO much!!!! How on EARTH can you take Jeremy away? Where will this show go? If they kill off a major character every season, how much longer will I get to see beautiful Ian on tv anymore? Bonnie CANNOT lower the veil! Good part: everyone I LOVE comes back (but in what condition?). Bad part: it will literally be the few good guys fighting a UNIVERSE of bad! Vampires werewolves and all other supernatural creatures would no longer stay hidden in the world thus turning the show into something very True Bloody! I know my comments are now making no sense at this point but please understand why. I'm COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED SPEECHLESS CONFUSED AND SCARED! I love the Vampire Diaries! Thursday nights are my weekly Valium knowing its coming on at eight and I don't ever want to loose it! Please Rebecca get your blonde butt back to mystic falls and mention in your rage that you managed to find Shane dead so that SOMEBODY knows Bonnie is seeing and hearing things from a psycho witch man who's main goal is to screw everything up for EVERYONE! I'm loosing my mind!
  • Ugh - Bonny

    You know, I really like the writers of TVD to give Bonny some decent storylines because I really like the character and the Kat Graham but if something incredibly awful isn't happening to Bonny, she's making the worst possible hair-brained decisions.

    Yeah and a bit gutted Jeremy is really gone.

  • Much ado about Silas

    Not a bad episode considering the emotional nature of it especially as it signalled the end of Jeremy and the rising of Silas. Have to say though, as much as i'm a fan of team Salvatore, you have to give it to Katerina, she is one resourceful and surprise-ridden b***ch.

    So Silas is now appearing as Shane and convincing Bonnie to kill a load of people in order to lower the veil between the living and dead. that right there is why, for me, this show has gone downhill; with so many subplots and secrets, everyone is making dumbass decisions and being led down the "wrong" path. Congratulations Bonnie you are now an idiot.

    As for Damon; loved him hanging with Rebekah as she's hot and he's not bad either. They also have lots of fun together and any scene with them two in is definitely worth watching.

    I suppose i should also mention Elena at this point. If I were living this show i would genuinely feel bad for her but she's more of a boring, outcast, persona than Bella from Twilight. the end of the episode saw her sire bond being used to switch off her emotions so next week should at least see her do something different.

    What I'd like to see next week is a few things; Elena have a bit of fun for a change, Bonnie to get a clue, Salvatore brother bonding and Rebekah to get her nice behind back to Mystic falls. As for future episodes, Katerina is always a blast when she's around and Silas to monumentally screw up somehow even with everyone running around like headless chickens without a clue.

    (This review may not reflect it particularly well but i did enjoy the episode and enjoy the series as a whole)
  • Goodbye Vampire Diaries!

    This is my first review ever on one of my favorite shows. I remember watching TVD years ago and really grew up with these characters. Most of the life lessons are here, love, family, friendship, trust, loyalty, betrayal, etc. I love all of their characters especially Jeremy, Alaric, and other more people that died. This show has almost been a part of me. The house has so much story and memories to it that when Elena burnt it down, I feel like it burnt a whole in my heart that used to carry all these characters with me. I feel so sad and I know this is a new chapter in the TVD. I understand where the writers are going with this and they are definitely going deep and further away from essence of the Vampire Diaries that I used to love. I'm sad to say this but I feel like I lost so much and I might not feel the same way I felt about TVD years ago. Goodbye friend, Goodbye love..
  • Bonnie, please Expression yourself a new brain

    A whole episode about Jeremy. Ugh. Anyway, don't they all kno they are on TVD? On TVD, death is meaningless. It's like sleeping and waking up. JemJem will be back before we know it. No. Big. Deal.

    Elena should have stayed in the house when she set it on fire. I don't understand why EVERYBODY is willing to bend over backwards and impale themselves for her. That right there is more unbelievable than the supernatural stuff. When anything happens, the first thing everybody thinks about, is Elena's well-being.

    Something better not happen to Rebekah. Love her and Klaus. Now THESE are characters I CARE ABOUT.

    And Caroline can go eat bricks somewhere. Unless she gets together with Klaus, in which case, she's welcome to stay.

    Anyhoo, welcome Shilas.
  • Shocking acting from Nina

    Please tell me the writers will kill HER off in the near future? That crying scene was some of the worst fake crying I have ever heard. Plus so selfish to expect all the supernatural to come back just so she can have a couple of family members? Seriously?! The writing is getting so weak.
  • Galen, that is the worst Scottish accent ever

    Not much more to say. It's not Scottish, it's just awful.