The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 15

Stand by Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on The CW

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  • Much ado about Silas

    Not a bad episode considering the emotional nature of it especially as it signalled the end of Jeremy and the rising of Silas. Have to say though, as much as i'm a fan of team Salvatore, you have to give it to Katerina, she is one resourceful and surprise-ridden b***ch.

    So Silas is now appearing as Shane and convincing Bonnie to kill a load of people in order to lower the veil between the living and dead. that right there is why, for me, this show has gone downhill; with so many subplots and secrets, everyone is making dumbass decisions and being led down the "wrong" path. Congratulations Bonnie you are now an idiot.

    As for Damon; loved him hanging with Rebekah as she's hot and he's not bad either. They also have lots of fun together and any scene with them two in is definitely worth watching.

    I suppose i should also mention Elena at this point. If I were living this show i would genuinely feel bad for her but she's more of a boring, outcast, persona than Bella from Twilight. the end of the episode saw her sire bond being used to switch off her emotions so next week should at least see her do something different.

    What I'd like to see next week is a few things; Elena have a bit of fun for a change, Bonnie to get a clue, Salvatore brother bonding and Rebekah to get her nice behind back to Mystic falls. As for future episodes, Katerina is always a blast when she's around and Silas to monumentally screw up somehow even with everyone running around like headless chickens without a clue.

    (This review may not reflect it particularly well but i did enjoy the episode and enjoy the series as a whole)