The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 1

The Birthday

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2011 on The CW

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  • Just Loved it!

    One of the best episodes of this season! <3
  • Note to self: Never ask Stefan if he would be up for a game of darts.


    What a friggin' awesome way to kick-start a new season of The Vampire Diaries; a show that is only now just starting its third season, even though it feels like its sixth. Generally speaking, for most TV series, the third season is when everything just clicks; the writers find their groove and the actors are nice and snug in their characters' skin. If this episode is any indication of what to expect, it's gonna be a hell of a senior year.

    And, ya know what, I can't believe I'm typing this, but the best character this week, hands down, was Stefan. Stefan! Evil looks really, really good on him, and I was extremely (and pleasantly) surprised by how brutal his attacks were, cos there aint no going back from completely eviscerating folk and then sticking them back together like human lego. And then there's his game of darts. Kinda genius, wouldn't you say? AND hilarious. I buy into his badassery way easier than I did Damon's (pre-silly head of hair).

    Side-note: the final scene between Stefan and Elena on the phone was pretty effective, but, really, Elena, are we meant to believe that you'll take him back once he's done on his murderous rampage? Just like that?! Hold on to her love you leave a trail of body-parts behind you. What a classy girlfriend.

    A lot of characters, we're told, are officially in on the uptake, as far as our supernaturally inclined hotties are concerned. Apparently Matt has had many a blank filled in since his (practically) non-existence during season two, and all it took was for Mayor Lockwood to stumble upon a floozy vamp to take charge of the situation Sheriff Forbes had nowhere near under control. I like that everyone knows about everyone now, and hopefully it will allow more organic storylines, though I'm not holding my breath on that one. When the plot calls for Matt to be totally clueless and ''normal'', I'm sure they'll just plop him right in the middle of some story that doesn't need him.


    How amazeballs was Caroline this week? Drinking like a sailor, I laughed quite a bit (A Vampire Diaries first, me thinks) when she lifted a fellow party-goer right out of her way with one hand. It was priceless! I'd love for the show to have more cheeky fun like that. Although I think Caroline reached her quota on cheeky fun and finished off the episode (as well as Tyler, heh) with a quick vamp/wolf romp in the sack. I hope they used protection, otherwise Klaus will have a rival hybrid on his hands.

    There were plenty of visuals of the nasty kind here, with Damon's penchant for burning people's bodies popping up once again. The new flirty dynamic between Elena and Damon is refreshing, and it very much humanises his character. Which I like. The complete personality swap between the two brothers suits me down to a tee.

    Overall, this was just bundles of fun. Sure, Jeremy still grates but his subplot gives me back Anna (kinda) so I'll allow it. And a Bonnie-less episode is a-okay with me too. The cliff-hanger is a doozy, I wonder what Mrs. Lockwood has in store for our lovable vamp? I bet it will sting.

  • The Vampire Diaries is back and better than ever this season premiere was the best premiere in the series till now.


    There are many reasons why this episode was so amazing. First of all the Stefan and Klaus story line, Stefan was so boring in these 2 seasons and in this episode he is fun and so good in what he does which is killing and torturing people andwerewolfs and the way he killed Damon's GF was so evil as if he has no soul but in the last scene he was in he called Elena and that is where we know that he still is the old Stefan but was doing all this for his brother and Elena, and Klaus revealed what he is planning which is building an army of Hybrids. Second the Elena and Damon story line as all of you who saw this episode felt that Elena has feelings for Damon and its not going away its only going to be stronger while Stefan is gone and they are both searching for Stefan on their own but Elena thought that all the victims she was following were Klaus's victims and didn't know that is was Stefan's victims until Damon told her that. Also there was some bonding between Jeremy and Matt, but one of the best thing was the Caroline and Tyler love story. The last scene with Mayor Lockwood and Caroline was so good of a cliffhanger i cant wait for more.

  • Going to be a great season!!!!!!!!


    I waited so patiently for this season to start... and I wasn't disappointed with this episode.
    First of all, I think EVERYONE wants to see Elena and Damon get together, or at least try it... It will happen... Just not yet...
    I love that Caroline and Tyler spent the summer together and formed a stronger friendship... I'm also glad that we got to see it become something more... Until his Momma comes along...
    I am happy that Matt didn't didn't lose his mind with the overload of supernatural information he got last season and I think that the friendship he is forming with Jeremy is good for both of them. I don't really know what to make of Jeremy's ghost problem yet... I will wait until that unfolds a little more to really worry about it.
    Poor Alaric... he is helping Damon track down Stefan, but he is clearly a mess after losing Jenna. I mean everyone had finally let her in the loop and she accepted everything Alaric did... Then she died.
    I am actually totally FOR Stefan being the bad guy he is now: Evil/Mega Sexy and hating it. He has always been the good brother and it is really hot to see him transform into this monster. Then seeing what it does to him... Mmmm, why are damaged boys so enticing? I love that when he called Elena, she knew it was him without him saying a word... and she said what he needed to hear.
    But, what he did to his brother? Not cool! Poor Andie. Damon may have not been in love with her like is with Miss Elena, but he definitely cared for her. Who's the softy now???
    I want Klaus to make more and more of his army... Makes for good entertainment!!! I like the new addition too, old 7th Heaven boy...
    My last thought... Where is Bonnie???? I mean we know "where" she is... But huh? When is she coming back...? I love Bonnie... Must have had to clear her head for a bit after last season... This is just a television show right? I have to keep reminding myself... (JK)...

  • The Birthday


    The Birthday was a perfect episode and season three opener of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was better than expected from the pictures and previews I had seen. With high expectations this episode amazed me with how dark things got and the fact that the whole episode didn't focus on the birthday party, it was just the background. Klaus is on a new mission and Stefan taps into his darker side. I like where all the story lines are going. Caroline and Tyler were both basically in mating mode and made it happen. The ending of this episode was shocking and I can't wait to find out what happens next on the Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!!!

  • With some hesitation I entered the new season but I'm declaring it now for everyone to read: I've met my new number one show.


    One thing I absolutely loved about the third season premiere, but what also instantly made it inferior to most of season two, is that it took a backseat to the game-twisting approach we got used to.Not much has changed in two months and that actually feels believable. Jeremy hasn't told anyone about his dead ex-girlfriends following him around and he is just now starting to break. Though, personally, I think it'd be smarter for him to ask his current witch-girlfriend for advice, he confides in anti-supernatural Matt. Because, you know, all the best bromances grow out of shared drug use and ice cream eating. Meanwhile Elena is still worrying where Stefan might be which is understandable. What's even more understandable is that Damon would try even harder to find Stefan and not tell Elena about it. Because every time he hasn't told Elena about something it always ended so well. Also: Caroline and Tyler are walking marathons around each other but we can all guess where that's going. All of these things are incredibly slow-paced. As in, it almost feels like a normal show, where things grow, develop and ultimately come out. Of course, this is The Vampire Diaries and it's not letting go of it's freshly earned 'Best Show Of Last Year' title (given by The Academy Of Me, of course). So the episode has a slightly darker side, with Stefan sending a message to Damon to stop following him and Klaus executing a rather odd plan of which we'll know the meaning in an episode or three. What really sold the episode for me was the ending. They did it last year with OneRepublic music and a ferris wheel and now they did it again. Yes, I'm talking about an The OC-moment. It's the safest yet most effective way to my heart and The Vampire Diaries seems to know it. So when Stefan tries to convince himself he's gone bad but can't help but call Elena but fails to breathe a word once she picks up, I'm forced to acknowledge that I love this show, deeply. Even when everybody is taking a back seat, perhaps due to heat, perhaps blood loss, the show is still more addicting and moving than most of what's out there.Here's to you Elena, here's to my inexcusable fandom but most of all, here's to a new season. Bite me.

  • It's been a long three months.


    Hello! It's been SUCH A LONG TIME since I wrote a review for a new Vampire Diaries episode seeing as we've lately suffered from the terrible, three-month summer hiatus dreaded by all television fanatics. So, tonight was the night the third season of The Vampire Diaries premiered--the day that I've been looking forward to since last May--and the episode was just as amazing, shocking, breathtaking, and heartbreaking as I hoped it would be! And more.



    1. The opening sequence. Wow! What a way to start off the episode... with a brutal, horror movie-reminiscent slaughter sequence of two young women in Tennessee at the hands of Stefan. It was scary... even though you knew what was going to happen... and it showed just how deliciously evil Klaus is. Though he killed Jenna last year, he never really felt like a "Big Bad" to me. I never was horrified of him. Now I realize he's one scary dude!

    Which brings me to...

    2. Klaus and Stefan. I'm loving this story and I've been looking forward to it greatly. I have loved Stefan since episode one, as the brooding, tortured young man who tries to be good, constantly fighting his urges to be like his brother. Or worse. And now, Stefan has unleashed "Ripper Stefan"... and I'm loving it. Can't wait to see what become of this season-long arc.

    Speaking of duos...

    3. Caroline and Tyler. FINALLY. We finally got the big payoff for Caroline and Tyler (though not as passionate as the "big payoff" they both got at the end), and it was PERFECT. You could tell that there's been some serious sexual tension brewing between the two over the last two months and they finally just gave into what they wanted to do. I'll admit, I'm a huge Taroline (I refuse to say "Forwood") shipper, so this was perfect for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt, but Matt and Caroline just didn't (IMO) have the chemistry that Caroline and Tyler do. Looking forward to seeing more of this Romeo & Juliet romance play out.

    4. And that ending? Wow! Did not see that coming! Mrs. Lockwood shooting Caroline up with vervain bullets... Jeez! How did she know? Who told her? What will happen to Vampire Barbie in the next episode? Can't wait to see!

    5. R.I.P. Andie Starr. Though I very much liked Andie and always enjoyed when she was on the show (she and Damon had some fun back-and-forth conversations that were always really amusing to see), Stefan compelling her to kill herself was a perfect way of showing (if the beginning didn't convince you) that we are not dealing with the same Stefan we've known for the last two years.

    6. The darkness. A woman's head falling off? Stefan throwing darts into Ray Sutton? LOVING the darkness that this show is picking up for this season. Don't get me wrong, it's always been dark (HELLO, Mason Lockwood torture scene, the sacrifice ritual, John's finger-chopping, etc.), but this was... I don't know, different. And I liked it. This shows becoming more and more "horror," which is a genre I'm very fond of.


    1. The drugs and drinking. I'm a teenager and, I guess while it's accurate in some cases, teenagers don't always drink and do drugs at parties. I've never been to one where that happened and I've been to tons of parties. It kinda ruins pieces of the show for me, when characters smoke pot or drink (although I did laugh when Caroline started chugging when she saw Tyler dancing with "Slutty Sophie.") And I thought it was a little weird how Elena told Alaric to talk to Jeremy about how bad doing drugs was while she was drinking. Something there just didn't add up. But I digress.

    I thought this episode played out perfectly and was totally satisfying. Can't wait for "The Hybrid!"


  • season 3 premiere!


    So we are back in Mystic fall! And all the drama too!!! So we left the characters at the aftermath of Jenna's death (and John's too) and Stephan leaving with Klaus to save his brother.

    The new season begin after the summer at Elena's birthday party. I was expecting a lot of changes after this long break in the vampire diaries history (less than a year happened between the first episode and the season 3 premiere) and then nothing change:
    - Damon is cured and with the reporter girl
    - Caroline wants to be with Tyler but don't admit it

    maybe Stefan is the one who changed the most but it's because of the influence of the evil Klaus. I hope we will see the 'evil' Stefan and find out what he did in the past because we all know that he had done bad stuff when he drank human blood.

    This episode was a nice start for this season new stories and I'm waiting for the rest.

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