The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 15

Stand by Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on The CW

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  • Goodbye Vampire Diaries!

    This is my first review ever on one of my favorite shows. I remember watching TVD years ago and really grew up with these characters. Most of the life lessons are here, love, family, friendship, trust, loyalty, betrayal, etc. I love all of their characters especially Jeremy, Alaric, and other more people that died. This show has almost been a part of me. The house has so much story and memories to it that when Elena burnt it down, I feel like it burnt a whole in my heart that used to carry all these characters with me. I feel so sad and I know this is a new chapter in the TVD. I understand where the writers are going with this and they are definitely going deep and further away from essence of the Vampire Diaries that I used to love. I'm sad to say this but I feel like I lost so much and I might not feel the same way I felt about TVD years ago. Goodbye friend, Goodbye love..