The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 1

The Birthday

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2011 on The CW

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  • Note to self: Never ask Stefan if he would be up for a game of darts.


    What a friggin' awesome way to kick-start a new season of The Vampire Diaries; a show that is only now just starting its third season, even though it feels like its sixth. Generally speaking, for most TV series, the third season is when everything just clicks; the writers find their groove and the actors are nice and snug in their characters' skin. If this episode is any indication of what to expect, it's gonna be a hell of a senior year.

    And, ya know what, I can't believe I'm typing this, but the best character this week, hands down, was Stefan. Stefan! Evil looks really, really good on him, and I was extremely (and pleasantly) surprised by how brutal his attacks were, cos there aint no going back from completely eviscerating folk and then sticking them back together like human lego. And then there's his game of darts. Kinda genius, wouldn't you say? AND hilarious. I buy into his badassery way easier than I did Damon's (pre-silly head of hair).

    Side-note: the final scene between Stefan and Elena on the phone was pretty effective, but, really, Elena, are we meant to believe that you'll take him back once he's done on his murderous rampage? Just like that?! Hold on to her love you leave a trail of body-parts behind you. What a classy girlfriend.

    A lot of characters, we're told, are officially in on the uptake, as far as our supernaturally inclined hotties are concerned. Apparently Matt has had many a blank filled in since his (practically) non-existence during season two, and all it took was for Mayor Lockwood to stumble upon a floozy vamp to take charge of the situation Sheriff Forbes had nowhere near under control. I like that everyone knows about everyone now, and hopefully it will allow more organic storylines, though I'm not holding my breath on that one. When the plot calls for Matt to be totally clueless and ''normal'', I'm sure they'll just plop him right in the middle of some story that doesn't need him.


    How amazeballs was Caroline this week? Drinking like a sailor, I laughed quite a bit (A Vampire Diaries first, me thinks) when she lifted a fellow party-goer right out of her way with one hand. It was priceless! I'd love for the show to have more cheeky fun like that. Although I think Caroline reached her quota on cheeky fun and finished off the episode (as well as Tyler, heh) with a quick vamp/wolf romp in the sack. I hope they used protection, otherwise Klaus will have a rival hybrid on his hands.

    There were plenty of visuals of the nasty kind here, with Damon's penchant for burning people's bodies popping up once again. The new flirty dynamic between Elena and Damon is refreshing, and it very much humanises his character. Which I like. The complete personality swap between the two brothers suits me down to a tee.

    Overall, this was just bundles of fun. Sure, Jeremy still grates but his subplot gives me back Anna (kinda) so I'll allow it. And a Bonnie-less episode is a-okay with me too. The cliff-hanger is a doozy, I wonder what Mrs. Lockwood has in store for our lovable vamp? I bet it will sting.