The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 15

Stand by Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on The CW

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  • Brain malfunction!

    First let me start by saying I have read EVERY BOOK and so it's been an adventure watching the show and trying to figure out when and if they will put the books into play. I was HEARTBROKEN to find out the third hunters series book would be the LAST ONE!!! How can that be? I need these books, they are like readable crack! But getting back to the last episode.... WHAT?!? I've replayed it nine times, EVERY time bringing back the same tears, the same whys and fear that I won't have my favorite show now either! I was so thrilled when Elena and Damon FINALLY got together. My LORD he deserves it. Throughout every book, every tv episode, he's shown how deep his live for her is. I know Stephan loves her too, I get it! But I think although Stephan's love is pure, Damon's has always been deeper! My biggest fear is now that Damon shut off her humanity, it will also shut off her love for him. Seeing the preview where she's standing there naked and saying "nothing either of you haven't seen before" just makes me think she doesn't care about ANYTHING anymore! On one side you'd think wow, now Damon has his Dark Princess. But I don't think this is the Elena he is in love with! He loves the true loving human Elena, just if that one loved him back. She has list SO much!!!! How on EARTH can you take Jeremy away? Where will this show go? If they kill off a major character every season, how much longer will I get to see beautiful Ian on tv anymore? Bonnie CANNOT lower the veil! Good part: everyone I LOVE comes back (but in what condition?). Bad part: it will literally be the few good guys fighting a UNIVERSE of bad! Vampires werewolves and all other supernatural creatures would no longer stay hidden in the world thus turning the show into something very True Bloody! I know my comments are now making no sense at this point but please understand why. I'm COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED SPEECHLESS CONFUSED AND SCARED! I love the Vampire Diaries! Thursday nights are my weekly Valium knowing its coming on at eight and I don't ever want to loose it! Please Rebecca get your blonde butt back to mystic falls and mention in your rage that you managed to find Shane dead so that SOMEBODY knows Bonnie is seeing and hearing things from a psycho witch man who's main goal is to screw everything up for EVERYONE! I'm loosing my mind!